2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray - First Look


  1. Kelley Blue Book

    Kelley Blue BookMês atrás

    For the latest Chevrolet Corvette prices click here: www.kbb.com/Chevrolet/Corvette?PSID=CSYT1

  2. Rick Massey

    Rick Massey4 dias atrás

    Nothing but blah blah blah blah blah from people reading about the car... WHERE ARE THE RUNNING AND DRIVING VIDEOS!?!?!???

  3. joe cucch

    joe cucchMês atrás

    The site wanted me to turn off my ad blocker. Up yours.....

  4. Sights

    SightsMês atrás

    Link is no good!

  5. Matt Justaddwata

    Matt JustaddwataMês atrás

    No 2020 showing yet unfortunately

  6. דניאל אלון

    דניאל אלוןDia atrás

    dear friends !!! you have bought a car from GENERAL MOTORS you will get a car with lots of mechanical problems and customer service??? A sad joke does not exist at all. And the GM management? They don't care at all. You should understand that your money went into the trash. It is very dangerous today to buy from GENERAL MOTORS!!!!!! 👎👎👎😬👎👎😬👎

  7. Rick Massey

    Rick Massey4 dias atrás

    Something odd about this...

  8. Rick Massey

    Rick Massey4 dias atrás

    Nothing but blah blah blah blah blah from people reading about the car... WHERE ARE THE RUNNING AND DRIVING VIDEOS!?!?!???

  9. Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel Hernandez8 dias atrás

    This puts the NSX to shame. The power in it is more but the price is more than double. GM has really outdone themselves with this C8 Corvette.

  10. 123six

    123six8 dias atrás

    Price tag is what sold me

  11. Christine Woodruff

    Christine Woodruff10 dias atrás

    C6s and 7s are now a dime a dozen, time to get one.

  12. Vishnu Das

    Vishnu Das10 dias atrás

    This car is a dynamite and a dream come true for me.

  13. Jackass Dick

    Jackass Dick10 dias atrás

    The rear sucks looks like a camero

  14. david namba

    david namba14 dias atrás

    It's a knockoff of a the NSX with a corvette engine.... does that make it a replica?? Awkward!

  15. K W

    K W15 dias atrás

    I’m 6’5” so I might not be comfy but it is a nice piece of art!

  16. Jamal Baker

    Jamal Baker20 dias atrás

    Horsepower is irrelevant if it goes 0-60 in under 3 seconds, and handles like a mid-engine supercar.

  17. Pedro Rodriguez

    Pedro Rodriguez21 dia atrás

    Now Ford will make a rear engine mustang lol


    THANOS POWAA21 dia atrás

    Crap n garbage💩💩💩💩💩💩

  19. Ian Crossley

    Ian Crossley22 dias atrás

    No, we don't want another glance at the Corvette, we want to see it in action on the road & track.

  20. Johan Cha

    Johan Cha22 dias atrás

    ... a BMW M240i x-drive coupe full option is $59,500. You get 335 hp and a design that looks like a 218i...... What planet is GM from?

  21. TheMister Mann

    TheMister Mann23 dias atrás

    To my eye it's a close cousin to the Honda NSX but so much better value ( I know it's not a hybrid ). Honda could also learn a lot about how to make interiors fron this " less expensive " car which puts their " super expensive " car in the shade!

  22. SpinFast

    SpinFast23 dias atrás

    Need to wait and see what the Stig can do with it....

  23. Benjamin H.

    Benjamin H.24 dias atrás

    This car is like in Jurassic park. When the Raptors were shown. Pretty scary!! The Euro car makers are thinking ahead....and they hear the big footsteps....BOOM! BOOM!.......THE Zo6-ASAURUS!! ( T-REX ROOOOOAAAAAAARRRR!!)

  24. brianm195

    brianm19524 dias atrás

    Good thing to buy from gm

  25. Marc Gratton

    Marc Gratton24 dias atrás


  26. Last man standing

    Last man standing24 dias atrás

    The miata is the best performance per dollar and always will be

  27. I

    I24 dias atrás

    No manual and you get the successor to the FIERO!? 🤣🤣🤣

  28. he who rules

    he who rules24 dias atrás

    it went down hill but it does burn good, the one i seen a guy test driving

  29. Qusin111

    Qusin11124 dias atrás

    It will be the Corvair all over again!

  30. Lawrence Lo

    Lawrence Lo24 dias atrás

    I want to how good of a first attempt it will be

  31. Warren Puckett

    Warren Puckett25 dias atrás

    No stick , no sale. Sorry Charlie.

  32. Not Sith Nor Jedi

    Not Sith Nor Jedi25 dias atrás

    Will buy when GM makes they with a manual transmission.

  33. Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders25 dias atrás

    R.I.P Corvette this looks more like a Ferrari than a Corvette, they should have discontinued the Corvette doesn't have the circle rear-lights,Doesn't look like a Vette 2004 ZO6 Corvette that's authentic

  34. Tubamaster2292010

    Tubamaster229201026 dias atrás

    Take notes 2020 Supra

  35. Karl Smith

    Karl Smith26 dias atrás

    The Base Model Looks Cheap & The White Don't Do Anything For It

  36. EmilioLV126

    EmilioLV12626 dias atrás

    GM officially flipped the car game on its head 💯❗️❗️

  37. Asianbeast

    Asianbeast27 dias atrás

    Finally Chevy stepped up the game..this is how America sport built 🤣go America

  38. Mark Geller

    Mark Geller27 dias atrás

    Beautiful, but can you delete that ugly spoiler in the rear?

  39. robert hinkel

    robert hinkel27 dias atrás

    Out of all the videos that I've watched not one talks about the fuel tank location and the placement of the gas hole.

  40. Bradley Bellwether

    Bradley Bellwether27 dias atrás

    "While driving my corvette slowly?" 😮 I don't even know what that means!

  41. he who rules

    he who rules24 dias atrás

    @Bradley Bellwether yep and i still pass you all the time ,you buttercup.

  42. Bradley Bellwether

    Bradley Bellwether24 dias atrás

    @he who rules Besides, my acadia is at the dealership, so my 2016 Lingenfelter CTS-V is my daily driver. So, you're going to "pass me"? You're a daisy if ya do!

  43. Bradley Bellwether

    Bradley Bellwether24 dias atrás

    @he who rules wtf are you talking about? Did you even read my post?

  44. he who rules

    he who rules24 dias atrás

    i do I pass you every day slow poke

  45. JOJI KIM

    JOJI KIM27 dias atrás


  46. blackchang1981

    blackchang198128 dias atrás

    An American naturally aspired Acura NSX at an "affordable" price. To bad they don't provide a manual transmission option...still nice car.

  47. sooeyz28

    sooeyz2828 dias atrás

    An AWD Corvette would be my dream car.

  48. Devin Murdock

    Devin Murdock28 dias atrás

    Honest opinions 1 apprerance: it looks like a fusion between a NSX and Camaro in a good way 2 price: WOW!!!!Talk about a bargain, VERY appealing price with a starting MSRP of under 60k😮 (although I'm sure with options and dealership markups it's really gonna be around 80 -85k ) 3:Performance: skeptical on the 0-60 time of under 3 seconds with a N/A v8, and "only" 495 hp and 470 lb-tq and purely rwd. I could see mid to low three seconds to 60 but hey I believe it when I see it. All in all GM seems to have done a very good job on this thing and if I had the 💵💸I would love to have one in my garage 😄🏎️💥🏁👨‍🔧

  49. Rob

    Rob28 dias atrás

    Great performance and price, out of date styling, dismal noise out put, will sell well in America and India. Might pay not to bring it to Europe.

  50. Ehtesham Shaikh

    Ehtesham Shaikh28 dias atrás

    Please keep Doug away from this car, I don’t want him to get a hold of it and kill the rep by giving his Doug score

  51. dieseldavedick

    dieseldavedick29 dias atrás

    I honestly wish I could say that I like it. So many people jump with both feet and says it is awesone. Sure it has some cool styling and with the mid engine it should be a more balanced car, however lets give it some time. The Corvette is an icon of American styling and engineering , for me this is just a badge on an unproved vehicle...time will tell.

  52. MrReallionaire100

    MrReallionaire10029 dias atrás

    I've been looking at video after video and looking for the safety specs of this car with the engine behind are you basically sitting in a meat grinder just curious if anybody knows.

  53. achillesfury

    achillesfury29 dias atrás

    time to sell my kidney

  54. Omar Sharif

    Omar Sharif29 dias atrás

    So the non z is more than 400 hp wow

  55. Mick Cripps

    Mick CrippsMês atrás

    C7 way sexier....

  56. M B

    M BMês atrás

    The biggest joke ever!!! This Corvette is GARBAGE!!!! Fake Ferrari and Lamborghini wannabe!

  57. Jia L.

    Jia L.Mês atrás

    I would love to take one for a spin around highway 1.

  58. MF

    MFMês atrás

    3:43 Three seat option? Or what does he say??

  59. Erik Rosales

    Erik RosalesMês atrás

    I can say one thing about Corvettes enjoy the fact that they always has stay with a V8.

  60. Rich Kunkiewicz

    Rich KunkiewiczMês atrás

    Sounds like a great deal and really thought out design but what's up with the camaro' ish taillights?

  61. Karl G

    Karl GMês atrás

    If those numbers seem underwhelming? Seriously? I have a C6 6speed that'll switch ends if I get on it too fast and it's only 430hp. Where is anybody going to use 495hp. I predict lots of amateur driver crashes.

  62. 19Goofy92

    19Goofy92Mês atrás

    Dont look like a vette no more but does look good

  63. Isai Ramirez

    Isai RamirezMês atrás

    2020 Chevrolet Corvette



    douchebag guy.

  65. Jan

    JanMês atrás

    It kinda looks like a Ferrari from the front

  66. Rocket Scientist

    Rocket ScientistMês atrás

    It astonishes me that Chevy can come up with something this awesome, but can't seem to get the new blazer right.

  67. Bill Taylor

    Bill TaylorMês atrás

    Nope rebadged gt 40

  68. SC EM

    SC EMMês atrás

    “The Heartbeat of Communist China”. Go take both knees with the rest of these traitors and SUCK IT Chevy. It’s called ‘accountability’. You bit the hand that fed/built you, not too mention that you extorted $$$ from the taxpayers to ‘bail you out’. Chevy = Anti-American

  69. Ken Mam

    Ken Mam24 dias atrás


  70. Onyx N largo

    Onyx N largoMês atrás

    It's Just for uk no for Europe this corvette ?

  71. Ron Cathey

    Ron CatheyMês atrás

    The 2020 stingray was said to be a 60k. But unfortunately the dealerships have decided to add dealer cost and prep bring it around 100k. Its is not a limited edition and chevy promise to produce enough to cover demand. But with the greed of the dealerships The people will be coming together too boycott the Chevrolet dealerships and all autos sold until Chevy puts there foot down. #Chevrolet #boycott2020 #boycott2020stingray

  72. limeaid23

    limeaid23Mês atrás

    You will be hard pressed to find one for 60K other than in white, and you get under performing cooling in a mid engine car for that , and Cruze sounding exhaust . Caution bean counters at work. They are not planning on selling more than a handful at that price.

  73. D Clipper

    D ClipperMês atrás

    It looks like a Hyundai Lamborghini. With an ass end full of golf club bags.

  74. Lalune350z

    Lalune350zMês atrás

    That's all geat, but did they fixed the flying roof issue!?!

  75. NicoloM

    NicoloMMês atrás

    Still gets rekt by a tesla

  76. Angel Diaz

    Angel DiazMês atrás


  77. Zach Cose

    Zach CoseMês atrás

    I died a little inside when he said that the manual gearbox is gone in the Corvette.

  78. samuel caldwell

    samuel caldwell28 dias atrás

    Me too. Ima stick with the ZR1, (if I could even afford either of them. I probably can’t even buy a lugnut). And. The ZR1 just looks like an absolute fucking monster.

  79. Rainy Sunday

    Rainy SundayMês atrás

    Blue Corvettes are ugly . . . 9 and 3? Only dorks drive two handed . . . .

  80. Uzair Akram

    Uzair AkramMês atrás

    Am I the only who doesn't like removing the roof?

  81. Tom Gill Chevrolet

    Tom Gill ChevroletMês atrás

    So impressive. Take a look at that trunk space too - plenty of room for the golf clubs!

  82. OldNewSweetRides

    OldNewSweetRidesMês atrás

    Supra? Nah, it's a BMW! Corvette seems more worth it.

  83. Thomas

    ThomasMês atrás

    The zr1 will look like an Enzo ferrari

  84. Thomas

    ThomasMês atrás

    Puts the Ford gt to shame for value

  85. Ingvar Törmä

    Ingvar TörmäMês atrás

    Say it is C8 lacks Corvette's soul and DNA. For the C8 is a copy of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the side suction is copy from the Lamborghini Adventador SVJ and the same about the chairs. There is no pride in C8, but it shows that it wants to be a Ferrari. Poor Mans Ferrari. The last real Corvette was C3.

  86. john dandola

    john dandolaMês atrás

    Doesn’t look like a Corvette at all.

  87. john dandola

    john dandolaMês atrás

    Big miss. Disappointing

  88. Aggy8888

    Aggy8888Mês atrás

    ferarri front and saleen/mustang rear..

  89. Ubername69

    Ubername69Mês atrás

    Dang it I was trying to avoid my mid-life crisis 😂

  90. Clark Kent

    Clark KentMês atrás

    More car ... LESS GINGER !!