1. 5-Minute Crafts

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    Do you urgently need curls? But you haven’t hair curler or iron for hair? No problem! Just see how we propose to resolve this situation at 18:15! By the way, what kind of hack do you take note for yourself?

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    My hairs are already curls

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    5-Minute Crafts :4

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    Yeah putting cancer causing carcinogens on our face....real smart.

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    See, have a dirty brush! Let’s wash it! Life hack.

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    Colored pencils are not eye safe! Do NOT use them on your eyes. The risk of infection and injury is high!!

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    Food colour is not good for your lips it can harm your lips 😗😗

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    5 minute crafts for if you maybe wanna die.

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    REMOVE THAT THUMBNAIL!!!!! I never comment on your videos, but as someone who has a kid that watches your videos faithfully, that thumbnail is misleading! Someone is going to think that putting nails polish on their lid is safe.

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    Some of these hacks are useful and good but some aren't like the shot glass one, that is just bad as it can break the skin around your lips. I've seen the KJ lip challenge and they aren't good. I also don't think it's wise to use things that are meant for paper on your face as well.

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