1. Shawn Michael

    Shawn MichaelDia atrás

    These knuckleheads are making all these amateur mistakes. Who is funding this?

  2. Daniel Kruger

    Daniel Kruger2 dias atrás

    I think that off white translucent wax was sticky wax. You use that to bond the wax to the PLA.

  3. DesertCookie

    DesertCookie3 dias atrás

    Little editing-hickup there :D

  4. sir capitano

    sir capitano3 dias atrás

    "315.000 of one inch..." wouldn't it just be easier to use metric...?

  5. An Anonymous Oyster

    An Anonymous Oyster3 dias atrás

    Mm I love a good phosphor bronze meatball for dinner

  6. Sky Swendsboe

    Sky Swendsboe3 dias atrás

    I have that Knife! Its the Kershaw Knockout! Kershaw knives are awesome! Alec has good taste!

  7. randalljames

    randalljames4 dias atrás

    Felt like might you underestimate your audience on this one... betting a lot of guys are pretty versed on an additive process lol

  8. Random Access Broccoli

    Random Access Broccoli6 dias atrás

    what exactly does flux do to heated metal?

  9. TechTom

    TechTom7 dias atrás

    Where did the plastic model go? Does it flow out of the mold while beeingnin the kilm???

  10. Alaska Famous

    Alaska Famous8 dias atrás

    for the love of god balance that lathe

  11. 74546

    745469 dias atrás

    the imperial system is garbage

  12. selador11

    selador119 dias atrás

    A vice is a bad habit. A vise is what you are trying to print then cast. =0)

  13. eri

    eri9 dias atrás

    nice zbanding dude

  14. Silvan Geissmann

    Silvan Geissmann10 dias atrás

    Was the investment not sucked into the print?

  15. Alejandro Ayora

    Alejandro Ayora10 dias atrás


  16. Louis Victor

    Louis Victor10 dias atrás

    So.... Alec^2 ?

  17. Mike Pettengill

    Mike Pettengill10 dias atrás

    cool technique

  18. Auburn

    Auburn11 dias atrás

    I'm curious to know why you didn't use the lathe to cut the threads into the brass? I have noticed that they end up coming out cleaner than being done with a Die.

  19. Devon Hansen

    Devon Hansen11 dias atrás

    What kind of sprue wax is that? Trying to find a reasonably priced wax.

  20. RockGodZeppelin

    RockGodZeppelin11 dias atrás

    Wow, I would be embarrassed with those prints.

  21. Daniel Talavera

    Daniel Talavera12 dias atrás

    That Pulse 3D printer needs some calibration, lool at those overextrusion

  22. ledgen95

    ledgen9512 dias atrás

    but for real tho what was the time on that print?

  23. hansdietrich83

    hansdietrich8310 dias atrás

    4h i would guess

  24. R Salomon

    R Salomon13 dias atrás

    This video was a joke right? where the final cleaned up working vice? You called this a success.

  25. Chris Hoesel

    Chris Hoesel13 dias atrás

    Pretty wobbly threads or just camera artifacting? Also, should be ACME threads for a vise. Nonetheless turned out pretty cute.

  26. Notguilty Yourhonor

    Notguilty Yourhonor13 dias atrás

    Why didn’t they print the sprues.

  27. Notguilty Yourhonor

    Notguilty Yourhonor10 dias atrás

    Yes that’s correct but I was thinking printing them separately and use a soldering iron to glue them on. Slower possibly but could be printed at the same time as the vice.

  28. hansdietrich83

    hansdietrich8310 dias atrás

    Then they would need a lot of support structure while printing. The printw cant print in mid air

  29. Dan Hyde

    Dan Hyde13 dias atrás

    I really wanted to see you screw cut on the lathe :(

  30. Aidan C

    Aidan C14 dias atrás

    16:30, wat?

  31. SkyBrigidRain

    SkyBrigidRain14 dias atrás

    Hi yeah! I have a question for Alec!

  32. Mosk17

    Mosk1715 dias atrás

    Those are really sloppy 3d prints, does not look like made by a "professional" as it should

  33. Iam Kronix

    Iam Kronix15 dias atrás

    That guy just watched after he was done with his job. He looked bored

  34. The Big Mcskittle

    The Big Mcskittle15 dias atrás

    Why didn't they just .ake a silicone mold of the plastic parts and then cast wax into the molds so they wouldnt have to worry about the wax not sticking to the pla???

  35. Sonia Molnar

    Sonia Molnar16 dias atrás

    16:30 de ja vu

  36. ello1011

    ello101116 dias atrás

    this printer is yuck

  37. LordVader

    LordVader16 dias atrás

    That Alec is a lie!!!

  38. TobiasK

    TobiasK17 dias atrás

    Even though it's in layers each PLA-layer is really slick, ruff it up with some sandpaper perhaps.

  39. psycho2atee

    psycho2atee18 dias atrás

    and thats why you should use metric ;)

  40. Ckc dillpickle

    Ckc dillpickle18 dias atrás

    Thought this was a actual 3d print

  41. Eight Ball Talkin'

    Eight Ball Talkin'19 dias atrás

    Alec, stick a dot of painters tape wherever you want the wax to stick. Painters tape will burn out with the PLA and wax.

  42. Hugo Nilsson

    Hugo Nilsson19 dias atrás

    We are going to use the imperial system... How do you say that? Does this make sense? Hmmm

  43. SPBHJ

    SPBHJ20 dias atrás

    just letting you know theres an editing mistake at around 16:30

  44. Dalton Harrington

    Dalton Harrington20 dias atrás

    Is will getting fat?

  45. Comrade Scatter

    Comrade Scatter20 dias atrás

    9:02 Woah Alec, you look real different

  46. Matt Weber

    Matt Weber20 dias atrás

    Who ever is in charge of the macro shots.. your fired.. jesus christ.. lets show every possible bad print detail, ghosting, crap layer, underextrusion, and what looks like a partially clogged nozzle in parts from probably a completely freshly assembled and uncalibrated $1000 Pulse.

  47. FlyingDropBear

    FlyingDropBear20 dias atrás

    Imperial measurements - designed by a drunk mathematician who hates multiples of 10...

  48. Martin Nienaber

    Martin Nienaber21 dia atrás

    where can we find the stl files for this vice

  49. mario V

    mario V21 dia atrás

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  50. AyabaraGaming

    AyabaraGaming21 dia atrás

    The only thing I'm thinking is you guys really could have modelled some struts onto those vice prints that would have held them up in the casting chamber! Basically extra tree supports ala how slicers usually do for sla mini printing!

  51. Jon Flanagin

    Jon Flanagin21 dia atrás

    Check out Shapeways.

  52. MarcioNSantos

    MarcioNSantos21 dia atrás

    315 thousands of an inch = Complicated imperial system 8 milimeters, metric

  53. Gibbtall

    Gibbtall13 dias atrás

    I'm so angry at everyone in America for my Imperial woes. Takes 3 people 5 minutes to figure out how to say 8mm....

  54. tyrel warner

    tyrel warner21 dia atrás

    WHere is Will!!!

  55. JHawkBeerMaker

    JHawkBeerMaker21 dia atrás

    Are the SLT's going to be public? Would be fun to print my own.

  56. John Delaney

    John Delaney22 dias atrás

    Quick tip for you. You can use the tail stock to apply pressure on the the die to keep it square with the shaft, whilst cutting the thread.

  57. Металовироби Металоконструкції

    Металовироби Металоконструкції22 dias atrás

    These are great guys. You have a unique approach to work

  58. navyross01

    navyross0122 dias atrás

    Why don't you guys ever use the lathe to cut your threads?

  59. Pest789

    Pest78922 dias atrás

    Has a lathe. Uses a drill to sand a part.

  60. Court

    Court23 dias atrás

    Will, the US does not use Imperial units. It is US customary units (USC). They have many differences, particularly historically.

  61. BAM5

    BAM523 dias atrás

    So alec! Just a thought for potential future PLA castings. Model the sprus and risers and everything *in* the program and print them out and melt them together like you would with wax. PLA can easily be welded to other bits of pla with a soldering iron! Or You could model holes in the investment pla parts to more easily attach wax? Just some ideas! Oh, you could also use actual cut off bits of filament to do some really stringy supporty casts. You could also get the beefy 3mm diameter filament and use that as well!

  62. Jick Hertz

    Jick Hertz23 dias atrás

    Great collab. video! I think you need one more machine to cure the resin once it has been 3D printed if you want to make a cast out of it. P.S. Love your vids:)

  63. LBEGaming

    LBEGaming23 dias atrás

    Quick tip for you when your tap and dye use your tail stock for your guide . When you're using the tap you can use a live centre will go in the end of the tap where does little hole. When you are just using a dye you can just use the tailstock with no tools in and put it up against it.

  64. Blake Campf

    Blake Campf23 dias atrás

    Anyone notice the Grant Thompson vacumn chamber]