1. Ruby B

    Ruby BDia atrás

    I so regret getting the Maybelline blushed palette. Colour swatches was the main reason I bought it but yes, I totally agree, the eyeshadow literally disappears...

  2. Maggie Dean

    Maggie Dean3 dias atrás

    It’s weird as I love one of the rimmel pallettes. It’s the glam metal one. The purple one is hit and miss, but can be built up. There’s a neutral one that performs ok, but it’s a different one from yours. But your right on the packaging. To be fair it’s a great price for the drugstore. 8 Bucks can’t beat it.

  3. Gabriela Lara

    Gabriela Lara4 dias atrás

    Hi Kathleen, i really hope that you will see my comment, i'll wait for your answer. I love your honesly, you're so beatiful, i've just started to watch your channel and i enjoy your content. Keep doing great things! I Send you many greetings from Mérida, Yucatán, México :)

  4. GlamLights

    GlamLights4 dias atrás

    Very nice

  5. Alexandra Spiegel

    Alexandra Spiegel4 dias atrás

    NEED a tutorial on this look!!!!!

  6. Annie Fannie's Sunshine

    Annie Fannie's Sunshine5 dias atrás

    Please help me find someone that will do a video tutorial on my company's product I will send you the product for you to do a live honest review and video!

  7. Tammy Camacho

    Tammy Camacho6 dias atrás

    I forgot you existed

  8. Linaskye143

    Linaskye1436 dias atrás

    The last palette from NYX...they made a few versions, and I loved the one with a bright pink in it. Maybe Sweetheart? In any case, that one has a lot of pigment and isn't as boring.

  9. S_reviewsandmakeup_

    S_reviewsandmakeup_6 dias atrás

    I agree with you about nyx and maybelline , I always find both hit and miss too.

  10. Simply Sarah Lynne

    Simply Sarah Lynne6 dias atrás

    this was suuucchh a helpful video! I’m constantly looking for good drugstore shadows so I loved this! Xo

  11. Jennifer Vilbig

    Jennifer Vilbig7 dias atrás

    Am I missing it? You mentioned links to a few tutorials in the video?? 🤔

  12. Casey Bazoian

    Casey Bazoian7 dias atrás

    Make a video on this look!!!!!!

  13. Jamie McCarthy

    Jamie McCarthy8 dias atrás

    Omg i did but your least favorite Nyx palette and yes it sucked and I know I threw that dud out.

  14. Lizbeth Emily

    Lizbeth Emily8 dias atrás

    can you do a wish app clothing haul

  15. Eva Rene

    Eva Rene9 dias atrás

    You’re not making sense...maybe sense some things are not to your liking you could say just that... instead if slamming it so ... because as you say, just because you don’t like it, some of your subscribers might...and some seemingly young girls might think “hey, maybe this palette really isn’t working for me? You’re telling people on one hand “oh Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean it may be ok for you”. But then you shadily say”guys please don’t waste your money on these”...

  16. Frog Push

    Frog Push9 dias atrás

    Yes please do a single eye shadow favorite. Jessica Braun (might misspelled) Cream Brûle (Wet n Wild) its a must to lay on eyes after eye-shadow base, concealer. BH Cosmetics have really been my jam next to color pop. I finally, finally broke down and ordered Anastatius Modern Renaissance & Norvina. Modern Renaissance I've waited 2 years, and each time I see it, my heart says get it. Now my truck, two of my major credit cards paid off so put on Ulta. Going on a cruise in October, my mom, husband and my my husband and I will finally have our honeymoon after 22 years of marriage. My moms suite is beside ours with balcony, I'm so excited. Ok I'll stop. It just didn't feel real to any of us until this week when we got our pass ports. It feels si real. I really want to bring and wear makeup for the best husband in the world. Served 23 years USAF, 20+ factory. He is retired at 63, I'm 50, mom 70-shhhh. This is a Eastern Caribbean Cruise/Carnival. Leaving Miami and coming back staying the night coming and going. Because it will wear you out. Being with my mom, knowing the things she has gone through for us all to go is an answered prayers.

  17. J a e

    J a e9 dias atrás

    I really wish you could buy Milani in Canada 😩

  18. Rachel Demeree

    Rachel Demeree10 dias atrás

    They have all of the shown Milani eyeshadow pallets at Ulta right now:)

  19. Oghenerukevwe Aghware

    Oghenerukevwe Aghware10 dias atrás

    “You’ll see”

  20. Maria J Vargas

    Maria J Vargas10 dias atrás

    Can you try beauty creations the Elsa pallet?

  21. penelope 2232

    penelope 223210 dias atrás

    Love the honesty

  22. Adrianna Goodwin

    Adrianna Goodwin10 dias atrás

    I actually only own one drugstore eyeshadow palette from wet n wild (nude awakening). I used to own two from maybelline. Literally no pigment.

  23. Tawny Bourque

    Tawny Bourque10 dias atrás

    Kathleen! Pleaseeeee do a tutorial on this look! I am mesmerized. 🤩🤩🤩

  24. kwiet23

    kwiet2311 dias atrás

    The Rimmel pallets were such a huge disappointment. I wish I saw your review before I bought two of then! I really LOVE the Cover Girl TruNaked pallets! Some of the better drugstore options!

  25. Kathleen Campbell

    Kathleen Campbell11 dias atrás

    Yaaas another Kathleen!! We are so rare!!❤️

  26. Miss Latte

    Miss Latte11 dias atrás

    I would enjoy a drugstore singles video!

  27. michele Mcghie

    michele Mcghie12 dias atrás

    Your adorable and very entertaining... great video I love your energy

  28. kasey liang

    kasey liang12 dias atrás

    My favorite favorite drugstore eyeshadow palette is Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Moonlit Jewels. My least favorite one is NYC HD Color Trio Eye Shadow.

  29. Yeting Han

    Yeting Han12 dias atrás

    The maybeline city mini palette name: Blushed Avenue

  30. sofia72001

    sofia7200112 dias atrás

    id prefer it if you said the prices

  31. Evelyn Javier

    Evelyn Javier12 dias atrás

    A video with your favorite single affordable eyeshadows (makeup geek, bh, drugstore, colourpop) would be awesome

  32. Mariah Mccoy

    Mariah Mccoy12 dias atrás

    Yes on singles!!

  33. ZASOO

    ZASOO12 dias atrás

    Omg I love your energy!!

  34. bikini kill myself

    bikini kill myself13 dias atrás

    I would loooooove to see you talk about your fav drugstore single shadows!! please please do that

  35. The Disconnected Wife

    The Disconnected Wife13 dias atrás

    That Maybelline City Mini palette you have in your hand at 8:08 is not Downtown Sunrise as is in the description. It's Blushed Avenue.

  36. The Disconnected Wife

    The Disconnected Wife13 dias atrás

    That Maybelline City Mini palette you have in your hand at 8:08 is not Downtown Sunrise as is in the description. It's Blushed Avenue.

  37. Helen Prum

    Helen Prum14 dias atrás

    Omg I lived for this. I'm so dead when she said about the elf "need a nude" pallet. 😂

  38. Allison Ambriz

    Allison Ambriz14 dias atrás

    Lol I bought the maybelline blushed nudes palette a year or so ago and I recently went through my eyeshadows to give some away and that was the driest, chalkiest palette I own. So yeah, I didn’t like that one either. I love the gold/yellow eye look you got going on with that nyx palette. Has that swear by it palette released already? I feel like I went looking for it and couldn’t find it in stores. I also own the elf mad for matte 2 (summer Breeze) palette and I freaking love it. It is the perfect palette to do a quick look for the office. I’m a shimmer whore but I get into moods where I love wearing matte shadows and that one really is the best matte palette I own.

  39. ShakeyMakeup

    ShakeyMakeup14 dias atrás

    i love kathleen simply because she just seems so mellow and chill. 😂💓 & i love that she does wearable looks

  40. 1besieged

    1besieged14 dias atrás

    I actually think you look like Miley Cyrus too , as well as talk like her 'similar voice'. .

  41. 1besieged

    1besieged14 dias atrás

    Who else thinks she could do voice overs for Miley Cyrus (country singer?)

  42. Tiffany Strayhorn

    Tiffany Strayhorn14 dias atrás

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Rimmel Spice palette... I HATE Maybelline eyeshadows... I tried 3... I will NEVER buy another palette from Maybelline.. Or a single eyeshadow, for that matter... They SUCK... Id rather have saggy, ball sacks sitting on my eye, than their eyeshadow.

  43. Pamela Wolf

    Pamela Wolf15 dias atrás

    Rambling, self contradicting, unorganized. Not a good video. I’m worried you’re on drugs in this video.... get it together.

  44. JoanKSX

    JoanKSX15 dias atrás

    How about Nicka K New York eyeshadow palettes? They have like Nude, Perfect, Natural etc. I heard some of their reviews are good as for their dirt cheap price. Please do review about them too! Though the palettes aren't so common in drugstores of Malaysia😢

  45. Alisson Molinares

    Alisson Molinares16 dias atrás

    Please film a tutorial with this yellow look!!!

  46. Sarah Scheurer

    Sarah Scheurer16 dias atrás

    The blushed nudes by maybelline sucks everything she said about it is true, I literally dig into it and nothing shows up!!!

  47. Samantha March

    Samantha March16 dias atrás

    Oh loving the yellow eyeshadow !

  48. Ciaela TD

    Ciaela TD16 dias atrás

    I hate the Maybelline Palettes. Especially the Blushed Nudes. I've had several and they just do not last. Makes me crazy. But I would love to see a video on single shadows! I just now found your channel. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  49. Vicki Nelson

    Vicki Nelson17 dias atrás

    You are adorable.

  50. efereiro18

    efereiro1817 dias atrás

    That NYX palette though! 😍

  51. Reiam Re

    Reiam Re17 dias atrás

    please do the single drugstore eyeshadow

  52. jennifer marco

    jennifer marco17 dias atrás

    Late comment but I still want a tutorial on this look! 🤩😩

  53. BB Lunsford

    BB Lunsford18 dias atrás

    WOWWWWWW !! Her hair is gorgeous . Lol then she says ignore it 😯

  54. Ash Wonder

    Ash Wonder18 dias atrás

    Neutrogena healthy skin foundation is everything tho! That is all lol

  55. Marki Hall

    Marki Hall18 dias atrás

    Best drugstore single eyeshadows!!!!!!!

  56. Regina Phalange

    Regina Phalange19 dias atrás

    Milani is amazing!!! They feel and look so luxurious but they are affordable

  57. Regina Phalange

    Regina Phalange19 dias atrás

    Single shadows yessssss

  58. Gizelle Lizarazu

    Gizelle Lizarazu20 dias atrás

    Kathleen!! Please do a make up tutorial with Wet N Wild’s Rosé In The Air!!! 💕☺️

  59. Danielle Jaramilla

    Danielle Jaramilla21 dia atrás

    you're the only one i get advice from and i trust 100% when it comes to these types. I love you!!

  60. juliagoolia72

    juliagoolia7221 dia atrás

    I generally avoid any eyeshadow quad, quint, palette, whatever, from the big brands at the drugstore. I just find they put more money into hiring supermodels for their ad campaigns than they do on making quality products

  61. fourlokos

    fourlokos21 dia atrás

    lol that damn Nyx palette, I bought that like 5 years ago when I first started getting into doing my eyeshadow. even then with very limited knowledge of how good shadows could get, I knew it was cursed. sssooooo bad

  62. Awesome Vero

    Awesome Vero21 dia atrás

    Has she done a tutorial with the Milani Most loved mattes or Bold obsessions?

  63. Evelien

    Evelien21 dia atrás

    Really love this content Kathleen!

  64. Hayuhi

    Hayuhi22 dias atrás

    I don't like either Covergirl, Almay, Maybelline eyeshadow palettes also , dusty & no color payoff ...yay

  65. Hayuhi

    Hayuhi22 dias atrás

    Hi Kathleen, a nice review girl , I have also 12 colors matte palette from Milani, it's a great one, also I have Mad for Matte 2 palette as well, a nice one.

  66. amandariddle333aly

    amandariddle333aly22 dias atrás

    Yes! Do the single shadows tutorial!!

  67. Mishkaat Noor

    Mishkaat Noor22 dias atrás

    Need a tutorial for this yellow eyelook coz I've been staring at it the whole time you were talking. 😍😍😍😍

  68. Liliya Muntyanu

    Liliya Muntyanu22 dias atrás

    Can you please do a tutorial on your golden eye look? Its so beautiful!!


    ERICA ESSLINGER23 dias atrás

    WHERE DOES IT GO???? Oh man I knew it wasn't just me. I am so glad I watched this video. Everytime I put on makeup, my eye makeup from the eyeshadow, eye liner and almost all of the mascara is gone in a couple of hours¿?¿? W.T.F. Where does it go? Are my eyebrows eating the stuff? I don't get it. Never had this'll problem before. I did quit wearing makeup for about 8 year's, 4 year's while I was taking chemo and about 4 year's after chemo because I couldn't color match the strange red/brown color my skin turned. It's still a struggle to match but not as bad as it was. Until I heard you talking about your eyeshadow disappearing, I thought it was just me! I know before when I put on makeup I had to reapply powder, blush/bronzer, and lipstick some times if i ended up out and about for more than 6-8 hours. And usually late that night or sometimes the next morning I would take it off with make up removing towelettes and eye makeup remover pads. Now in 3 hours I am looking in the mirror going, where did it go? I must be loosing my mind, I know I put on makeup before I left home. Didn't I? Is it really the brand that is the difference? I will have to pay close attention and keep a close eye on what is still there in 2 hour intervals and see which brands are the culprits! Thanks

  70. Trisha Nussbaum

    Trisha Nussbaum23 dias atrás

    You've really inspired me to get into makeup but idk where to start! Maybe it's too basic for you...but do you have any videos on how to pick primers / eye primers / tones for you skin? How do you identify what's good - tell tale ways to see if a makeup works or doesn't!

  71. Tracey Szczepanik

    Tracey Szczepanik23 dias atrás

    I would definitely love to see the drugstore single eyeshadows you love! My favorite drugstore eyeshadow palette is Wet N Wild Rosé In The Air and I completely agree with that beautiful transition color zin that palette!

  72. tonet cj

    tonet cj23 dias atrás

    that eye and lip color is a great match. you just inspired me!

  73. Maritza Alarcon

    Maritza Alarcon23 dias atrás


  74. super takutoka

    super takutoka23 dias atrás

    She sounds so much like Miley Cyrus. I love her voice.

  75. Liz Torres

    Liz Torres24 dias atrás

    I like the Covergirl trunaked palette. It works the same as the Maybelline City minis. I prefer the Maybelline palettes because the packaging doesn't fall apart as fast, so far. But it's the same formula of eyeshadow, which you should have mentioned imho.

  76. Liz Torres

    Liz Torres24 dias atrás

    I like the Covergirl trunaked palette. It works the same as the Maybelline City minis. I prefer the Maybelline palettes because the packaging doesn't fall apart as fast, so far. But it's the same formula of eyeshadow, which you should have mentioned imho.

  77. Bryn Birchler

    Bryn Birchler25 dias atrás

    "hate is a strong word but man these suck" lolololol

  78. Alex Gutierrez

    Alex Gutierrez25 dias atrás

    Yes single eyeshadows

  79. Celeste Guse

    Celeste Guse25 dias atrás

    Lol the first eyeshadow palette I bought was the maybelline blush nudes palette when I was like twelve, and now that I’m more (much more) experienced I realize how bad it is yikes, that being said, my favorite drugstore palette has got to be the sophdoesnails x makeup revolution palette (original)

  80. aliciaseptember

    aliciaseptember25 dias atrás

    You are just straight adorable/gorgeous.

  81. chichichisme today

    chichichisme today25 dias atrás


  82. shaneen cruz

    shaneen cruz25 dias atrás

    Your eye look 🔥 tutorial please

  83. elystyles143

    elystyles14326 dias atrás

    PUHLEEAASSE do a fave singles from the drugstore video

  84. Judy Dawe

    Judy Dawe26 dias atrás

    I love maybelline eyeshadow. The nudes is so easy to work with. Recently got ABH Modern Renaissance and I have to say I don’t know what the fuss is about. Only 2 shimmers similar and the Matt’s are weird kind of dry

  85. Catalina Cortés

    Catalina Cortés26 dias atrás

    i have a question, can i get the dream st palette at ulta?

  86. Libby Morehouse

    Libby Morehouse26 dias atrás

    Your videos never show up in my feed or suggested videos and I forget to watch videos if they don’t pop up and I missed you

  87. Shooting Star

    Shooting Star26 dias atrás

    Do u guys throw your eyeshadow palletes after 12 months of use?? Cause mostly the expiration dates are like up to 12 months only.

  88. oana popa

    oana popa26 dias atrás

    you should try the new rimmel eyeshadow palette in spice , pigmentation its much better

  89. Andra Bărbulescu

    Andra Bărbulescu26 dias atrás


  90. Jewel

    Jewel26 dias atrás

    this is my first time watching a video from you and i am in love with your personality and how you talk to the camera

  91. Daisy Peña

    Daisy Peña26 dias atrás

    Single shadows video and tutorial on your eye look thankssssss 🤗🤗💘

  92. Iris

    Iris27 dias atrás

    “Hate is a strong word but man these suck “ 😂😂😂

  93. Yoshi Stoner

    Yoshi Stoner27 dias atrás

    please do a tutorial for this look

  94. SpookySpaceCat

    SpookySpaceCat27 dias atrás

    That nyx palette is sold out I’m so sad 😭😭

  95. Shaneele Sajan

    Shaneele Sajan27 dias atrás

    Kathleen pleaseee! Do a tutorial on this makeup look!! ♥️ Pleaseee

  96. Brookie Blue

    Brookie Blue27 dias atrás

    Ok super makeup newbie question but is fix plus a MAC product?

  97. Sarah Webberley

    Sarah Webberley28 dias atrás

    Ugh...I wish ALL you beauty gurus would go cruelty free

  98. Nora Ratliff

    Nora Ratliff28 dias atrás

    Sure, the single eyeshadows are an interest

  99. Olivia Falgione

    Olivia Falgione28 dias atrás

    Also I would LOVE to see your fav single eyeshadows!

  100. Olivia Falgione

    Olivia Falgione28 dias atrás

    I love how real you are!!!❤️ You are my favorite beauty BRreporterd to watch!