5 Common Habits That Make People Instantly Dislike You


  1. Renato Martinez

    Renato MartinezHora atrás

    she is just not funny.

  2. Shoop A Loop

    Shoop A LoopHora atrás

    How to handle a compliment: NO YOU'RE BREATHTAKING!

  3. Bruce Bennett

    Bruce Bennett2 horas atrás

    an 11+ min video about this!? isn't all this physco-analyizing pointless? I mean who cares what people think. don't all people just assume the worst about everyone else anyway? thats certainly been my experience. all people are users and schemers. they call you "friend" until they need something from you and you can't help them then they turn on you instantly. and they will call you every name in the book. they don't "care" about anything other than their own self interests. and certainly actors and actresses HAVE to be the very worst of these types. they are all about Public display & attention seeking. People with "charisma" are dangerous and maniplative in my expereince, Avoid them at all costs. they often have zero concept of "truthfulness"

  4. dutchrjen

    dutchrjen2 horas atrás

    Perception is reality. Some people in the comments are trying to make excuses for why she comes off the way she does by blaming others. They've even blamed "neck beards" or people in general that have criticized her (most of that criticism came after her interviews BTW). Every person that has a job puts them in a position to get criticized by others. This is just part of being an adult. She gets paid big $$$ to do her job and she chose to be in the spot light. Part of feminism should be the realization that females will be judged by how they handle themselves around others just like men are judged. People will be criticized and no amount of coddling will change this. As a former naval officer I received no coddling in that job nor many others I've had. Often going defensive makes one look weak and there is no way around that. This is something every individual has to figure out on their own or not.

  5. Cole bear

    Cole bear3 horas atrás

    lol may i say 7:45 thor has beaten captain marvel in the comics (the original captain marvel)0_o

  6. ck154

    ck1546 horas atrás

    Does anyone not understand that she's... joking? In all the "good" examples I felt they were over the top and fell flat.

  7. Knights

    Knights6 horas atrás

    Brie Larson is so disgusting, you can tell how disgusted her coworkers are

  8. Rampage

    Rampage8 horas atrás

    No one hates me

  9. GypsyRock

    GypsyRock11 horas atrás

    Great vide0 bro😀

  10. GypsyRock

    GypsyRock11 horas atrás

    8:55 that random generic clip tho 🤫🤫🤣😂❤️🤘🏻🤘🏻

  11. vos je

    vos je12 horas atrás

    I am not americn an but I can feel she is rude and overconfident

  12. Sicko Gamer

    Sicko Gamer12 horas atrás

    So you've broken down everything any social person can tell just by watching.

  13. Bonnie Bunny Buddy

    Bonnie Bunny Buddy15 horas atrás

    I mean...a lot of people I know are worse than that. Everyone is just over exaggerating

  14. Pixelles

    Pixelles16 horas atrás

    Wow it’s amazing how little things can make someone instantly dislikable. You know when you just dislike someone but can’t figure out why? This video showed me why, interesting!

  15. NightShade

    NightShade17 horas atrás

    Oh Brie😂

  16. Unremarkable Potatoes

    Unremarkable Potatoes17 horas atrás

    I actually find it more likable when people play sarcasm flat like that, so I do too, hoping that likeminded people will like what i said even if most didn't get it. And no i'm not british (i'm swedish)

  17. mickavellian

    mickavellian21 hora atrás

    I am OLD I have no clue who the chick is, and man she is HORRID!

  18. J T

    J TDia atrás

    She'll be the next Katherine Heigl.

  19. Booga04 Minecraft

    Booga04 MinecraftDia atrás

    "Do you have stunt doubles?" iS tHiS sOme sOrT oF PeRSoNaL aTtAcK?!

  20. You mad bro?

    You mad bro?Dia atrás

    Brie is the most unlikable person I´ve ever seen on screen. She´s disgusting like hell.

  21. lynn S

    lynn SDia atrás

    It seems like it's her nerves honestly. Famous or not we've have been there.

  22. _Forg _

    _Forg _Dia atrás

    The puppies are paid actors

  23. Theodore-Ben Solomon

    Theodore-Ben SolomonDia atrás

    Am I the only one who doesn't like the Captain Marvel movie? The movie is neither bad nor good.

  24. There is something wrong with the world today

    There is something wrong with the world todayDia atrás

    Brie Larson is insufferable

  25. Liz Arnott

    Liz ArnottDia atrás

    Brie Larson seems like a witch

  26. joshua morrow

    joshua morrowDia atrás

    Always have had a celeb crush on Brie, but I agree that she is CRINGE inducing in these clips!

  27. The StolenRose

    The StolenRoseDia atrás

    Is this video like a personal Attack or smtg?

  28. Diego Quevedo

    Diego QuevedoDia atrás

    Goddammit, what a social turd!

  29. leojay60

    leojay60Dia atrás

    These are great lessons in Emotional Intelligence (EQ); a subject much needed in education but is never covered. And it’s actually a greater indicator of success than IQ.

  30. rackinfrackin

    rackinfrackinDia atrás

    Brie Larson, audiences and costars dislike you. Your 15 minutes are ticking away rapidly. (Also, why are you named after a cheese?)

  31. Dexter Aguirre

    Dexter AguirreDia atrás

    Charisma .. don't be a feminist

  32. wstdyth

    wstdythDia atrás

    3:27 that wine glass is so fucking huge

  33. The Muffin Man

    The Muffin Man2 dias atrás

    Cosmic and Hollywood karen

  34. Xero Fear

    Xero Fear2 dias atrás

    Yeah she sucks ass with sarcasm😂

  35. AJ Quinn

    AJ Quinn2 dias atrás

    I ❣️ Brie Larson

  36. Elizabeth Nepia

    Elizabeth Nepia2 dias atrás

    Brie Larson obviously has NO banter!

  37. T E

    T E2 dias atrás

    British use over-the-top too but mainlytheses types of people are used to subtle sarcasm. I am too! I kinda avoid using suttle hints at sarcasm but I do it anyway!

  38. DeezR Bonards

    DeezR Bonards2 dias atrás

    None of this made me like Brie at all.

  39. BMSpammer

    BMSpammer2 dias atrás

    charisma +1

  40. dani cali

    dani cali2 dias atrás

    I don't know, I tend to think people have negative intent sometimes. so perhaps you're just more perceptive. People can be clever about how they ask you questions - they can make it sound ambiguous when it's passive aggression.

  41. N R

    N R2 dias atrás

    I thought I was bad at light-hearted communication and being likeable. After watching Brie Larson I feel a lot better. I mean... I mean my god. ... Like, Jesus Christ.

  42. I M A QYN

    I M A QYN2 dias atrás

    Nah. I rather be hated for who I am than liked for who I'm not. NOPE :P I'm not obsessed with what people think of me. I'm happy being me and that's it.

  43. JKL

    JKL2 dias atrás

    Feminism fucked her up

  44. LightningInvoker

    LightningInvoker2 dias atrás

    That joke Brie made about her name actually made me lol. Seems she does better interviews on her own?

  45. Javascript Kiddie

    Javascript Kiddie2 dias atrás

    Nobody knows what kind of bullshit this girl goes through off camera with co-stars and producers. Obviously she gets picked on *a lot* and here you are making another video picking on her. Look at the comments. People really are sheep.

  46. suckitdipwad

    suckitdipwad2 dias atrás

    Brie is my soul animal.

  47. Harminoff H

    Harminoff H2 dias atrás

    She seems very insecure. If she could become self confident at her core, she'd be a very charming person.

  48. Boston Adams

    Boston Adams2 dias atrás

    Agreed, I believe she's just trying to seem confident on the outside, despite her insecurities. I mean, it seems like she's been under pressure. Considering she's staring in the first female movie in the MCU, and because of Captain Marvel is all the sudden in the spot light.

  49. Back 2 Bass

    Back 2 Bass2 dias atrás

    Videos like this make me feel like it’s just too hard to hide my autism. I would never notice these things if the people around them were doing it so I’m sure I do it and it makes me insecure. When I’m communicating, there’s a purpose. And very rarely is it to impress anyone. When it is with someone I’m supposed to be impressing, I try to stay as quiet as I can because when I open my mouth, it always becomes apparent that I am on the spectrum. I don’t care much to fix this. The majority of my conversations are to get a point across. Whether it be why the person should give me money, or me giving all the reasons why Nirvana is superior to most 90’s bands, I am speaking with the person with the purpose to educate, and persuade. You can dissect this as you please but I don’t plan on changing my way of communicating. If they don’t like it then they can exclude themselves from the conversation, but since most of my friends are also autistic, I don’t think that will be necessary.

  50. Bugler55

    Bugler552 dias atrás

    It all depends if your satisfied with your current situation - if you're happy with the amount and quality of current friends, then you do you and it sounds optimal. If you want different, then consider developing different communication techniques.

  51. ViNtAgELovv11

    ViNtAgELovv112 dias atrás

    i didn't think brie was saying that stuff too flatly. its pretty obvious to me that she was trying to be funny.

  52. PTB brady

    PTB brady2 dias atrás

    Americans really struggle with sarcasm, flat delivery is widely used in the UK and Ireland