5G: Explained!


  1. Marques Brownlee

    Marques Brownlee6 meses atrás

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  2. XB0X PC TM

    XB0X PC TMMês atrás

    Hello everyone am senior enthusiast!! I appreciate your work to inform everyone! I inspired me to create a video!

  3. Mr Wick

    Mr Wick2 meses atrás

    5g is killing birds and bee's and people like you are like I need my 5g bruh!

  4. Junshido

    Junshido2 meses atrás

    I'm looking forward for quantum computer networks in the future if it ever comes, effective 0 latency network across the whole world would be amazing. Also it would allow for instant transmission between future Mars crew's and Earth.

  5. xj rope

    xj rope2 meses atrás

    @Boss Baeta cut out a growth from being around 5g too long

  6. xj rope

    xj rope2 meses atrás

    Good luck with the brain tumor

  7. Puro South

    Puro South12 minutos atrás

    Non-stop monitoring of our lives along with blasting out brains with radiation 24/7, what can go wrong?

  8. jeff w

    jeff wHora atrás

    What app did you use for the speed test?

  9. tobber08

    tobber082 horas atrás

    And remember, its not a marketing scheme to keep you buying speed increments or anything.......

  10. religionisasnare

    religionisasnare3 horas atrás

    5G was not produced to improve people 's quality of life. its produced and installed to make lots of money for those big corporations. For all those "consumers" who think its wonderful science and love those ugly towers going up everywhere and the tress being cut down, then ask yourself :.. why do you actually need this technology?

  11. Beck W

    Beck W7 horas atrás

    Nord VPN was just hacked... Use Express!

  12. oswiecacz ciemnoty

    oswiecacz ciemnoty8 horas atrás

    It fast, it's super fast ,hopefully will start in China first. Here in the west hopefully the death cases will be advertised .So the next set of idiots maybe realize the reality. And see before they die ,maybe

  13. Collin Waldroff

    Collin Waldroff15 horas atrás

    What people fail to understand is that servers you connect to will limit you down to what they want to give you no matter how fast your connection is. 1500 is useless if you're only getting 10 from the server you're connecting too. I work in telecommunications and people always say, I need something faster so I went from 100 to 300 Mbps so I could watch Netflix faster. Doesn't make a difference because Netflix will work the same on a 10 Mbps connection as it does on a 1000 Mbps connection. No public servers will let people connect at 1500 Mpbs.

  14. Guido D.G.

    Guido D.G.9 horas atrás

    It also uses less energy per byte, the faster you send. So its better for the climate too.

  15. Guido D.G.

    Guido D.G.9 horas atrás

    It is more effective to send in shorter and faster bursts. Like that more usres can be served with 1 antenna and all users can experience same short reaction time. For that reason, it does make sense to use ridiculous transfer speeds.

  16. Steel Wool Sheep

    Steel Wool Sheep17 horas atrás

    Take a shot every time he says 5g

  17. X Scotgaurds

    X Scotgaurds19 horas atrás

    Hay asshole 5G is a weapon, the radiation of it will cook your brain, if you give a 5G PHONE'S to kids it will cook there head's quicker 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧👍💂

  18. Marco Pederzoli

    Marco Pederzoli22 horas atrás

    What about a Starlink antenna inside a, let's say, sombrero hat?

  19. Pj Mackey

    Pj Mackey23 horas atrás

    They are moving on to 5G while my network doesnt even provide 4G to me I'm on 3G someone send help

  20. Charlene Jones

    Charlene JonesDia atrás

    Thanks I have experienced the 5g notation on my Att phone sometimes i wondered about that. Now I know it is fake. Thanks for the info. ATT and Cox cable employ the similar tactics different devices however equally expensive

  21. Grang

    GrangDia atrás

    Meet battery waster 69

  22. OneK Lives

    OneK LivesDia atrás

    5G isn't here for typical use. 5G is more beneficial for more populated places such as train stations and sports games.

  23. Rachel Light

    Rachel LightDia atrás

    5G actually is not safe cause it's know to cause cancer. A grade school was almost permanently closed down due to the school switching to 5G. They lost about half their students and school staff due to it. Once the school went back to the 4G tower the cancer epidemic went away.

  24. A HA

    A HA2 dias atrás

    In the first seconds: Unlimited Power !

  25. Flash Vinnig

    Flash Vinnig2 dias atrás

    To many towers man.

  26. Rayhan Rahman

    Rayhan Rahman2 dias atrás

    What is the name of The mobile U are Using?? Pls Anyone answer

  27. Nazraq S

    Nazraq S2 dias atrás

    I appreciate the honesty in this review. I'm usually an early adopter with technology, but money is tighter than ever. 5G seems like it's still really far off. By the time it's relevant to most consumers the Galaxy s20 will be a few generations old. My s9 plus is literally going to be paid off next month. I'm going to hang onto it for as long as the battery lasts. It's a shame we can't simply replace our batteries like we used to. There are some super nice phones going to waste because they don't hold a charge. Kinda makes you wonder why we spend $1,000 on something that degrades so quickly.

  28. Rick Astley

    Rick Astley2 dias atrás

    We cant trust it yet

  29. Haykol Etti

    Haykol Etti2 dias atrás

    Found 5g huawei. America's 5g needs ... and his death ... this is the reason for embargo blackmail? China also knows that the USA needs it. There is no 5g on the iphone 4.5 and 2020 models. And this means that sales for the iphone will drop 50 percent. Because Huawei will send 1 GB file in 30 seconds, iPhone 1 GB file in 6 minutes. USA wants 5g license for free. China does not. this is the summary .

  30. protectorofillinois3

    protectorofillinois32 dias atrás

    4G is perfectly and honestly fine with me 🙌❤💯

  31. Jayanath Mahendra

    Jayanath Mahendra2 dias atrás

    5 G is great in Dubai. Only need a phone which supports

  32. Frank Medel

    Frank Medel2 dias atrás

    I know you made this video 6 months ago, but it so correct what you said. Interestingly enough is that Consumers don't know enough about the 2 different type of 5G capabilities they will have in the US. Sub-6 or Millimeter-wave (mmWave). Great job on your video. Just Subscribed to you channel.

  33. Kathy VanDoren

    Kathy VanDoren2 dias atrás

    Who wants a landscape littered with those ridiculous antennas everywhere? And what are the health dangers to all of that? This is more than just about speed

  34. the beast

    the beast2 dias atrás

    Why does he ask for piss at the end of every video?

  35. G P

    G P2 dias atrás

    7:26 and 5G gives you cancer apparently.

  36. Barbara Cutrone

    Barbara Cutrone3 dias atrás

    Great video. All the super cool stuff you mention is possible today, you just need a wired connection. Doing remote surgery? That's been around for years. You dont need 5g to do it.

  37. Paulo Baron

    Paulo Baron3 dias atrás

    nice effort... thanks for explaining

  38. NeonPlayz

    NeonPlayz3 dias atrás

    Legend says that 6g should download 1tb per second

  39. GENJAX X14

    GENJAX X143 dias atrás

    HAHA!!!There is no 5G equipment deployed yet.I spent about 15 years building out CBS's(Cellular Base Stations).Everyone is barely between 3G-4G.This is bs!How much is Verizon paying you to keep saying their name?

  40. Michael Panitch

    Michael Panitch3 dias atrás

    Was Pennywise around? That blood smeared arrow sign gave me the creeps. And it was pointing right at you.

  41. Shelley Catsmile

    Shelley Catsmile3 dias atrás

    “Dream like speeds” !! Nightmare repercussions on humanity !! Jesus man wake up !

  42. Mark Haury

    Mark Haury3 dias atrás

    Speed tests are pointless these days. The ISPs automatically optimise those connections to make themselves look good, but if you're not actively connected to one of the speed test sites you are throttled back big time. It's nefarious.

  43. Mark Haury

    Mark Haury3 dias atrás

    "5Ge" is right up there with "LED" TVs that are actually LCD. STOP IT!!!!!!

  44. hayden hadfield

    hayden hadfield3 dias atrás

    If your friend or family or neighbour is a communications tower / station worker or a sparky electrician ask them to confirm with there radiation self monitors that are in calibration spec to national standard. To check the radiation output reading of your 5G wifi box. Your 5G phone when its both idle and when take a call and your devices using 5G in house like PS4, laptop, ipad, smart tv etc. You may cry????? Like smokers of cigarettes the effects of radiation cancer are eventually promised globally on all.. think twice withyour children consistently on devices. Even schools and public theatres, cinemas etc where people are rewuired to sit tightly packed in for long periods should be held to duty of care just like smoking in public places.. "Turn them to Flight mode!!" (In such public venues) SELF driving cars may kill us with radiation ???

  45. Bree Warn

    Bree Warn3 dias atrás

    We all might be brainwashed idk, I certainly sometimes feel that way. Social media can be evil and change our perspective of what reality is...

  46. Mike H

    Mike H3 dias atrás

    Using my 11 Pro Max I got 200 download and 45 upload speeds on my T-Mobile network. 4G LTE. It’s quite good

  47. Glossy Girl

    Glossy Girl3 dias atrás

    Our 4G in australia is faster than our wifi.

  48. Ralph Jacobs

    Ralph Jacobs3 dias atrás

    5 G works absolutely perfect ........ just not for the purpose you believe...

  49. Verlin Dillard

    Verlin Dillard3 dias atrás

    Didn't go into any of the dangers of 5g

  50. G Larabie

    G Larabie3 dias atrás

    Freedom isn't using Huawei. They are still with Nokia but still going 5G.

  51. TheDessez

    TheDessez3 dias atrás

    4G:"I will pretend to improve the quality of your life but secretly steal your personality." 5G: "Hold my beer..."

  52. David Reining

    David Reining3 dias atrás

    I must be old I don't know what he's talking about

  53. leoninc

    leoninc3 dias atrás

    Appreciate you being straight up about what 5G is and calling out AT&T for their so called 5G update to a 4G phone.

  54. Sophie Bao

    Sophie Bao3 dias atrás

    How can you talk about 5G without talking about Huawei?

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    Tamika Jackson3 dias atrás

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  58. Dante-1321

    Dante-13213 dias atrás

    Literal psychosis

  59. Kifter

    Kifter3 dias atrás

    Don’t forget, cancer for everyone.

  60. Kifter

    Kifter3 dias atrás

    5g is cancer

  61. The Casual Citizen

    The Casual Citizen4 dias atrás

    Very good and informative review. Something to keep in mind. The RF radiation from one node is minimal however, to make this mm wave length work requires blanketing the populationcenter with electromagnetic RF energy. The seemingly low energy from one node is now multiplied many fold. Instead of an area being subjected to the RF power from one node it will be saturated with RF energy from many nodes. The RF energy levels will be considerably higher to make the 5G work reliably.

  62. warmsunny today

    warmsunny today4 dias atrás

    You have a responsibility to talk about the health effects of 5G. 1. Effects of the skin, absorbed in the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. Waves as a damaging stimuli. Causes skin diseases, cancer, and physical pain to skin. 2. Effects of the Eye. Causes production of cataracts. Thermal injuries penetrating below the surface of the eye. 3. Effects of the Heart. Heart rate variability (an indicator of stress). Heart rate changes (arrithymia). And the list goes on.

  63. TC W

    TC W4 dias atrás

    Europe destroyed 4 million trees for 5G.. lame

  64. Saint Andree

    Saint Andree4 dias atrás

    Your in my town 💯💯

  65. yang xu

    yang xu4 dias atrás

    trump:close your eyes.that's not real.

  66. Cofie Coffcoff

    Cofie Coffcoff4 dias atrás

    I hate how providers keep trying to sell you 5G when it's completely and utterly unreliable at the moment. It's obviously gonna be used for self driving cars in the future but only in those city parts that actually have constant 5G. (Yay traffic jams on those roads) Until then, keep your eyes open and try to open a cafè/bar right next to a 5G node.

  67. Spam Email

    Spam Email4 dias atrás

    5G is for military and government use got fuck all to do with giving people faster speed that's just a smoke screen.

  68. Forth

    Forth4 dias atrás

    And I’m here with no service

  69. Danno K

    Danno K4 dias atrás

    Wow...I definately think the crazy wifi speed is worth the cancers everyone will get! It will be like living in a microwave...cozy and warm.