6 People Killed In Jersey City Shootout


  1. Ileana Rodriguez

    Ileana RodriguezMês atrás

    It’s this Perto rico no it’s just jersey

  2. Ileana Rodriguez

    Ileana RodriguezMês atrás

    It like purge

  3. Marc Breau

    Marc BreauMês atrás

    American love they guns...

  4. Scrat335

    Scrat335Mês atrás

    That's Murika!!!

  5. Stuart Lawson Beattie

    Stuart Lawson BeattieMês atrás

    Who in God's name would like a news article detailing innocent people have been murdered? God, society is sick.

  6. Rising Sun

    Rising SunMês atrás

    This story does not add up. What's the agenda here? www.renegadetribune.com/the-kosher-grocery-store-shooting-and-the-murder-of-liberty/

  7. Hakeem Varasmi

    Hakeem VarasmiMês atrás

    Protect yourself from the government. Get firearms now!!

  8. Taqifsha Nanen

    Taqifsha NanenMês atrás


  9. Midnight Boomerang

    Midnight BoomerangMês atrás

    Cops love this so they can go out and pretend they're a para military unit meanwhile all other crimes are meh. " I'm important I'm dealing with real serious stuff here " 🙄

  10. Pat Mar

    Pat MarMês atrás

    "shoot out" huh? how come this is not a mass shooting?

  11. Robert Lind

    Robert LindMês atrás

    Typical dumb blacks

  12. Mowac

    MowacMês atrás

    y-a-a-a-w-w-w-w-w-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n,......NEXT SWAT TRAINING DRILL, PLEASE!

  13. John G. Jones Research Lodge #147

    John G. Jones Research Lodge #147Mês atrás

    That some bull shit.

  14. Teresa Linton

    Teresa LintonMês atrás


  15. Worrawit Dulyavitya

    Worrawit DulyavityaMês atrás

    If you target the police go to police station not a store.

  16. Michael

    MichaelMês atrás

    so im assuming because there are no more trending stories on this and no constant talking about it in msm that the shooters werent white?

  17. Poison Ace

    Poison AceMês atrás

    It doesn’t feel like Christmas time with all this bad stuff happening

  18. Bakugo and Todoroki

    Bakugo and TodorokiMês atrás

    I was in school when this happen like my school was in front of thre

  19. sblizzy

    sblizzyMês atrás

    Ok let’s play along with this....So now let’s find out if these people really existed. Where did they live? Were they homeless? Who knew them? This is important because now there should be a warrant to search their home or apartment. In a densely populated area like the New York metro area, someone had to live near them so let’s see how this plays out. There isn’t enough proof to me that these people even exist. I want to hear from neighbors who thought they were weird. Or siblings. The arsenal that they had cost some money so if they were homeless how can they afford the high powered weaponry and pipe bombs. Something stinks and I think it’s the story.

  20. beast mode

    beast modeMês atrás

    The end of the year something happened

  21. Most Hated

    Most HatedMês atrás

    Fake news. Crisis Actors.

  22. m s

    m sMês atrás

    they was watching queen and slim in telling yall.. I know I'm not the only 1 who's thinking this.. they actually did the movie

  23. __

    __Mês atrás

    [15788] ■ #HATE [BRreporter] Censorship ■ #HATE POLICE-STATE ■ #return_to_Organic_Constitutional_American_Union_experiment_in_Popular_Self-Government

  24. buabhall conor

    buabhall conorMês atrás

    WTF she said it wasnt an act of terror , are you yanks dumb or what .it looks like terror to me

  25. Michael

    MichaelMês atrás

    good god youre dumb. what ideology were they trying to spread through violence. by your definition any violent crime is terrorism.

  26. Willem Hudson

    Willem HudsonMês atrás

    Damn New Jersey a high school now?

  27. Adam Dasic

    Adam DasicMês atrás

    People thinking it was muslims....they literally get along in the east coast. We support the jews near our communities❤️

  28. M

    MMês atrás

    So I hope democrats, and black leadership in our country will disavow black supremacist terrorism.

  29. Marc Ran hay

    Marc Ran hayMês atrás

    Someone please start a republican BRreporter maybe call it UsTube

  30. Pompano Cooley

    Pompano CooleyMês atrás

    I used to live there, the place ghetto as fuck, don’t walk alone at night too

  31. Rebel Realist

    Rebel RealistMês atrás

    I’ll just leave this right here... brreporter.com/v/video-z43HKMwwGNo.html

  32. Mike Hunt

    Mike HuntMês atrás

    Dont people Conceal Carry anymore? why wait for more people to die while the Police take their sweet time.

  33. Rev. Gunn

    Rev. GunnMês atrás

    Wait till the muslims turn the place into Beirut

  34. shock toast

    shock toastMês atrás

    Not even 2020 yet, bless to the families, smh.

  35. Deese Knutz

    Deese KnutzMês atrás

    How long before Trump is blamed by the media?

  36. Michael

    MichaelMês atrás

    this story will be buried because the shooters arent white.

  37. roger8654

    roger8654Mês atrás

    There's something in the water..

  38. Durango

    DurangoMês atrás

    Im dying 🤪 im dying🤪

  39. kc

    kcMês atrás

    Politicians of this country couldn't even solve their domestic gun violence problem and yet wasting most of their time meddling other countries' internal affairs. Bravo on their priority!

  40. Gabriel Alejandro Pandiella Rodriguez

    Gabriel Alejandro Pandiella RodriguezMês atrás

    #Justice4iDubbbz #CancelTalkShowHosts

  41. skattergraph

    skattergraphMês atrás

    These are not police This military equipment for war! on Americans These men are no less murderers then the police except the police are above the law they are sovereign

  42. Michael

    MichaelMês atrás

    nope. 99% of fatal police shootings are justified.

  43. OBK

    OBKMês atrás

    I don’t get why One life out of 6 being a pigs matters. Fuck you guys you’re not special you Live and die like the rest of us.

  44. OBK

    OBKMês atrás

    Michael I grew up around cop families they beat their wives I’ve had their boots on my face just because they suspected me of doing something because my family owns a nice house it in a good area and it look like I shouldn’t belong. One of my good friends dad it’s an internal investigator for my local pd (a real hero) and he’s had his life threatened.

  45. OBK

    OBKMês atrás

    Michael The cop that didn’t help with the shooter in Parkland is a hero? The supreme court says they don’t have to protect us they just shot up a UPS truck for a bag of jewels and killed the UPS guy. Let’s talk about the Supreme Court case of the guy in the subway that literally had metro police watching him get stabbed. So are they heroes too?

  46. Michael

    MichaelMês atrás

    they arent pigs theyre heroes. the first bad thing that happens to you you would call them for help. if someone breaks into your house and steals all your stuff, youd call the cops. if someone murders someone you care about, youd expect detectives to solve the crime. yet you call them pigs. its projection. youre the pig, and a coward for expecting people that you hated a denegrade to protect you.

  47. Imran Osman

    Imran OsmanMês atrás

    *When your mom won’t buy you GTA*

  48. SHMotherof4

    SHMotherof4Mês atrás

    This sucks, feel bad for the victims families, but honestly what’s new. This is the new normal

  49. ExoTic Wavvy 2nd

    ExoTic Wavvy 2ndMês atrás

    Fck them

  50. MC 1

    MC 1Mês atrás

    There needs to be higher standards in order to become a police officer. Why tf do you need 30 policemen for 2 shooters and at the same time lose one?

  51. Cat Feild

    Cat FeildMês atrás

    Even serious news can not escape the BRreporter commenter M E M E S

  52. I_Slayyy_Dragonzz 777

    I_Slayyy_Dragonzz 777Mês atrás

    Police are the biggest heroes on this Earth! 🕵🏻‍♂️🕵🏻‍♀️

  53. Howard Ellis

    Howard EllisMês atrás

    Just to of them they was not playing with them police

  54. Damien Tong

    Damien TongMês atrás

    Typical negro neighborhood

  55. Kimberly Evans

    Kimberly EvansMês atrás


  56. Combustion Propulsion

    Combustion PropulsionMês atrás

    There are so many shots, if only a few people are injured or dead then where are all of those shots going toward?

  57. Alex Siemers

    Alex SiemersMês atrás

    Not every bullet hits a person

  58. Tim Minh

    Tim MinhMês atrás

    Reporter: “Excuse me officer, is this terrorism?” Officer: “There’s no indication of that” Me: No, it wasn’t terrorism because there are people who clearly stood there to watch and film the incident instead of fleeing.

  59. Todd Wilford

    Todd WilfordMês atrás

    I don't know what Jewish people are doing to upset black people it is happening in New York to about 20 black on Jewish attacks this year Jewish people have to be doing something bad to blacks it just didn't happen out of the blue and it's obviously not Donald Trump wrong group of people I don't think they're make America great again people they will blame it on Trump somehow watch black people also believe just like a lot of whites the Jews are replaced everybody with Latinos etc that could be the reason for this

  60. Michael

    MichaelMês atrás

    the same reason whites are hated so much: success envy

  61. Frank Matthew

    Frank MatthewMês atrás

    Hhhhhhh so sad 🤣💔

  62. Andrew LaGrotta

    Andrew LaGrottaMês atrás

    I remind you that this took place in a state that requires an extensive permit system to buy a gun that also denies people for no reason.

  63. 1truheat

    1truheatMês atrás

    Crazier footage 🤯🤯brreporter.com/v/video-Cd0kYC9oRMY.html

  64. impactajuvenile

    impactajuvenileMês atrás

    Oh-Bamas chickens coming home to roost? Divide and Destroy!

  65. M. Strain Jr.

    M. Strain Jr.Mês atrás

    Police officers wouldn't die in such shootouts if they stayed out of it until the shooting was over. Some things you have to let pass. I would never give my life for a dreg.

  66. Kevin

    KevinMês atrás

    Yes bullets flying around but I need this footage

  67. J

    JMês atrás

    BRreporter is okay with violence as long as the ‘media’ promotes it.

  68. Desiring Pleasures

    Desiring PleasuresMês atrás

    I just yawn now 🥱

  69. Asap Hustle

    Asap HustleMês atrás

    Wait so what's the accual story behind this? Were they trying to confiscate guns?