7,000,000 Dead in Abandoned Tunnels Under Paris


  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory2 anos atrás

    Hey guys, really sorry we haven't been responding to comments lately. We've been busy planning and filming bigger and better videos. We read everything you guys say though and we're frankly so humbled and blessed to have the most positive family on all of youtube. Thank you so much for all of your love

  2. nawazish ali

    nawazish ali3 meses atrás

    Hopefully u read this too and I just want to say I want to meet u guys cause I love u guys to moon and back love u so much

  3. Marco Ortiz

    Marco Ortiz7 meses atrás

    Loved the video. Sort of disappointed the great papillon wasn't your guide but extra spooky you ran into someone who knew another exit just like in the movie lol wow!!!!

  4. Ana Cláudia Cabral

    Ana Cláudia Cabral7 meses atrás

    That's just awesome, a bit scary though

  5. Taco Jesus

    Taco Jesus7 meses atrás

    Side note to Thomas that wasn't the joker on the wall it was Brandon Lee(Bruce Lee's son) in The Crow, super classic film should watch it if you have time and haven't seen it before.


    AMERICAN MADE8 meses atrás

    Be happy you didnt watch as above so below before going down hahahaha the entrance you went through is the same they used.....

  7. rick mats

    rick matsDia atrás

    こんなところに日本文化 5:40

  8. Citron Träd

    Citron Träd4 dias atrás

    Paul is a spirit animal

  9. Dalle

    Dalle7 dias atrás

    As Above, So Below vibes all the way wtf.. i recently just rewatched that movie and now im watching this. so scary with handheld camera

  10. Dhiresh Singh

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  11. Ansel Baker

    Ansel Baker8 dias atrás

    Tom Sawyer?

  12. Manuelito Torres

    Manuelito Torres8 dias atrás

    Catacombs, waahhhhh!!! Don't get lost man.

  13. Karin Janssen

    Karin Janssen8 dias atrás

    I call clickbait. They did NOT show ONE Skull.

  14. Lorieny Ramirez

    Lorieny Ramirez8 dias atrás

    2020 and I’m looking down memory lane 🥺🥺🥺

  15. Sebahattin Ayaz

    Sebahattin Ayaz8 dias atrás

    Where is Ammar lately

  16. Jack Stevens

    Jack Stevens8 dias atrás

    Bro literally as above so below

  17. Nostalgic Arrow

    Nostalgic Arrow8 dias atrás

    I watched a horror movie like this

  18. Nuutti Asplund

    Nuutti Asplund8 dias atrás

    Did you say pöllö and pulu on 3:15 because its Finnish and means owl and pidgeon

  19. Jorge Akiki

    Jorge Akiki10 dias atrás

    hey i live in Paris and this is todaly not unusual, a lot and a lot of people do this everyday.

  20. Meg Stevenson

    Meg Stevenson11 dias atrás

    I’ve actually been there! The catacombs are so cool, but creepy!

  21. Jaspinder Singh

    Jaspinder Singh14 dias atrás

    watching this after watching as above so below.... its spooky to see that some things are actually real. similar tunnel and similar hole to get in.. this could be a promo video for that movie LOL

  22. Jeffrey Eatley

    Jeffrey Eatley15 dias atrás

    This is what I want to do in life! Just do things I have never done before! YES!

  23. kenechi Peroxide

    kenechi Peroxide15 dias atrás

    As Above So below?

  24. C1defx

    C1defx17 dias atrás

    Ahh yes I remember going through the Catacombs to capture Volk in COD MW3

  25. FreezingPoint

    FreezingPoint17 dias atrás

    As Above, So Below

  26. Kacey Nicosia

    Kacey Nicosia18 dias atrás

    wait that is the exact hole they used in as above, so below

  27. Skyler Alleman

    Skyler Alleman19 dias atrás

    If you have watched “As Above, So Below” on Netflix, this will give you the creeps. Right when Thomas said that a random guy knows another exit I felt my heart drop to my toes.

  28. Zoel Amp

    Zoel Amp20 dias atrás

    I'm having claustrophobia watching this.

  29. leungbabe

    leungbabe20 dias atrás

    Omg I saw a movie about the catacombs under France!! Only they didn’t make it back!!! Wow! U guys are crazy!

  30. T Weiss

    T Weiss24 dias atrás

    4:47 is that a freshish corpse

  31. Alyssa Calloway

    Alyssa Calloway26 dias atrás

    Why would a robber wear a bright red jacket?

  32. Aaron Parrilla

    Aaron Parrilla28 dias atrás

    They aren’t abandoned

  33. rhinoskin extraboss

    rhinoskin extraboss29 dias atrás

    😂 😂 😂 The joker part


    KAT KATKATMês atrás

    If it rains they get trapped inside 😬

  35. lil alexus

    lil alexusMês atrás

    I'm just saying, I could not be the first to go in a hole or the last. I would stress out to much.

  36. Dawn Lily

    Dawn LilyMês atrás

    People in the background are always so awkward on camera 😅

  37. Makoons Willowbee

    Makoons WillowbeeMês atrás


  38. Shanna Robertson

    Shanna RobertsonMês atrás

    If I got lost in there, I would have an anxiety attack for sure


    EMIFAULTMês atrás

    Catacombs arnt abandoned they still burry people there

  40. Britt V

    Britt VMês atrás

    what am i looking at here? 7:19

  41. Xsauce

    XsauceMês atrás

    I was expecting to see thousands of skeletons and bones

  42. adidiugh

    adidiughMês atrás

    There is a movie called as above so below that literally goes through here and it’s the creepiest movie ever

  43. Jack Spratt

    Jack SprattMês atrás

    freakin amateurs.

  44. TheRealDownbubbles2

    TheRealDownbubbles2Mês atrás

    Is it weird that I know of these tunnels because of cod mw 3? Probably

  45. Julixte

    JulixteMês atrás

    You should have not shown the entrance 😭 every time a BRreporterr show an entrance the entrance is closed right after

  46. GamingOzz

    GamingOzzMês atrás

    That joker impression is spot on

  47. Humble Guy

    Humble GuyMês atrás

    I have claustrophobia and even I was feeling suffocated on watching this video. Guys hats off to you for doing this underground trip.

  48. Brina Collado

    Brina ColladoMês atrás

    Omg this takes me back to the time I watched as above so below😑y’all brave

  49. Exploiter Hunter

    Exploiter HunterMês atrás

    This is like that one mission in COD Modern warfare, not sure if its mw 2 or mw3

  50. flurry doggo

    flurry doggoMês atrás

    that’s where my cat lives smh

  51. Kenet Ramos

    Kenet RamosMês atrás

    I remember playing modern warfare 3 and seeing these tunnels in game thinking that was disturbing and that would never happen I thought wrong

  52. Marian Adrielle M. Maniaul

    Marian Adrielle M. ManiaulMês atrás

    This reminds me of 47 meters down but its drained out and the sharks are gone.

  53. Rosalía_ reina de España

    Rosalía_ reina de EspañaMês atrás

    U should go to the catacombs in italy also

  54. Phoon Mobile Legends

    Phoon Mobile LegendsMês atrás

    That's where the move As Above So Below is shooted

  55. Arjay Cortez

    Arjay CortezMês atrás

    up above so below

  56. Nicole Lidres

    Nicole LidresMês atrás

    I'm holding my breath by just watching it.

  57. albert hmt

    albert hmt2 meses atrás

    ???? I don't understand

  58. albert hmt

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  59. Trevor Costelloe

    Trevor Costelloe2 meses atrás

    Willing to bet that entrance in the railroad isnt there anymore

  60. Jesus Belandria

    Jesus Belandria2 meses atrás

    No way in hell I’m going down there after watching as above so below.

  61. Nyamedo Addae-Dapaah

    Nyamedo Addae-Dapaah2 meses atrás

    How clean is that water?

  62. Ivy and Katie

    Ivy and Katie2 meses atrás

    I have been there before! It is so cool. They are called The catacombs. Also, you have to buy a ticket for either a guided tour, or just a walk around tour I guess. The caves are stable, why else would they let you in

  63. Amber Johnson

    Amber Johnson2 meses atrás

    Have they not seen As Above, So Below? 😱

  64. Me

    Me2 meses atrás

    Having just read Les Miserables, you can guess what this video reminds me of :-)

  65. Claire D

    Claire D2 meses atrás

    yall NEED to do a full video in french!