7 Minutes Of Unbelievable Moments CAUGHT ON VIDEO!


  1. The Freak Of The Century

    The Freak Of The Century5 horas atrás

    It's not unbelievable if there's 20 versions of the same thing happening.

  2. Leslie Mackerel

    Leslie MackerelDia atrás

    It’s just storms, cars and soccer.

  3. Salazzle

    Salazzle5 dias atrás

    **thumbnail** Ghost Rider is brought into the MCU, as a movie and not in a tv show


    kOYOU TRASH7 dias atrás

    0:43 when your rich but to lazy to afford a boat

  5. Gareth S

    Gareth S7 dias atrás

    Why tf haven't you delivered my package?!

  6. New Dimension

    New Dimension11 dias atrás

    yeah go ahead, go on pollute the rivers with the trucks and air with your stupid racing cars, and build by the sea shores and rivers... than you ll come crying why you're getting floaded, bad drinking waters and have bad air.

  7. AS3ND

    AS3ND11 dias atrás

    The last clip was straight up the sped that thinks he’s better than everyone else.

  8. Gadge Hack

    Gadge Hack12 dias atrás

    3:10 = Ghost Rider

  9. Ryan Walker

    Ryan Walker13 dias atrás

    Anyone know the stroy behind the last clip?

  10. Twisted One

    Twisted One13 dias atrás

    Here's my unbelievable moment *I work a full week *Get paid *Pay a bill *And most of it's gone 😒

  11. The Mythical Fire Chicken

    The Mythical Fire Chicken11 dias atrás

    * gives hug * I wish you good fortune

  12. Fallout boy 193

    Fallout boy 19314 dias atrás

    That Boulder was on a mission 0:10

  13. zebras don't fly for a reason

    zebras don't fly for a reason14 dias atrás

    ...trick shots with any kind of ball are most despised, do it with a frisbee and I down thumb and click not interested in this channel...

  14. DR Shrimply Pibbles

    DR Shrimply Pibbles14 dias atrás

    You definitely don’t know the meaning of unbelievable this was st8 garbage 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  15. 10 000 subs without Videos

    10 000 subs without Videos15 dias atrás

    0:25 Dude perfect has left the chat

  16. 10 000 subs without Videos

    10 000 subs without Videos15 dias atrás

    Me: don’t touch anything. Friend: 0:00

  17. Chuck

    Chuck16 dias atrás

    This montage is so very diverse

  18. Dermot O'Malley

    Dermot O'Malley17 dias atrás

    Here's my response to the dogshit retarded comment you've yet to leave at this video: GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

  19. M I L K S H A K E

    M I L K S H A K E18 dias atrás

    *Um people get hit by balls some times, not very unbelievable.*

  20. MC Chase

    MC Chase19 dias atrás

    I am safe to say that Cargo Ships are death traps

  21. St Nk

    St Nk19 dias atrás

    i dont think you know what the word "Unbelievable" means my man..

  22. HolySmokes Am Rich

    HolySmokes Am Rich20 dias atrás

    What was happening in last clip ?? A robbery ??

  23. David Levesque

    David Levesque20 dias atrás

    Last amazing. Guy sits thru the beginning of a riot, and no one involves him in it. Just drinking my soda, lah-dee-dah.. Amazing

  24. misterlastnamehere

    misterlastnamehere19 dias atrás

    that was John Wick on his lunch break 👊

  25. Eddie

    Eddie20 dias atrás

    Last guy really has no fucks to give....

  26. Daniel Quitschau

    Daniel Quitschau20 dias atrás

    where the subtitles at?

  27. Young NS Boy

    Young NS Boy21 dia atrás

    The last Clip Strangers:aaaaaaaaaaaaaa Guy in chair: What STRANGER: Robbery Guy in chair: don't worry STRANGER: ? Robbers:everybody down Guy in chair: Nope Robbers: do u wanna die Guy in chair: pass me the sugar on your way Robber:? THUG LIFE!!!!

  28. Deathboydeegz

    Deathboydeegz21 dia atrás

    The flaming burn out is a normal thing for Aussie’s and we see it all the time at burnout competitions it’s our specialty

  29. Aidan Barnes

    Aidan Barnes21 dia atrás

    most of these are trucks driving through flooded roads, wind strong enough to lift a soda machine, pandas falling down and soccer fails

  30. nikos simos

    nikos simos21 dia atrás


  31. Ty H

    Ty H22 dias atrás

    Can someone explain the context of the last clip? Like what the fuck actually just happened?

  32. Joni Wimberly

    Joni Wimberly23 dias atrás

    0:05 are like my dreams just falling apart.lol

  33. A Dude That Draws

    A Dude That Draws23 dias atrás

    Guy: *mops hotel floor* Storm: *breaks glass doors* Guy: I quit.


    TTV SWEAT24 dias atrás


  35. switch2kryptonite

    switch2kryptonite27 dias atrás

    That last 1 needs splaining to me.

  36. Neko loli chan

    Neko loli chan29 dias atrás

    the last clip was kinda funny. He really wanted that drink

  37. Big Boss

    Big BossMês atrás


  38. Dirty Dan Vlogs

    Dirty Dan VlogsMês atrás

    Whey were those people so excited about the building falling apart

  39. jose morales

    jose moralesMês atrás


  40. Pranjal Jain

    Pranjal JainMês atrás

    Truck Driver got some SWAG

  41. clubredken

    clubredkenMês atrás

    My fav is the little doggie catching balls.

  42. Cherry_wabbitXx

    Cherry_wabbitXxMês atrás

    1:07 WHY WAS THE GUY STANDING RECORDING instead if helping him??

  43. Mr Sir Man 2

    Mr Sir Man 2Mês atrás

    He was doing a burn out

  44. turbojoe2

    turbojoe2Mês atrás

    7:21, Dudes just chillin. Nothing happening here eh.

  45. Becky Rode

    Becky RodeMês atrás

    Surely there's a way to lock automatic spinning doors?

  46. Megan Heine

    Megan HeineMês atrás

    Why at 2:29 did those people seem so excited for a building to be ripped apart, like stop standing there and go take shelter if the storm is that powerful.

  47. Ash Cinis

    Ash Cinis29 dias atrás

    You dont understand what locals are like in frequently stormy places...

  48. 80's rican

    80's ricanMês atrás

    Truck driver's give no fucks when it comes to the rainy season...

  49. No One

    No OneMês atrás

    0:37 WTF ? 0______0 Also the last one got me in tears ! xD

  50. JustPickAlready

    JustPickAlreadyMês atrás

    A lot of these clips are being real fucking liberal with the use of the word "unbelievable" huh?

  51. ThomasAnonymous

    ThomasAnonymousMês atrás

    I wouldn't consider screeching your tires unbelievable, nor driving trucks through rivers. Other than that, pretty good video

  52. lednails

    lednailsMês atrás

    4:50 - Cody Parkey family reunion

  53. Ken Hasibar

    Ken HasibarMês atrás

    That was dumb.

  54. Eva Lu

    Eva LuMês atrás


  55. Trevor Meyer

    Trevor MeyerMês atrás

    Let's guess what this video maker likes: soccer, storms, and cars spinning their tires.... lol

  56. Lindsey Sloan

    Lindsey SloanMês atrás

    What's up with the random eminem/Dr.re audio playing in some of these videos? Lol.

  57. Norbit Rice

    Norbit RiceMês atrás

    I believe all of these

  58. Carol Ann

    Carol AnnMês atrás


  59. Smoochy Poochy

    Smoochy PoochyMês atrás

    My fuckn ears

  60. Dark Ideas

    Dark IdeasMês atrás

    6:40 Some people are just not bothered by 50 guys rushing one dude. Then the 50 guys leaves the resturant. And this dude not bother by what's happening, calmly drinks his beer like nothing.happen. Fucking pimp

  61. THEM3STUP 711

    THEM3STUP 711Mês atrás

    0:00 When the fortnite storm hits containers

  62. d yeager

    d yeagerMês atrás

    Here's a better zoomed out view of last clip brreporter.com/v/video-lmpLZalaaGU.html

  63. Reddblue

    ReddblueMês atrás

    4:31 Love how the tire friction sounds match and sync with the music


    PITTY THE FOOLMês atrás

    WTF is wrong with human beings??? Cheering and laughing like it was a frickin sports event while they are watching natural disasters and peoples lively hoods being destroyed??????????

  65. Jared

    JaredMês atrás

    Thug life zero fucks given 😎😎 7:39

  66. 5winder

    5winderMês atrás

    I want what the guy at the end with the invisibility cloak is having.

  67. Kristian Jacobsen

    Kristian JacobsenMês atrás

    1:34 "1, 2, 3, 4 JAM"

  68. ThereR 15Letters

    ThereR 15LettersMês atrás

    The guy in the last video: Holds his own beer

  69. me moi

    me moiMês atrás

    1:57 two suns on the water

  70. Fragmented Soul

    Fragmented SoulMês atrás

    7:08 that is what beer does to you. Stay cool.



    0:01 not unbelievable. Happens alot

  72. Chris Freely

    Chris FreelyMês atrás

    00:43 Passenger: Why are you wearing a snorkel and mask Driver: Yes

  73. S730SD

    S730SDMês atrás

    Ride a scooter in a typhoon? Forget that, just open a parachute.

  74. Alford Lau

    Alford LauMês atrás

    Did anyone catch what make of that truck traveling submerged in water?

  75. pippobauro

    pippobauroMês atrás

    6:40 a good example of coward people (50 vs 1)

  76. sidney greenglass

    sidney greenglassMês atrás

    What happened in the last clip of the guy in the cafe? Would someone care to elaborate on this please?

  77. Erick Trujillo

    Erick TrujilloMês atrás

    Moral of the story. Mind your own business and you’ll be fine :)

  78. niraj kumar

    niraj kumarMês atrás

    Exam tomorrow and I am behaving like the last guy

  79. Atrocity Kings

    Atrocity KingsMês atrás

    Anyone know the song in the last clip of the guy chilling in the bar

  80. Magestic

    MagesticMês atrás

    Dude at the end is actually a father of quadruplet girls that just turned 13 & lives in a house with 1 bathroom...that would explain why this chaos is having zero impact on him, it's probably quieter than home...

  81. wrc1210

    wrc121022 dias atrás

    Magestic lol as the father of two teenage girls I can attest that this seems like the only possible explanation.

  82. Magestic

    MagesticMês atrás

    The road is flooded we'll never be able to make our delivery now! 😱. Truck Driver: hold my beer...

  83. Nic B Creations

    Nic B CreationsMês atrás

    1:32 1234 JAM

  84. 1000 subscribers with no Videos

    1000 subscribers with no VideosMês atrás

    That’s why I live in a desert

  85. Lionel Ramos

    Lionel RamosMês atrás

    Hijo puta

  86. Ketsa Official

    Ketsa OfficialMês atrás

    Placing a soccer goal underneath windows. Hmmm

  87. Ketsa Official

    Ketsa OfficialMês atrás

    What a thug

  88. DanGoodShot pewpew

    DanGoodShot pewpewMês atrás

    Dude sitting at the table drinking his drink, yeah that was Switzerland.😆

  89. Brian

    BrianMês atrás

    @DanGoodShot pewpew the only reason they did that is because they were money laundering Jewish money stolen by the Nazis. That's the only reason why the Nazis did not attack them.

  90. DanGoodShot pewpew

    DanGoodShot pewpewMês atrás

    @georgio427 I don't know I wasn't there. To me the guy looked like Switzerland with everyone fighting around them and him just sitting there like, nope I'm good.

  91. georgio427

    georgio427Mês atrás

    Lol ok. And what about the guy? Were they raiding the place?

  92. DanGoodShot pewpew

    DanGoodShot pewpewMês atrás

    @georgio427 During World War II every country around Switzerland was in a war fighting, yet they just sat there like, "Nope, I'm good."

  93. georgio427

    georgio427Mês atrás

    Wait.. what was going on?

  94. Ato Nympha

    Ato NymphaMês atrás

    Jack reacher at the bar

  95. Vortex Video Games

    Vortex Video GamesMês atrás

    Car burnouts are not "unbelievable moments."

  96. Half Of Two

    Half Of TwoMês atrás

    Its when the wheels catch on fire its "unbelievable

  97. Tommy Lenigar

    Tommy LenigarMês atrás

    Japanese people have had their shit fucked up so much, it's now a game to them to see whats next.

  98. Eric Elias

    Eric EliasMês atrás

    That dude at the end sittin thru that maylay of shit, GANGSTER!!!!!

  99. Optical Insanity

    Optical InsanityMês atrás

    0:04 all the trapped slaves lost.

  100. The Man On The Mountain

    The Man On The MountainMês atrás

    2.019, the best cameras everywhere. People still film in vertical.

  101. Bob The Bodybuilder

    Bob The Bodybuilder16 dias atrás

    you mean people have started to flim in vertical because most people watch videos on their phones?

  102. Kayelynne Grant

    Kayelynne GrantMês atrás

    Homeboy don't give a DAMN if there a raid or not...chillin. still just chillin 😂

  103. Tommy Lenigar

    Tommy LenigarMês atrás

    I was in Japan when a club got raided. My stupid ass ran out the door. I had nothing to do with what they were being raided for. Japanese police arrest me, hold me for 12 hours and interrogate my ass. I knew nothing. I'm a white American in vacation. I don't even speak Japanese and their interpreter was horrible. Now, I just sit there and let shit happen. Don't pertain to me, just let it happen. Lesson learned.

  104. Howard Fortyfive

    Howard FortyfiveMês atrás

    3:01 *GREAT CATCH POOCH!!*

  105. bledlbledlbledl

    bledlbledlbledlMês atrás

    3:13 There goes the Flux capacitor :P

  106. Dann Zaky

    Dann ZakyMês atrás

    Burnout cars catching on fire to the rear wheels because the rear gets so hot when doing a burnout on some cars that probably had more than 1500hp is unbelievable?? Totally unbelievable

  107. ItsmeSmile

    ItsmeSmileMês atrás


  108. singnoneofpoop

    singnoneofpoopMês atrás

    i found a lot of these entirely believable. lets see. a branch breaks on a panda. pandas are fat....guy kicks a ball wrong and it breaks a window...guy spun the tires on the car too long and the tire caught fire....my favorite one, hands down has got to be the bolder rolling down a cliff side. i was stunned with that one.


    NOYFB FOADMês atrás

    Ban VERTICAL Videos! brreporter.com/v/video-dechvhb0Meo.html

  110. andrew Stevens

    andrew StevensMês atrás

    Thrghg Got to tgygo this that

  111. Tarzan Ape King

    Tarzan Ape KingMês atrás

    2:29 Look, let's cheer on how much we suck at building construction...🤔

  112. Randall Bell

    Randall Bell2 meses atrás

    Yea for the dog and his balls.........

  113. Lynn Troller

    Lynn Troller2 meses atrás

    “Amphibious or not? We crossin dis bitch.” -Only in Russia.

  114. swan

    swan2 meses atrás

    second one,hold my beer I got this