7 Minutes Of Unbelievable Moments CAUGHT ON VIDEO!


  1. [Dann] DannXSilvia

    [Dann] DannXSilvia10 horas atrás

    Burnout cars catching on fire to the rear wheels because the rear gets so hot when doing a burnout on some cars that probably had more than 1500hp is unbelievable?? Totally unbelievable

  2. singnoneofpoop

    singnoneofpoop23 horas atrás

    i found a lot of these entirely believable. lets see. a branch breaks on a panda. pandas are fat....guy kicks a ball wrong and it breaks a window...guy spun the tires on the car too long and the tire caught fire....my favorite one, hands down has got to be the bolder rolling down a cliff side. i was stunned with that one.


    NOYFB FOADDia atrás

    Ban VERTICAL Videos! brreporter.com/v/video-dechvhb0Meo.html

  4. andrew Stevens

    andrew StevensDia atrás

    Thrghg Got to tgygo this that

  5. Tarzan Ape King

    Tarzan Ape KingDia atrás

    2:29 Look, let's cheer on how much we suck at building construction...🤔

  6. Randall Bell

    Randall Bell3 dias atrás

    Yea for the dog and his balls.........

  7. Lynn Troller

    Lynn Troller4 dias atrás

    “Amphibious or not? We crossin dis bitch.” -Only in Russia.

  8. swan

    swan4 dias atrás

    second one,hold my beer I got this

  9. gimbiiil gimbiiil

    gimbiiil gimbiiil5 dias atrás

    Its actually 7:40

  10. The killer Cobra

    The killer Cobra8 dias atrás

    The good thing about this channel. It’s not clickbait it’s always true

  11. Rational Nationalist

    Rational Nationalist9 dias atrás

    2:22 A water truck, crossing a flooded river. How ironic.

  12. Smart Plug

    Smart Plug9 dias atrás

    Plot twist: 7:00 the actual leader sitting down.

  13. its BLAKE again

    its BLAKE again10 dias atrás

    That guy on the end clip is a fucking madlad! 😂

  14. valenius the kat

    valenius the kat10 dias atrás

    @5:23ish: MY TREE 😂😂

  15. Coastie Stacie

    Coastie Stacie10 dias atrás

    Some of these trucks straight Oregon trailing it... LET'S FORD THE RIVER. Jan died of dysentery two days later.

  16. Elektro lytic

    Elektro lytic10 dias atrás

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  17. Sabbath maiden fan

    Sabbath maiden fan10 dias atrás

    How the hell did he throw that frisbee that way the yellow one

  18. TruthCutsLike AKnife

    TruthCutsLike AKnife11 dias atrás

    Hogans hero's, Sergent Shultz, "I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing" @ 7:10

  19. Giantthatfcks volcanoes

    Giantthatfcks volcanoes11 dias atrás

    Fuck soccer

  20. Jake Husband

    Jake Husband11 dias atrás

    Some lame videos... cool frisbee so unbelievable

  21. Ernest Matthews

    Ernest Matthews11 dias atrás

    Why would someone be cheering the destruction of buildings in a tornato? They would have started crying if that had been their roof coming off.

  22. Sonic Guyver

    Sonic Guyver12 dias atrás

    2:06 Need to get these supplies to the orphanage 2:20 Need to get these orphans to the orphanage

  23. Joakim Öhman

    Joakim Öhman12 dias atrás

    4:40 in my home town! Helsingborg Sweden

  24. Christopher Casazza

    Christopher Casazza12 dias atrás

    Landscape film or GTFO the internet

  25. Nono

    Nono12 dias atrás

    The frisbee off the boat at 1:50 was really cool.

  26. Rational Nationalist

    Rational Nationalist9 dias atrás

    Till they got hit by lightning 10 seconds later. j/k

  27. jason powell

    jason powell12 dias atrás

    This vid is a real waste of time

  28. Zac Dior

    Zac Dior12 dias atrás

    0:43 2:04 5:28 Fking sat navs! Peace ✌️ out people

  29. Trent Johnson

    Trent Johnson12 dias atrás

    0:49 you can tell this guy has been through the drill before lol

  30. SantAudits Everyone

    SantAudits Everyone13 dias atrás

    The last clip is a fake, Yes I said FAKE Time lapse mixed with something else. Watch it in .25 speed you will see what I mean!!

  31. Matt Gilbert

    Matt Gilbert13 dias atrás

    What makes anyone think it's a good idea to drive into a raging river where the trucks you are in aren't heavy enough to control them? WTF???

  32. Carlos. Posada

    Carlos. Posada13 dias atrás

    They know better.

  33. nicholas lamonds

    nicholas lamonds13 dias atrás

    damn 2:22

  34. ecisinventory

    ecisinventory13 dias atrás

    Last guy lives by the Roadhouse rule. Be nice until it's time to not be nice.

  35. Jamal haider

    Jamal haider13 dias atrás

    Nope it is actually 7 min 40 sec.

  36. SCP 420-J

    SCP 420-J13 dias atrás


  37. Jr Harlow

    Jr Harlow13 dias atrás

    That guy at the end when asked about the incident later said "yea what was all that about anyways"

  38. Arkham Asylum

    Arkham Asylum13 dias atrás

    That last clip must be in Russia. Russians are bad ass mother fuckers lol.

  39. scaff25

    scaff2515 dias atrás

    Was that Little Red Riding Hood @5:56?

  40. Hudson Smith

    Hudson Smith16 dias atrás

    My dad had a 1964 impala SS with 20" wheels it was the coolest car ever until he ripped it apart and never rebuilt it again

  41. stan hall

    stan hall17 dias atrás

    I'm home

  42. Rumorady -

    Rumorady -20 dias atrás

    The guy pickled with alcohol on the last clip thought, the hell im getting up, im gonna stay seated and enjoy my beer for, this could be the last one.

  43. Naveed Muhammad

    Naveed Muhammad22 dias atrás

    7min and 39 seconds bro! get your facts right!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Ang

    Ang22 dias atrás

    To think people deliberately burn rubber for entertainment yet I cringe when I have to replace - $$$ - a normal tyre for everday driving!

  45. Kurt Magnus

    Kurt Magnus23 dias atrás

    6:37 what the hell just happened?

  46. Katrina Contreras

    Katrina Contreras24 dias atrás

    You mean 8 min bc 7 40 is almost 8 min

  47. Nkululeko Ndhlovu

    Nkululeko Ndhlovu25 dias atrás

    If I could mind my business like last dude, Id be a winner

  48. My boi Chungus

    My boi Chungus25 dias atrás

    6:45 *restaurant getting rob by gangsters* Guy: *zero fukz r given*

  49. ミミッキュ

    ミミッキュ25 dias atrás


  50. tdjekins21

    tdjekins2125 dias atrás

    Vertical video = stupidity

  51. Bb

    Bb28 dias atrás

    @1:16 No use mopping the floor

  52. wedemeyerr

    wedemeyerr28 dias atrás

    3:10 back to the Future

  53. AnimeIceMonkey Gaming// AIM Gaming

    AnimeIceMonkey Gaming// AIM Gaming29 dias atrás

    The last one was my favourite. But can someone tell me please if the people in black were either police or robbers? Thank you in advance.

  54. NakedSnake1964

    NakedSnake196429 dias atrás

    4:31 song??

  55. Francisco Corona Zamora

    Francisco Corona ZamoraMês atrás


  56. Margarita Ramirez

    Margarita RamirezMês atrás

    I think some of this footage was of cyclone Idai. I live less that 100 miles from there

  57. - Unkn0wN -

    - Unkn0wN -Mês atrás

    3:07 - 3:15 name of music?

  58. Daniel Becerra

    Daniel BecerraMês atrás

    mostly believable ...

  59. Dermot O'Malley

    Dermot O'MalleyMês atrás

    I hope Pandas go extinct. Dumb fucking animals that don't deserve to be classed with bad ass creatures like Kodiat/Grizzly/Black/Polar bears. Also, fuck you.

  60. Erin Ferguson

    Erin FergusonMês atrás

    what was the last one? im only 8 and I don't get it

  61. Bat Man

    Bat ManMês atrás

    Last guy was smooth until his elbow slipped 😂 7:08

  62. DerXGamer

    DerXGamerMês atrás


  63. kaptain jones 001

    kaptain jones 001Mês atrás

    Is that guy transparent last part😎

  64. Happy Playground

    Happy PlaygroundMês atrás

    Great nature

  65. Ingólfur Arnar

    Ingólfur ArnarMês atrás

    That guy at the end hahahahahahaha what a zen master :D

  66. Ahmed IQ

    Ahmed IQMês atrás

    The last guy is a legend

  67. Johnnynosealoka

    JohnnynosealokaMês atrás

    7:40 of amazing thinks

  68. Christian Griffith

    Christian GriffithMês atrás

    More like 7 minutes and 40 seconds!!😀

  69. Jewel Nickerson

    Jewel NickersonMês atrás

    The last clip is by far the best one. Loved it. 🤣🤣

  70. the SmashGamer

    the SmashGamerMês atrás

    3:10 the delorean time machine is real!

  71. Sandy Lindenthaw

    Sandy LindenthawMês atrás

    Great Video👍

  72. JJ blah

    JJ blahMês atrás

    Thumbnail car, i legit have that in gta as my slav car😂

  73. Lisa Simonds

    Lisa SimondsMês atrás

    2:50 wind just yeeted that building

  74. 1letsgoriding

    1letsgoridingMês atrás

    0:44 the little engine that could

  75. shaolinwisdom

    shaolinwisdomMês atrás

    I'm not all that when it comes to cars and trucks but how were those trucks going through the water up to the windshield and noir stalling out?? Can Anyone explain that?

  76. bad bob

    bad bobMês atrás

    Wow, great video, it shows how powerful Mother nature really is.

  77. jenny

    jennyMês atrás

    Sippy my beer like 🍺 " meh " happens alllll the time...

  78. M R

    M RMês atrás

    Why did any of these clips end?

  79. Aloan Moreira

    Aloan MoreiraMês atrás

    5:55 - yohohttulay yottulaeeee yottulaeeee :D

  80. MrThedwp

    MrThedwpMês atrás

    Sorry videos of burnouts are hardly unbelievable or interesting

  81. Steven Koby

    Steven KobyMês atrás

    1:46 How many Frisbees ended up in the ocean to achieve this stunt?

  82. Conceptzer0

    Conceptzer0Mês atrás

    lol the guy at the end "This is fine"...

  83. Body You

    Body YouMês atrás


  84. tylerguy12

    tylerguy12Mês atrás

    6:28 waht The fuck

  85. Brendan9140

    Brendan9140Mês atrás

    5:24 panda did a fucking meteor smash

  86. carl witt

    carl wittMês atrás

    7:00 Murphy's Laws of Combat #17 Try to look unimportant... the enemy may be low on ammo.

  87. valenius the kat

    valenius the kat10 dias atrás

    😂😂 so true

  88. lewis collard

    lewis collard23 dias atrás



    ISENTRYMês atrás

    ...never under estimate what an intelligent leader is doing..! approving nod... watch and wait for it!

  90. Janet Airlines

    Janet AirlinesMês atrás

    0:40 link to original?

  91. aaf9w02294

    aaf9w02294Mês atrás

    The A team

  92. M.J. Leger

    M.J. LegerMês atrás

    Nature can provide some rare, interesting moments, and, of course, there is no paucity of idiots in the world to provide the same!

  93. Garretonio

    GarretonioMês atrás

    are we just going to ignore the last one? wth was going on? 7:00

  94. Kami _The _God

    Kami _The _GodMês atrás

    0:46 same day delivery


    VIRAL ESCAPEMês atrás

    The boulder vid had to be staged, like someone pushed it.

  96. Sandou Mir

    Sandou MirMês atrás

    Also, how else would the rock get up there???... Ammirite?? Makes you think...

  97. Samurai

    SamuraiMês atrás

    That last dude is is my life.

  98. Noah Ater

    Noah AterMês atrás

    human + out of control revolving door = what a massive blender feels like

  99. greenfingers gardener

    greenfingers gardenerMês atrás

    Should be 7 mins of pure shit, all nicked from other youtubers......

  100. Joash Bowles

    Joash BowlesMês atrás

    2:10 Spintires

  101. Stephanie Logan

    Stephanie LoganMês atrás

    The first clip...is that an HDS delivery driver at the helm? 0:34 the windy finger of doom wants you to smell it. 0:58 that's the easy way to relocate.

  102. hexlgaming

    hexlgamingMês atrás

    2:23 imagine this as a gender reveal..

  103. Peter Dudas

    Peter DudasMês atrás

    I really like some of the older videos. they are not the best quality but at least they are recorded horizontally... most people these days seem to not understand the concept that every single tv and computer screen is horizontal... for some reason they think its perfectly normal to record a video vertically... FFS, morons...

  104. Sorren Peak

    Sorren PeakMês atrás

    I don't know, a lot of these clips were pretty believable. Dislikes for misleading title.

  105. MrDenverman1

    MrDenverman1Mês atrás

    Steel balls, the last dude