73 Questions With CL | Vogue


  1. Benika Zhimo

    Benika Zhimo9 horas atrás

    So, when she speaks English, she sounds like Selena Gomez .. Hmm.

  2. Co Lombe

    Co Lombe23 horas atrás

    She lived in France ?! 🇫🇷

  3. trendy bitches

    trendy bitchesDia atrás

    Cl voice sounds like Nicki Minaj

  4. Vivian Vail

    Vivian VailDia atrás

    Shiiiii she’s perfect

  5. Suga's Swag

    Suga's Swag2 dias atrás

    Everyone is saying how she gained weight, like stop. Its just her outfit but even if she did gain weight, so what? Stop making rude an irrelevant comments she is a queen.

  6. New User

    New User2 dias atrás

    Hello, bitches

  7. Bellinda Co

    Bellinda Co2 dias atrás

    So many uhms 😂

  8. nəmo

    nəmo2 dias atrás

    Jennie's SUGAR MOMMA 😍💖

  9. Lika ArmyBlink

    Lika ArmyBlink2 dias atrás

    Queen 👸

  10. Anaïs Seo

    Anaïs Seo2 dias atrás

    the host voice is,,,, h o t.

  11. Maanya

    Maanya2 dias atrás

    Honestly..Such a Queen.

  12. Rila. Kk

    Rila. Kk2 dias atrás

    CL is so wise ,talented and beautiful in all ways possible ❤️

  13. malangcow

    malangcow2 dias atrás

    사랑해 이채린

  14. Lee Daniel

    Lee Daniel3 dias atrás

    Istg CL is so pretty!!

  15. PH S

    PH S3 dias atrás

    omg.. I so proud of korean in 73 questions vogue.

  16. Maimunah Nuha

    Maimunah Nuha3 dias atrás

    I hope next is BLACKPINK'S Jennie cuz her single will be coming out soon

  17. nəmo

    nəmo2 dias atrás

    Jennie is CL and G-Dragon's daughter 💖💖 I love EXPENSIVE FAMILY 😍😍💕

  18. Айгерим Бекенова

    Айгерим Бекенова3 dias atrás

    Korean language so beautiful!

  19. silhouette

    silhouette4 dias atrás

    6:22 wow she looks good

  20. BTS Fangirl

    BTS Fangirl4 dias atrás

    She looks amazing as always. I stan a queen

  21. Ekşi Krema

    Ekşi Krema4 dias atrás

    This makes me feel bad for Park Bom.

  22. Valery Palma

    Valery Palma4 dias atrás

    CL is so freaking underrated like what a queen I stan

  23. Ben Exe

    Ben Exe4 dias atrás


  24. Creative Colours

    Creative Colours4 dias atrás

    3:49 It seems like she doesnt like the "cat" by her face when she's looking at it (the cat doesnt look like a cat..)

  25. Mary Mavez

    Mary Mavez4 dias atrás

    Plssss ask BTS plssssssss

  26. Btsworldtour Yes

    Btsworldtour Yes5 dias atrás

    The host at the end " annyeong" sounded more liKE Onion HAHAHAH

  27. R 66

    R 665 dias atrás

    احد يترجمها عربي لاني موقاعده افهم شي :)

  28. sothiccselena

    sothiccselena5 dias atrás

    Blackpink jennie please! 😭

  29. Yoongay

    Yoongay5 dias atrás

    She's seems so much nicer on Camera comparing to her music videos

  30. Sarah Stark

    Sarah Stark5 dias atrás

    She has the rbf

  31. Immad Ahmad

    Immad Ahmad6 dias atrás

    I miss 2ne1 so so muchhhh.... But I'm glad to see her happy and healthy ♥️✨

  32. OraTheExtraterrestrial

    OraTheExtraterrestrial6 dias atrás

    Asians are so cool and I'm so proud of my culture

  33. Sarah Fondaw

    Sarah Fondaw6 dias atrás

    I’m so happy to see her thriving

  34. RapMonstet is my bias

    RapMonstet is my bias7 dias atrás

    what is your chains suga: 3 dalar chains

  35. xXbTsMeTeOr Xx

    xXbTsMeTeOr Xx7 dias atrás

    she's so darn pretty ♡

  36. M AB

    M AB7 dias atrás


  37. Melharhyth

    Melharhyth8 dias atrás

    CL is the skinny legend that i stan the most

  38. N0000 N0000

    N0000 N00009 dias atrás

    Why 2NE1 dismiss ?

  39. Teddy Lewis

    Teddy Lewis9 dias atrás

    Queeeen!!! Thanks, Vogue!!

  40. lucrietia calderwood

    lucrietia calderwood9 dias atrás

    73 questions with Bts what do you think?

  41. Nóra Bárkai

    Nóra Bárkai9 dias atrás

    -How do you say Goodbye in korean? -Anyong... Hello... Anyong.... Arrested Development... anybody ?? Btw i love CL.

  42. Reveluv Army

    Reveluv Army10 dias atrás

    CL is beautiful I don’t care if she is considered fat or not she is a queen

  43. Bangtnz 2006

    Bangtnz 200610 dias atrás

    sʜᴇ ɪs ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛɪғᴜʟ..... ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʜᴇʀʀʀʀ

  44. Ruchi Nagar

    Ruchi Nagar10 dias atrás

    Please do next BTS

  45. Zein sudaiz

    Zein sudaiz10 dias atrás

    WhAT iS jEt LAg

  46. November Lee

    November Lee11 dias atrás

    I'm not a big fan of kpop, I'm so amazed at how good she is in English! Anyway, I came here after hearing her feature in BEP's Dopeness. She was sooooo dope in there!

  47. relataebleuwu

    relataebleuwu11 dias atrás

    once a queen , always a queen.

  48. ajbrjsny blp

    ajbrjsny blp11 dias atrás

    "What's the most difficult part of your job?" CL- "Loving it too much" I'm crying huhu💜💜💜💜

  49. nəmo

    nəmo2 dias atrás

    Me too💖

  50. Nia Dela Cruz

    Nia Dela Cruz11 dias atrás

    “Onyong, CL” xD

  51. Mirasol Migue

    Mirasol Migue11 dias atrás

    I love CL so much.

  52. Blair Crysline Mampen

    Blair Crysline Mampen11 dias atrás


  53. J-Kill

    J-Kill11 dias atrás


  54. Samara Kamal

    Samara Kamal12 dias atrás

    I love CL because she is so confident with her body which makes her such a good model to girls and boys also I love CL and I love 2ne1 both always will have a special place in my heart

  55. JGAA Suga

    JGAA Suga12 dias atrás

    OMG! CL is gorgeous

  56. Twyla Flute

    Twyla Flute12 dias atrás

    The more I see of her, the more i love her.

  57. RNON - Channel

    RNON - Channel12 dias atrás

    I hate her

  58. Sofia Dela Peña

    Sofia Dela Peña5 dias atrás

    then why are you here... Just to say that?

  59. D L

    D L12 dias atrás

    Shes cockeyed

  60. tae’s orange juice

    tae’s orange juice12 dias atrás

    im really sad that she stopped singing , she was my idol since I was five

  61. bobby bagcal

    bobby bagcal12 dias atrás

    BTS please :D

  62. 猴子手指

    猴子手指12 dias atrás


  63. Sanmi

    Sanmi13 dias atrás

    CL became a thick bih but then all these negative bitches hated her until she felt forced to lose weight and this breaks my heart tbh.

  64. Prashansa Gupta

    Prashansa Gupta13 dias atrás

    Everything she says is quotable in real life.. this is the first video of her I saw.. Any song recommendations of her songs ???

  65. lynn kim

    lynn kim12 dias atrás

    Check out 2ne1 songs where she used to be a member

  66. X_UNICORN_X Love

    X_UNICORN_X Love13 dias atrás

    6:41 omg when she did that I was so shocked because I thought she had only blonde hair (dyed of course) but then I saw the dark brown hair and I was like whaaaat her brown hair matched with her coat I couldn't see it haha 😂😂😂

  67. Alexa Silva

    Alexa Silva13 dias atrás


  68. Naaabbzz

    Naaabbzz13 dias atrás

    GOODBYE? ANNYEONG? **cries in 2ne1**

  69. peachbunny

    peachbunny13 dias atrás

    This made me stan.

  70. Hate Chan

    Hate Chan13 dias atrás

    CL 💕

  71. Kevin Kai

    Kevin Kai13 dias atrás

    Totally fake

  72. Youth_21c

    Youth_21c13 dias atrás

    언니 짱

  73. Stefania Victoria

    Stefania Victoria13 dias atrás

  74. M G

    M G14 dias atrás

    Heartless people i can see here 😔2.4K dislikes for this video . Lov u CL stay healthy

  75. babylyn booc

    babylyn booc14 dias atrás


  76. Miles Dela Cruz

    Miles Dela Cruz14 dias atrás

    AHHHHH Love you so much CL! ❤️🙏🏻

  77. Yuki _desu

    Yuki _desu14 dias atrás

    Our queeeeeennnnnnnnnn

  78. Bangtan Melon

    Bangtan Melon14 dias atrás

    He said “Hi” at the last bit Instead of “bye”. Edit- Nvm he said CL (-.-) sounded like “anyeonghasayo”

  79. riverdaleuwu 69

    riverdaleuwu 6914 dias atrás

    Idol! For sure!

  80. Elif Ebru

    Elif Ebru15 dias atrás

    *Be patient GZBs*

  81. A MusicKaye

    A MusicKaye15 dias atrás

    CL really is such a confident woman. She makes me proud. 💕

  82. babazalya

    babazalya15 dias atrás

    Sooo fake

  83. I am Momonese

    I am Momonese15 dias atrás

    babazalya No it's real

  84. baby love

    baby love15 dias atrás

    Her hair is beautiful in a unique way..

  85. choi mi soo

    choi mi soo15 dias atrás

    OMG CLLLLL😍😍😍😍

  86. Harley Pickens

    Harley Pickens15 dias atrás

    She didn’t gain weight, she got THICC.

  87. addicz2

    addicz216 horas atrás

    Thats what I though

  88. I am Momonese

    I am Momonese15 dias atrás

    Harley Pickens Lankyfam


    PLAYER ONE15 dias atrás

    "Who's your favorite artist to see live?" CL: Disneyland ???????????????

  90. niAll aNd tHe pOtAtOeS

    niAll aNd tHe pOtAtOeS15 dias atrás


  91. niAll aNd tHe pOtAtOeS

    niAll aNd tHe pOtAtOeS14 dias atrás

    A POKÉBALL ohhhh


    A POKÉBALL14 dias atrás

    She went to international Schools when she was a kid

  93. Eva Marrufo

    Eva Marrufo16 dias atrás

    The queen will always look pretty even if she put on weight she is still a queen u do u boo 😁😁

  94. Its Rorona

    Its Rorona16 dias atrás

    What’s the meaning of earthbar please?


    A POKÉBALL14 dias atrás

    Organic store in LA

  96. aidenxx

    aidenxx16 dias atrás

    3:57 when the host gave her the cat her face is everything

  97. kim taehyung purple u

    kim taehyung purple u11 dias atrás

    check out 4:03 when she kiss the cat..see her reaction it'slike ''why am i kissing this cat''hahaha lol

  98. Layla Baar

    Layla Baar16 dias atrás

    ware.dose she live

  99. Scorpion Nightcore

    Scorpion Nightcore16 dias atrás

    annyeong, lol, cl, you got him

  100. park nica

    park nica16 dias atrás


  101. katietang50

    katietang5017 dias atrás

    She's pure AWESOME!!!!

  102. Victor Prospect

    Victor Prospect17 dias atrás

    I don't know much about this younger generation music, but this girl speaks fluent English, French, Korean, and Japanese and seems to be on the level.

  103. r b

    r b17 dias atrás

    her saying “annyeong” made me think of their disbandment song :(

  104. Q h a l I b

    Q h a l I b17 dias atrás

    She’s like a Korean Juno Temple

  105. bitch lasagna

    bitch lasagna17 dias atrás

    _we_ _love_ _a_ _cultured_ *_WOMAN_*

  106. Erikka Juvonen

    Erikka Juvonen18 dias atrás

    Her English is on point..she super cute


    BIRU LANGIT18 dias atrás

    I liked her !! Shes so smart n pretty

  108. 돈키방망이날리기

    돈키방망이날리기18 dias atrás

    yg 현석이가창작을 잃었다~~ 나이가 들면 수구로 변해가지 ~~ 2ne1 이 한동안 현석이 먹여살렸잖아 ~ 어린친구들에게 이럼 안돼지 현석아~~

  109. ping pong

    ping pong18 dias atrás

    i can't help but feel sorry for her

  110. Sean Harrell

    Sean Harrell18 dias atrás

    He said "annyeong" so white haha

  111. ᄋ ᄋ

    ᄋ ᄋ18 dias atrás

    I love her

  112. Kitty Moon

    Kitty Moon19 dias atrás