73 Questions With Saoirse Ronan | Vogue


  1. Patrick Rañada

    Patrick Rañada16 horas atrás


  2. MLA Ram Kadam BJP

    MLA Ram Kadam BJPDia atrás

    Place she is dieing to go in ?? Freedom:::--India

  3. Svetoslav BG

    Svetoslav BGDia atrás

    What a waste of time to ask questions and write your own answers. Fitting for Vogue.

  4. T. Ray

    T. Ray2 dias atrás

    73 questions with Eddie Vedder and Winona Ryder. 90s forever.

  5. Shreks Child

    Shreks Child2 dias atrás

    Worst habit? *biteng meh nailsss*

  6. Ashlee

    Ashlee3 dias atrás

    I didn't like her previously because of the movie Atonement (more so, her character made me really mad) but after watching this, I do like her! She seems sweet!

  7. Vit Sir

    Vit Sir3 dias atrás

    I'm just so ready to nut in Saoirse Ronan

  8. Nina56660

    Nina566603 dias atrás

    Her outfit is great

  9. sutats

    sutats3 dias atrás

    Shes doesn't like dessert? That's a red flag *Read more*

  10. Nicole Sheridan

    Nicole Sheridan3 dias atrás

    Wait....did he just pronounce Galway wrong?🇶🇦

  11. Ferran Gomez

    Ferran Gomez3 dias atrás

    Nice Friends reference Saoirse


    NOTABOOS4 dias atrás

    Horrible. Totally scripted and artificial.

  13. Jc Hv

    Jc Hv4 dias atrás

    Es adorable😍

  14. cmce87

    cmce874 dias atrás

    How many scripts do you read? “Uimhir a dó” means “number 2”.

  15. theycallmehoe

    theycallmehoe4 dias atrás

    she reminds me of niall horan 😂❤

  16. Teddy Knight

    Teddy Knight4 dias atrás

    She said GET OUT. She the 🐐

  17. Eduardo Zavala

    Eduardo Zavala5 dias atrás

    Did she just answer "GET OUT" as the SCARIEST movie ever made???!!!!!

  18. Wendy Fisher

    Wendy Fisher6 dias atrás

    Solid "Friends" reference. Love her

  19. polo moro

    polo moro6 dias atrás

    everytime i see her face, look like i am on adventure.

  20. Nathaniel Preston

    Nathaniel Preston7 dias atrás

    Did anyone else find it rude when she left at the end without saying goodbye?

  21. Ginny Erdmann

    Ginny Erdmann7 dias atrás

    That Friends reference had me giggling like a school girl. LOVE HER.

  22. Richard Yin

    Richard Yin8 dias atrás

    did she have a butler deliver tea to her house?

  23. Joshua 1

    Joshua 18 dias atrás

    I'm Irish but her a accent is strong

  24. Sophie Henderson

    Sophie Henderson8 dias atrás

    Scripted throughout.

  25. Bathing Ape93

    Bathing Ape938 dias atrás

    i love her short hair

  26. Ayaan khan

    Ayaan khan8 dias atrás

    She's so adorable

  27. lucy

    lucy9 dias atrás

    *i’m sorry did she make a friends reference*

  28. Mubashir Latif

    Mubashir Latif9 dias atrás

    I love her. Period.

  29. hope ethridge

    hope ethridge9 dias atrás

    How I live now is my favorite movie 💖

  30. Lothbrok

    Lothbrok9 dias atrás

    These vogue videos are so cringe

  31. Cara Nardone

    Cara Nardone9 dias atrás

    She sounds JUST LIKE Luna Lovegood.

  32. An Indian

    An Indian9 dias atrás

    Saoirse, we’re waiting for you! I hope you come to India soon!❤️

  33. Haley

    Haley9 dias atrás

    Ew shoes without socks

  34. Lauren Gu

    Lauren Gu10 dias atrás

    The literal love of my literal life

  35. Mari Mcor

    Mari Mcor10 dias atrás

    Watch ‘how I live now’ it’s honestly my favourite movie of hers.

  36. HER slimes

    HER slimes10 dias atrás

    Who has seen her old movie City Of Ember ?

  37. Lyn O Sullivan Vlogs forever

    Lyn O Sullivan Vlogs forever10 dias atrás

    She sounds so Irish ☘️

  38. Denis Melvin

    Denis Melvin10 dias atrás

    Do 73 Questions with Mr Monty Roberts!!!!!! 🐎

  39. Bethany Tomlin

    Bethany Tomlin10 dias atrás

    I could listen to her talk all day! X

  40. Woogi The girl who likes SJ

    Woogi The girl who likes SJ10 dias atrás

    Next oscar best lead actress , Freedom Ronan!!!!!!!!!!

  41. ines Sunshine

    ines Sunshine10 dias atrás

    OK BUT LIKE NO ONE REACTED TO HER WANTING TO BE NAMED PRINCESS CONSUELA BANANAHAMMOCK, LIKE... WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS'S FAN AT???????? Oh and I absolutely adore How I live now, it does deserve more recognition.

  42. Pa Beauchamp

    Pa Beauchamp10 dias atrás

    Yay! New Zealand!!

  43. Vayomi Carter

    Vayomi Carter11 dias atrás

    The lovely bones anyone 😂

  44. Anthoni Cley Sobierai

    Anthoni Cley Sobierai11 dias atrás

    Song to the siren for the win!

  45. Jonna Jänkälä

    Jonna Jänkälä11 dias atrás

    her house is goals - it might be an hotel though . either way its gorgeous

  46. Bea U.

    Bea U.11 dias atrás


  47. g a r b a g e

    g a r b a g e11 dias atrás

    Still don’t know how to say her name

  48. FirstTime ISawJupiter

    FirstTime ISawJupiter11 dias atrás

    That haircut is just like the one she had in Atonement !

  49. Akash Mukadam

    Akash Mukadam11 dias atrás

    India 💗 Always welcome bae 😍

  50. Not a Lonely Guy

    Not a Lonely Guy11 dias atrás

    She wants to Come to India. I feel Honoured

  51. Gen Linde

    Gen Linde13 dias atrás

    I love her! And Sound to the Siren makes me cry too. I heard it for the first time in her movie The Lovely Bones that some parts were filmed in and around where I live. But wow, she has great taste and she's seems like such a sweet girl. ^_^

  52. ajn1610

    ajn161013 dias atrás

    I don't understand the layout of that room and why it had eleventybillion front doors.

  53. Mia Noel xx

    Mia Noel xx13 dias atrás

    3:30 we love a friends reference

  54. 18stephc

    18stephc14 dias atrás


  55. Lena O'Brien

    Lena O'Brien14 dias atrás

    How i live now❤ one of my favourite movies with her and tom holland

  56. les doux

    les doux15 dias atrás

    she’s one of the greatest actress in my whole life

  57. Anna Heli

    Anna Heli15 dias atrás

    Ronans i love you really

  58. Zlatan9

    Zlatan916 dias atrás


  59. malvika k

    malvika k16 dias atrás


  60. La Bicicleta Tiene Una Silla

    La Bicicleta Tiene Una Silla17 dias atrás

    73 questions with Shane Dawson!

  61. sugarredambiance

    sugarredambiance18 dias atrás

    Princess Consuela Banana Hammock! Hahaha love that

  62. Anthony Hendra

    Anthony Hendra18 dias atrás

    that's a wales accent, not irish. neither both her mother tongue.

  63. Ana

    Ana18 dias atrás

    That Friends reference

  64. Amar

    Amar18 dias atrás

    Looks staged

  65. 18.12 .1997

    18.12 .199719 dias atrás

    73 Questions With Shakira ❤️

  66. The Doll Girl

    The Doll Girl19 dias atrás

    Yessss Princess Consuela Banana Hammock!!!!!

  67. The Doll Girl

    The Doll Girl19 dias atrás

    She is going to play Mary, Queen of Scotts!!!! She must’ve known!!!

  68. Claudio Marciano

    Claudio Marciano19 dias atrás

    Linda 😘 😘😘😘

  69. Claudio Marciano

    Claudio Marciano19 dias atrás

    Eu Brasil😘

  70. John Deane

    John Deane19 dias atrás

    She’s not Irish she was born in the Bronx and how do you ask about the pronunciation of her name and then continue to pronounce it wrong. Seeer-sha

  71. Haut Strange

    Haut Strange20 dias atrás

    That Friends reference 👌🏼

  72. Haut Strange

    Haut Strange20 dias atrás

    Do 73 questions with my Aunt Brenda.

  73. Jake Gonzalez

    Jake Gonzalez20 dias atrás

    Amazing and awesome video, I’m in love with this video and I am a Huge fan of her on whatever she’s in and Mary of the scotts 🏆 I smell that Oscar and she is going to win, I hope so

  74. restinpeaceminusone

    restinpeaceminusone20 dias atrás

    Can We get a 73 questions with Ryan Reynolds ! It will be so much fun to watch. I love Saoirse but this interview seemed a bit too staged compared to the ones I have watched before 🙁

  75. Ondřej Lukáč

    Ondřej Lukáč21 dia atrás

    3:29 So... Am I the only one, who appreciated the Friends reference?

  76. werdhi nunu

    werdhi nunu22 dias atrás

    I saw this girl in ed song galway and that first time i fall in love with girl

  77. Kimara Sibley

    Kimara Sibley22 dias atrás

    i love saoirse

  78. Kimara Sibley

    Kimara Sibley22 dias atrás

    I love Saorise sm

  79. Kimara Sibley

    Kimara Sibley22 dias atrás

    ariana grande okay

  80. Kimara Sibley

    Kimara Sibley22 dias atrás

    ariana grande

  81. Kimara Sibley

    Kimara Sibley22 dias atrás

    ariana grande

  82. Kimara Sibley

    Kimara Sibley22 dias atrás

    ariana grande

  83. Danæ Fml

    Danæ Fml22 dias atrás

    Friends references 😂

  84. Andrea Compton

    Andrea Compton22 dias atrás

    Is she referring to the dress Marilyn wears in the seven year itch??

  85. Debasree Datta Chowdhury

    Debasree Datta Chowdhury22 dias atrás

    Do with Hozier

  86. fuckoffsylvia

    fuckoffsylvia23 dias atrás


  87. Palacios Palacios

    Palacios Palacios24 dias atrás

    73 questions with me, i need asap

  88. Indira Iyer

    Indira Iyer24 dias atrás

    She leaves her Passport, would def need that !

  89. Capucine Dtl

    Capucine Dtl24 dias atrás


  90. Theoria Praxis

    Theoria Praxis24 dias atrás

    God she is cute! And she also Hanna.

  91. Imogen Amber

    Imogen Amber24 dias atrás

    "princess consuela banana hammock" I can tell she watches Friends ^_^

  92. hannahraeebeauty

    hannahraeebeauty25 dias atrás


  93. Titus Thetadig

    Titus Thetadig25 dias atrás

    coolest part is she loves new zealand

  94. Maja942

    Maja94225 dias atrás

    The most awkward thing about these interviews is how obviously fake the interviewers voice is. Like it's just so weird how painfully clear it is that it's been recorded. I think it's what makes these things seem so staged. Obviously it is all scripted, but if they just had the sense to have an actual camera man slash interviewer ask these questions live, I might actually get through one of these without pausing.

  95. Bismoy Murasing

    Bismoy Murasing26 dias atrás

    I love her, such classy lass .

  96. clint brunke

    clint brunke26 dias atrás

    i love the friends nod. princess conswella banana hammock

  97. Aoife Mcevoy

    Aoife Mcevoy26 dias atrás

    Princess conswayla banana hammok😂😂😂❤❤

  98. CurryKingWurst

    CurryKingWurst26 dias atrás

    Why would the needle scratch over the label? There are no grooves there. Haven't you people ever heard of deadwax? And that's a great way to destroy your needle. I mean everybody knows these videos are staged, at least make them a tiny bit believable.

  99. Louisa Amabel

    Louisa Amabel26 dias atrás

    Ahhhh good to know somebody else never has socks on

  100. Mikee Morales

    Mikee Morales26 dias atrás

    yoo. that friends reference

  101. Andy strikes

    Andy strikes27 dias atrás

    This was way too cute