73 Questions With Saoirse Ronan | Vogue


  1. Mel

    Mel17 horas atrás

    Omg!!! I love "How I live Now"

  2. Phil D.

    Phil D.19 horas atrás

    why do all of these end up sounding like invasive interrogations! are these poor woman forced to do these some how?

  3. Jamie Taylor

    Jamie Taylor20 horas atrás

    73 Questions with Jamie Dornan

  4. DiNa the Auror

    DiNa the Auror23 horas atrás

    She said India ❤❤❤

  5. Qillin Quinn

    Qillin QuinnDia atrás

    The Craic , not the drug 😂

  6. Vines Stein 2

    Vines Stein 2Dia atrás

    fake conversation

  7. Page Jenkins

    Page JenkinsDia atrás

    I love love the way she talks!!

  8. valleysofneptune

    valleysofneptuneDia atrás

    Sneakers without the socks?!? I’m deceased

  9. jellygiraffe

    jellygiraffeDia atrás

    How I live now is so underrated!!!

  10. Nouf Mutrib

    Nouf MutribDia atrás

    Will anyone talk about how she wore her trainers with NO socks? #biggestPetPeeve

  11. אהרון

    אהרון2 dias atrás

    Please do come to India

  12. Lynn Kalimbuka

    Lynn Kalimbuka2 dias atrás


  13. Abby Ní Loingisgh

    Abby Ní Loingisgh2 dias atrás

    5:55 don't you mean runners Saoirse

  14. Holly Payne

    Holly Payne2 dias atrás

    New Zealand is her favourite place?!!! Ayyyy 🇳🇿🇳🇿

  15. Samantha Avery

    Samantha Avery2 dias atrás


  16. Josefina Martinez

    Josefina Martinez2 dias atrás

    Yes yes yes yes

  17. oscarcsar

    oscarcsar2 dias atrás

    Sure-sha. Saoirse. There's a lot of vowels on that name :-p hehe. And oh yes she is gorgeous. I love her.

  18. Tudor Miller

    Tudor Miller2 dias atrás

    OMG! She's a Bronx girl. Aaaahhhhh!!!!!! Only kidding folks. 👍

  19. Tudor Miller

    Tudor Miller2 dias atrás

    I love her so much, her skin, her eyes, her accent. The most gorgeous woman living on earth. ❤️🇨🇮

  20. Karen

    Karen2 dias atrás

    I love that movie, How I live now" really good good movie!

  21. Jheyson Enriquez

    Jheyson Enriquez2 dias atrás

    Vengo de Ed sheeran

  22. NOAH NL

    NOAH NL3 dias atrás

    “Can’t tell you that because it is being adapted...” LITTLE WOMEN??

  23. Designers Eyes

    Designers Eyes3 dias atrás

    I love her place!!! 😍😍😍

  24. Noelle Smagala

    Noelle Smagala3 dias atrás

    literally answered the question in my head as “I cry when I hear sweet baby James” I cant

  25. Neveah Woods

    Neveah Woods3 dias atrás

    Ever wondered how Joe looks like?

  26. Dicho Kusarov

    Dicho Kusarov4 dias atrás

    I like how all these interviews are scheduled, it is so intense by the end you have the feeling he asked 10 questions

  27. itsjustsami

    itsjustsami4 dias atrás

    I just came here to hear someone say her name

  28. Laura Jusu

    Laura Jusu4 dias atrás


  29. J Frayman

    J Frayman4 dias atrás

    “ That’s The telephone “ 😂😂

  30. Me

    Me4 dias atrás

    Caoimhe, Siobhán and Laoise are all harder than Úna tbh

  31. Andrea GC

    Andrea GC5 dias atrás

    she somehow look like Julia Barretto 🙄

  32. Green Rabbit

    Green Rabbit5 dias atrás

    Loved it

  33. Sonal Mishra

    Sonal Mishra7 dias atrás

    Godddd!! Come to India 🇮🇳 😭

  34. Adam Adams

    Adam Adams8 dias atrás


  35. PixiePia 6

    PixiePia 68 dias atrás

    Oooooooh my god she wants to come visit India.I'm a diehard fan of her.I love u so so so much Saoirse.. love frm India nd come visit soon😘😘😘

  36. Kit Kat

    Kit Kat9 dias atrás

    Love that she said How I Live Now is one of her movies that she wishes more would pay attention to. I freaking loved that movie and if you haven’t seen it you should.

  37. Tristan the Average 2118

    Tristan the Average 21189 dias atrás

    73 questions Julia Goldani Telles!!!???

  38. Tfee 12

    Tfee 129 dias atrás

    Why 73

  39. PSDz colossus

    PSDz colossus10 dias atrás

    New Zealand baby.

  40. Destiny Sauls

    Destiny Sauls10 dias atrás

    I like her Irish accent. It’s so cute✨.

  41. Annie Liang

    Annie Liang11 dias atrás

    Can’t stop laughing upon hearing Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock

  42. Carrie Powell

    Carrie Powell11 dias atrás

    73 Questions with Lana Del Rey!!!!

  43. Gerard Lee

    Gerard Lee12 dias atrás

    Song to the siren by TMC, I’m impressed!

  44. Elennior Dela Peña

    Elennior Dela Peña12 dias atrás

    Well Dressed Wise Woman 😘♥🙈💪 Saoirse Ronan is Naturally Pretty 🙌 I First Watch Her as Susie Salmon on Film Lovely Bones 😉😍

  45. Sunny Rastin

    Sunny Rastin13 dias atrás

    Ok, now i LOVE her 🖒😍🇨🇦

  46. Mulan 121

    Mulan 12113 dias atrás

    Irish goodbyes are a thing ;)

  47. KC

    KC14 dias atrás

    But English is the official language of Ireland? Was she speaking Irlish?

  48. koushik botlagunta

    koushik botlagunta15 dias atrás

    INDIA ❤️

  49. Simon Peter Lai

    Simon Peter Lai15 dias atrás

    Scariest movie ever made? GETTAW

  50. babu dxb

    babu dxb15 dias atrás

    Well, Can't wait for Mary Queen of Scots! ❤ She's gonna be fabulous 👍

  51. Big Fat Man

    Big Fat Man17 dias atrás

    Get Out is the scariest movie ever made?

  52. Shannon Moa

    Shannon Moa17 dias atrás

    Cool, so stoked she said New Zealand was her fav stamp in her passport. Proud Kiwi right here!

  53. lliiaaj

    lliiaaj17 dias atrás

    3:31 PHOEBE!

  54. Queen YG Elizabeth II

    Queen YG Elizabeth II18 dias atrás

    she's pretty, simple, and i like her style!!!!

  55. a happy vitamin

    a happy vitamin18 dias atrás

    I literally got a commercial about irish cows right before this video

  56. Mia 07

    Mia 0718 dias atrás

    I would really love to see her in india!! I really love this girl

  57. Claudia Quijas

    Claudia Quijas18 dias atrás

    Song to the siren is the song on “The Lovely Bones” when Susie arrives in heaven and sees all the other girls that were murdered :(

  58. Ali Yusuf

    Ali Yusuf19 dias atrás

    Plz ask questions to Justin Bieber

  59. Nyzeria Anne

    Nyzeria Anne19 dias atrás

    I love how I live now 😂❤️


    ANGELOVE20 dias atrás

    True. People should pay more attention to her film How I Live Now. The cinematography is wonderful.

  61. jo hug

    jo hug20 dias atrás

    you dont like desserts? please leave Freedom...

  62. jo hug

    jo hug20 dias atrás

    ,,so if ur ever comfused about how to pronounce my name u can just call me freedom’’

  63. NuriaCim

    NuriaCim21 dia atrás


  64. Yash Tanwar

    Yash Tanwar21 dia atrás

    Lady Bird ...!!

  65. fz mkl

    fz mkl23 dias atrás

    You’re most welcome to #India #Saoirse 1:40

  66. Gigi Rafallo

    Gigi Rafallo23 dias atrás

    I laughed when she said Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. Sounds like Pheobe to me. Lols

  67. le chat maigre 2.0

    le chat maigre 2.024 dias atrás

    regardez, les chats sont là, ils sont dans les campagnes, dans les villes, ils sont sur les réseaux sociaux !!

  68. Sanandita Mukherjee

    Sanandita Mukherjee24 dias atrás

    Girl plz come to india. We would be delighted with you.

  69. Jana M

    Jana M25 dias atrás

    Wow this is so smoothly filmed! Also gotta love saoirse

  70. dame

    dame25 dias atrás

    Did anyone else’s jaw drop when she casually said “THE CRACK”

  71. TheTheBest

    TheTheBest25 dias atrás

    Love her

  72. Nirupama Th

    Nirupama Th26 dias atrás

    She said India😁😁❤


    BENJAMIN DEWOLFE26 dias atrás

    This was kinda cringey

  74. Leah Kochersperger

    Leah Kochersperger26 dias atrás

    How I live now is one of my favorite movies

  75. TheMajestic Sailboat

    TheMajestic Sailboat26 dias atrás

    Love you but why did you do the city of ember??

  76. Samaraisawesome 37

    Samaraisawesome 3727 dias atrás

    She’s one of the only people that can pull off double denim.

  77. Hilary Podgers

    Hilary Podgers27 dias atrás

    Not to be picky but the white dress is in the 7 year itch, not some like it hot

  78. sorry not sorry

    sorry not sorry28 dias atrás

    Couldn't agree more to the "how i live now" - first movie i ever loved, and still to this day admire!

  79. Humble Tater

    Humble Tater28 dias atrás


  80. Farhan Ansari

    Farhan Ansari28 dias atrás

    Was this whole thing directed by Wes Anderson?

  81. Cheyanna Musgrove

    Cheyanna Musgrove29 dias atrás

    Your very humble about wealth -- me too. But I adore the really good pieces you know. The ones with stories.

  82. Cheyanna Musgrove

    Cheyanna Musgrove29 dias atrás

    She did sign the petition but she is the only one that did apologize immediately after publicly learning what it did to Demi. I would love to have all my kids friends --- I'm really delicate with you because I'm still learning

  83. Lump

    LumpMês atrás

    She was talking about Little Women 😱

  84. Shivani Singh

    Shivani SinghMês atrás

    She won me on india

  85. jOazll kOazll

    jOazll kOazllMês atrás

    Omg! by the time i opened that video They were speaking English. I had expected to bear Uganish

  86. Dayana Garcia

    Dayana GarciaMês atrás

    Love her accent

  87. Reana Epiphane

    Reana EpiphaneMês atrás

    I love How I Live Now. I watched it 3 times

  88. Bea

    BeaMês atrás

    marilyn wears the white dress in seven year itch, not some like it hot. i forgive soairse though

  89. A

    AMês atrás

    i've always wondered how to say her name, i was way off 😂

  90. Amal Abdul haque

    Amal Abdul haqueMês atrás

    "ur my pretty little galway girllll"

  91. Abused Little Bitch

    Abused Little BitchMês atrás

    My name is saoirse too but my name is pronounced differently to hers mines pronounced sorcha

  92. Luna Escobar

    Luna EscobarMês atrás

    Omg is just like the flat of Felix and Marzia impressed

  93. Jc Hv

    Jc HvMês atrás

    Es adorable😍

  94. Felix Li-En

    Felix Li-EnMês atrás

    She's so cute !! And love her accent so much ! 😁

  95. kittycasino29

    kittycasino29Mês atrás

    Milk in tea....not sure I'd like that.

  96. Rebekah Joy Hawthorne

    Rebekah Joy HawthorneMês atrás

    73 questions with Domnhnall Gleeson

  97. Jamie O'Grady

    Jamie O'GradyMês atrás

    I wanna see her bum. I don't care what anyone says.

  98. Sarah Elaine

    Sarah ElaineMês atrás

    its not some like it hot, it's the seven year itch

  99. Partha Pratim Kalita

    Partha Pratim KalitaMês atrás

    73 questions with Kim jong-un

  100. Al Turay

    Al TurayMês atrás

    Love that Friends reference😭😭😂😂