8th Annual Streamy Awards presented by YouTube


  1. Marieleezy Fucken bby

    Marieleezy Fucken bby40 minutos atrás

    Omg did anyone see when niki ignored Patrick Starr for a hug??! Lol he deserves it for treating his fans bad 😛

  2. Federica Mustaro

    Federica Mustaro41 minuto atrás

    There should be an ASMR categorie

  3. Faizah Mohammed Aruwa

    Faizah Mohammed Aruwa42 minutos atrás

    This is why you don't take BRreporter creators out of their element and record them irl.

  4. Timur Dos

    Timur Dos42 minutos atrás

    who are these people. except john foreheadberg?

  5. umar quadri

    umar quadri43 minutos atrás

    Sooo escape the night didnt win. Hmmmmmm

  6. Camille Mangune

    Camille Mangune43 minutos atrás

    I hope shane win some award!!

  7. Elenie Vela

    Elenie Vela44 minutos atrás

    Eugene the queen! 👍 that intro thoo! The ladies and the Try Guys were great!

  8. Mkdubs 23

    Mkdubs 2345 minutos atrás

    Oh my god the ASMR presenter 🤮

  9. kishore swaminathan

    kishore swaminathan47 minutos atrás

    The shittiest award show on the Internet.

  10. Sophia Ngo

    Sophia Ngo47 minutos atrás

    Am I late

  11. Jodalis Montalvo

    Jodalis Montalvo51 minuto atrás

    Sooo happy for SHANE and Gabbie and David and Liza 🖤🖤🖤 my first time watching the streamys and it's amazing. So proud of the winners 😊

  12. kishore swaminathan

    kishore swaminathan51 minuto atrás

    How is ninja not the bemreakout creater.

  13. jenny rodriguez

    jenny rodriguez53 minutos atrás

    They really spelled Trisha’s name wrong 💀💀

  14. Danish Hamayun

    Danish Hamayun55 minutos atrás

    1:01:43 For the MKBHD Fans

  15. Wietske Schiphorst

    Wietske Schiphorst55 minutos atrás

    The only non-awkward parts of the show was Liza Koshy being her hilarious self as always and the og's Grace and Mamrie being legends.

  16. Lauren Edmunds

    Lauren Edmunds56 minutos atrás

    Totally here for the vlog squad

  17. Sora Blue

    Sora Blue57 minutos atrás

    Does no one appreciate Charo?!

  18. doggo make me alive

    doggo make me alive58 minutos atrás

    Nobody like tana mongoloid

  19. Mxney

    Mxney58 minutos atrás

    I swear to god I’ll like this comment you swore to god you would like the comment

  20. Lokesh Garg

    Lokesh Garg58 minutos atrás

    Let's be real, this video is trending #1 literally just because of Shane. I'm so happy for him, hopefully he accepts awards in person in future. I really wanted jeffree star to win Storyteller, but but gabbie deserves it just as much. But how did escape the night not win any award? It was nominated for three, more that any other show on this list. They only care about the youtubers who are really popping rn. Escape the night was the most successful BRreporter red show in 2018, but just because Joey graceffa's channel isn't doing so well, he didn't get any award.

  21. Lady Oscar

    Lady OscarHora atrás

    I’m just here for david dobrik

  22. robert forsythe

    robert forsytheHora atrás

    Please make sure you vote 🗳 this November your health , paycheck, rights and much more depends on it . Know who is lying to you. If they have lied in the past they will lie again.

  23. PIPUM Vidz

    PIPUM VidzHora atrás

    Well done

  24. Syko White

    Syko WhiteHora atrás

    who are these people?

  25. rah cun

    rah cunHora atrás

    why there’s no danny gonzalez ? :(

  26. YS ANIME

    YS ANIMEHora atrás

    honestly I don't know most people in the Award Show 😂

  27. Aarya Merwade

    Aarya MerwadeHora atrás

    "Tricia Paytas" 💀🖤

  28. David Kosir

    David KosirHora atrás

    these try guys are hella annoying wow

  29. Meme Master

    Meme MasterHora atrás

    I just fucking waited 2 hours to hear Shane Dawson win the youtuber of the year. Congrats to him, but Andrei should have won

  30. Juana AZCONA

    Juana AZCONAHora atrás


  31. BTSARMY lolbye

    BTSARMY lolbyeHora atrás

    Yess Shane!!

  32. A friendly Famder

    A friendly FamderHora atrás

    I just set waiting for thomas



    I love lady like

  34. Nadil

    NadilHora atrás


  35. mariekt

    mariektHora atrás

    like actually who is that random old chick???🙄🙄🙄 they couldn't have gotten anyone else to hand out the awards?



    Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss gaby won

  37. Jian Yang

    Jian YangHora atrás

    Ridiculous Cringehumans

  38. yssa theblueones

    yssa theblueonesHora atrás

    I screamed when they said their movie’s trending in the Philippines 😂 Mabuhay! 🇵🇭

  39. Jermaine Knowles

    Jermaine KnowlesHora atrás

    Wow montel Jordan they couldnt find nobody more relevant?

  40. HEY YOU!! you're beautiful

    HEY YOU!! you're beautifulHora atrás

    After watching Snl the carlifornians.. I can't help but laugh at how they said "what are you doing here?" 😂😂

  41. Debbie Lourens

    Debbie LourensHora atrás

    Vogue... classy AF

  42. Meer Nafiz

    Meer NafizHora atrás

    Where is pewdiepie

  43. Heather Billy42

    Heather Billy42Hora atrás

    52:48 I’m from Oregon. And that is the unipiper (from Oregon) 👍🏻

  44. Mysteryman75757

    Mysteryman75757Hora atrás

    Wait what I’m not obsessed with ninja but WHERES NINJA????

  45. Zed

    ZedHora atrás

    1:02:03 LOL Marques just walk pass through the old lady XD

  46. Eliza m

    Eliza mHora atrás

    I can imagine if Shane was there on the stage, the crowd be going crazy

  47. Mishel Ashley

    Mishel AshleyHora atrás

    I wish Shane was there....

  48. Q-10

    Q-10Hora atrás

    When they spelled goatse i bout turned into a blackhole😂💀

  49. Naughty Naughterson

    Naughty NaughtersonHora atrás

    No Game Grumps so I’m out

  50. Eliza m

    Eliza mHora atrás

    I hope next year streamy crowds wouldn't be this dull


    BLVNK FVCEHora atrás

    how the FUCK did Tabasko sweet NOT win?! You've got to be fucking kidding me?! This year of streamys was filled with ex-viners and basic bitches. Fuck off. At least last year was GOOD with SP7.

  52. earthlingjay

    earthlingjayHora atrás

    only here for shane

  53. Isabel

    IsabelHora atrás

    Ok this just reaffirmed my belief that the youtube community is high school.

  54. Susie ?

    Susie ?Hora atrás



    BLVNK FVCEHora atrás

    I stg if Tabasko Sweet doesn't win I'm gonna flip

  56. Lolita Dolfo

    Lolita DolfoHora atrás

    what trending in the Philippines? 😂😂😂

  57. David Kear

    David KearHora atrás

    I would like to have seen the good I've caused but apparently that's not what the world wants/wanted.

  58. Sahelle Rolles

    Sahelle RollesHora atrás

    David @ 16:00

  59. Debbie Lourens

    Debbie LourensHora atrás

    Emma Chamberlain... i have no words

  60. Karsyn Zumbusch

    Karsyn ZumbuschHora atrás

    I was so sad it wasn’t Alex

  61. little Oof

    little OofHora atrás

    I used to respect this show,not anymore,this is awful the jokes aren't even funny

  62. Leon Le Bail

    Leon Le BailHora atrás

    Oh shit look at Eugene

  63. Louies Briguera

    Louies BrigueraHora atrás

    Oml gabbie is not in the vlogsquad anymore

  64. Tabv TV

    Tabv TVHora atrás

    They dont even make the food on worth it what!

  65. mariekt

    mariektHora atrás

    Trisha up there feeling herself was the best shit in this whole thing🥰🥰🥰

  66. Casual Potato

    Casual PotatoHora atrás

    Insufferable. Everything, it's just... Ugh. Even the audience looks like they're uncomfortable about everything that's happening.

  67. Shinzangetsu

    ShinzangetsuHora atrás

    Please remove this from #1 trending. This is bullshit

  68. Jeff Jeff

    Jeff JeffHora atrás


  69. Joshua Lyden

    Joshua LydenHora atrás

    this is probably the worst thing i’ve ever seen

  70. Amanda Jacob

    Amanda JacobHora atrás


  71. Teebo

    TeeboHora atrás

    Involve the try guys any way in a production and it's quality will go down substantially - evidenced by this

  72. Bepis Lord

    Bepis LordHora atrás

    This was an absolute garbage award show and I hated every second of it.

  73. TopTrendingOnYT

    TopTrendingOnYTHora atrás

    What is meaning of idk,ttyl?



    Gaby should have won

  75. savagely awesome

    savagely awesomeHora atrás

    Is her name really Trisha "penis"

  76. mariekt

    mariektHora atrás

    it's Trisha paytas

  77. Sandy Candle

    Sandy CandleHora atrás

    1:13:13 Rip ;-; My poor lil bean 😭😭😭 -I know it was acting shush-

  78. GMV Maker

    GMV MakerHora atrás

    7 : 4 5 ?

  79. Susie ?

    Susie ?Hora atrás

    Babish got snubbed ugh

  80. Alessandra Reis

    Alessandra ReisHora atrás

    Zach is my baby

  81. Sam L

    Sam LHora atrás

    Their technical people really need to get it together, so many failing mics and people we couldn’t hear. Poor Eugene :/ ugh

  82. kidkittdy _

    kidkittdy _Hora atrás


  83. Matthew Sudding

    Matthew SuddingHora atrás

    The way Grace and Mamrie are the only ones who know the lyrics to This is How We Do It....

  84. John Bland

    John BlandHora atrás

    This is shit

  85. mariekt

    mariektHora atrás

    yay, I'm so happy to see extra life talked about!!!😊💜

  86. J A C K I E

    J A C K I EHora atrás

    47:19 if you came for the vlog squad

  87. bts in your area

    bts in your areaHora atrás

    GO. VOTE.

  88. Gabriel Martinez

    Gabriel MartinezHora atrás

    When is Brandon Rogers shown in the video?

  89. Mya Ozuna

    Mya OzunaHora atrás

    Its about to start

  90. Joel David

    Joel DavidHora atrás

    Thomas Sanders should have won nearly every category... then Screwattack for the rest!

  91. sin

    sinHora atrás

    I love how at 1:49:11 The crowd died down when they said Ninja, Lol. Fortnite is dead.

  92. Liv KC

    Liv KCHora atrás

    SO UPSET THE DOLAN TWINS OR EMMA CHAMBERLAIN DIDN’T WIN CREATOR OF THE YEAR😫😫😫They deserve it! (So does Shane) but I was REALLY rooting for the Dolan twins💔

  93. xSportacus

    xSportacusHora atrás

    Who fucking cares

  94. Alexandra Sullivan

    Alexandra SullivanHora atrás

    Seeing Eugene in drag again gives me life!!!

  95. Im3n T.V

    Im3n T.VHora atrás

    What why timer???

  96. Tiffany Jensen

    Tiffany JensenHora atrás

    THE TRY GUYS HOST AND TWO WINS FOR SHANE.... I can die happy now 😍

  97. Ashli  Caldwell

    Ashli CaldwellHora atrás

    Yes Shane!!! Yes!! Finally!!!

  98. cHoPiT_Jaguar

    cHoPiT_JaguarHora atrás

    Over 1800 all the schools in my town voted for ninja

  99. cHoPiT_Jaguar

    cHoPiT_JaguarHora atrás

    Ninja why not fucking ninja

  100. Georgios Bregiannis

    Georgios BregiannisHora atrás

    What the heck they wrote TRISHA PAYTAS WRONG

  101. Líl Nøvì

    Líl NøvìHora atrás

    48:58 wtf? Lol