9 People You Don't Want to Mess With


  1. roll lajato

    roll lajatoHora atrás

    Lol i think the indian girl will not take a chance even he use swords

  2. pedro gabriel

    pedro gabriel4 horas atrás

    In US you cannot drink until you have 21yo, but you can carry a weapon or shoot a weapon..... U.S. of dumbass fat ignorant people

  3. Troy C

    Troy C5 horas atrás


  4. Bunnicula ᅲᅧᅮᅮᅣ쳐ᅵᄆ

    Bunnicula ᅲᅧᅮᅮᅣ쳐ᅵᄆ7 horas atrás

    1:17 when you need to get wood fast...

  5. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro10 horas atrás

    Wow she uses guns, it's not like we'd have a gun fight on the streets.. also that's for pussys.

  6. Jon Depp

    Jon Depp20 horas atrás

    Chuck Norris still the Best😁👍

  7. Ropo Orisha

    Ropo Orisha20 horas atrás

    After it all, what's the catch? Smiles.

  8. Khan Jan

    Khan Jan21 hora atrás

    That guy on the thumbnail looked like he about to throw a nuclear bomb off the hatch

  9. Radgamer 125

    Radgamer 125Dia atrás

    i myself train muay thai and bjj and from experience can say those little punches do nothing although most of his moves seem legit

  10. Lord Vader

    Lord VaderDia atrás

    I hope someone can assemble them and make them a real life avengers.

  11. oo oo

    oo ooDia atrás

    9/10 black males commit 99% of all crime and die in prison. This N word will be one of those 9.

  12. mynewname

    mynewnameDia atrás

    Didn`t you forget Ronnie Pickering lol

  13. Nick

    NickDia atrás

    Im 46 yo, 73 kilos no martial arts, with normal str and agi. So probably there are about 900 millions of ppl out there that i dont want to mess with. Not just 9. Pls make a video with all of them so i will know...

  14. Hataru nero

    Hataru neroDia atrás

    Me: digging in minecraft 1:14

  15. Games Video

    Games VideoDia atrás

    I never would want to mess with slow wifi and ads

  16. Sandeep Varma

    Sandeep VarmaDia atrás

    Giga uguru , really mind-blowing

  17. OGgamer6

    OGgamer62 dias atrás

    The fbi you forget the fbi lol

  18. Blake Fishwick

    Blake Fishwick2 dias atrás

    The first guy is a real life street fighter! He would be extremely entertaining if he did MMA

  19. Daniel Selinger

    Daniel Selinger2 dias atrás

    what a blabla

  20. Red Supreamacy

    Red Supreamacy2 dias atrás

    Lol as a black woman I have to say there's nowt intimidating about Asian men there the weakest guys ever the only two that are strong are black and white guys buy when it comes to dancing obviously black men and women are the best at that lol and am not saying there's Asian men who Arnt tough but most Asians are weak

  21. Aiden -gameing

    Aiden -gameing2 dias atrás

    Can Uguru needs to be in a movie

  22. CragScrambler

    CragScrambler2 dias atrás

    Id let Mindy Kelly kick the shit outta me anytime she wants.

  23. Iyke Davinci

    Iyke Davinci2 dias atrás

    ooopsss,,one sniper bullet ends everymoves you got,,nowadays the bullet speaks faster than marshal arts

  24. jayant sharma

    jayant sharma2 dias atrás

    what about a battle fight among all of them. :p

  25. harry greb

    harry greb2 dias atrás

    Spamming bastard where's the thumbnail


    ROYAL KNIGHT2 dias atrás

    Any malayaali

  27. Chi Collins

    Chi Collins2 dias atrás

    They still ain't bulletproof

  28. Jemark Samar

    Jemark Samar2 dias atrás

    Saitama : Martial arts are really just about performing cool-looking moves.

  29. Ali ABBAS

    Ali ABBAS2 dias atrás

    Am sorry where is Eminem

  30. monkeymanxxl

    monkeymanxxl2 dias atrás

    I totally expected to see my Italian grandma in this video!

  31. X Man

    X Man3 dias atrás

    lol its funny how all these people on here talking sht but theyd get owned by every single person in the video in a 1v1 fight. #internettrollsgonnatroll

  32. Kommunity Konnected

    Kommunity Konnected3 dias atrás

    #10 my mother

  33. Boolyman MC

    Boolyman MC3 dias atrás

    I'll beat all these niggas asses.

  34. Orion M42

    Orion M423 dias atrás

    5:38 is that Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell?

  35. The Behemoth

    The Behemoth3 dias atrás

    Don't mess with me when I'm hungry you wouldn't like me when I'm hungry

  36. Orion M42

    Orion M423 dias atrás

    And Lakatriona Brunson(from south beach tow) comes in with the monkey wrench

  37. Jelin Sanasam

    Jelin Sanasam3 dias atrás

    tht indian martial arts so fast like hell😂

  38. Chowder New account

    Chowder New account3 dias atrás

    All of these moves are useless unless u can dodge a bullet

  39. Chowder New account

    Chowder New account3 dias atrás

    Don’t mess with me either I’m packing a glock

  40. beastyboy2529

    beastyboy25293 dias atrás

    Let's just say if I was in an octagon with Hafþór 'Thor' Björnsson (copied his name to be safe;)), I would want to learn parkour quick... first to leave the steel cage wins😂

  41. Solo Jnr

    Solo Jnr3 dias atrás

    Ma friend before a fight everbody has a plan but the moment u get a fist in ur face dere aint no more plan

  42. Paul What

    Paul What3 dias atrás

    Is this a joke? Not one of them is an actual fighter!

  43. Paul What

    Paul What3 dias atrás

    Dancing is not same as fighting

  44. Navneet Krrish

    Navneet Krrish3 dias atrás

    NICK FURY::::we are forming a universe with some special abilities STAN LEE::::HERE WE ARE THEY ARE OUR NEW UNIVERSE MARWELL oh wait....where is our armoured guy who can make a sacrifice play and another one who can do taht the whole day.......

  45. MrX XxX

    MrX XxX3 dias atrás

    Mindy has nice boobs

  46. Clovis von Aachen

    Clovis von Aachen3 dias atrás

    Quaint. Useful in the past, before the age of gunpowder. Today? Meh...

  47. Tausif Mahbub

    Tausif Mahbub3 dias atrás

    Some other yt channel has copied this video in another language,the same video in other language! My god! Should I laugh?!

  48. Morris Kirega

    Morris Kirega3 dias atrás

    Why do I watch this s***

  49. Eric Bowen

    Eric Bowen3 dias atrás

    who the phuck killled bruce and his son

  50. Eric Bowen

    Eric Bowen3 dias atrás

    pay me

  51. Eric Bowen

    Eric Bowen3 dias atrás

    eric bowen

  52. cvurkon

    cvurkon4 dias atrás

    Best of them: The Indian grandma with the ladle and the frying pan!

  53. Brain SmashR

    Brain SmashR4 dias atrás

    Take it from a man pushing 50...you ain't a "badass" until you can dodge a bullet

  54. jessy aguilar

    jessy aguilar4 dias atrás

    the third the lady one sucks



    lol .. WOW






    quick witted ... I'D SAY...

  58. Heavy Artillery

    Heavy Artillery5 dias atrás

    😂 give me one gun

  59. Anjal Dutta

    Anjal Dutta5 dias atrás

    Why we are not seeing him in movie

  60. Gaming Mangal

    Gaming Mangal5 dias atrás

    Why did most of them start at age four????

  61. Your_ boyJohnie

    Your_ boyJohnie5 dias atrás

    Ancient war times: 8:48 Now: 10:54

  62. PowerHeadShoot

    PowerHeadShoot5 dias atrás

    Ja wale a gdzie pudzian?? A nie jakis Mike Tyson

  63. Put a dot on his head like he Hindu

    Put a dot on his head like he Hindu5 dias atrás

    I would want GIGA UGURU training me

  64. Man in the Mirror

    Man in the Mirror5 dias atrás

    I know one IRON MIKE TYSON

  65. Be Patient

    Be Patient5 dias atrás

    the ice dude used his arm tf

  66. Veparize

    Veparize5 dias atrás

    " In todays news 9 people were guned down by the police as they brought knives, swords, bows and ninjitsu to a gunfight"

  67. killer Ninja87

    killer Ninja875 dias atrás

    Btw there is only 1 ninja left solo shes not a ninja

  68. killer Ninja87

    killer Ninja875 dias atrás

    They messed up the akr tattoo

  69. Jay-R Gaspar

    Jay-R Gaspar5 dias atrás

    Come on! Where is Chuck Norris??

  70. Cyberlight Gaming

    Cyberlight Gaming5 dias atrás

    You don’t wanna mess with the LAPD S.W.A.T... trust me✌🏼

  71. TheSans Nerd

    TheSans Nerd5 dias atrás

    1:14-1:18 is minecraft irl

  72. Troll Colate

    Troll Colate6 dias atrás


  73. hikikomori hachiman

    hikikomori hachiman6 dias atrás

    But they are still *human* so......

  74. Mr Lion

    Mr Lion6 dias atrás

    The taxi driver for the Chinese dude is a huge fucking bitch and deserves death

  75. Richard Hocking

    Richard Hocking6 dias atrás

    Too much bass on the voice

  76. Jangsat Wilson

    Jangsat Wilson6 dias atrás

    So sad that took a lots of year to build up but it single bullet in the head to finish them

  77. cyka blyat

    cyka blyat6 dias atrás

    NOPE. Lars Andersen is the best archer in the world

  78. SWAT4Hitman47

    SWAT4Hitman476 dias atrás

    What about Mike Tyson / Badr Hari / RiCo Verhoeven ?? Some of the strongest and most feared guys of the world. I can tell that Nobody wants to mess with these titans on a 1 on 1 fight, probably not even these guys in this video.

  79. Mohd Azizi Bin Mohd Yasin

    Mohd Azizi Bin Mohd Yasin6 dias atrás


  80. Mohd Azizi Bin Mohd Yasin

    Mohd Azizi Bin Mohd Yasin6 dias atrás


  81. Dirty North Justice 718

    Dirty North Justice 7187 dias atrás

    Shit 99% of the ppl here would be knocked out by the first dude .

  82. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight7 dias atrás

    wow my name is Giga as well XD i am going to learn fighting

  83. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight7 dias atrás

    @Tom Snikelfruiterum lol i am pretty knowledgeable for my age!

  84. Damien Michael

    Damien Michael7 dias atrás

    My dad Is In the UFC


    R.R.MALAYALAM MEDIA7 dias atrás


  86. Otto Nousiainen

    Otto Nousiainen7 dias atrás

    Imagine them all in some hungergames type o shit

  87. michael Abdulnour

    michael Abdulnour7 dias atrás


  88. Richard Stevens

    Richard Stevens7 dias atrás

    Whys the dummy got a white head?

  89. meyou245

    meyou2457 dias atrás

    The people you dont want to mess with have nothing to lose. These people all have a lot to lose.

  90. Shikhar J Dutta

    Shikhar J Dutta7 dias atrás

    I can kill all these people with a gun 😂

  91. Michael G

    Michael G8 dias atrás

    Bunch of cunts

  92. Alex Tsukishima

    Alex Tsukishima8 dias atrás

    GIGA UGURU AKA Chou in mobile legends

  93. Michael Green

    Michael Green8 dias atrás

    Those sucks

  94. Grayson Morrill

    Grayson Morrill8 dias atrás

    They doge punches but not bullets simple 🙅🏼‍♂️

  95. Villain uday

    Villain uday8 dias atrás

    World leaders looking for your warehouse :D ✌

  96. Willie Woodall

    Willie Woodall8 dias atrás

    Parker George, of Cedar rapids Iowa check him out, you'll shit

  97. koshbakht khoshshans

    koshbakht khoshshans8 dias atrás

    11:03 the shinning

  98. koshbakht khoshshans

    koshbakht khoshshans8 dias atrás

    I just came here for that tough funny crazy picture at first 😁

  99. Alex Turčáni

    Alex Turčáni8 dias atrás

    1: Eddy Gordo from tekken

  100. Vehicle Addict

    Vehicle Addict8 dias atrás

    I want these characters in PUBG

  101. Whirlwind12 GMD

    Whirlwind12 GMD9 dias atrás

    I can easily kill all these people with a gun

  102. Whirlwind12 GMD

    Whirlwind12 GMD7 dias atrás

    @Gray Fox thank you

  103. Gray Fox

    Gray Fox8 dias atrás

    Haha ok for your sake...

  104. Whirlwind12 GMD

    Whirlwind12 GMD8 dias atrás

    @Gray Fox stop using big words, i keep having to google them, but yes

  105. Gray Fox

    Gray Fox8 dias atrás

    @Whirlwind12 GMD So all this time you been discussing hypertheticals?

  106. Whirlwind12 GMD

    Whirlwind12 GMD8 dias atrás

    @Gray Fox i don't carry a gun everywhere, and in fact i dont own one, or even know where i could get one.... why do you ask?