[942] Decoded by Sight: Master Lock Personal “Safe” (Model 5900D)


  1. Gerard419

    Gerard4192 horas atrás

    Well done master lock. I had low expectations for you and still y'all find a way to subvert even that

  2. Patrick Powers

    Patrick Powers7 horas atrás

    But if this silly company wanted to prevent this all they need to do surely is to make each wheel extend sideways slightly to obscure the notches and also prevent a simple tool attack too?

  3. Michael Linner

    Michael Linner3 dias atrás

    It will however guard against "blind thieves" so there's that

  4. Francisco Cisneros

    Francisco Cisneros7 dias atrás

    Half the fun of this channel is looking at the comments🥰🥰🥰

  5. Jason Camenzuli

    Jason Camenzuli9 dias atrás

    I couldn't see the gate u were talking about

  6. Gerry Williams

    Gerry Williams11 dias atrás

    Was gonna get one fo my seecamp. "Alexa, cancel my amazon order please."

  7. Michaela Greksova

    Michaela Greksova11 dias atrás

    I love the safe in the title i laughed out loud when i saw that

  8. Colin Healy

    Colin Healy11 dias atrás

    I must have the worse vision because I have no idea what he was looking at or saw.

  9. Lucas Weinzierl

    Lucas Weinzierl12 dias atrás

    Its kinda funny when you watch this while the thing lies next to you

  10. Justice Mondavi

    Justice Mondavi12 dias atrás

    Reading the Q&A from an Amazon review before buying this brought me here. The ? was, "Is it safe?" The answer was "no, absolutely not brreporter.com/v/video-HhlkxBQdXMM.html By Chris Zelenak on August 19, 2019 Thank you both Chris and LPL!!!

  11. David G

    David G12 dias atrás

    "In anny case.." cracks me every time

  12. minus1

    minus117 dias atrás

    They should call it Personal unSafe

  13. green1

    green123 dias atrás

    Every time I think Master Lock couldn't possibly make anything worse...

  14. MrDigit420

    MrDigit42024 dias atrás

    Master soon going bankrupt

  15. Julius Quasar

    Julius Quasar24 dias atrás

    I can crack cheap combination locks like that.

  16. Baard Ove Kopperud

    Baard Ove Kopperud25 dias atrás

    Never a good sign when "safe" is in quotation marks...

  17. beyondfirstclass

    beyondfirstclass26 dias atrás

    Love how you bring businesses down. Soon to be bankrupt.

  18. grumpytuber

    grumpytuber29 dias atrás

    how many cease and desist notices does this guy have lol.

  19. Samantha Geib

    Samantha GeibMês atrás

    F***. Back to Amazon, I guess.

  20. Mark W

    Mark WMês atrás

    So, One possible fix for the lock would be to bevel the the sides of the wheels and the cut of the slots. The picking tool would be deflected away from the mechanisms. A “shoulder” on the wheel might also work. This design would work for other locks as well.

  21. CL4P-T P

    CL4P-T PMês atrás

    Yo is that the chest from borderlands

  22. moosefarms

    moosefarmsMês atrás

    ouch... got one of these as a white elephant gift but haven't used it yet. too bad

  23. turnupthesun81

    turnupthesun81Mês atrás

    Ok. So what’s a good lock!? Jesus!!!

  24. A Ghost.

    A Ghost.Mês atrás

    I had this same safe. And the hinges are plastic. You can legit pry it unhalf with your hands.

  25. UsernameNotDefined

    UsernameNotDefinedMês atrás

    the way to fix combo locks is to install guards to prevent decoding.

  26. Nicholas Glasser

    Nicholas GlasserMês atrás

    Wow! What a piece of Trash!

  27. Krawtch

    KrawtchMês atrás

    He glared at that lock until it confessed

  28. MR MR

    MR MRMês atrás

    Ok Masterlock, you've fallen to a new low.

  29. Calm

    CalmMês atrás

    I love this. I used to live with a drug dealer, and he used this exact safe. The guy would have a good $10k at a time in it, but was stupid enough to leave the combination keyed in 24/7 for easy access. Lets just say i waited for the perfect time and robbed him of everything :)

  30. Connor King

    Connor KingMês atrás

    Good product design, bad mechanical design.

  31. Warren Trout

    Warren TroutMês atrás

    Do you send these videos to the manufacturer?

  32. Marine1775Preacher1611 American1776

    Marine1775Preacher1611 American1776Mês atrás

    Do you ever think about designing locks and then sale the designs to the highest bidder based upon your name i think it would sale

  33. Jack Johnson

    Jack JohnsonMês atrás

    About 20 bucks give or take. Kids would love to mess with this one!

  34. J.M.ヘススメヂナ

    J.M.ヘススメヂナMês atrás

    Now my ps vita will be safe!! Or not! XD

  35. M Fortuna

    M FortunaMês atrás

    I forgot a code to my samsonite suitcase, can you help?

  36. Joshy's Mobile Gaming Channel

    Joshy's Mobile Gaming ChannelMês atrás

    I tinkered with my 70’s bike lock when I was a kid and realized that every dial has a loose and pretty visible gate on the correct combination. I wasn’t one who felt the need to steal as a kid.... but I could have stolen 25 bikes a day, easy LOL. Glad to see 40 years later that my suspicions were correct.

  37. Nick

    NickMês atrás

    This is funny

  38. TheMattVans

    TheMattVansMês atrás

    That was quite good for a Masterlock.

  39. xo- kosta

    xo- kostaMês atrás

    Nigga thank you bruh u helped so much just took my sisters bf dab pen

  40. Øroiq

    ØroiqMês atrás

    From Amazon: Hello. Master Lock is aware of the video and is diligently investigating the claims made within it. If you own this product and have additional concerns or questions, please call our Customer Service team at 800-464-2088

  41. BinaryCounter

    BinaryCounterMês atrás

    Bonus points for it being just as fast as normally dialing in the combination, and looking just like it to the outsider too.

  42. David Dyson

    David DysonMês atrás

    ok that is scary, I actually bought and used one of these for our Caribbean cruise last year

  43. Danny Naddeo

    Danny NaddeoMês atrás


  44. Reelix

    ReelixMês atrás

    Locks similar to this used to be super common when I went to school to protect lockers. The space for the dial was about 30% larger than the dial, leaving a MASSIVE space where you could easily see the hole. Although, with those locks, you had to line the hole just off to the right, and not across the middle like this lock. I guess those were safer...

  45. Genes Gene

    Genes GeneMês atrás

    but how?

  46. wertercatt

    wertercattMês atrás

    LPL, can you take a look at one of the locks Masterlock is selling as a "Speed Dial" lock? I saw one at my local Walgreens and didn't see any obvious flaws

  47. Praise The Sun

    Praise The SunMês atrás

    Masterlock raids again.

  48. steve martin

    steve martinMês atrás

    Thank you for your insight and investigative results. Millions are made on a false since to security. We need to know.

  49. Corey Hannigan

    Corey HanniganMês atrás

    This guy has ruined all locks for me. I trust none of them now.

  50. Chris 3.1416

    Chris 3.14162 meses atrás

    Almost bought one some time ago . JUnk for kids

  51. Sharcc

    Sharcc2 meses atrás

    Master lock brand =/= good lock When will people learn

  52. ProtMythic

    ProtMythic2 meses atrás

    "I really wanted to like..." oh shit

  53. Meltman1000

    Meltman10002 meses atrás

    Should recommend one to buy after each video. I want one of this but don't know which one to get

  54. maxx1991

    maxx19912 meses atrás

    You can't lock LPL in a cage with a lock he will get it open it's pointless

  55. Oblivion[2]

    Oblivion[2]2 meses atrás

    Plot twist: He knew the combination.

  56. Cj James

    Cj James2 meses atrás

    this guy was born in a lock box...

  57. Alpha PHENIX

    Alpha PHENIX2 meses atrás

    ''This is a Master Lock'' Let me guess... ''However, as I looked more carfully at the mechanism'' Alright folks, show's over.

  58. Javier Rivera 7470

    Javier Rivera 74702 meses atrás

    A little more information would be helpful 🤔

  59. TheGamer J

    TheGamer J2 meses atrás

    just cracked my dads safe and took a hundred without him notiicing. Hope you dont find this dad ;) ps i bought a shitload of games

  60. Noddye 17

    Noddye 172 meses atrás

    He has finally reached it !!! ULTRA INSTINCT!!!!