A Senator Fell Asleep During Impeachment Trial | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah


  1. Comedy Central UK

    Comedy Central UK25 dias atrás

    Reply to this comment with some raps you'd want to see performed in Congress?

  2. Utkarsh Sharma

    Utkarsh Sharma22 dias atrás

    Sorry that i let you down! -NF

  3. DW.Harry

    DW.Harry23 dias atrás

    We Gon' Be Alright!

  4. Tza Oriana

    Tza Oriana24 dias atrás


  5. J

    J24 dias atrás

    @Vivian Stimpson shorty, you fine Let's get it on

  6. Vivian Stimpson

    Vivian Stimpson24 dias atrás

    spill the wine jail that con

  7. Li Mo

    Li Mo20 dias atrás

    Lovely Mitch rap - only thing to love about Mitch ever, so good job!

  8. murderoustendencies

    murderoustendencies20 dias atrás


  9. ElizaUK Samad

    ElizaUK Samad21 dia atrás

    OMG USA a joke put ..verbal Clown as a head of state..

  10. Walter 3579

    Walter 357921 dia atrás

    Suckulow=0 Jeffries=1000

  11. Tasman Millen

    Tasman Millen22 dias atrás

    The most distracting thing was that Trump flicked his right elbow out every few seconds. Did anyone else notice that?

  12. A Hamze

    A Hamze22 dias atrás

    Funny segment !!! Trevor delivers pin point gotta admit

  13. waiotahi52

    waiotahi5223 dias atrás

    Trump could shoot someone on the Senate floor and still be acquitted 53-47. Unless he shot a Republican, then it would be 52-47

  14. Justine Linley

    Justine Linley23 dias atrás

    Senators who can't keep up, with the trial, can't vote on it factually! No law maker or police can ever make a judgment like that. The Democrats should just declare the impeachment, and say it's because the Trump team ignores what they already know is against him, so his guilt is obvious to them too. Otherwise, they'd pay attention. This should be easily done, since the German based senate follows no real set of rules. When in Rome...

  15. javier migoya

    javier migoya23 dias atrás

    Oh only Water and Milk, The Senate Sucks, Bring in Pelosi with the Truckloads of Vodka, because you any seasoned drunk knows that water and Vodka smell the same

  16. javier migoya

    javier migoya23 dias atrás

    Your Honor, I would like to Move to a Vote to Dismiss the Case on the Grounds that most of the Senators are asleep and can not make a truthful and proper judgment because they slept threw the presentation of the evidence

  17. DW.Harry

    DW.Harry23 dias atrás

    why is coffee not aloud in the senate?

  18. João Pedro Tomás

    João Pedro Tomás24 dias atrás

    Really, guys? They didn't censor it in their own official channel but you censor the word to the UK channel? wtf? it's not even a british english word lol

  19. King Coker

    King Coker24 dias atrás

    Have you been to Nigeria? Come naija 😂 all this one Na yarns! Okoto yarns!

  20. Lynda Mackrous

    Lynda Mackrous24 dias atrás

    Boring, nauseating. Sa message to Schiff

  21. Meir Wise

    Meir Wise24 dias atrás

    Anybody who has to listen to those lowlife lying democrats spout hypocrisy for 12 hours would not just fall asleep...they'd be comatosed!

  22. Novia Handiyana

    Novia Handiyana24 dias atrás

    Always happen in Indonesia

  23. Joe Vines

    Joe Vines24 dias atrás

    I don't think he was quoting Biggie Smalls, it's a common phrase.

  24. Sachin Rajput

    Sachin Rajput24 dias atrás

    All one side trevor one side believe me he fuck everyone 😂😂


    TELEVISIBLE24 dias atrás

    I won't blame him !

  26. Tedison

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  27. Wild Vegan Child

    Wild Vegan Child24 dias atrás

    His name is mitch and he's trump's bitch.

  28. s2me89

    s2me8924 dias atrás

    I knew once he said "If you don't know"the rest was about to flow out haha . Love it.

  29. Abdullah Abohaimed

    Abdullah Abohaimed24 dias atrás

    Is it just me that Trevor started to lose his accent?

  30. See You There Invitations

    See You There Invitations20 dias atrás

    No he didn't. It was intended. He wanted to sound American.

  31. Taylan Ertan

    Taylan Ertan24 dias atrás

    Why the FUCK U.S is allowing those 'senators' that are making a mockery of their FUCKING DUTY, get away with that shit?

  32. Alfeus Kaushi Nangolo

    Alfeus Kaushi Nangolo24 dias atrás

    Although im not american Simce donald j trump was elected i feel that the worlds economy has gone down i swear to god i can be a btr President then him but i thank god he had the opportunity so that our kids can believe fhwy can be anything fhey want to be

  33. Richard 303

    Richard 30324 dias atrás

    The question for me is: How come other senators didn't fall asleep?

  34. Uche Azuh

    Uche Azuh24 dias atrás

    @Richard 303 THANKS

  35. Richard 303

    Richard 30324 dias atrás

    @Uche Azuh - You're wise. Joshu asked Nansen, "What is the Way?" Nansen said, "Your ordinary mind is the Way.

  36. Uche Azuh

    Uche Azuh24 dias atrás


  37. pixiniarts

    pixiniarts24 dias atrás

    Cocaine and viagra.

  38. gm jck

    gm jck24 dias atrás

    Nice Mitch rap😂😂😂

  39. Dave the french canadian

    Dave the french canadian24 dias atrás

    it's sad to see those corrupt republicans make a joke of the constitution and calling the trial a democrat clown show, it's even worse knowing those people got voted in the senate, america really have to wake up and remove those idiots from power

  40. Compass

    Compass24 dias atrás

    Trevor Noah getting happy at 1:14 is the best thing I’ve seen this whole week

  41. MrMacroVision

    MrMacroVision24 dias atrás

    if milk is allowed, Devin Nunes cow is workig overtime

  42. Narinder Singh

    Narinder Singh24 dias atrás

    Nd I thought I was only one falling asleep watching this video ☔ shamedian

  43. Gary Kang

    Gary Kang24 dias atrás

    You can't have a problem whose a NATIONAL SECURITY 🤣 🤣

  44. Jamie Tus

    Jamie Tus24 dias atrás

    I assumed the "if you don't know, now you know" was a Hamilton reference

  45. pixiniarts

    pixiniarts24 dias atrás

    How does a racist, narcasist delusional asshole, Who plays golf in Scotland, build hotels in the middle of a expensive spot in the Caribbean A president, mentally impoverished, in granduer, blew up to be a liar and impeached...

  46. Glenn parent

    Glenn parent24 dias atrás

    who let trump and mitch out of the old age home

  47. Glenn parent

    Glenn parent24 dias atrás

    who the-hell voted for all these azzholes

  48. Carlos Andres Arboleda Muriel

    Carlos Andres Arboleda Muriel24 dias atrás


  49. sanjuansteve

    sanjuansteve24 dias atrás

    It’s not bribery, offering money or military aid to Ukraine for personal benefit if they chose to accept the offer. It’s extortion, withholding much needed, life and liberty saving, already approved US taxpayer funded military aid for the personal benefit of Drumpf to subvert/steal and corrupt our elections and democracy. Extortion is even worse than bribery. #DictatorDrumpf is rigging the primary by cancelling it like a dictator, rigging the general election again as in 2016, this time using military weapons and support to extort a foreign country to help his campaign while openly inviting others, and rigging the impeachment trial with senators openly declaring him prejudged innocent, no need for evidence or witnesses, like a dictator. Despite Republican efforts to block election security (for obviously corrupt reasons), the world is just one Tweet away from learning they claim the elections to be rigged against the GOP, are cancelling future elections 'until they figure things out' (like their Muslim ban, never) to become America's 1st (bigoted, fascist) dictatorship with Drumpf, and the worst part is that 44% of the country will continue to support it. We're closer to #AmericanCivilWarII than most people believe and just like before our own friends and family members would take up arms against us for not getting on board with their extreme bigotries just like the Confederates in 1865 or the Nazis in 1938. #ConfederateNazis #DeportMeToo #BanMeToo

  50. jaime delgado

    jaime delgado24 dias atrás

    Me : *reads title* Also me, let me guess what party.🙁😒

  51. mill101

    mill10124 dias atrás

    Trump will be acquitted ---- get over your woke.

  52. Athaporn MCorp Review

    Athaporn MCorp Review24 dias atrás

    Captain crunch 😀

  53. Alan Mešanović

    Alan Mešanović24 dias atrás

    History will remember, but most importantly God will remember what these republican pussies did! *A*.

  54. PikachuIce

    PikachuIce24 dias atrás


  55. The Senate

    The Senate24 dias atrás

    I love democracy...

  56. RWooshBaiter

    RWooshBaiter24 dias atrás

    The Senate While did you have to come back Sheev. You deserved better than that awful trilogy. Show me on the lightsaber where Disney touched you.

  57. Scrambled 59

    Scrambled 5924 dias atrás

    With the whole falling asleep thing, I do find it rude because he's asleep during a historic moment in history but then again, the US senate is boring. Put him in a British parliament meeting and he'll be fully awake, that place is louder than a heavy metal concert in an active construction site.

  58. hyuuga natsume

    hyuuga natsume24 dias atrás

    Scrambled 59 put him in Indian parliament, he will sack with a flying chair hahaha

  59. MrDngrsdave

    MrDngrsdave24 dias atrás

    Americans would get so butt hurt if they were in british parliament

  60. Erik Smit

    Erik Smit24 dias atrás

    Obama impersonator

  61. jesse weiss

    jesse weiss25 dias atrás

    What a fucking joke.

  62. Oceanside Affirmations

    Oceanside Affirmations25 dias atrás

    The Senators don't care if they get voted out as the World watches them Fall Asleep. Isn't it a privilege to be there?

  63. Mr Green

    Mr Green25 dias atrás

    The Hippity hoppity has come a long way

  64. swampy

    swampy25 dias atrás

    Atleast Trump's honest and whole lotta memes

  65. MTS BOUR

    MTS BOUR25 dias atrás

    How can democrats call on the contitution While passing every law against it or contradicting it. Unless the transcripts show clear evidence or something against the law. There is no reason for impeachment. The demcrats called for impeachment since day one and that destroyed every fair middle ground with the other half of the country. Signed by a non american non europian, WHITE North AFRICAN MUSLIM

  66. Gray Catbird

    Gray Catbird25 dias atrás

    I agree that the Democrats should’ve tried to woo the Republicans rather than try to do the whole impeachment procedure using their own power, and that because of that the chances of Trump being impeached are very small. however in my eyes they stayed within the law.

  67. Wexit BC. AB. SK.

    Wexit BC. AB. SK.25 dias atrás

    STILL WINNING TRUMP 2020!!! 🍾🥂🍾🥂🍻🍻🇺🇸🇺🇸

  68. Billy Anderson

    Billy Anderson25 dias atrás

    Trumps voice goes up and soft when hes telling a super lie.

  69. Rick rick

    Rick rick25 dias atrás

    I’m voting for Hillary. If Trump is impeached Hillary automatically becomes the President. When the one who holds the Miss America Crown can no longer serve, quits or is fired, the runner up who is Hillary automatically wears the Crown.

  70. SWYPA825

    SWYPA82525 dias atrás

    If you dont know now you know ni**a

  71. JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!

    JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!25 dias atrás

    Am I high or does the representative looks like Ricardo?

  72. creolefemme1

    creolefemme125 dias atrás

    Great Trevor. Now that song is going to be in my head all day!

  73. Eric Cassil

    Eric Cassil25 dias atrás

    These Democlowns are dumber than a box lemmings.

  74. Panagiotes Koutelidakes

    Panagiotes Koutelidakes25 dias atrás

    I'm now imagining Republicans guzzling warm milk down to help them fall asleep even faster.

  75. Bang Bang

    Bang Bang25 dias atrás

    Too many corrupt East European politicians in congress, it's time to drain the swamp.