absolutely awful PHOTOSHOPS


  1. LazarBeam

    LazarBeamMês atrás

    Video got copyrighted. I would never put ads on a sponsored video but the people who copyrighted can. I am sorry.

  2. GameFryer

    GameFryer7 dias atrás

    I skipped the ad just for those jerks

  3. I suck at everything

    I suck at everything8 dias atrás



    XXXTENTACION FAN16 dias atrás

    @1000 subs without a video woahhhhh

  5. Pia Walker

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  6. No L

    No L25 dias atrás

    It's okay

  7. MKgodgamer

    MKgodgamerHora atrás

    Fortnite is shit

  8. Brendonia

    Brendonia2 horas atrás

    Anyone knows what software he used for this part. 3:33

  9. Aar0n R0m3r0

    Aar0n R0m3r03 horas atrás

    5:23 can someone in the comments tell me what background music he is using if someone could do that I'd really appreciate it.

  10. B0bby H3y

    B0bby H3y3 horas atrás

    2:45 can someone tell me how he did that thank you 🙏

  11. Chris Reyna

    Chris Reyna3 horas atrás

    😂 😆 😝LOL

  12. LJ 2082

    LJ 208210 horas atrás

    Thumbnail scared me

  13. osk

    osk10 horas atrás

    Its bojacks sistee

  14. Lucky•TV Central

    Lucky•TV Central10 horas atrás

    I wouldn’t give him the dub for half the time he gives it to himself

  15. steve mifsud

    steve mifsud11 horas atrás

    9:40 lazerbeam said the N-word! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNn!

  16. Your Brudda

    Your Brudda13 horas atrás

    0:06 pause and look at Jason r rich in the bottom left corner

  17. Ryan Licht

    Ryan Licht13 horas atrás

    I am from Canada

  18. EGROLLs_YT

    EGROLLs_YT15 horas atrás

    Instead of yet u should of got yote

  19. Khalaf Meshlesh

    Khalaf Meshlesh17 horas atrás

    U willl go to hell bitch

  20. jess marty

    jess marty18 horas atrás

    Lazer you look stoned

  21. We live In a bottle of kefyr

    We live In a bottle of kefyr18 horas atrás

    For me you never win

  22. Ntf Guards

    Ntf Guards20 horas atrás

    I used code lazar

  23. Lucero Proudlock

    Lucero Proudlock22 horas atrás

    0:41 me every time I get killed by a sweaty tryhard soccer skin

  24. Henry Jones

    Henry Jones23 horas atrás


  25. Henry Jones

    Henry Jones23 horas atrás

    Like if you’ve EvEr HaD tHe FeElINg Of DeJeVoU

  26. Cali GUNHUNTER

    Cali GUNHUNTER23 horas atrás

    9:03 that’s a carnotaur it’s name means horned bull

  27. dragon slayer21

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  28. Tayler Lawson

    Tayler LawsonDia atrás

    In the 2 legged cat Photoshop I think fortnite collabes because there's a baller next to Chris Pratt...

  29. Money Bag D

    Money Bag DDia atrás

    Nigga u have not touched my mother

  30. SSXenz

    SSXenzDia atrás

    Lazarbeam, thats a Carnotaurus not a Trex xd

  31. Penicil Playz

    Penicil PlayzDia atrás

    You just got unsubscribed from for making a joke about my mom.

  32. Ishay Lal

    Ishay LalDia atrás

    I get it the bitch one and i am 7. I thought you said hore

  33. TrueSierrm :P

    TrueSierrm :PDia atrás

    Ew tiktok is Soo cringy

  34. Gaby/Marcello Cedano

    Gaby/Marcello CedanoDia atrás

    No your mom is pritety ugley😆

  35. Cade Johnson

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  36. CringeMemeGod West

    CringeMemeGod WestDia atrás

    Tictok sucks mate

  37. GaY pInEaPpLe

    GaY pInEaPpLeDia atrás

    1:23 his left hand tho

  38. Phil The Chill Pill

    Phil The Chill PillDia atrás

    Yeets in the chat

  39. Super Owen 64

    Super Owen 64Dia atrás

    I created a custom superhero named Captain Canada about 2 years ago I DID IT FIRST BOI!

  40. 9o9 God

    9o9 GodDia atrás

    This video is thicccc with your c’s

  41. VideoGerm75

    VideoGerm75Dia atrás

    your so fucking annoying

  42. Josh Eccott

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  43. TSO Snipezz

    TSO SnipezzDia atrás

    Am I the only one that got triggered when he called the carnotaurus a t-rex

  44. Declan Curd

    Declan CurdDia atrás

    Where’s the moose’s and apologetic people.

  45. The Little Monkeys

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  46. Janice Littlegeorge

    Janice LittlegeorgeDia atrás

    beep you for saying that but good content

  47. Splice Z

    Splice ZDia atrás

    Aaaa what a cute pussy

  48. Rachael Howard

    Rachael HowardDia atrás

    I love your tick tick

  49. Niko Playz

    Niko PlayzDia atrás

    I agree with captain canada

  50. The ink Beast

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  52. Pug man 1.0

    Pug man 1.0Dia atrás

    Wow you mum is a pussy wow

  53. drifter _XD

    drifter _XDDia atrás

    I got tik tok to

  54. Selma Sousa

    Selma SousaDia atrás

    Ulabidabalu Irineu tafarel

  55. Fortnite Rocks326

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    What the fuck