Adults React To Try Not To Look Back Challenge


  1. FBE

    FBE27 dias atrás

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  2. Mickayla Blackman

    Mickayla Blackman17 dias atrás

    FBE do baby videos they can’t resist that

  3. Maryse St-Jean

    Maryse St-Jean3 horas atrás


  4. Klaas in Session

    Klaas in Session7 horas atrás

    Brandon is so relatable, as a reactor. Im basically always here for him and Tom

  5. RookieHoops

    RookieHoops9 horas atrás

    The Lebron one wasn’t real

  6. Tyler Merrick

    Tyler Merrick9 horas atrás

    I clicked cause of LeBron

  7. ShamelessZayy

    ShamelessZayy8 horas atrás

    Sand LMAOOO

  8. Benjamin Delapena

    Benjamin Delapena21 hora atrás


  9. Benjamin Delapena

    Benjamin Delapena21 hora atrás


  10. Fin W-K

    Fin W-KDia atrás

    Watch where you’re stepping- he’s dribbled some how

  11. yoshua damaledo

    yoshua damaledoDia atrás

    8:49 is best Indonesia Magician #TeamTrees

  12. NiceNickYT -Gaming and More!

    NiceNickYT -Gaming and More!2 dias atrás

    I clicked because of Rami Malek being Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody

  13. Tyler Merrick

    Tyler Merrick9 horas atrás

    I clicked cause of LeBron

  14. frank jaimes

    frank jaimes3 dias atrás

    Yay brandon

  15. Zuard

    Zuard3 dias atrás

    10:58 *_thats how Indonesian Magician do_*

  16. •Lyric •

    •Lyric •3 dias atrás

    You can just watch it later

  17. Daniel Woolsey

    Daniel Woolsey3 dias atrás

    Do they not know that the lebron one was completely photoshopped

  18. Jaden Morris-Hemsing

    Jaden Morris-Hemsing20 horas atrás

    Daniel Woolsey right??!

  19. Isaak Olague

    Isaak Olague4 dias atrás

    My mom's neighborhood was evil Knievel

  20. coldheart5791

    coldheart57914 dias atrás

    :These were really good ones! Good job

  21. Hijaa Shah

    Hijaa Shah5 dias atrás

    I even watched that whole video of America's got talent I even closed my eyes when that happened

  22. Supreme Keegs

    Supreme Keegs5 dias atrás

    Freddie Mercury one easy peasy

  23. may siste

    may siste3 dias atrás

    it’s hard for me lmao

  24. Ňekø čat Štrawběrry shørt čakě

    Ňekø čat Štrawběrry shørt čakě5 dias atrás

    I can do it !

  25. Kevin Brodzansky

    Kevin Brodzansky6 dias atrás


  26. Pratishtha Lot

    Pratishtha Lot7 dias atrás

    Well they could see these videos after it is posted. Dumb peeps

  27. Colin Foley

    Colin Foley7 dias atrás

    Why did they all think the Lebron one was real what the hell

  28. Majcry

    Majcry5 dias atrás


  29. Hermione Vlogs

    Hermione Vlogs7 dias atrás

    Pls Join #teamtrees

  30. ZachariYAH Fulmer

    ZachariYAH Fulmer8 dias atrás

    Why did this man jump so high?? 3:15

  31. faris oq

    faris oq4 dias atrás


  32. Ivan Majestic

    Ivan Majestic8 dias atrás

    anyone realize that the backboard didnt actually break

  33. Phillip Scott

    Phillip Scott9 dias atrás

    I love lebron James but his was fak

  34. Flohties

    Flohties9 dias atrás

    wow really

  35. Jackson Schorey

    Jackson Schorey9 dias atrás

    I would win this...not easily 😂

  36. TripZz

    TripZz10 dias atrás

    2:34 wtf , that man jump so high

  37. Jace

    Jace2 dias atrás

    Yeah if you watched the actual game he didn’t jump that high

  38. Red

    Red9 dias atrás

    Jackson Schorey that was edited btw

  39. Flohties

    Flohties9 dias atrás

    Jackson Schorey Kobe’d

  40. Gabriela Raditya

    Gabriela Raditya11 dias atrás

    Proud of Demian Aditya here!

  41. Baller Views

    Baller Views11 dias atrás

    Man I was losing it when I realized some of those people actually think lebron can jump that high

  42. 장미소중한

    장미소중한11 dias atrás


  43. JisooTurtleRabbitKim

    JisooTurtleRabbitKim7 dias atrás

    Donald trump should rot in hell

  44. Cloudz

    Cloudz9 dias atrás


  45. 장미소중한

    장미소중한10 dias atrás

    I bet you support Hillary

  46. Hunny The uni

    Hunny The uni10 dias atrás


  47. Nour Elalmi

    Nour Elalmi12 dias atrás

    Truly, when Freddie's song came on I click automatically ❤

  48. Hân Vũ

    Hân Vũ12 dias atrás

    I click because of Freddie ❤️

  49. Iwan Gee

    Iwan Gee12 dias atrás

    Who else lost when Freddie Mercury came on? r.i.p my friend ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  50. Feraoteph

    Feraoteph12 dias atrás

    More Sheila please 😁 makes my day everytime you go Gir!

  51. JuLy NekoGirL

    JuLy NekoGirL12 dias atrás

    Ashby: "I'm gonna turn around for a second. I'll be right back" That's me everytime I watch these challenges

  52. A.C.Armyexo-l GlamQueen

    A.C.Armyexo-l GlamQueen13 dias atrás

    FREDDIE 💚👑♾

  53. Matrix Gaming

    Matrix Gaming13 dias atrás

    Song name 4:44?

  54. Daniel Cortes

    Daniel Cortes7 dias atrás

    Matrix Gaming np

  55. Matrix Gaming

    Matrix Gaming8 dias atrás

    @Daniel Cortes legend

  56. Daniel Cortes

    Daniel Cortes12 dias atrás

    Lemon fight- Stronger

  57. Mister Reza

    Mister Reza13 dias atrás

    Demian is in this video. I love you FBE

  58. Gabriela Raditya

    Gabriela Raditya11 dias atrás

    Jennifer C he’s an agt contestant from Indonesia. He does daring magic tricks. You should watch him!

  59. Jennifer C

    Jennifer C13 dias atrás

    Who's Damian

  60. Rowan Waller

    Rowan Waller14 dias atrás

    Do they realise that the leBron can’t jump that high, literally no can jump that high

  61. We hit those YT

    We hit those YT13 dias atrás

    Rowan Waller ik that bothered me

  62. The mustache guy 909

    The mustache guy 90914 dias atrás

    I wouldn’t look at any of them if I was there because I can just watch this video and watch it here

  63. Milenia Ulwan Zafira

    Milenia Ulwan Zafira14 dias atrás

    8:48 uhhh Magician from Indonesia yuhuuuu

  64. Sofie MyLuv

    Sofie MyLuv14 dias atrás

    I was playing with them and when I heard “queen” and I lost

  65. Ian Bevan

    Ian Bevan15 dias atrás

    Who clicked because of Freddie Mercury and Lebron James

  66. Sarkis

    Sarkis15 dias atrás

    3:21 How did he jump that high?!?!????!!!!!?!?!? If you know the name of the player or clip pls comment

  67. Electro Vortexx

    Electro Vortexx14 dias atrás

    It's an edit. He didn't jump that high

  68. Isaiah Harvey

    Isaiah Harvey15 dias atrás

    Sarkis it’s lebron James and it’s an edit he didn’t actually jump that high

  69. Lachlan Liberman

    Lachlan Liberman15 dias atrás

    they are actually so stupid thinking someone can jump that high

  70. Misery M.

    Misery M.13 dias atrás

    @Ben Sauer für mich schon!

  71. SerP3nt Miles

    SerP3nt Miles13 dias atrás

    They all know that’s not real

  72. Ben Sauer

    Ben Sauer13 dias atrás

    Misery M. It does not look real

  73. Mia Skelin 20

    Mia Skelin 2015 dias atrás

    i agree with austing this should be the FOMO challenge

  74. Agatha Powell Morales

    Agatha Powell Morales15 dias atrás

    Omg there adults now

  75. Rumblefin

    Rumblefin12 dias atrás


  76. Agatha Powell Morales

    Agatha Powell Morales15 dias atrás

    Omg there adults now

  77. xzavier c

    xzavier c16 dias atrás

    Can’t they just wait then when they upload the video they could just watch it

  78. Natalie Silver

    Natalie Silver16 dias atrás

    They can go on BRreporter later and watch it later

  79. Sabrina Baskett

    Sabrina Baskett16 dias atrás

    I would of lost at the part when Freddie Mercury was singing

  80. CK Dimz

    CK Dimz16 dias atrás


  81. JianKu06邱玮健

    JianKu06邱玮健16 dias atrás

    soooooo nobody thought that jumping that high was weird?

  82. Kerrlon Jordan

    Kerrlon Jordan16 dias atrás

    JianKu06邱玮健 how did they not see that video shop

  83. AndraeRitZz Alabastro

    AndraeRitZz Alabastro16 dias atrás

    Live aid:3

  84. Hunter Chandler

    Hunter Chandler16 dias atrás

    They could come back and watch the video

  85. Mark Chino

    Mark Chino16 dias atrás

    Blindman joined the game*

  86. Karuro Senpai

    Karuro Senpai16 dias atrás


  87. Sami Atiq88

    Sami Atiq8816 dias atrás

    Ppl that think the lebron backboard shatter is real🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  88. Kiyahn Tapiki

    Kiyahn Tapiki16 dias atrás

    @Stephen Borden Huh?

  89. Stephen Borden

    Stephen Borden16 dias atrás

    Sami Atiq88 ppl that think he jumped that high

  90. eli eli

    eli eli16 dias atrás

    What is this Queen song does anybody else not know ⬇️ ⬇️

  91. Andy Alexis

    Andy AlexisDia atrás

    It´s literally the greatest song ever written how can you not know it

  92. Kevin Shirley

    Kevin Shirley5 dias atrás

    WTF? Really

  93. ew madsTM

    ew madsTM16 dias atrás

    bohemian rhapsody i

  94. Lightefilit Faylin

    Lightefilit Faylin16 dias atrás

    it's literally written in the video

  95. Thewalkingbloxer

    Thewalkingbloxer17 dias atrás

    And Lebron can dunk that high?

  96. Johannes Andersson

    Johannes Andersson16 dias atrás

    Thewalkingbloxer its edited

  97. Quentin MacClemmy

    Quentin MacClemmy16 dias atrás

    Thewalkingbloxer no the only person who can jump that high in real life is Danny phantom