AI can do THIS!??! - Art & Animation with Artificial Intelligence


  1. K J Studios

    K J Studios21 minuto atrás


  2. billy ruiz

    billy ruizHora atrás

    Ure like the new art attack

  3. Douglas McGowan

    Douglas McGowan9 horas atrás

    wow so awsome i love your videos im gina badeaux from washington i love bob ross too im an artist i may make a youtube chANNEL AGAIN

  4. Windows 7

    Windows 7Dia atrás

    7:37 Looks like GTA.

  5. Jawn Schmitt

    Jawn Schmitt2 dias atrás

    Check out Art Breeder!

  6. Some Kid Next Door

    Some Kid Next Door3 dias atrás

    Oh we are in trouble.

  7. Peyton Raines

    Peyton Raines3 dias atrás

    “I wanna just click and have magic stuff happen.” 🥺 me too Jazza, me too.

  8. phoenix_b_ artistically

    phoenix_b_ artistically3 dias atrás

    Jazza: *stares into the camera* Jazza: play yeah we're in trouble Me: we're in so much trouble

  9. haneul

    haneul3 dias atrás

    The recreation cat looks WAY better

  10. Supasayajin 3

    Supasayajin 33 dias atrás

    Who else was hoping he would scribble

  11. CherryGum_D

    CherryGum_D4 dias atrás

    You know..This could be a game changer in backgrounds actually

  12. Yeet Skeet

    Yeet Skeet4 dias atrás

    I suggest this site for those who do landscape paintings and shit. It helps to get a visual of a place that doesn’t really exist. So making one and using it as a reference works really well. I find it helps to use site like these to sort out the ground work of my painting or even if I feel like my idea doesn’t work well with like for example if I feel my clouds might be to close if I put them a certain way you can almost kinda check that before painting by using this site



    Jazza: I am thoroughly bloody- Me: Uhh... U ok? Jazza: -Impressed.

  14. Timothy Faries

    Timothy Faries5 dias atrás

    4:47 heh heh heh I’m in Danger

  15. GreekGaymer

    GreekGaymer5 dias atrás

    only because you said "please"

  16. Petr Stuchlý

    Petr Stuchlý5 dias atrás

    ART-ifficial intelligence LOL

  17. Blue Boy

    Blue Boy6 dias atrás

    Just imagine you could make landscape animations with this

  18. Luxid. Blue

    Luxid. Blue6 dias atrás


  19. For The Wynne

    For The Wynne7 dias atrás

    Even furries are not into cats.

  20. Jayden Seder

    Jayden Seder7 dias atrás

    Your soooo anoying

  21. Basito TheBurrito

    Basito TheBurrito7 dias atrás

    Google draw: “it’s the best artificial intelligence” This: is actually amazing but they just called it beta

  22. Kajli R

    Kajli R5 dias atrás

    Google draw is just for collecting data to make future AIs

  23. Foxy05426

    Foxy054267 dias atrás

    if jazza doesnt still make the im an adult shirt when i turn 18 then im gonna be sad

  24. LLAMAgreen !

    LLAMAgreen !8 dias atrás

    Pls tell me this is free


    PROPVPMCPD8 dias atrás

    10:50 Mhh Ahh

  26. jk

    jk8 dias atrás


  27. jk

    jk8 dias atrás

    10:25 I'm gonna meme that

  28. NhatAnh0475

    NhatAnh04758 dias atrás

    Mine mountain is invicible, even when I add water that ride down the mountain. Just like 5:23, stupid AI.

  29. Norah Ruehle

    Norah Ruehle9 dias atrás

    I went and watch the cats movie in theaters (as a joke) I am scarred for life.

  30. TigirlakaLaserwolf6

    TigirlakaLaserwolf610 dias atrás

    I'm so close to an artistic robot boyfriend

  31. Brian Martin

    Brian Martin10 dias atrás

    Never have to worry about background scenes again!!! Gonna use this and trace it!! Smh!!!!!

  32. Extremegamin

    Extremegamin10 dias atrás

    You should have used the first one the add to eb sync as the remake of something

  33. LordOfDarkness Ə

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  34. alex robins

    alex robins11 dias atrás

    Jojo pose

  35. Teeyan Currie

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  36. IzGotzKillz 123

    IzGotzKillz 12313 dias atrás

    Chonk tree

  37. Flowing Energies

    Flowing Energies13 dias atrás

    When artificial intelligence takes a paintbrush and paints a masterpiece then I will be scared for future of art.

  38. jft0986

    jft098610 dias atrás

    I can make art creations faster by painting the broad strokes/foundations that an artist want, and then iterate the details based on that to save time. It may also allow people who don't have the art skills necessary to do “paintings” and create images/videos that they imagined, but can't produce. It might actually be a new Renaissance.

  39. Prime Corner

    Prime Corner13 dias atrás

    Thumbnail should be in reverse order

  40. Windows 7

    Windows 713 dias atrás

    7:36 looks like gta

  41. Y D

    Y D14 dias atrás

    We can turn u into pennywise

  42. Volt64bolt

    Volt64bolt14 dias atrás

    Jazzy has the corona virus.

  43. Atama

    Atama15 dias atrás

    Jazza: what would AI BRreporterr look like? *shows Logan Paul* Kizuna Ai did not like that

  44. eat your cereal

    eat your cereal15 dias atrás

    is this from the future, and is my phone broken... because it says _5 months ago_ in the description


    CHAMP QASIM15 dias atrás


  46. rulo vidal perez

    rulo vidal perez15 dias atrás

    what does he say at the beggining? before "everyone"

  47. Changerine gawring or dacha

    Changerine gawring or dacha15 dias atrás


  48. TheOneTrue_Mantra

    TheOneTrue_Mantra15 dias atrás

    site reported as unsafe?

  49. Sweet Ping

    Sweet Ping16 dias atrás

    Jazza:bloody, bloody, bloody............

  50. liam

    liam16 dias atrás

    looks like im getting a perfect score in art

  51. Enzo Eran

    Enzo Eran16 dias atrás

    0:01 It thought draw with jazza wasn’t ur name anymore

  52. Atlas

    Atlas16 dias atrás

    I'm excited to try this program. Really cool that he did a video on this!

  53. Mike Wallace

    Mike Wallace16 dias atrás

    calling this AI is like calling those two wheeled boards hoverboards. its not.

  54. rabidperson Games

    rabidperson Games16 dias atrás

    So jazza is a confirmed furry now right?

  55. rmc567

    rmc56717 dias atrás

    Had no idea other countries outside of the uk have lucozade

  56. Epic

    Epic17 dias atrás

    The website doesn't work for me, whenever I click the arrow nothing happens

  57. Baldwin xu

    Baldwin xu17 dias atrás

    Kisuna ai

  58. Isabella Pierce

    Isabella Pierce18 dias atrás

    Y’all if you like the video then press the like button it’s not that hard. I hate seeing over a million views on a video but only like 70k people actually hit the button

  59. Tony Solar

    Tony Solar18 dias atrás

    A.I. is takin our jobsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  60. SaberWolf 768

    SaberWolf 76818 dias atrás

    This is dumb I tried the one where you draw a simple thing and it's just a beautiful picture it does not work at all

  61. Logan Emanuel

    Logan Emanuel18 dias atrás

    Try artbreeder you can get some really interesting results out of it

  62. Robert Kamminga

    Robert Kamminga18 dias atrás

    Hes linking the site thats kind and all But its a fricking virussite