Alicia Keys, Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga Open The 2019 GRAMMYs


  1. Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

    Recording Academy / GRAMMYs2 meses atrás

    Former First Lady Michelle Obama Steals the show at the GRAMMYs:

  2. Iva Lee

    Iva Lee4 dias atrás


  3. William Pierce

    William Pierce11 dias atrás

    Recording Academy / GRAMMYs a bunch of transgenders... trans apocalypse now!

  4. Denise Morton

    Denise Morton21 dia atrás

    Continue the granny's. (Smile)

  5. Socagyal

    Socagyal22 dias atrás

    Greg Brady Which means that you ain’t never gonna stand out.

  6. Socagyal

    Socagyal22 dias atrás

    Belinda Pace Because she knew for sure that it would drive people like you bat-shit crazeeeeeee!

  7. Samantha Milla

    Samantha MillaHora atrás

    gaga is so high lmao

  8. King Kali

    King Kali23 horas atrás

    Did they not know it was Michelle Lol

  9. Adolf Mussolini

    Adolf MussoliniDia atrás

    Tranny Moochelle Obama is one ugly she male. She just got through sticking butt boy Barry Obama in the butt

  10. The Gacha O.G.

    The Gacha O.G.Dia atrás

    When Michelle Obama started talking the crowd started screaming. Love it.

  11. N A N D O

    N A N D ODia atrás

    I love Alicia Keys maaaan

  12. Armetta McGlothen

    Armetta McGlothenDia atrás

    Michelle Obama wherever she goes she brings her beautiful and intelllgent spirit with her, to bad that the corrupt GOP didn't give President Obama and his family a chance, they didn't want a black man in the highest job in the land of the free which is a lie it wasn't the land of the free for blacks, racism is all these white people know while they come up telling lies on black people to try and justify their ignorance, judging by their skin color is useless now because America is changing cause blacks now are involved in politics, education and becoming small business owners!

  13. Vojsava Lagji

    Vojsava Lagji3 dias atrás

    Woww.. amazing Michel Obama...❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Adonis Top of Men

    Adonis Top of Men3 dias atrás

    fantastic ......

  15. UrbanExplorer1000

    UrbanExplorer10004 dias atrás

    Modern day music is complete and total shit

  16. Aaron Manning

    Aaron Manning4 dias atrás

    Throw Trump out there and compare the reaction to Michelle! Period. ❤ #ObamaForever

  17. Hildy Lacayo

    Hildy Lacayo4 dias atrás

    Michelle stole the show

  18. M

    M5 dias atrás

    Michelle Obama looks like Chewbacca standing beside these women

  19. Hack It Up!

    Hack It Up!6 dias atrás

    Is it just me or did anyone els hear a 'BOOO'? 5:09

  20. yandisa mbodiya

    yandisa mbodiya7 dias atrás

    Alicia Keys and first ladie's outfits are my favourite

  21. Esther Ange

    Esther Ange7 dias atrás

    It s so exciting

  22. Paitoon Khemapanon

    Paitoon Khemapanon8 dias atrás

    Thanks your lady Amazing

  23. Monique Walker

    Monique Walker8 dias atrás

    The Grammys again...😕😴

  24. Jaden Brown

    Jaden Brown9 dias atrás


  25. Pestañas & Pecas

    Pestañas & Pecas9 dias atrás

    I love Michelle!!!

  26. Juvencio Estrada

    Juvencio Estrada9 dias atrás

    God Michelle!!!! Gaga 🙀

  27. C K

    C K10 dias atrás

    I like all of these women.....but seriously, they are REALLY into themselves!

  28. Is this where I put username?

    Is this where I put username?10 dias atrás

    Anyone know the song at 2:42 ? Literally asking for a friend.

  29. EvilFlyingGoat Official

    EvilFlyingGoat Official10 dias atrás


  30. EvilFlyingGoat Official

    EvilFlyingGoat Official10 dias atrás


  31. Jindora The Explorer

    Jindora The Explorer10 dias atrás


  32. Leslie Gallardo

    Leslie Gallardo10 dias atrás

    All beautiful stunning ladies!

  33. RRL98

    RRL9810 dias atrás

    V is for Vomit

  34. Christian Revelator

    Christian Revelator10 dias atrás

    Why do they have to politicise it with Michelle Obama ? Keep it simple and keep it with music or does Michelle Obama sing ?

  35. May Anita Morstøl

    May Anita Morstøl11 dias atrás

    The 1 and only,,,,, Michelle Obama ..... WOW....

  36. Shameemah Binte Mohamed Fouze

    Shameemah Binte Mohamed Fouze11 dias atrás

    Michelle Obama reminds me of the fearless girl!

  37. William Pierce

    William Pierce11 dias atrás

    This are all transvestites... ru Paul’s

  38. C K

    C K13 dias atrás

    Is Jada a singer? Why is she there?

  39. Michael Lautenbach

    Michael Lautenbach13 dias atrás

    Michelle for President

  40. didi jackson

    didi jackson13 dias atrás


  41. Shim Kim

    Shim Kim13 dias atrás

    Can we talk about BTS 😂😂😂 why are they showing up.😌😂😂😂 love my ARMY SQUAD

  42. munyao kioko

    munyao kioko13 dias atrás

    alicia keys related to cristiano ronaldo

  43. Tangobulldogs

    Tangobulldogs13 dias atrás

    What is it like to be american and have muslims running your country to the grown.... Gay muslim in fact. Michelle is Michael and we all know this.

  44. jcsgodmother

    jcsgodmother14 dias atrás

    At 2:47 with the back lighting you sure can see how much bigger than all those normal women Michelle Obama is. That is no sister.

  45. Lim Jenny

    Lim Jenny14 dias atrás

    Spotted BTS behind at 0:22 😍

  46. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMY13 dias atrás


  47. kyle brooks

    kyle brooks15 dias atrás

    Michael Obama and his husband ruined America for millions and set us back decades, he and his husband need to leave us alone

  48. vanessa farfan

    vanessa farfan15 dias atrás

    ugh she’s so beautiful

  49. vanessa farfan

    vanessa farfan15 dias atrás

    ugh she’s so beautiful

  50. Lisette Nicole'

    Lisette Nicole'15 dias atrás


  51. Matt Jones

    Matt Jones13 dias atrás


  52. Adrian Colon

    Adrian Colon16 dias atrás

    Is Alicia high?

  53. Eric Dean

    Eric Dean17 dias atrás

    Michelle reminds me of Caitlyn Jenner...a man trying to be a woman

  54. RFI-Crypto Lab

    RFI-Crypto Lab18 dias atrás

    Big Mike looks like a linebacker compared to the others on stage.

  55. Matt Jones

    Matt Jones13 dias atrás

    Same thing I thought

  56. Narfadli Yanto

    Narfadli Yanto19 dias atrás

    alicia: sisters me: QUEENS

  57. james c

    james c19 dias atrás

    Since the Obama's are out of the white house, they dont give damn about what people say or think of them, leave them alone and let them live in peace.

  58. draven c

    draven c19 dias atrás

    Beautiful queens

  59. Makeover Obsessions

    Makeover Obsessions19 dias atrás

    Damn i can't stop liking this video. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  60. Yena Shelina

    Yena Shelina19 dias atrás

    I love music girls. I love all your messages women. Mrs Michelle Obama, hats off to you lady. Thank You for your powerful and beautiful speech.

  61. Brandy Hillian

    Brandy Hillian20 dias atrás

    When she asked who runs the world I would've said THE MOST HIGH!

  62. J BOLD

    J BOLD20 dias atrás

    Amazing. All the people fooled by michelle obama. That's really a man!!!

  63. MrGreyjeep

    MrGreyjeep19 dias atrás

    Yeah I realized that she is definitely a he for sure. Crazy what the gov't pulls on us.

  64. J BOLD

    J BOLD20 dias atrás

    Manchelle obama

  65. J BOLD

    J BOLD20 dias atrás


  66. iraqsmansor

    iraqsmansor21 dia atrás

    And then my boy Aubrey dissed the whole show.

  67. Bama Made

    Bama Made21 dia atrás

    I wonder how they would act if Trump wife started talking🤔🤔

  68. Maryssa TheWolfy

    Maryssa TheWolfy19 dias atrás

    The crowd wouldn't go wild.

  69. Emma May

    Emma May21 dia atrás

    i can feel the far leftist vibes spilling out of my computer

  70. jasmine Aurpla

    jasmine Aurpla21 dia atrás

    I really hate u lady gaga u funk

  71. Carla Xoxo

    Carla Xoxo21 dia atrás


  72. Flora Haydee Machin

    Flora Haydee Machin22 dias atrás

    El Mono aunque se vista de seda

  73. 에이_에이

    에이_에이22 dias atrás

    WHere can i watch the full ?

  74. Jimbo joker

    Jimbo joker22 dias atrás

    Michelle Obama AKA snowball

  75. Steve C

    Steve C23 dias atrás

    Michael Obama is a MAN..... only LIBTARDS think that is a woman

  76. Can

    Can23 dias atrás

    00:35 WHO IS HE? 05:06 WHO IS HE? 06:15 WhHO IS THE GUY IN THE BACK?

  77. Fakunle Omodolapo Deborah

    Fakunle Omodolapo Deborah23 dias atrás

    Keys looks mad with that thing on her head but wait a minute, I can't see Michele's penis

  78. Droopy Q

    Droopy Q24 dias atrás

    JLO is Millie Vanillie

  79. Arslan mughal

    Arslan mughal24 dias atrás

    Bcz of dis work am abut to die

  80. Tiffany Ferguson

    Tiffany Ferguson24 dias atrás

    Yo Gaga looking crazy, every word she gotta do an action. Lmao

  81. Rosalie Gudito

    Rosalie Gudito24 dias atrás

    I have the same reaction with First Lady Michelle Obama.😍

  82. Elidiane Oliveira

    Elidiane Oliveira25 dias atrás

    Gente esse povo é muito maravilhoso! Michelle magnífica!

  83. agirlandherdog98

    agirlandherdog9825 dias atrás

    Both times they showed Brandi Carlile she had the biggest and most natural grin in the audience! ❤

  84. Marcinha Honorato

    Marcinha Honorato26 dias atrás

    Pra que esse chapéu JO? Ficou horrível

  85. · ·

    · ·27 dias atrás

    이번 그래미 처음봤는데 존나 이쁜 언니가 나와서 ''사람들은 저보고 예쁘지 않다 했습니다'' 해서 뭐지;함

  86. Tracy Harmon

    Tracy Harmon28 dias atrás

    Watched it again, cried again.

  87. Bubblez Zoukoc

    Bubblez Zoukoc29 dias atrás

    Michelle Obama so classy

  88. Gio hdz

    Gio hdz29 dias atrás

    Fifth harmony?😂

  89. Coco H

    Coco HMês atrás

    It’s about time they make it about Music!!! Alisha Keys was by far the most humble host. I don’t watch award shows but I’d watch her host an award show.

  90. Jesper Storm Mahler

    Jesper Storm MahlerMês atrás

    They all worship satan. This is pathetic. Good thing is, more and more people are waking up. I'm sure this comment will be deleted YT. Michael Obama killed Rivers. But they cant hide it forever.

  91. 123_456

    123_456Mês atrás

    So frivolious and stupid

  92. sukza Hey

    sukza HeyMês atrás

    와 넘모 부자연스럽당

  93. Stacy Thomas

    Stacy ThomasMês atrás

    Damn Michelle is SO tall and beautiful.

  94. Odeio Azeitona

    Odeio AzeitonaMês atrás


  95. blakkbarbiie

    blakkbarbiieMês atrás

    Michelle: “from the Motown records” Crowd: 🤗😆👏🏽🙌🏽 Me: ....I don’t get it..😐

  96. Danny Ramirez

    Danny RamirezMês atrás

    J.Lo Stunning... Super Glam

  97. Alejandra Gutierrez Fuente

    Alejandra Gutierrez FuenteMês atrás


  98. shrapnel77

    shrapnel77Mês atrás

    "Every voice we hear needs to honored and respected." Even if it's from a man?

  99. shrapnel77

    shrapnel77Mês atrás

    The Grammy awards are another stroke fest of all the musicians/actors. This clip does not dissuade that one bit. The Grammy's were dead to me once Metallica got hosed.

  100. Grace Durrant

    Grace DurrantMês atrás

    Was it Jlo in the hat????

  101. Riho Z

    Riho ZMês atrás

    Lady Gaga, you are not weird! You are amazing!

  102. Zeineb 123

    Zeineb 123Mês atrás

    Alicia literally can wear everything and still looks amazing

  103. Isabel Klawa

    Isabel KlawaMês atrás

    Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys and Michelle Obama in the same stage, am I DREAMING? Simply perfect, I'm shooketh

  104. Stephanie Soto

    Stephanie SotoMês atrás

    Why did u guys say nun about x? Y’all Disrespectful #LLJ

  105. hernan ramirez

    hernan ramirezMês atrás

    En el 2020 que repita Alicia

  106. Hau Chuttoo

    Hau ChuttooMês atrás

    These OUTSTANDING ladies utterly nailed it! Such a magnificent opening. Take a bow💕

  107. nimaa rangsher

    nimaa rangsherMês atrás

    Michelle Obama is the most beautiful girl i have seen in my life ...😍😍😍😍 And now BTS is here guys ...😘😘😘


    FRANCIS SARASA23 dias atrás

    Nimaa Rangsher

  109. Khampuilu M Khampuilu

    Khampuilu M KhampuiluMês atrás

    Who runs da world??? Weird!!!

  110. Khampuilu M Khampuilu

    Khampuilu M KhampuiluMês atrás

    Looking so weird n demonic... Dats becos music s fo lucifer gaga n u all ladies on da stage...

  111. Sunetteangelinahernandez2019 Hernandez

    Sunetteangelinahernandez2019 HernandezMês atrás

    Beautiful queen s