All Attack Animations On You In Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey Part 1


  1. Dein Silver Drac

    Dein Silver DracDia atrás

    And the eagle can T kill you ??

  2. Agent Maine

    Agent Maine4 dias atrás

    Anyone think the snake one was funny

  3. Mr . Mushroom

    Mr . Mushroom4 dias atrás

    4:16 the monkey is like I did not do anything

  4. Lltu Lltu

    Lltu Lltu5 dias atrás


  5. Felicia Chavez

    Felicia Chavez8 dias atrás

    Otter outside water:”GET AWAY I KNOW KARATE” Otter in water:”I hope you have gills bitch.”

  6. Machine Made

    Machine Made8 dias atrás

    Monster animals exist yet extinct, Human ancestors were weak but survive evolution. 🤔🤔🤔

  7. Mugupuni mugupuni

    Mugupuni mugupuni9 dias atrás

    Very scared

  8. Bryson McGinnis

    Bryson McGinnis9 dias atrás

    Giant ass otter

  9. Mr Dumbshit Science

    Mr Dumbshit Science9 dias atrás

    This game looks kinda old, especially with the first 2 animals. Bruhhh

  10. Specialshark 1347

    Specialshark 13479 dias atrás

    That elephant is some nightmare fuel

  11. Tourus Stanley

    Tourus Stanley10 dias atrás

    Great game. It needs some dlc like now because I've explored everything.

  12. Varun Nayak

    Varun Nayak10 dias atrás

    This type game should be banned.....

  13. Kevin Mayorga

    Kevin Mayorga11 dias atrás

    They should have put wasted at the end 😂😂😂

  14. Kimby Lapira

    Kimby Lapira11 dias atrás

    Why are animals so violent back then well I think dinosaurs are more violent then these animals.

  15. GHOST

    GHOST11 dias atrás

    That's one brutal game

  16. jonathancristal

    jonathancristal13 dias atrás

    Lo del elefante me recordo al tonto que le dio con una clase de herramienta de fuego quemandole el culo a un elefante en far cry y tuvo su merecido con ayuda de un ave. XD

  17. Reverse Flash

    Reverse Flash14 dias atrás

    This game looks like that one game that was free on ps plus Odensy something

  18. Pingüino Políglota

    Pingüino Políglota14 dias atrás

    Poor mexican, he had so many walls to jump :c

  19. Lost Minded

    Lost Minded15 dias atrás

    Ps4 graphics look like shit

  20. Bikas Sabar

    Bikas Sabar16 dias atrás

    What the f**** hale is this you don't. Protected only dai

  21. El Fershy

    El Fershy16 dias atrás

    Como se llama ese juego ?? Esta shido

  22. Moises Vergara

    Moises Vergara16 dias atrás


  23. Anubrit Saha

    Anubrit Saha17 dias atrás

    Ape: *exists Literally every other animal: so you have chosen...Death!

  24. Emre Can

    Emre Can11 dias atrás

    Some of them were simply protecting their territory, we are doing that too today

  25. Raging Wolf 21

    Raging Wolf 2116 dias atrás

    Nah man, Gorillas can easily overpower most felines, gorillas can even overpower a crocodile, man I would be more afraid of a Gorilla than from a Cheetah, as well as I would be more afraid from a Hipo, that bite is very very strong stronger than any feline's bite, hipo's bite crunches bones, damn scary, also the water helps them a lot

  26. MushyPepito 123

    MushyPepito 12317 dias atrás


  27. Aping Aping

    Aping Aping17 dias atrás

    Nama gamenya apa

  28. Mr. Wednesday

    Mr. Wednesday18 dias atrás

    Jokes on nature! We survived and are making alot of nature go extinct!

  29. luisin campos

    luisin campos3 dias atrás

    We Rock!

  30. Jeanne Cabral

    Jeanne Cabral18 dias atrás

    Snake vore

  31. Fôlkcry Azt

    Fôlkcry Azt18 dias atrás

    Peruanos, the game

  32. Rafael Barja

    Rafael Barja18 dias atrás

    Que basura de juego es este,?

  33. FOR_HONOR_DUDE 109

    FOR_HONOR_DUDE 10918 dias atrás

    Well this is the most realistic game ever

  34. Nikki Matthews

    Nikki Matthews18 dias atrás


  35. Poseidon32

    Poseidon3219 dias atrás

    I love the realism of UE4 and these death and kill animations to!!!


    DEADPOOL20 dias atrás

    is this a game? looks like real for me


    DEADPOOL16 dias atrás

    @OwlPhobe I wish I will play this game too this is so cool

  38. OwlPhobe

    OwlPhobe16 dias atrás

    Yup it's a game. It's called 'Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey', and came out in 2019.

  39. Mr. Charizard

    Mr. Charizard20 dias atrás

    The elephant is actually called a Gompothereium

  40. Inverted Dust Sans

    Inverted Dust Sans19 dias atrás

    Shouldn't it be a Stegotetrabelodon?

  41. Sporm Last Name

    Sporm Last Name20 dias atrás

    4:16 Hands up, don’t shoot!

  42. Erwin_ Rommel1891

    Erwin_ Rommel189118 dias atrás

    Boommm Dead Shot!

  43. The secret Tetris block

    The secret Tetris block21 dia atrás

    MANKIND NOT HUMANKIND im not sexist or anything I just think it’s retarded that mankind is offensive

  44. B and W

    B and W21 dia atrás

    What about the rhino

  45. B and W

    B and W20 dias atrás

    Resurrected Helicoprion dunno mate

  46. Resurrected Helicoprion

    Resurrected Helicoprion20 dias atrás

    Benn Witty how many hits kills that millipede thingy?


    HUNTER KNOTT21 dia atrás

    This game was such garbage

  48. Ali Ajaj

    Ali Ajaj21 dia atrás

    The hippo was terrifying

  49. Jonathon Parzyck

    Jonathon Parzyck15 dias atrás

    Ya cause that can really happen 😂

  50. revolution the ganster

    revolution the ganster22 dias atrás

    Comment 2 If u have ANY questions about game let me know

  51. Brandon Wagner

    Brandon Wagner22 dias atrás


  52. akpinar okkes

    akpinar okkes23 dias atrás

    This... makes me sad

  53. PIKA Droid

    PIKA Droid17 dias atrás

    Unruly God Your a shit

  54. Unruly God

    Unruly God19 dias atrás

    be happy u little shit

  55. Midget Man

    Midget Man23 dias atrás

    This hurts me

  56. kysike666

    kysike66613 dias atrás

    Pathetic POS!

  57. Jacob Lofthus

    Jacob Lofthus24 dias atrás

    Except now it's us who murder them...

  58. 刺客大師阿泰爾

    刺客大師阿泰爾25 dias atrás


  59. 刺客大師阿泰爾

    刺客大師阿泰爾25 dias atrás

    If this were true, we would not be here now

  60. TheSaviorOfSouls

    TheSaviorOfSouls7 dias atrás

    It happend, but another lineage 50 kilometers away would go on living life. And that would be one of our ancestors i suposse.

  61. Emre Can

    Emre Can11 dias atrás

    Actualy, things like these did happen but fortunately for us, not very common.

  62. Timo Pino

    Timo Pino26 dias atrás

    Ah yes Zoosadism fuel

  63. revolution the ganster

    revolution the gansterMês atrás

    Things to know about game Yes there's death Yes there is evolution Yes there is monkeyssss No you can't easily die Yes there are spears No you can't tame If you don't doge in time you will die Yes this is fun Yes you should download it Now don't ask again Oh and you can kill all animals with spears Don't venture out too far Thank you that is all That 4 da likes

  64. revolution the ganster

    revolution the ganster10 dias atrás

    @Damien Wayne 40$ if I may remember

  65. Damien Wayne

    Damien Wayne10 dias atrás

    How much is it

  66. revolution the ganster

    revolution the ganster12 dias atrás

    @MC Spider-Man no it's a term 4 ganster

  67. MC Spider-Man

    MC Spider-Man12 dias atrás

    @revolution the ganster I haven't played the game, nor have I watched any game play that shows you the beginning of it. Also, are you getting frustrated with me? I'm assuming that "g" stands for God?

  68. revolution the ganster

    revolution the ganster12 dias atrás

    @MC Spider-Man start of game g

  69. raven hades

    raven hadesMês atrás

    0:55 i never thought you could go extinct in this game

  70. Rafael 37

    Rafael 3723 dias atrás

    @Jiren ohh I just got I so learning the ropes ya know.

  71. Jiren

    Jiren23 dias atrás

    @Rafael 37 Yes, you very much can.

  72. Rafael 37

    Rafael 3724 dias atrás

    Can you ?

  73. Jiren

    JirenMês atrás


  74. Demonwolf570

    Demonwolf570Mês atrás

    Fuck those hippos.

  75. Nathan Wood

    Nathan WoodMês atrás

    I'm downloading this game on Xbox right now but damn that python kill is terrifying

  76. Samurai JackOff

    Samurai JackOff10 dias atrás

    Its kinda hot

  77. Jeff H

    Jeff HMês atrás

    Is it as fun as it looks? Or is it boring? I've heard several mixed reviews

  78. József Csiszár

    József CsiszárMês atrás

    Ko has conquered his fear 🐵✊🏽! IT WAS BAD IDEA 🙊!


    PEDRO CAMPOSMês atrás

    Ohhhhhhhhhh man's.

  80. Uturuncu

    UturuncuMês atrás

    Man that elephant would make Drages proud.

  81. nizzam1

    nizzam1Mês atrás

    Can you get the giant snake to fight the lion or other animals?

  82. Kevin The Left Head Productions

    Kevin The Left Head Productions17 dias atrás

    Jiren yes they did. A larger variant of the lions we have today. Where did you get that information?

  83. Jiren

    JirenMês atrás

    Lions did not exist back then.

  84. MASMAN

    MASMANMês atrás

    I will make a video like that pretty soon

  85. christopher snedeker

    christopher snedekerMês atrás


  86. Pseudonim Pseudonimus

    Pseudonim PseudonimusMês atrás

    The 🐘 is so brutal

  87. shiny hunter 28

    shiny hunter 2819 dias atrás

    Pseudonim Pseudonimus FATALITY ELEPHANT WINS

  88. Ultra_Poke_Zilla Universe1954

    Ultra_Poke_Zilla Universe195419 dias atrás

    I would have to agree with you on that one

  89. christopher snedeker

    christopher snedekerMês atrás


  90. Viper 1

    Viper 1Mês atrás

    Am I the only one to find this funny them going OOH OOH AHJajI

  91. XX_ its your boi

    XX_ its your boiMês atrás


  92. MASMAN

    MASMANMês atrás

    P.S. I meant black backed jackal instead of black eyed jackal.

  93. John Todd

    John Todd23 dias atrás

    The Elephant Looks Like A Platybelodon in my opinion They should've called it Platybelodon or Ambelodon

  94. Boombox boy

    Boombox boyMês atrás