Amazing Science Toys/Gadgets 6




    Rotational dynamics appiled on first videoo so nc

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    4:29 thumb


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    7:02 nostalgia mode: on

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    0:35 это градиентное стекло. Оно имеет разную степень преломления в разных частях стекала

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    The paper clip one doesn’t work like if u agree

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    8:20 How is this possible? argumented reality, ok! Did anyone else noticed that bing too?

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    科学とか物理は好きだ❗❤️ good👍✨

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    Not even Claickbait or fake content, Thumbs up, there are not much of your kind :) Edit : except the rainbow smoke, it wasnt real.

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    very good

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    Wait ...thats Illegal

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    0:43 how is that possible???

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    can anybody send me an iPhone x? my address reply to get my adress

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    11:43 is unbelivable

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    Electro Fusion - Splash of Euphoria this composition.

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    Manufacturer the laser pointer :

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    If I put that paper clip in my mouth would it hurt

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    Why is nobody talking about 3:28

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    Lil Boi yeah!! What is that?? It’s so fascinating!!

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    welcome to a new episode of things i never can afford todays guest Mr.Mind.Blown!

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    You know that sentence we say like when someone talks about smart people and they say *Japanese people are way ahead of our time* i bet they say that Americans are way ahead of there time after seeing this video.

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    0:01 it uses a kinect

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    6:31 I NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    4:29 is it safe to touch??

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    Nice fidget spinner 1:03

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    4:32 Internals of a Fluxcapacitor

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    4:29 Thank me later.

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    3:00 what the gadjets?

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    1:25 ?

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    Thankyou to whoever put this vid together

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    Ahh....awesome goooood luck....that is a good way...

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    I might die of blown mind right now

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    7:43 참피

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    🌐 4:35 _tHuMb tHaNk_

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    I was shook with the fluid reversibility demo

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    8:08 what is it?

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    How is the last one done?

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    1:34 shit from harry potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    What blew my brain out of all of this was 1:37

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    Could you tell me the name of music

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    Cedió vaimunde

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    Haydee raymunde

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    Last one was beautiful

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    амазинг маза фака

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    Wrong title but great video!

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    7.25 How many time will it take to clean the planet !

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    Jeanne Bourrelly it’s water vapour it’s fine

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    Make smy imagination soar!!

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    3:29 "edible water bottle" It can also be swallowed or it melts inside your mouth,it will be the future water bottle,and because of that we will dont need any bottles anymore and we will not also waste bottles Thanks to those who create it!!!

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    ok the ghostcube IS TRIPPYY like if you agree

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    4:09 ah the stuff I play when I'm in primary

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    the fluid reversibility seems tricky

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    WE HAD PLASTIC BALLOONS IN OUR COUNTRY But only few people sell them

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    Who know how make the 1:47 ?

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    Black Military Men's Outdoor Sports Watch :) :)

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    What that call at 8:55

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    Dj Thrill i think „passion meter“

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    Disculpen, pero quién sabe cómo hacer los dibujos que cambian con la temperatura, por favor.

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    Only if I had a garage, I would make it a play ground for such staff.

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    Удивительно,учёные-изобретатели такого наизобретают што аж будущим дышит.

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    It's says it on the Bottom Left Corner. LED Gyrosphere.

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