An Interview with Alyx Vance - Merle Dandridge


  1. I Man

    I Man14 dias atrás

    Bring Merle back 😢😭

  2. Artamentous

    Artamentous8 dias atrás

    @JamDoggie They both sound the same. It's not even that younger. Also, the fucking weird thing is that most of the files are of Merle's voice. Petition valve to flick the switch.

  3. Chris P. Bacon

    Chris P. Bacon9 dias atrás

    Engyne cat uuh yeah no that’s definitely an over exaggeration. People care about Half Life for many reasons other than Alyx Vance’s voice actor

  4. Malli Ulfs

    Malli Ulfs11 dias atrás

    She hasn't gone anywhere my friend :)

  5. g3o.graphy_2526_

    g3o.graphy_2526_12 dias atrás

    @Niko The actual person's age doesn't matter. Her voice for Alyx sounds younger. She sounds like a younger Alyx.

  6. Iain McLaren

    Iain McLaren45 minutos atrás

    After seeing the Half Life Alyx trailer I suffered a wave of nostaligia and had to replay Half Life 2, Episode One and Episode Two. I've just finished Episode Two this afternoon (with Merle's improv line 'Don't leave me!' as the final words) , I decided to look up Merle Dandridge interviews and came across this. I'm very glad to see that she truly invested in and appreciates the HL universe, the characters, the well-deserved professional opportunities that came from her portrayal of Alyx as well the warm reception and positive feedback she always gets from the Half Life fandom.

  7. Sven Viking

    Sven VikingDia atrás

    Before hearing the interview: Tyler’s campaign to displace the replacement voice actress seems kind of petty and futile to me. After hearing the interview: OK, fair enough. Where do I sign?

  8. David Somers

    David Somers8 dias atrás

    I had chills through this whole interview. I'm real shook.

  9. Artamentous

    Artamentous8 dias atrás

    "Poo Poo Nigga" - Twitch chat 2019 "Boss Baby?" - Twitch chat 2019

  10. Marek Kołodziejak

    Marek Kołodziejak9 dias atrás

    Few days passed and I love this interview even more! I hope 'Bring Back Merle Dandridge' petition will have positive ending!

  11. MrSwoggy ;D

    MrSwoggy ;D9 dias atrás

    15:48 Ok now someone make a John Wick like fight-scene of Alyx vs Mossman xd

  12. MarthaVanderbilt

    MarthaVanderbilt9 dias atrás

    Congratulations to the new actress playing Alyx Vance. Merle let it go. Wrong for you to support a petition trying to take a job from another actor. Did your alleged boyfriend Rick Fox influence that? He has turned you more and more into him. And that is sad

  13. OhManTFE

    OhManTFE10 dias atrás

    Bring Merle back!!

  14. Logan Jackson

    Logan Jackson10 dias atrás

    This brought tears to MY eyes, and that's just pure empathy. I can only imagine how amazing it must have felt to talk to someone so influential in your life. Amazing woman, and amazing job on your end on the interview. It must have been so painful to force back so many emotions and keep the interview moving for us. As soon as I can get a job I'll make sure to visit your patron, then its VR savings time

  15. Nemo_K

    Nemo_K10 dias atrás

    What a LOVELY person! :D

  16. Naeem Naqvi

    Naeem Naqvi10 dias atrás

    do kleiner next

  17. Clyde Marshall

    Clyde Marshall10 dias atrás

    I had no idea she was such a sweet person. I'm very glad you did this interview.

  18. nelrick

    nelrick10 dias atrás

    havent finished the video, do they answer why she was Recast for HL:Alyx??? WHY VALVE?

  19. Avery Hyena

    Avery Hyena10 dias atrás

    A lot of what she says in this interview is actually almost word-for-word what she says in the dev commentary in HL2:E2.

  20. Bad English sry

    Bad English sry11 dias atrás

    Ooh she voiced legion commander and winter wyvern too. I didn't know that

  21. muddlewait

    muddlewait11 dias atrás

    God, what a wonderful, generous person.

  22. Gary Oak

    Gary Oak11 dias atrás

    This interview is just so beautiful. I'm so glad you did this!

  23. Marek Kołodziejak

    Marek Kołodziejak12 dias atrás

    Great interview! I love the way you two interacted - it's real conversation, not quick rant through questions. I love that you gave Merle time to think and give real answer. Briliant!

  24. The Dude907

    The Dude90712 dias atrás

    When VNN gonna interview G-Man's voice actor

  25. Williamz

    Williamz12 dias atrás

    G-man's and Alyx's relation got me thinking - G-man is a stand in for Valve and in Epistle 3, he takes off with her while leaving Freeman behind, with her bevoming his new main asset. HL:A...

  26. ShadyRonin

    ShadyRonin12 dias atrás

    Merle is the fucking coolest

  27. KuraiShidosha

    KuraiShidosha12 dias atrás

    She's such an absolute sweetheart. One of the most genuinely pleasant people I've ever heard. They need to bring her back for HL:A right now.

  28. Mcp Driver

    Mcp Driver10 dias atrás

    The only reason she isn't in HL:A is because they wanted a younger voice to voice the younger alyx. If another half life episode comes along, she will almost surely voice alyx again

  29. Tim Goldich

    Tim Goldich12 dias atrás

    Without "cheats" these games are just exercises in misery for someone like me. They are simply too difficult and too frustrating to be enjoyable. I'm not saying I'd have "god mode" on all the time, I'm just saying that without that option, I can't (or perhaps I should say I won't) make it through the game. I'm just not that good at it, and besides, I'm old and cant be bothered (tortured) to deal with endless, horrendous, nightmarish difficulty. It's not why I'd be playing. For the most part, I just want to enjoy the graphics, the architecture, the characters, the surprises, the cleverness, the world, the story and I want to do so without being driven insane with frustration. Hey, game developers, I've been following these games for decades. I am worthy to play your games even if I'm not super quick and skillful. So don't shut me out! I may not be the norm among gamers, but I can't be the only one. Without cheats, I could no more make it through Episode 2's strider attack than I could fly through the air. If they will not allow cheats, then they need an "easy" setting that is truly EASY! And I mean EASY.

  30. EternalDensity

    EternalDensity12 dias atrás

    15:45 that very small 'yes'

  31. Unnatural Dusk

    Unnatural Dusk12 dias atrás

    Dude, she seems so genuine and kind. She really cares about Alyx, and the world she is a part of. How could they not re-cast her? I want a petition to get Merle the spot she deserves.

  32. Niko

    Niko12 dias atrás

    I love how much she loves the world of half life. It was so much more than a job to her and its beautiful to have a person display such true investment in something.

  33. Sk4lli

    Sk4lli12 dias atrás

    Wow, she has a great personality and that she cares so much about the job she's doing and how much she cares about tells a lot about her. And imagine dressing up as Gordon Freeman, walking down the street and suddenly the voice actress of Alyx recognizes the outfit and runs after you. Usually it's the fans running after the actors! :D I really hope she is part of Half Life: Alyx and if not the next part!

  34. Felipe Jara

    Felipe Jara12 dias atrás

    Dude. Why I'm fucking crying just for hearing his voice. OMG, I forgot how much I love this game OMG

  35. JuHraj

    JuHraj12 dias atrás

    Her voice is so beautiful. I could listen to her all day.

  36. JuHraj

    JuHraj12 dias atrás

    The fact that she doesn't really like Mossman is kinda funny. It's like he's really talking with Alyx :).

  37. Bruno Ceballos

    Bruno Ceballos12 dias atrás

    Great interview, although I would've liked to hear her thoughts on the Gordon-Alyx relationship. She's there talking about being left all alone after Eli died and I'm thinking: "Gordon is there right next to you when that happened". Anyway, thanks for the hard work, it was a very enjoyable interview.

  38. intermission

    intermission13 dias atrás

    The light in Tyler's eyes, you go my man!

  39. lucasmontec

    lucasmontec13 dias atrás

    Interview marc Laidlaw

  40. DankMcStank

    DankMcStank13 dias atrás

    If anyone's got a spare Index lying around, send it my way.

  41. Full Moon Society

    Full Moon Society13 dias atrás

    I thought it was her voice on the new game

  42. DankMcStank

    DankMcStank13 dias atrás

    Don't leave me :'(

  43. Karou

    Karou13 dias atrás

    At every moment I was wondering Am I gonna die of happiness or Tyler just from hearing her speak this passionately about a character I grew up with

  44. RayTheFox

    RayTheFox13 dias atrás

    Tyler trying to hold his scream at the beginning

  45. Hoodiedeer

    Hoodiedeer13 dias atrás

    Its awesome to see how interested and passionate she really is in talking about the characters and the universe. It’s easy to imagine actors, in particular voice actors in games they might not even play themselves, will just read the lines, take the check, move on and only care to remember their characters name at most. But even just hearing her voice in the game it should’ve been obvious she really feels connected to Alyx and the world she’s in. She may be not that connected to the rest of the fans and community but she never stopped caring about the story and the universe of HL since the day she auditioned, and I’m thankful for that.