1. theRadBrad

    theRadBrad5 meses atrás

    Well this blew up! I appreciate all the support you dropped so far in just 3 hours. Expect more fam. Much love. Edit: Giveaway winners below!

  2. rocmoine linton

    rocmoine linton2 meses atrás

    I believe no matter how good or bad a game is, with your commentary alone, it will bring you plenty viewers. I am one of many. ✊

  3. Juice

    Juice2 meses atrás

    Is there a online or is it just a story

  4. marcedesw HotSaucc

    marcedesw HotSaucc3 meses atrás

    Send me a PS4 copy of a RPG game please

  5. Iso specs

    Iso specs5 horas atrás

    His game is sooo good but so shit at the same time, like you'll be sitting there and see no animals for miles, then u go for a drink and theres 30 tigers right behind you

  6. Josh Hershberger

    Josh HershbergerDia atrás

    i can’t find the damn meteorite in the tutorial! help me?

  7. Thunder Pie

    Thunder PieDia atrás

    you are a lame gamer

  8. Sopla Tubo

    Sopla Tubo2 dias atrás

    Pick up an antelope horn. Learn to dig and stab with it. Voila. humans.

  9. Siva Karan

    Siva Karan3 dias atrás

    Why Lamarr tho?

  10. Mark Anthony Padal

    Mark Anthony Padal5 dias atrás

    I enjoy watching RadBrad videos since Silent Hill Downpour.

  11. Cyber Lab

    Cyber Lab6 dias atrás

    Don't play this shit Boring and same everything

  12. Don'tgiveahoot

    Don'tgiveahoot7 dias atrás

    What if we got here this way

  13. Chinonso Njoku

    Chinonso Njoku11 dias atrás

    Still watching

  14. Johnwahn Evans

    Johnwahn Evans14 dias atrás

    I really hope this game stays out cuz I really want this game

  15. cheesegod 69

    cheesegod 6910 dias atrás

    Johnwahn Evans games always stay out

  16. Saul Jr Barajas

    Saul Jr Barajas18 dias atrás

    Can u actually play this game and don’t skip generations and literally go through every day for years and would the game slowly evolve u or no like in the game what would happen if u survived for 20 years without passing generations I understand that isn’t enough to evolve but would the game let u do that

  17. Miguel Sanchez

    Miguel Sanchez23 dias atrás

    This is the perfect game to give away in a church gift exchange.


    NOOB HUNTER23 dias atrás

    just a shitty theory Darwin!

  19. Freedom Anderson

    Freedom Anderson7 dias atrás

    Evolution is observable. Gravity is also a scientific theory.

  20. R Baggs

    R Baggs24 dias atrás

    your welcome

  21. Davante Stewart

    Davante Stewart24 dias atrás

    What kind of Tarzan game is this lol

  22. Joan Hearts you

    Joan Hearts you27 dias atrás

    Monkeys 10.000.000 years ago to Brad: "I'm I a Joke to you?"

  23. سيد اصطوره

    سيد اصطوره27 dias atrás

    Bولله احبك احبك من العراق

  24. Logan Glover

    Logan Glover28 dias atrás

    When he said *monkey noises* I felt that

  25. cameron buckner

    cameron buckner29 dias atrás

    Holy shit you definitely aren’t good at exploring

  26. Reel Wards

    Reel WardsMês atrás

    Oh my fucking God this guy is so fucking retarded it's almost impossible to watch him play! I'm loosing my patience watching these idiot who needs ages to make a simple mokey like conclusion.

  27. Noah Cline

    Noah ClineMês atrás

    Ancestors 2 is coming out in septemtron 5vt, 590,209

  28. krazy4baja

    krazy4bajaMês atrás

    Just got this game today. Digital down loaded it. Seems like a cool Chill game. I think you learn as you explore and teach the young monkeys then evolve and hopefully take skills learned and learn new better ways to hunt or develop other skills as you take on life’s journeys

  29. troy neenan

    troy neenanMês atrás

    24:25 Who knew that you needed to you know, have babies, in order to, you know. evolve?

  30. Assassindude Guti

    Assassindude GutiMês atrás


  31. cheesegod 69

    cheesegod 6910 dias atrás

    Assassindude Guti please what

  32. Abby Hamilton

    Abby HamiltonMês atrás

    lol I'm an anthropology student and the whole time I was screaming stand up!! Create a tool with the obsidian!! Make babies and teach them what you learned!!!! lol

  33. Sam Elvis the king vaper

    Sam Elvis the king vaperMês atrás

    god this game is full of bananas haha it looks so cool I really want to play it so bad

  34. Jacob Allen

    Jacob AllenMês atrás


  35. Mayssan Saqr

    Mayssan SaqrMês atrás

    It's discusting when west scientists and civilization deal with theories as if facts how fanatics just to ignore God s existence.

  36. Freedom Anderson

    Freedom Anderson7 dias atrás

    How can you ignore something which has no evidence supporting their existence? Gravity is also a scientific theory.

  37. cheesegod 69

    cheesegod 6910 dias atrás

    Mayssan Saqr this is how we are here tho 🤦🏻

  38. Sam Porter Bridges

    Sam Porter BridgesMês atrás

    LMFAOO. Great game! But we did not come from.a fish, that turned into a lizard, then monkey, then human. We are ALL Gods children! Still, great friggin game!

  39. Freedom Anderson

    Freedom Anderson7 dias atrás

    You're right, because that's not how evolution works. There is no evidence supporting the existence of god.

  40. cheesegod 69

    cheesegod 6910 dias atrás

    Sam Porter Bridges I believe in god but we came from monkeys it’s a fact

  41. ShadowHunter

    ShadowHunterMês atrás

    witness's giant eagle kill a monkey. "I feel like its safer to be in the trees,the floor is lava." I guess.

  42. Gary Brien

    Gary BrienMês atrás

    My bad a little patience, i'd of noticed the tutorial displays xbox controls.

  43. Gary Brien

    Gary BrienMês atrás

    This is pc i take it?

  44. Anand Sharma

    Anand SharmaMês atrás

    Yes pls...explore this one & keep going. Very different!

  45. Seann Boland

    Seann BolandMês atrás

    Let's get this.

  46. Ryan Cheverie

    Ryan CheverieMês atrás

    Wait till under 20 bucks games 🗑

  47. Gordy Earl

    Gordy EarlMês atrás

    Think so? Its 29.99 now. Worth it?

  48. It’s Connor Gibbs

    It’s Connor GibbsMês atrás


  49. Milez Blacc

    Milez BlaccMês atrás

    I been following yo content for a long ass time just now subscribed my bad Brad 🤦🏾‍♂️

  50. Hungryhyena78

    Hungryhyena78Mês atrás

    **clicks TOTAL** Everyone: smh

  51. DMonkey Life

    DMonkey LifeMês atrás

    I can't wait to try this

  52. MacT

    MacTMês atrás

    Anybody knows a version of this w/o the guy talking over the game?

  53. cheesegod 69

    cheesegod 6910 dias atrás

    MacT no sorry

  54. penguin world order

    penguin world orderMês atrás

    Brad stop eating everything you pick up some things are poisonous

  55. Maxime Brochu

    Maxime BrochuMês atrás

    My moms cousin is one of the makers Jean-François Boivin😁🤙🏼

  56. Hilltop Bandits

    Hilltop BanditsMês atrás

    That was racist to name him lamarr why not peter or benny or jimmy

  57. Freedom Anderson

    Freedom AndersonMês atrás

    It's Brad's last name.

  58. Aryan Warrier

    Aryan WarrierMês atrás

    Why did he pick male not female for once

  59. cheesegod 69

    cheesegod 6910 dias atrás

    Aryan Warrier because it’s his choice

  60. Ned Floki

    Ned FlokiMês atrás

    My monkey got bitten and poisoned by a snake and broke its leg within the first 10 minutes of trying to find the baby.. I think I need this tutorial LOL

  61. Freedom Anderson

    Freedom Anderson7 dias atrás

    Envenomated is the correct term.

  62. Mathew Danos

    Mathew DanosMês atrás

    Idk anything

  63. Red Oxaca

    Red OxacaMês atrás

    Got this game now like litteralt downloading now can't wait

  64. SøuI

    SøuIMês atrás

    Same bruh

  65. blake

    blakeMês atrás

    Jeeeez that Mic peaks!!! ????

  66. golden dragon

    golden dragonMês atrás

    Grate vid

  67. cheesegod 69

    cheesegod 6910 dias atrás

    golden dragon it’s great not grate

  68. Night Hawk gaming

    Night Hawk gamingMês atrás

    Keep doing more videos on this game

  69. Acts 051726

    Acts 051726Mês atrás

    A game about Nephilim giants defeating dinosaurs would have been far more interesting than this regurgitated crap of a game.

  70. dextew69

    dextew69Mês atrás

    U're so bad its funny

  71. Origami Help Desk

    Origami Help DeskMês atrás

    3:20 Hey look, it's the famous opening shots of Star Wars: A New Hope!

  72. Max Mcnally

    Max McnallyMês atrás

    I want it

  73. Thomas Robinson

    Thomas RobinsonMês atrás

    Bro not good at this at all. Recommend next time play through it first before doing this. Snores vill bro.

  74. Jacquelyn Holley

    Jacquelyn HolleyMês atrás


  75. Chill Vibes

    Chill VibesMês atrás

    It crazy to think that we are direct descendents of these. Now we’re making games about these

  76. MiniMedley

    MiniMedleyMês atrás

    Can someone help me? I was moving my clan's settlement once per morning, and hippos warthogs and predators attacked too much, so i made the mistake of going back to the last save thinking, *" i'll just go back then try again. lol. "* then i come back in, my clan is no where in sight, but it says they are outside the settlement (where i am,) following me, but i can't see them *anywhere* and i had to save then i tried skipping through a generation, then my baby on my back died, i was an elder monkey now, and the only other ape was a girl monkey as well. i have no baby monkeys and i had to move all the way to the edge of the savannah, *then* i bounced back *all* the *way* back to the "Jungle: Hidden Waterfall Oasis ". please help me. outsiders aren't appearing anywhere, even though i have only 1 other monkey than me in my clan. (thanks for reading my long comment..)

  77. Zach Whittingham

    Zach WhittinghamMês atrás

    MiniMedley you’re gonna be happy to see a reply on this but I have no idea. Soz 😢

  78. Illinoise888

    Illinoise888Mês atrás

    Game developers must be running out of ideas.. this is retarded.