Andrew Yang on SNL's Shane Gillis' comments: Racial epithets hurt, but it's different with comedians


  1. Brandon Diederich

    Brandon Diederich9 horas atrás

    He is honest.

  2. Ray _

    Ray _10 horas atrás

    Why not just lower our taxes by being more responsible with our confiscated money?

  3. RK GA

    RK GA10 horas atrás

    Racism against Asians or Asian Americans is very real. It is more subtle, complex, and implicit as compared to racism against other minority groups. Therefore, racism against Asian Americans tends to be trivialized. However, I want fellow Americans to remember none of the following: wealth, professional status, or even presidency, is immune to racial prejudices. Asian Americans, although lauded as the "model minority," are arguably one of the most politically disenfranchised minority groups in the United States. If indeed, Asian Americans are so successful and admirable, why there is such a lack of representation in the leadership roles by Asian Americans in our country's political landscape? Late Berkeley historian Ronald Takaki presented an excellent episode at the beginning of his book A Different Mirror, in which a US-born Asian American was asked the question where he was from. The physical features of Asian Americans project the message of "foreignness," and "foreignness" in appearance leads to unfounded mistrust. Having said the above, regardless of the election result, I just want to say I am proud of Andrew Yang who has so far represented Asian Americans so well and so courageously! We need more people like him. I understand Asian Americans is a highly diverse group in the United States. We have our differences and conflicts like any other race. The fact that we tend to be from different national origins amplifies our distances. However, the fact that we are facing the common racial prejudices and barriers alone should unify us. We need more solidarity and empathy among Asian Americans and all Americans. Indeed, there is diversity, but there is something to me more important, that is, humanity!

  4. Yee Vue

    Yee Vue11 horas atrás


  5. Wholecelium

    Wholecelium12 horas atrás

    Major Respect for being ballsy enough to say that. Psychedelics are the limit for most people. I recently saw an ad from Elizabeth Warren saying she was against the drug war and it was time to “decriminalize marijuana”. She just entered the 2010s and Yang is in 2040s

  6. Anthony Lee

    Anthony LeeDia atrás

    Andrew Yang is the only candidate that have united everyone. Like a sports athlete competing for his country, in that moment, there is no left or right, there is no Black or White, just America kicking ass. CNN and mainstream media is repeating their mistakes again by discrediting Andrew Yang. Just like how they predicted and focused at Hillary winning but at the end of the day Trump did win. Andrew Yang did the research, he knew how Donald Trump won the only differences is Yang had a solid plan. not just point out problem. yanggang

  7. 4th Chamber Music

    4th Chamber MusicDia atrás

    Give money to media and corporations everyone ok but give money the american people and everyone loses their kinds - joker voice

  8. Sarah Sommerfeld

    Sarah SommerfeldDia atrás

    I LOVE IT! Nicely done, Mr Yang.

  9. Fernandezgina

    FernandezginaDia atrás

    I'm Hispanic american, I respect Yang very much for this.

  10. tbyjb

    tbyjbDia atrás

    I love this guy. Doesn’t play victim mentality. Smartest and unscripted candidate I’ve ever seen. You gotta vote for him and get the others out.

  11. Johnny Kurplutzo

    Johnny KurplutzoDia atrás

    Ying wants 5 checks per month

  12. Travis Sykes

    Travis SykesDia atrás

    These CNN teleprompters are annoying. It's like a computer generated survey

  13. Tien Truong

    Tien Truong2 dias atrás

    1. Freedom Dividend (more practical $ goes straight to citizens hands.) 2. Democracy's Dollar (more practical $ goes straight to citizens hands.) Trickle Up Economy's *Andrew Yang policies*

  14. Ponna

    Ponna2 dias atrás

    Yang is forgiving, intelligent, fair, generous and empathetic. He's the kind of man I want my son to be like.

  15. acwc1307

    acwc13073 dias atrás

    I am an Independent because I do have problem with some of the Democratic as well as Republican ideals. I support Andrew Yang because he is not bound by special interest money. He offers a refreshing change to the empty promise politics as usual. INSANITY- Doing the same but expecting different results. Most Americans agree that gun violence is out of control; the rich and poor gap is getting wider; housing, education and medical is unaffordable; Yet we want to elect a career politician to be the President and expect things to change. We need someone with REAL world experience especially as a nonprofit entrepreneur who is not inspired to be a lifetime politician. We need only a problem solver. WIN-WIN deal -EVERYONE BENEFITS. Despite benefitting tremendously from the current political system, I see tremendous troubles in our current political directions. My fear is the mass will continue to decline in wealth, health and hope for the future. Unlike most social benefits, the Freedom Dividend does not prevent people from working. The poor will benefit by having the basic needs satisfied. The rich and the business world will also benefit from a stable society AND the prospect of a huge market. How can we afford the Freedom Dividend? First we stabilize society by giving them hope with the Freedom Dividend. Second, we cut down on the massive fraud and waste in the government. Finally, we let the true spirit of capitalism do its magic when our entire society is able to participate. Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and take over a large number of jobs. Our society must learn to benefit and adapt.

  16. Bobby Knight

    Bobby Knight3 dias atrás

    CNN always using the race card. Unbelievable.

  17. Luis Hiram

    Luis Hiram6 dias atrás

    It would take about 4 Billion annually to maintain such a plan. The 2017 Corporate Bailout alone was about 10 Billion. Mmmmm?!!!! I think this could work and even stimulate the economy.

  18. Ray Cervantes

    Ray Cervantes6 dias atrás

    Social welfare is frowned upon but lets just sign this piece of legislation that subsidizes corporate media

  19. Archnid 001

    Archnid 0016 dias atrás

    i hope russia will help him win election

  20. Trump News

    Trump News7 dias atrás

    And CNN is fake

  21. Trump News

    Trump News7 dias atrás

    Ying Yang is stupid

  22. Philson

    Philson7 dias atrás

    Bitcoin for president

  23. Brendan Garry

    Brendan Garry7 dias atrás

    Killed this interview

  24. Pasquale Oberland

    Pasquale Oberland8 dias atrás

    yang is a spy he will sell out america tho china just you wait

  25. Raymond Garcia

    Raymond Garcia8 dias atrás

    Yang has my vote if he wins otherwise Trump takes my vote. Also. I only gave a thumbs up to CNN on youtube because of this Yang interview.

  26. 김치놈

    김치놈8 dias atrás

    If we can’t even joke about ourselves or each other, how could we possibly stand each other long enough to be able to unite as a nation?

  27. Zo Zial

    Zo Zial8 dias atrás

    Dem has a Jem.

  28. sachin

    sachin9 dias atrás

    "It's original I'll give you that" Who are you to give that Booty judge damn you won't even be on the stage in a few weeks

  29. andx79 _

    andx79 _10 dias atrás

    Dang cnn hates this guy

  30. Night Cap

    Night Cap10 dias atrás

    Dear lord he hit the nail on the head with the legality of giving money to people instead of companies! If Yang isn't the nominee in 2020, believe me, mass shootings will go up, and many media people accepting money from the other candidates right now will be found dead.

  31. tcnascar1

    tcnascar110 dias atrás

    Thats where its at. This guy ain’t president material. He is just as crazy as the rest of the dems!

  32. Brimmy Burner

    Brimmy Burner11 dias atrás

    Damn, I like this guy.. is he an industry plant? Lmfao

  33. bellmeisterful

    bellmeisterful11 dias atrás

    The more I think about this Freedom Dividend, the more it pisses me off. Pure politics.Look at what theyre calling it.Dividend? A divendend is something thats paid off to someone that PAID their own money to invest in a stock etc. A dividend has never been given to anyone that had zero money involved. So its a bullshit name, but what else could they call it? What it really is?? Noooo. Free money for doing nothing doesnt go over well with hard working Americans Nor entreprenuers.

  34. Destin Omura

    Destin Omura11 dias atrás

    Love yang!!!

  35. zeel l

    zeel l11 dias atrás

    He’s too smart for Donald.

  36. David HTC

    David HTC11 dias atrás

    This is our chance to make a big change..instead of voting for the same old politicians who dosen't have the gut to stand/speak against the rich and powerful..we should let them know that we are tired of politics and we are ready to make a change and fight for it. (It's not bernie) (it's not warren) (It's yang/tulsi2020)

  37. Peaches Rocks

    Peaches Rocks12 dias atrás

    It’s what I call him 😁

  38. Peaches Rocks

    Peaches Rocks12 dias atrás

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Over do @CNN 🌊🌊🌊🌊🤜🏼🤛🏼🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢#YANGGANG #Yang2020 Thanks Jake T. For having him/💞😎🤗A BREATH OF FRESH AIR 💯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. Ryuga Hydeki

    Ryuga Hydeki12 dias atrás

    Trump is the Yin by how much he loves China. Yang is just here to balance it out. 😂

  40. Brendan Day

    Brendan Day12 dias atrás

    Whites are slurred more

  41. Vlad Z

    Vlad Z12 dias atrás

    I take joy too in ppls lives lol to her

  42. Brendan Day

    Brendan Day13 dias atrás

    Lies about employment

  43. Brendan Day

    Brendan Day13 dias atrás

    Bribing voters

  44. Brendan Day

    Brendan Day13 dias atrás


  45. Brendan Day

    Brendan Day13 dias atrás

    Give your own money away

  46. J G

    J G13 dias atrás

    Andrew Yang is qualified to be the best president of the United States ever thus far. I've never seen a presidential candidate that has so many viable comprehensive solutions to all major issues facing this country and the world, quite frankly.

  47. rainwolf034

    rainwolf03413 dias atrás

    Yang is looking 10-15 years and get it started now.. Yang is funny and he is making a point.. He knows it’s satire.. why he forgave them..

  48. rainwolf034

    rainwolf03413 dias atrás

    She is always high

  49. Andrew Yang The Rising Star

    Andrew Yang The Rising Star14 dias atrás

    Thanks CNN for giving Andrew airtime! A Letter to Andrew Yang:

  50. Hua Zhang

    Hua Zhang14 dias atrás

    Amerika ist sick, they need a doctor like Yang to save that country from illness.

  51. Howard Luken

    Howard Luken14 dias atrás

    The zionists are hard at work propagandizing the clueless sheeple. Take our guns and the bad guys will go away! Fact, where there are no gun zones there is MORE crime and more killing usually in the hood where the gangsta wanna-be's are shooting each other, hence the bogus gun statistics. It isn't the wackadoos shooting up schools, read Bill Cooper's book Behold a pale horse, it's all there back in 1990 when he published. He was military naval intelligence and papers crossed his desk detailing the CIA plan to "inculcate" the idea of mass shooting into the drugged minds of mental patients and it works to this day. These media scumbag puppets and equally clueless "candidates" for office read their script and have no idea what they're talking about. Where We The People are armed, crime PLUMMETS, the bad guys live in fear and go to the gun free zones to do their crimes. When the drugged patsies fail to shoot up the schools and public places the CIA just sends in the black ops guys and tell the paid off local yokel police to stand down for a few hours. Here's some really cool military weapons and swat stuff and maybe a really cool tank or two boys, we'll take it from here says the FBI, ATF, CIA stooges. Stand by your Oaths you oafs and defend the Constitution of The United States of America.

  52. Amanda Mooney

    Amanda Mooney14 dias atrás

    TRUMP 2020...NO DOUBT

  53. Amanda Mooney

    Amanda Mooney14 dias atrás


  54. Mr Smith

    Mr Smith15 dias atrás

    Yang panders to the trash that wont work for a living. Welfare turds love him. Where will the moron get the 3 TRILLION dollars a year to give away to fruitloops while the country goes broke. Young people are at a all time level of educated ignorance.

  55. wafflepiepancake

    wafflepiepancake14 dias atrás

    You do realize, the money we receive gets reinvested back into the overall economy, right? It doesn't just disappear.

  56. GalaxyGod

    GalaxyGod15 dias atrás

    Short Round 2020

  57. GalaxyGod

    GalaxyGod15 dias atrás

    “Welcome to, (ahem) state of the union..” even Jake knows this is BS fake news😅😂

  58. GrayHistory

    GrayHistory15 dias atrás

    Try searching for the video of Shane's remarks. It can not be found. If anyone knows where I can see it, please let me know.

  59. GrayHistory

    GrayHistory15 dias atrás

    Try searching for the video of Shane's remarks. It can not be found. If anyone knows where I can see it, please let me know.

  60. Liquid Asylum

    Liquid Asylum16 dias atrás

    Thought he said everyone would be getting $$$ or is that only if he becomes president

  61. Tineel Santlal

    Tineel Santlal16 dias atrás

    He said the exact same thing at another interview word for word didnt even change the speech

  62. james monroet

    james monroet15 dias atrás