Answering Riddles in 7 Seconds with TheAMaazing


  1. Wannabe Artist

    Wannabe Artist15 horas atrás

    First I was the riddler and now I’m a didle- WAIT

  2. Kirbo Christian Boi

    Kirbo Christian Boi20 horas atrás

    Well theyre puppies So if u have a grown dog, they wont die cuz they aint pups

  3. CoolJjoosshhuuaa

    CoolJjoosshhuuaa21 hora atrás

    RAT CAN NOT DIE there cute, snugly, and little balls of warmth to make your day

  4. Henry Gold

    Henry GoldDia atrás

    "We're going to be doing 7 second riddles" - pauses every riddle -

  5. Reid McAlister

    Reid McAlisterDia atrás

    Im Scared Of Dieing Please Someone help me

  6. Jess Chan

    Jess ChanDia atrás

    um guys, for the first kidnapper one, its bc you can see the adult's feet are facing the opposite way, meaning that they are "snatching" the kid up

  7. Masky :P

    Masky :PDia atrás

    James. You messed up on the words. *Kingdom In The Children , A Girl Becomes The Next King. Y o u h a d o n e j o b , d u d e*

  8. Bluton Animates

    Bluton AnimatesDia atrás

    I don't like pizza

  9. Drew Bot

    Drew BotDia atrás

    I feel ya maaz I feel ya

  10. Kornel &Co.

    Kornel &Co.Dia atrás

    Why would you save someones filthy child? Childs can swim too. But i wouldnt save anything because i live in O' Blighty so i dont need the $.

  11. Pavlova Brizuela

    Pavlova Brizuela2 dias atrás

    The Odd 1 out has the sooubway series The odd 2 out has the riddle sries

  12. Pavlova Brizuela

    Pavlova Brizuela2 dias atrás

    Sries? Do you know how to spell?!

  13. Pavlova Brizuela

    Pavlova Brizuela2 dias atrás

    This is awful!

  14. nina. || 153f11

    nina. || 153f112 dias atrás

    i can't get over how beautiful you are james

  15. KeRen Tan

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    17 minutes of PURE ENTERTAINMENT

  16. HoloThereHumans 1

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    But whats the definition of pizza

  17. Kandyman Productions

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    What if the puppies were ill and you were putting them out of your misery

  18. Eeveelutoin Sisters

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  19. Stephanie Hunt

    Stephanie Hunt2 dias atrás

    F bc it can transform F IS BEST LETTER F CAN TURN INTO E yea B one is best riddle

  20. Little Tri

    Little Tri3 dias atrás

    James...your profile picture it’s so majestic. :]

  21. Grace D'Mello

    Grace D'Mello3 dias atrás

    “Grace decided to commit suicide” But that’s _ME_

  22. A Raven's Life

    A Raven's Life3 dias atrás

    "He just fishes the hook out of your wallet." -Maaz, 2019

  23. RoboMage 2000

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  24. Minecraft Matt

    Minecraft Matt4 dias atrás

    Hmm... If I would to be a robber wanting cash. I would ask for money. Not shout like this. GIMME THE F****** MONEY Bit**. I would ask nicely like this-> Umm excuse me sir may I have some money??? That’s how ya make friends and not go to jail. Stay safe ;) :P

  25. Sachin Unka

    Sachin Unka4 dias atrás

    Kill 2 dead puppies

  26. TurtleMania

    TurtleMania4 dias atrás

    8:28 Club Penguin is DEAD

  27. Sophie Da Cloud

    Sophie Da Cloud4 dias atrás

    Boy: Would you leave me? Girl: No, never! Boy: Will you love me? Girl: you know what i ain't falling for this crap and I'm not reading it backwards

  28. SmotheryBoat614

    SmotheryBoat6145 dias atrás

    James finally found out how to be a youtuber

  29. Ella Ziedins

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    thers a book about the king one

  30. just nate

    just nate5 dias atrás

    get you a man that looks at you like maaz looks at james 16:42

  31. Doshick999

    Doshick9996 dias atrás

    "What is the coolest *temperature* ? B!" - Maz, 2019

  32. Zion Trask

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    Do an odd1sout animation on riddles!

  33. TTV Komplaint

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    Do odds1out

  34. the catornator

    the catornator7 dias atrás

    Ow me gossssss he gottttt eyessssddffrbgygdhdtvfgb

  35. The Seventh Day

    The Seventh Day7 dias atrás

    “The back ones don’t” “*But what if it’s a four wheel drive?!*” Not how it works James! Most vehicles with 4wd are either normally 2wd or just always awd. Fwd vehicles normally do not have the option for 4wd. And even so, they still spin, but in 4wd it used the transmission to turn every wheel, not just the back two which just push the front two.

  36. Snapshot132

    Snapshot1327 dias atrás

    15:12 im a cat person and the pups will probably die faster than you any ways so whats the point

  37. karen deebz

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  38. Santino Asaro

    Santino Asaro7 dias atrás

    Has nothing to do with the video I just want to talk about it once upon a time I came outside in my bathing suit and I was going to swim in the pool I realized that the pool was drained and there were 🦆 in the pool

  39. kate1480 kate1480

    kate1480 kate14808 dias atrás

    Maaz: he hooked the hook out of the wallet- Me: grammar 👌

  40. hi hi

    hi hi8 dias atrás

    Ted Rd has some good *MATH* riddles

  41. DoggoAttack

    DoggoAttack8 dias atrás

    This is the best riddles movie

  42. UnFoundTONE

    UnFoundTONE8 dias atrás

    James, how can it be 7 seconds if you keep on pausing the video/riddle time

  43. Callie Schulte

    Callie Schulte8 dias atrás

    You really like Minecraft don’t you JAMES

  44. Unicorn McGart

    Unicorn McGart8 dias atrás

    At 12:54 it's true that SOME dogs can swim but some like pittbulls, bulldog's, and pugs. (I think)

  45. ControlFreak707

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    9:37 James is a Furry, confirmed :D

  46. TurtlePlays52

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    Its time for a strange spinoff no one really understands

  47. Dr. Depression

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  48. Aiger Akabane

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    Would you rather never eat pizza again OR let 2 puppies die Me, a dog hater BUT an Odd1sOut fan: make sure it’s not James dogs got it 7-second riddles: ok Me:Good, good. This makes me happy.

  49. SØUR_Berry Seedlin’X

    SØUR_Berry Seedlin’X8 dias atrás

    “And then she was crowned to be the next king” are we getting onto another topic about drag kings now?

  50. Naiya Arts Studios

    Naiya Arts Studios8 dias atrás

    Nice background

  51. Nuclear Ether

    Nuclear Ether9 dias atrás

    The answer is K for Kelvin, right? Video: 🅱erhaps

  52. Carson Ferguson

    Carson Ferguson9 dias atrás

    It says “Who would you save FIRST” not “Who would you save. So I would get the million dollars, pull up my mom, then dad. Got em

  53. Tara Fighter

    Tara Fighter9 dias atrás

    Every kingdom in the child?

  54. Greenpixel

    Greenpixel9 dias atrás

    0:38 that's actually probably how they did that scene now that I think about it

  55. Ludo Wolf

    Ludo Wolf9 dias atrás

    Nobody see the egg when he talks about stuff in reflections..

  56. Male Muto

    Male Muto9 dias atrás

    James in the thumbnail: NO FILMING IN THE HALLS

  57. Mystic Angles

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    *Eats mic*

  58. Truffle Goat Productions

    Truffle Goat Productions10 dias atrás

    2:06 James: As she prepared for the jump, people started to gather around her. Maaz: WhÀt Shə Haš aN AuDIenCe?!?

  59. just an animator

    just an animator10 dias atrás

    "He gave the seed to every kingdom in the child."

  60. Pikachu Comments

    Pikachu Comments10 dias atrás

    If you didn't get the seed riddle you didn't read the book "The empty pot". I already knew the answer.

  61. InfinityArc YT

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    Whatever it takes To eat pizza

  62. Devansh Pruthi

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