1. Red Rum

    Red Rum2 dias atrás

    This entire apology vid is so insulting to the LGBT community. Sweety, You're a damn liar when you say how bothersome you feel going to a female RR. You don't think You're an actual man. You just have masculine tendencies. Love, you even thought you were African-American at one point. You need to put your phone down, get away from social media, and get admitted to a hospital to clear your mind. If you truly always felt like a man, why spend so much on enhancing your female features? Don't say because you're a drag queen. You're not a drag queen. You are not black. You are not a chicken nugget. You're a woman with masculine feelings; 2 total different things.

  2. Carolina1

    Carolina13 dias atrás

    The biggest bunch of nonsense to the degree of being insulting.

  3. Ana Rivera

    Ana Rivera3 dias atrás

    As my old man said ones maybe just maybe it's best to stay quite

  4. Strawberry Pine

    Strawberry Pine4 dias atrás

    wow, just wow trish I didn't know what to say but i think i know now... You just need to work on yourself

  5. Arela Sifuentes

    Arela Sifuentes5 dias atrás

    "Just because I put on a wig and nails and make up, that doesn't mean I'm a girl." No, but getting giant breast implants DOES. gender dysphoria is a real thing and you CLEARLY do not have it. Most transgenders by their early 20's have already attempted suicide due to their extreme discomfort of living in the body they don't feel is right for them. You literally show your body and talk about it and profit off of it and expose and sexualize it all the time. A trans man would not show his tits in lingerie to the world. You're having an identity crisis and don't know where you belong. That's sad and I feel pity for you. This does not make you transgender though. This does not give you the right to try to respresent and speak for trans people.

  6. Cat King

    Cat King6 dias atrás

    I’m non-binary, for many reasons I’m not medically transitioning. No one can tell you who you are. If you say you’re a man, then you are, drop your pronouns and that’s what good people will use, and if your feelings change down the road we’ll use the appropriate pronouns then too.

  7. Lady Lovely Lox & Bagels

    Lady Lovely Lox & Bagels7 dias atrás

    I think one of the factors leading to her poor judgment is likely a low IQ, based on her speaking and sharing her thinking process. And there’s nothing wrong with being intellectually disabled, but it can lead her into situations like this. Perhaps she simply lacks the capacity to understand how ignorant she is being.

  8. Animals And Baby Yoda

    Animals And Baby Yoda8 dias atrás

    If you listen closely, you can hear the lies in her voice! It’s insane

  9. AwolAce

    AwolAce10 dias atrás

    I guess this magnifying glass isn't working because I can't find the logic in this .^.

  10. Mary Fannin

    Mary Fannin10 dias atrás

    You have lied so much. How can anybody believe a word you say? You are an actress who thrives on drama and attention. This is just another one of your plots to make money of your gullible public. You are a victimizer, not the victim you claim to be. People who identify as a male don’t get numerous boob jobs and lip implants.

  11. Sal Mascellino

    Sal Mascellino11 dias atrás

    For a community that claims to be so accepting why did all of you give her such a hard time when she was clearly going through something? If y’all supported and helped her instead of attacking and hating things would be different. I don’t think she needed to apologize to ANY OF YOU for sharing her feelings on the internet. So to all you LGTBQ folks practice what the FUCK YOU PREACH.

  12. Skittles 279

    Skittles 27911 dias atrás

    Jesus Trisha your a mess

  13. Dark Union

    Dark Union13 dias atrás

    Errr... As why do you fucking think you'll get so much backlash? You have stereotyped me, told me several times that I chose to be trans when I didn't and threw dirt on my gender

  14. Trym Vanhatalo-Vierhaug

    Trym Vanhatalo-Vierhaug13 dias atrás

    Okay, right now I think more about the fact that everyone’s gender identity is different. Everyone’s journey is different. And yes some fit better into certain boxes, but a lot of us fall outside or in between boxes and labels. Just find your way to do things and not think too much about labels at least right now.

  15. Marina Bozdog

    Marina Bozdog15 dias atrás

    whip up some fake tears, and act like you're crying so that you'd sound more genuine

  16. Joaquin Gonzalez

    Joaquin Gonzalez16 dias atrás

    You're still a racist.

  17. IcyCheese

    IcyCheese17 dias atrás

    we don’t know what she’s going through. no one has any right to call bullshit on what she’s saying because she didn’t do things the way most people did. if this is really how she feels, shame on all of you who put her down for feeling this way. i understand she has a horrible track record when it comes to telling the truth but this is not something that anyone gets to judge or call a lie. this is her identity, her life, her world. everyone needs to keep their noses out of it and just let her live her life. Trisha, you have my support❤️

  18. steffsaint

    steffsaint17 dias atrás

    This person is looking for sympathy for not getting complete support from everyone for identifying as trans based on her erroneous assumptions about the interrelationships of gender, sexuality, and social constructs of masculinity

  19. Sakura Nakamura

    Sakura Nakamura17 dias atrás

    Dont apologize to ass holes that don't no what ur going threw

  20. Sakura Nakamura

    Sakura Nakamura17 dias atrás

    T u are u u dont need to explain

  21. mez cotterill

    mez cotterill18 dias atrás


  22. Demmie

    Demmie19 dias atrás

    You are doing this for views and money. Everyone knows.

  23. sub4me 4 a cookie

    sub4me 4 a cookie19 dias atrás

    Haha that's what you get for being trans, your mom XD

  24. Jacob Clement

    Jacob Clement19 dias atrás

    Stop assuming that you have everything in the world...

  25. Leo Nelson

    Leo Nelson20 dias atrás

    ✨💖You Arent Trans✨💖

  26. ZbFire Gaming

    ZbFire Gaming20 dias atrás

    Bruh we were born straight so stay straight Same with your gender

  27. Cøøkie

    CøøkieDia atrás

    That’s not how it works dude

  28. Kay Smalls

    Kay Smalls21 dia atrás

    Trans men don’t hang their cleavage out

  29. Jade Moore

    Jade Moore22 dias atrás

    Should I pull out my violin now or after u finish wiping your fake tears?

  30. Rhianne Styles

    Rhianne Styles22 dias atrás

    Your getting hate because you said you still identify with your born gender which isn’t trans

  31. Sultan AlQassimi

    Sultan AlQassimi22 dias atrás

    I feel like you’re just confused and that’s ok You should take time to yourself to figure yourself out Gl

  32. jamie lynn

    jamie lynn23 dias atrás

    I think she's just having an identity crisis. Allllll of us have been there at some point most likely while growing up. Just because shes a youtuber, doesn't mean she's not human, we should all just be a little kinder.

  33. Makayla Cardano

    Makayla Cardano23 dias atrás

    as a part of the lgbt+, heres my opinion. I understand being confused. you probably went about it the wrong way but you are very confused and clearly struggling. you need to take a break from the internet , see your therapist, and find your true self. you dont need a label, just find yourself honey

  34. Kee E

    Kee E23 dias atrás

    As per usual acting like she had made a life breaking realisation and knowing it’s going to offend everyone and make a fake apology. Not new at all from her. How can anyone believe what she says anymore. She knows exactly what she’s doing.

  35. Salem Aguila

    Salem Aguila24 dias atrás

    Well I have a lot of dysphoria, I identify as a male but as a female too, for now I'm identifying as non binary, but I don't know, I feel female because I like "Feminine stuff", my family says I'm female and it confuses me. My ex boyfriend is trans but he can't do the transition because his parents are homophobes, and he has a female body, it is sad to hear because you don't have "a male body" you can't be trans. People can't know how yo feel, because they don't know you, so T keep going 💕

  36. Riko Olaguer

    Riko Olaguer24 dias atrás


  37. Noahs Angel

    Noahs Angel24 dias atrás

    Hey Trisha, I don’t know if you’re going to read this but I just wanted you to hear something. I think society and social media is really getting to you. I think you’re very confused at the moment, you need to sit down and take a breather. You’re scared and I get that completely. I don’t care what your sexuality is but You shouldn’t post videos of you coming out as something if you aren’t completely sure about everything you are saying. People will feel offended. You need to speak to someone that you trust and speak to them about what you’re going through because for a person with a huge Platform on BRreporter with a large following it can’t be easy being themselves. There still are many people that support you. Big hugs Noah

  38. Kollin Kae Findley

    Kollin Kae Findley24 dias atrás

    I love you Trisha you will find yourself and place in this world. People love to throw backlash at people who are famous or well known just to mess with their career. If you feel this way and have since a child then we believe you. It will blow over it always does.

  39. Christian Cs

    Christian Cs25 dias atrás

    Apology video: exists You tuber: puts ads 😔💵

  40. Picky Pocky

    Picky Pocky25 dias atrás


  41. Danika Riehemann

    Danika Riehemann26 dias atrás

    We do NOT get “ applauded” for coming out as lgbtq+ members. Being gay ISNT easy nor is it a choice. not everyone is expecting. Get that shit straight.

  42. Sarahu Marshall

    Sarahu Marshall26 dias atrás

    You don't need to apologize for anything. You be you. Yes we are confused because it doesn't make sense to us but you be you Trish. Good people will accept but ignore the hate. They are low. Keep your head held high X :)

  43. Gracie Tenniswood

    Gracie Tenniswood28 dias atrás

    The original video:'Do i identify with my natural born gender, 1000%' This video: 'Ive been seeing a gender identity therapist for 6 months'

  44. Kelly Fernandes

    Kelly Fernandes29 dias atrás

    You don't have to be what people say you're such a beautiful woman famous actor you don't have to worry what people say you got to ignore that do well in life everything takes time

  45. Adriee

    AdrieeMês atrás

    These are all fake tears she is trying to hard to try to cry and convince people but people are not Delusional like you Trisha 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  46. Ellie Jones

    Ellie JonesMês atrás

    Where’s the apology tho

  47. Shaye Filbert

    Shaye FilbertMês atrás

    your just masculine and i think your confusing that with being transgender

  48. Isabelle GallowayDean

    Isabelle GallowayDeanMês atrás

    What do u expect you offended the whole lgbtq+ community and the trans

  49. TheMidnightWolfie

    TheMidnightWolfieMês atrás

    If she/he identify as trans that's completely okay but would like a deeper understanding of her feelings to see if I can help her/him

  50. HiIts Arts

    HiIts ArtsMês atrás

    The way you worded it was off in that video. Lots of people go through this things, but you said that you were transgender but identify as your natural born gender. And we dont get applause. I am non binary and i know many trans people who were kicked out of the house. Whatever you would like to do is all up to you. If you one day come and have a chest binder and short hair, i will support. Just the way you worded it just affended most LGBTQ+ people.

  51. sokunsui Cosplay

    sokunsui CosplayMês atrás

    As she makes this video with her chest out and puts an add. she thinks she's trans because she liked gay guys. It's ok if she doesn't know who she is but I really doubt she has gender dysphoria maybe dysmorphea but she really needs to do far more research.

  52. TheForestFamily

    TheForestFamilyMês atrás

    Trish seriously seems like she has Borderline Personality Disorder it’s really concerning she hasn’t been diagnosed with anything and isn’t getting good help for what she needs

  53. Christina Simone

    Christina SimoneMês atrás

    Honestly, This is what’s wrong with the world to me. She obviously loves the LGBTQ+ community, but she is just confused possibly on labeling herself in the proper manner or needs help understanding. Is it to hurt anyone or attack them personally? I truly think not. Maybe instead of getting offended I truly believe just be there, walk in love, and help her understand that even though this is how she feels, that she is not Trans. I don’t think she would ruin her career and come out with a statement like this if she didn’t believe it. We all go through confusing things in life and some are acceptable and some are not. I love the LGBTQ+ community so much and I do not disregard everything that they have to go through, but I think people should differentiate the difference between attacking the community and someone who is truly confused and just needs help finding herself with a community she loves. Instead of ripping her apart, maybe show her the support she has given you guys. I truly don’t think she’s trying to offend anyone or thinks it’s “cool”. I think she just needs loving help from the community. We’re not doctors here, but I’d like to think not everyone to get easily offended and realize that she means no harm. Walk in love and stop criticizing someone who does not know what she’s doing wrong. That’s not how we learn or grow. I get it can be upsetting, but in this case I don’t think she was trying to personally offend anyone. Help her find the right label with love, not bringing her down to where she’s still confused and not learning from this experience. This is what causes suicidal actions and then people feel guilty later or some don’t which makes you just as bad to me. How can we walk in peace for unity and growth by tearing down a soul and not helping them learn? You tell her what’s wrong, but are you helping her understand?

  54. CelestrialRose

    CelestrialRoseMês atrás

    Trish your going through an identity crisis and need to find the right therapist that will help you through this. Obviously your not sure of yourself and how it handle how your feeling. You need that mental help to see where you are at for yourself... it’s nothing bad sweetie but you do need the help. You need to find what is really feeling right for you as a person.

  55. Lisa Kate

    Lisa KateMês atrás

    Uhh..... It's 2020 you can like or dislike whatever you want and literally nothing describes your gender besides a penis or vagina. So maybe just STFU about it Trisha

  56. Xiaomei Ke

    Xiaomei KeMês atrás

    “Not every transgender transitions” wow that’s like saying not all blacks or whites. It’s derogatory and rude ngl it takes 2 seconds of research

  57. Secret Art Hangout

    Secret Art HangoutMês atrás

    It’s okay, just keep trying to improve yourself

  58. StrikeZone

    StrikeZoneMês atrás

    You put ads on this...wow. HOLY bitch WHAAA

  59. Isabelle Sterling

    Isabelle SterlingMês atrás

    “I look female so I look like a joke identifying as male” This is so ridiculous of her. If she’s happy with her body and she wants to look and be seen as female then I’m pretty f*cking sure she’s female.

  60. Isabelle Sterling

    Isabelle SterlingMês atrás

    Trisha Paytas is NOT transgender. She is looking for attention and trying to play the victim. So many trans people are actually suffering and she is making it seem like being transgender is a choice. It is not. Her VOCABULARY isn’t what made people mad, it is literally what she is saying. She keeps talking about her struggle but with what? Right now I can’t even function as a real human being because of my dysphoria. I have wanted so bad to kill myself in the past. If Trisha is okay with her body and her pronouns and such, there is no reason she should need to transition. If she doesn’t have dysphoria, she isn’t transgender. She is making a mockery of everything the trans community goes through.

  61. Joy Gill

    Joy GillMês atrás

    She needs attention. From her audience and from doctors.