Apple Card Unboxing & Impressions!


  1. Mr Fish

    Mr Fish18 horas atrás

    Even if they have your phone, they don’t have their face. 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Roy Ryando

    Roy RyandoDia atrás

    I still waiting for Apple Card Pro Max

  3. Ghotoxic

    Ghotoxic2 dias atrás

    Apple customers: 3% DISCOUNT ON APPLE PRODUCTS?! I will take your entire stock.

  4. Se7en VII

    Se7en VII2 dias atrás

    Apple Card SE 😃

  5. Hoby Moore

    Hoby Moore2 dias atrás

    But what if they have your phone and your face?

  6. DoJo

    DoJoDia atrás

    then you have much larger problems than some stolen money of your Creditcard

  7. technology is magic

    technology is magic3 dias atrás

    is that an Over The Garden Wall reference

  8. Aditya

    Aditya4 dias atrás

    4:33 "They don't have your face" *proceeds to behead the guy I kidnapped to use his iPhone*

  9. xpert4me2

    xpert4me24 dias atrás

    I love this card!

  10. iPalmBeach Vapes

    iPalmBeach Vapes4 dias atrás

    Just by looking at the card unboxing i can instantly tell i have not been approved.

  11. jimbobbyrnes

    jimbobbyrnes6 dias atrás

    if you lose it they will make you pay another 1000 dollars. i dont know im just guessing since its Apple and they hate costumers.

  12. Wong Sifu

    Wong Sifu6 dias atrás

    Backed by Goldman Sachs ??? no way gonna subscribe to Apple card

  13. Øne-Hit Disaster

    Øne-Hit Disaster9 dias atrás

    What do you mean they can’t use your card if they steal it? The card doesn’t know who is holding it. Unless it has a hidden camera built within the thin piece of titanium that spies on you

  14. jaycotty

    jaycotty10 dias atrás

    If you can't open a beer with the card no good for me.

  15. Some big ass dinosaur Nigga

    Some big ass dinosaur Nigga3 dias atrás

    jaycotty it’s made out of fucking titanium😂 I think it could open a beer bottle

  16. Jikito

    Jikito10 dias atrás

    Apple is very smart. This is a very smart product!! It's another way to prevent their customers from leaving their ecosystem. Damn that is smart...

  17. Ajay Kumar

    Ajay Kumar10 dias atrás

    "I'll be here!"

  18. IlistentoGutalaX

    IlistentoGutalaX11 dias atrás

    It actually looks pretty cool, I would have one 🤘🐷

  19. MythMethuselah

    MythMethuselah12 dias atrás

    It seems like all the tech on the card already exists, or am I wrong?

  20. Omar's Club

    Omar's Club12 dias atrás

    No headphone jack? They removed the screen too huh?

  21. ghostdasquarian

    ghostdasquarian13 dias atrás

    Marques “great credit” Brownlee

  22. welfare office

    welfare office13 dias atrás

    2008 economy crash, link to owner of card

  23. Dontbescared Lerma

    Dontbescared Lerma13 dias atrás

    The fact your credit limit is 10,000 that’s a flex


    HK CREATES UNIQUE!13 dias atrás


  25. McDucker

    McDucker14 dias atrás


  26. glazezboy

    glazezboy15 dias atrás

    you can use it as a knife

  27. lol_n_jk

    lol_n_jk15 dias atrás

    Who has the the apple card?

  28. W. Dearth

    W. Dearth21 dia atrás

    Why are you unboxing a credit card? We're doomed as a society.

  29. Edgar Renje

    Edgar Renje22 dias atrás

    Looks like a key card for employees.

  30. B H

    B H24 dias atrás


  31. ZF KingWilliam

    ZF KingWilliam24 dias atrás

    U apple fanboys really do be paying anything nowadays 🙄🙄

  32. Waffles

    Waffles24 dias atrás

    I’m the type of guy to buy this expensive card just to see the pairing animation.

  33. Adolfo Fuentes

    Adolfo Fuentes25 dias atrás

    Swear he says “Ka B HD” when saying his name

  34. Ralph Lauren

    Ralph Lauren25 dias atrás

    A metal credit card...what the hell

  35. Angel Pupp3t

    Angel Pupp3t25 dias atrás

    That’s hot that’s hot

  36. JayMc

    JayMc26 dias atrás

    Markass Brownie

  37. Mohamed FAOUZ

    Mohamed FAOUZ26 dias atrás

    Plot twist: it automatically pays for the new iphone and ships it to your house (Feature cannot be turned off)

  38. C PMc

    C PMc26 dias atrás

    1% cashback is shockingly bad.

  39. Joey Blowy

    Joey Blowy26 dias atrás

    I thought he was going to impersonate a credit card. Click bate -_-

  40. Mitchell Mildwaters

    Mitchell Mildwaters26 dias atrás

    Us Australians have had these features for years. How can you guys be so behind the curb?

  41. Mark Harvey

    Mark Harvey27 dias atrás

    Your tin foil hat is getting tighter every year. You seriously think a company develops a credit card with the primary intent of keeping you in their ecosystem? No company can deliver the amount of experience and detail this credit card product experience has, AS YOU EXEMPLIFIED IN YOUR REVIEW, without having full control of the end-to-end experience, as only Apple has. But please keep talking about the walled garden and headphone jacks.

  42. Cole M

    Cole M28 dias atrás

    As a fast food cashier, the most noticeable and weird thing is how thick and heavy it is

  43. Zach

    Zach28 dias atrás

    Good luck trying to cut that thing

  44. The Ecodragon

    The Ecodragon28 dias atrás

    Why don't you tell me the magic numbers on this card?

  45. Kevin Coutinho

    Kevin Coutinho28 dias atrás

    Can you do a review of the Sirin Finney?

  46. Wali 080901

    Wali 08090128 dias atrás

    When yt gives Samsung ad on apple ved......

  47. Abbas Salvatore

    Abbas Salvatore29 dias atrás

    The actual card should change color

  48. Wilson Morris

    Wilson MorrisMês atrás

    Now you can put a dbrand skin on your credit card and your Tesla cybertruck

  49. Margarita Granat

    Margarita GranatMês atrás

    Can I get Apple card as my first credit card?

  50. Dija's Vid Dump

    Dija's Vid DumpMês atrás

    So...what is the reason to use this thing? Instead of a better, cheaper credit card or, even better, a debit card?

  51. Al P

    Al PMês atrás

    I mean if Apple does the 6% every year then that's a thing, you can also finance an iPhone with that card and pay no interests.

  52. Jack Costabile

    Jack CostabileMês atrás

    Why does it sound like he's saying kbhd not mkbhd

  53. paolo galetti

    paolo galettiMês atrás

    2025: people finally reach Mars Marques": "I have bene here for a couple of year and i have to make this video, the weather Is cold, but i have my iPhone 20 and my Tesla Semi here"

  54. TheLastMcLaren

    TheLastMcLarenMês atrás

    Mark ass brownie

  55. bradrh79

    bradrh79Mês atrás

    In a few years I can see this with a fingerprint scanner

  56. JustToxiic

    JustToxiicMês atrás

    Markass Brownie

  57. Muhammed Mateen

    Muhammed MateenMês atrás

    Don’t get the credit card you will enter debt and never get out

  58. Sean Dent

    Sean DentMês atrás

    So this is the new icard

  59. Rishi Khera

    Rishi KheraMês atrás

    Apple Card Pro?

  60. 2006의진짱

    2006의진짱Mês atrás

    your name is marques brownlee and you don't like brown?

  61. Daniel Hesse

    Daniel HesseMês atrás

    Goldman Sachs, no thanks.

  62. Crax :1

    Crax :1Mês atrás

    How much is the card? It´s not available in my country