Are Solid State Batteries About To Change The World? | Answers With Joe


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    Are you coming down here to ask about my shirt? If so, you can get one here:

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    Joe do a video on graphene and what it can do for batteries and capacitors. And solar ect

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    @Martyr4JesusTheChrist You must be fun at parties...

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    +Joe Scott Please learn how to use the word "Create" properly, i tell you this a a linguist and lover of factual operational science. The word "create" means "ex-nihlo" _(to speak matter in existence instantly)_ and according to the Law of Thermodynamics, energy is not created, it has all already been created, and thus it is only always ever changing forms - so any astute, linguistically intelligent, authentically wise scientist knows this. So seeing as how you have 680k+ subscribers and get million+ views on your videos, you have a much greater responsibility to help improve the cognitive, intellectual, higher reasoning and linguistic intelligence of your viewers and that means not making them more intelligence degenerate by using the word 'create' incorrectly especially when talking on operational science. Hopefully you will see this and be mature and humble enough to consider inescapable sound sense to this since i would hope you do not want to be responsible for helping to contribute to the lowering of cognitive, linguistic, intellectual, critical reasoning intelligence of your viewers. Also, John B Goodenough is a New Testament/Covenant Bible believer, is that not "good enough" for you to mention that it was because of his relationship with God that gave him the connection needed to come up with the discoveries he did? Most of the Nobel Peace Prize winners in the areas of various operational sciences and most of the operational scientific discoveries we have today that we use all around the world were from various Bible believers such as Andrea Volta _(the last name should give you a clue as to what he contributed to electricity)_ , Andre-Marie Amphere _(that last name should also give you a hint of what that has to do with electricity)_ Isaac Newton, Max Planck, Louis Pasteur, Nikola Tesla, John Maxwell, Michael Faraday, Antoine LeVoiseir, Lord Kelvin, Iohannes Kepler, Galileo etcetera etcetera. Their belief in God they all admit was what fueled their desire to get into operational science for to them, factual operational science is discovering how God created what He did since He is the sole Creator after all.

  5. Glen

    GlenMês atrás

    Great video Joe. I´ve searched through your links but couldn't find your numbers on the energy density being 2.2 to 5 times as high. Could I get your source for that?

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    my bad i get a little crazy without cocopuffs.

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    Anyone else get an ad about lithium ion batteries?

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    Me jumping to comment while the video plays: Wait John B. Goodenough is this video a jok- oh, OK, he's addressing it now, nevermind

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    @12:36-47 That’ll B. Goodenough.

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    they should name a chemical element after this legend. Goodenoughium or whatever

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    John B. Goodenough, I liked his song Johnny be good.

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    Is it possible that this could come earlier because everyone knows how big a deal this is? Investment will go berserk especially with Tesla likely to be one of the biggest team of drivers into solid state batteries. They definitely don't want to lose their lead & others of course don't want that lead to escalate & possibly get a chance to make inroads into Tesla's leading position. I realise the investment is already huge but he who's first is the winner unless they fuck it up...

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    That’s not Goodenough! 😂😂😂

  15. Gilbert Good

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    I have no doubt that battery improvements are on their way. I followed Maxwell Technologies when it was a separate public company. The ultra-capacitor, in my opinion, held great promise because it is electronic instead of chemical, and could be recharged almost instantaneously. Developing the ability to hold a greater charge along with the controlled discharge gave meaning to a battery system that could emulate the normal ice fill-your-tank in just a few minutes. Tesla must be considering how to use this technology to augment its high speed charge system, as well as the glass technology discussed in your presentation.

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    Go Johnny go... Johnny B Goode .. . . .

  17. Pedro Pinheiro Augusto

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    I see Goodenough and Braga as the holders of all my hopes to save us from lithium minning, here, in the North of Portugal. We have some lithium in the rock in our mountains and the lithium fever as brought some multinational minning heavy players to mine this wonderful, pristine places. The thing is PEOPLE live here, WATER springs here and feeds major rivers that supply water to Portugal's major cities. This is insanity!

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    The legend of legend is about to change the world againXD Like really, who can say they changed the world twice?

  19. Preator_Vallum

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    A lithium ion battery sounds so futuristic- like something in star trek Funny it was made in 1973

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    no if they made it just ask more money. are they cjeaper. like hard drives lol

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    6:58 Scott a man how has done public speaking for a very long time: more fast... were is the script again

  22. Joshua Thomas

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    The bagdad battery was not a battery. It was a protective scroll holder. It's identical to other scroll holders found throughout the region. We know this because they were found with scrolls still inside. Weak batteries are not complex or hard to make. A potato with two different metal prongs stabbed in it can also function as a battery, after all. The fact that a scroll holder could be modified to do the same thing isn't notable or special at all.

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    This is like that time I asked my girlfriend how her day was and she starts with the creation of the earth

  24. James Sempy

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    how about a solar cell laminated to a solid state battery ??

  25. James Sempy

    James SempyDia atrás

    so Mr Baghdad deserved the Nobel , not Mr Goodenough .... 😄

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    I would say that’s good enogh

  27. Nathan Fields

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    Good enough for me. Excited about the potential of this tech!

  28. Danny Burzun

    Danny Burzun2 dias atrás

    BAGDAD battery, the only thing in science that found its function after it had its form already. so many coincidences and halfassed explanations

  29. FellixNoAmatsu

    FellixNoAmatsu2 dias atrás

    I really hope this actually gains popularity. This tech will truly open millions of potential life changing opertunities in the future.

  30. Aleksius Butilkinas

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    The origin of the battery sounds dubious at best.

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    Charlie Day's brother?

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    you think you’re funny? FAIL

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    The bagdad battery is not a one off,, the clay jar is fragile, and the metals are valuable for reuse.

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    Am I the only one being reminded of Marshall whipping a door whilst screaming: "NOT GOOD ENOUGH!"

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    The allspark is on its way.

  36. Colin Inscore

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    Electric power? So, as long as fossil fuels are used to charge the batteries I’m all in. I’m not sure if the quality and flavor of wind or nuclear energy would be the same.

  37. Pris0ner Gaming

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    I do not read Sanskrit so I have not read the Vedas but I have read elsewhere that instructions on how to make a simple battery are contained in the Vedas. I do not know how true that statement is.

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    3:47 WTF Look at this Laptop !!

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    This should just fake notmore than 3 years

  40. MSSGNO

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    this implies that there are moving part batteries

  41. Grow ByDoing

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    Lithium didn’t change anything. Ram was a team of 200 who built upon thousands of others work.

  42. Grow ByDoing

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    No, no they aren’t. Skipping video.

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    The Bagdad battery powered the burning bush.

  44. Full Wave Recked

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    Love your channel. Your sense of humour cuts deep like a scalpel, or a laser mounted on a Meg...

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    So the arabian peopel is the first one ho had discover electrisite

  46. Rider Mak

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    It is both a terrifying and fascinating time to be alive.

  47. Toad Kinopio

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    Finally, wireless gaming controllers will be worth it. And also yes, great news for the medical field.

  48. DEVUNK88

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    I am holding out for new battery tech before I switch to EV vehicles and the like

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    Lol. And this... Totally freaking is... John B Goodenough. Agreed. Dude is a modern Nicola Tesla.

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    John b definitely good enough 😛

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    Mind blown! This man deserves a BIG statue .

  52. Joe Greer

    Joe Greer7 dias atrás

    Lot of skepticism on this from just about everyone else in the field. This was initially revealed in 2016 and since then there has been no peer reviewed (or explained) confirmation of any of this. It may be true, but given what I've read I have very serious doubts this is anything real.

  53. Paul Kennedy

    Paul Kennedy7 dias atrás are saying he's a modern day Tesla?! and like one really knows about until WAY LATER!

  54. Sloan Ranger

    Sloan Ranger7 dias atrás

    Why is the voltage of the Bagdad battery seem so "Crazy" for electroplating? How do we know the required voltage back then wasn't enough for electroplating? What if 10 volt back then is only 1 volts in today electronics. What if something in their universe changed and it's still that way today?

  55. InterstellarStallion

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    So I watched a video directly before this about IBM claiming they've discovered a secret battery formula that uses minerals from the ocean lmao

  56. MWB Gaming

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    in other news, Exxon acquires patent for solid state super battery

  57. Alrukitaf

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    3:40 what about nickel cadmium batteries. What about those (supposedly) used on the moon?

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    So this is what gray goo was really waiting be created

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    I had a friend who’s last name was goodenough. Yes I heard all the jokes hanging out with him for a day. I remember one day he got dumped and he walked up to be looked me dead in the eye and said “well I guess I wasn’t good enough”

  60. Punk Rock Vixen

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    I love you joe. Your content is just so amazing. I wish you were my professor

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    So tesla.. What's up?

  62. Kacper Kordek

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    3:42 Hmmm li-ion batteries made my desktop PC possible? Didn't know that :D But seriously, great work Joe!

  63. Vincent Sullivan

    Vincent Sullivan2 dias atrás

    And Leyden jars use the same technology as batteries??? (Hint: We call Leyden Jars "capacitors" now...) I stopped watching at this point. Just way to many errors in science and fact to trust any information in this presentation.

  64. wayne nahuy

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    What you didnt hear ? It could improve hearing aids.

  65. wayne nahuy

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    Well sorry...i guess im just not goodenough.

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    AI design will already make this redundant also charge using own body