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Ariana Grande - 7 rings


  1. Nazlı Melike

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  2. IamWaveGod

    IamWaveGodHora atrás

    straight jacked soulja boy swag smh 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. The2WoodenChairs

    The2WoodenChairsHora atrás

    1 like= 1 ring

  4. Esli Lisha

    Esli LishaHora atrás

    And I was wondering where I heard this soundtrack

  5. Ryan Munetsi

    Ryan MunetsiHora atrás

    ariana grande used to be cat like 6 years ago let that sync in....

  6. Allyson Johnson

    Allyson JohnsonHora atrás

    LOVE THIS :)

  7. Whitney Wylie

    Whitney WylieHora atrás

    I love you so much I'm you bist fan my family don't like you you are my favrit singer you make the best songs ever I love u so much😁😀

  8. Marvincent Acuña

    Marvincent AcuñaHora atrás

    Whoever said money can’t solve our problems *mustn’t have had enough money to solve them* Stop attacking me, I’m *triggered*

  9. Sofia Misuraca

    Sofia MisuracaHora atrás

    Love arianaaaa

  10. Lorena Nscimento

    Lorena NscimentoHora atrás

    Cadê os BR?

  11. Yomna Jiroudi

    Yomna JiroudiHora atrás

    Nicki *WHO* ?? we dont know her

  12. Pabllo Vittar

    Pabllo VittarHora atrás

    OMG 💕💕

  13. Hamed

    HamedHora atrás

    is this sakamichi no apollon's music score?

  14. Jane Momsen

    Jane MomsenHora atrás

    Thank you, 'next'; (ain't got № money left to spend.)

  15. kim fof

    kim fofHora atrás

    هي حلوه الاغنيه مقبوله بس انا انصدمت لان كنت متحمسه واغاني اريانا دايم تفوق الخيال والدليل حق ثنكيو نكست كانت مررا حلوه وتجنن بس ذي هه تبقى اغاني ارايانا حلوه💕💕💕


    IRINA KARNIKHora atrás

    I just feeling poor af for 3:05

  17. yaya i

    yaya iHora atrás

    Les français ! 🤗🤗

  18. Dexo FTW

    Dexo FTWHora atrás

    This clip must have been recorded on a Wednesday

  19. just nessaaa

    just nessaaaHora atrás

    I’m not understanding why people complaining that she is turning into Nicki Minaj and rapping and etc 😫 First Ariana is her own person ❗️❗️if she wanna rap sheee caaaannnnn cause I’m here for it🤪🤪! Thank u, next 😘it’s not like she is always gonna be rapping and if so who cares 🤷🏿‍♀️

  20. Hannah Collinson

    Hannah CollinsonHora atrás

    thank u, next.

  21. Tony S

    Tony SHora atrás

    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I liked this comment, You should too.

  22. It’s me yea just me

    It’s me yea just meHora atrás

    damn dis gurl 🔥

  23. Ahmed Diwani

    Ahmed DiwaniHora atrás

    Is to OK for a boy to listen to this?

  24. luke sheehan

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  25. 小七粉絲后援會賴

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  26. Sam.vdplas

    Sam.vdplasHora atrás

    Sound of music

  27. veronica santon

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  28. Gatul 9

    Gatul 9Hora atrás

    first rap from one who can actually sing

  29. Pramod Hillal

    Pramod HillalHora atrás

    Pink ARI !

  30. moneninho

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  31. Katie Bishop

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  32. justtammi

    justtammiHora atrás

    *thank u, next has left the chat*

  33. Eva is here

    Eva is hereHora atrás

    Did not know this was from Ariana Grande.....

  34. Marília Meira

    Marília MeiraHora atrás

    Nem consegui supêra o back do outro clip e já vem outro meu deus Assim o coração não aguenta ari

  35. Luiza Santos

    Luiza SantosHora atrás

    Beautiful 😍💖

  36. Jan Leonardo

    Jan LeonardoHora atrás 7 rings cover 😂😂

  37. Stiffy

    StiffyHora atrás

    Why does it kind of sound like the sound of music, the movie singing part

  38. Unicoorn üniforma

    Unicoorn üniformaHora atrás

    Hi rapunzel 💕

  39. Imy Bennett

    Imy BennettHora atrás

    *gee thanks, just bought it ;)*

  40. HushPuppy Clan

    HushPuppy ClanHora atrás

    Imagine thinking that this is talent.

  41. Lika ArmyBlink

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  42. Kristaps Ločmelis

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  43. Chestot Lapaz'

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  44. Guta Angelica

    Guta AngelicaHora atrás

    Nick Minaj e Card b é melhor vocês ficarem espertas 😂🤣😂🤣

  45. Fred Eriksson

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  46. Sandro Multineddu

    Sandro MultinedduHora atrás

    I LOVE YOU😍😍😍😍😍

  47. Justin Gem

    Justin GemHora atrás

    *Julie Andrews is shooketh.*

  48. Dessy Marie

    Dessy MarieHora atrás

    You can say she stole the beat from soulja boy but his song was shit so what's tea

  49. Hell'S Arena

    Hell'S ArenaHora atrás

    *S H I T*

  50. Erina Erina

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  51. Hannah Villapa

    Hannah VillapaHora atrás

    my boner

  52. manja Lakota

    manja LakotaHora atrás

    my song is here...boys with musles who getting some drinks money and women asmr sounds get yourself something you can actually aford,had some rought days,i should be happy but now i am here...did you like it??

  53. Kim Taehyung

    Kim TaehyungHora atrás

    ok, i love it

  54. ruby may x

    ruby may xHora atrás

    Lyrics have left the chat 2:18

  55. Howard Dexter

    Howard DexterHora atrás

    You want It You got It

  56. Gagem Teddy

    Gagem TeddyHora atrás

    Arianna just said the b word she is the b word and the

  57. T F

    T FHora atrás

    i really love how she included women with lots of different body types

  58. Jasper Tan

    Jasper TanHora atrás

    The starting of this song is the same as the starting of ThankuNext

  59. Maria Vittoria Viscuso

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  60. Ari's wolfie

    Ari's wolfieHora atrás

    *Talent has entered the chat.*

  61. TAKE

    TAKEHora atrás

    verse1sounds like Jiburi:)

  62. 장서미Yoongi'sWife

    장서미Yoongi'sWifeHora atrás

    disgusting I hope this whore will die she said she don't respect her poor fans and that i hope they dies than i hope you die rich fake dwarf whore

  63. Nelson Here

    Nelson HereHora atrás

    1 hour version???

  64. onekasai

    onekasaiHora atrás

    Nicki Minaj has left the chat

  65. Kamari Galaxy

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  66. shakiraa X

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    WOW Mary poppins has entered the chat Original is:my favourite things

  67. A Fuentes Martínez

    A Fuentes MartínezHora atrás

    I'm in Love whit this Ari SHIT this Is so fucking good.

  68. Franco Nero

    Franco NeroHora atrás

    At the end of the video, Ariana, will have had pains in her knees...

  69. Gachaline Zoey

    Gachaline ZoeyHora atrás

    It Sound like Nicki

  70. Najwa nono

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  71. Natalya

    NatalyaHora atrás

    1:26 that illuminati blink!!!!!

  72. Ptx. Superfruit

    Ptx. SuperfruitHora atrás

    Sing queen!!!

  73. It'sJustJosh That'sIt

    It'sJustJosh That'sItHora atrás

    Take A Hint (Victorious) + My Favorite Things (The Sound of Music) + Pink = 7 Rings I mean...I could be wrong.

  74. Gabrielle Riley

    Gabrielle RileyHora atrás

    How dare u say nigga

  75. Moviesfrom Mash

    Moviesfrom MashHora atrás

    Niki who ??

  76. Jarhoda Curley

    Jarhoda CurleyHora atrás

    What in the 2019

  77. Jade Fontaine

    Jade FontaineHora atrás

    OMG !!!!

  78. Tay Adams

    Tay AdamsHora atrás

    5sos fans would know

  79. Imana Isis

    Imana IsisHora atrás

    Ari back with another banger💕 !!! But soljour boy bout to @ Ari for doing the pretty boy swag copy 😂

  80. Moviesfrom Mash

    Moviesfrom MashHora atrás

    Sister shook

  81. etherxal

    etherxalHora atrás

    I heard something hit the wall during the video. I look over and it’s my wig

  82. Yefit Alamo

    Yefit AlamoHora atrás

    Please remix with Queen Onika♥

  83. King Harvey

    King HarveyHora atrás

    Ariana grande being nicki minaj 3mins straight

  84. Livehaq Alsharq

    Livehaq AlsharqHora atrás

    I will add a 💜 for every like! 💜

  85. Okky Okta

    Okky OktaHora atrás

    The Sound of Music - My Favorite Things

  86. Vitzmark

    VitzmarkHora atrás

    Replay button has crashed.

  87. Devin Galvan

    Devin GalvanHora atrás

    Now my fave song

  88. Levi Devadeb

    Levi DevadebHora atrás

    Congratulations #1 on trending!

  89. Destiny Macus

    Destiny MacusHora atrás

    The rhythm is very similar from: My favourite things by Julie Andrews. But adapted to the song. Great job!!

  90. Abbie Fishet

    Abbie FishetHora atrás

    Love how she raps in this song

  91. foljs

    foljsHora atrás

    So, despite #metoo and all that, the main fixation with today's pop idols is looking like $10 strippers and call girs?

  92. Shaggybro

    ShaggybroHora atrás

    Lol it's Arianas first song like this🙄🙄🙄🙄 Just if people like Nicki and ari release serious songs with serious topics..... Nobody cares

  93. Sj Martin

    Sj MartinHora atrás

    Ari, thanks for the memes

  94. Alejandra Monsalve

    Alejandra MonsalveHora atrás

    Cardi B who

  95. Moviesfrom Mash

    Moviesfrom MashHora atrás

    Niki and cardi-b are quacking

  96. vanilla jam

    vanilla jamHora atrás

    and thats the souuund of music

  97. Elsa & Ellie

    Elsa & EllieHora atrás

    OMG ur amazing Ari.Ur the best singer EVER and I love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  98. Gacha Logic

    Gacha LogicHora atrás

    I was on my schools laptops and you uploaded this so I watched it at school and I got in trouble

  99. มัๅพลไมัปัน น้ๅแข็ง

    มัๅพลไมัปัน น้ๅแข็งHora atrás

    I love this video

  100. Kesha Vlog

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  101. Quân Tran

    Quân TranHora atrás

    her queen serenity hair tho✨✨