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ARIANA GRANDE - God Is A Woman | Kyle Hanagami Choreography



    KYLE HANAGAMI3 meses atrás


  2. Layla Jones

    Layla Jones16 dias atrás

    Not here.

  3. Shayene Batista

    Shayene BatistaMês atrás

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  6. Kawaii Life :3

    Kawaii Life :32 meses atrás


  7. Eva Mendez

    Eva Mendez2 dias atrás

    How can I dance by myself ? Any idea.. I came from france

  8. Alina Ledneva

    Alina Ledneva4 dias atrás

    You have great choreography! Everyone are such great dancers! Keep up the great work man!

  9. Dana Aravindan

    Dana Aravindan5 dias atrás


  10. Jordannah Dennis

    Jordannah Dennis7 dias atrás

    I only saw one person hit that shit and it was lil black chick back up for the dark hair chick in grey sweats and white t. She killed it her grind her glides and her pop locks were amazing! Everyone else was bleh. Can’t teach rhythm

  11. Armyzinha fofis

    Armyzinha fofis9 dias atrás

    Joshh ❤❤ i love you, from Brasil

  12. D.A. 小丹

    D.A. 小丹10 dias atrás

    wow. fire. 💧

  13. Yasmin Gomes

    Yasmin Gomes10 dias atrás

    O Josh dança demais, só me dá orgulho esse menino ❤

  14. •Caleb•

    •Caleb•10 dias atrás


  15. Bella Richardson

    Bella Richardson10 dias atrás

    It’s good but it’s a little dramatic

  16. taesthetic Vibe

    taesthetic Vibe11 dias atrás


  17. Ririn Sinaga

    Ririn Sinaga12 dias atrás

    OMG the second dancer is Lit🔥

  18. Ginger Whale

    Ginger Whale12 dias atrás

    I zibgghhgghhhh

  19. BeetleBUMxX

    BeetleBUMxX13 dias atrás

    Whose the Troy Sivan looking dancer at 1:14? The male dancer at the end was SO graceful and powerful!

  20. canal da ana

    canal da ana13 dias atrás


  21. Soraya Arjona

    Soraya Arjona13 dias atrás

    Like when you want to be part of the academy but you are not in the U.S.A

  22. pooja rajakumar

    pooja rajakumar14 dias atrás

    SOOOO. What type of dance would this be classified as?? Helppp.

  23. Cassidy Hannon

    Cassidy Hannon14 dias atrás

    Go Kaycee

  24. Maria  Mejia

    Maria Mejia16 dias atrás

    Hfjj solsla

  25. The Making K.

    The Making K.19 dias atrás

    white shirts & gray pants🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍 what is her name??

  26. The Making K.

    The Making K.5 dias atrás

    Diego Hawkins 🙏thank you so mu~ch

  27. Diego Hawkins

    Diego Hawkins5 dias atrás

    Shannon Kelly

  28. gypsy avery

    gypsy avery21 dia atrás

    Who's Sean....?

  29. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth19 dias atrás

    Sean is the one dancing last.

  30. Holly O

    Holly O22 dias atrás

    the thumbnails cringey asf

  31. LifeOfLia

    LifeOfLia22 dias atrás

    Sean and Charlize are literally the actual best!!!

  32. Ayu Aida

    Ayu Aida23 dias atrás

    kaycee always killing it.

  33. Elizabeth Ghinea

    Elizabeth Ghinea23 dias atrás

    SEAN KILLED IT, WOW. (They all did tho)

  34. Maryam A

    Maryam A24 dias atrás

    I keep coming back to this video for some reason. My favorite GIAW dance cover on youtube.

  35. lee carlo

    lee carlo25 dias atrás

    Josssssh!!!!!!! 😍😍😍

  36. Macky_ R

    Macky_ R26 dias atrás

    Wow wow wowwww

  37. Celia H.

    Celia H.26 dias atrás

    Damn Sean!

  38. emily akec

    emily akec26 dias atrás

    Iconic choreograph

  39. Pablo Borba

    Pablo Borba28 dias atrás

    Oh my! That's Josh from Now United

  40. thatone awkwardgirl

    thatone awkwardgirl28 dias atrás

    Josh killed the game!!!!

  41. Kaycee *Weirdo* Rice

    Kaycee *Weirdo* Rice29 dias atrás

    Sean🔥 Kaycee🔥 Charlize🔥 Love these three!!❤️💯🙌🏻

  42. its coco

    its coco29 dias atrás


  43. Arii Arii

    Arii Arii29 dias atrás

    Name of the boy? 1:14 💜

  44. Contrition

    Contrition24 dias atrás

    Josh Beauchamp

  45. BIW LY

    BIW LYMês atrás

    1:13 The Best ♥

  46. QuinnT

    QuinnTMês atrás

    1:14 that dude in the white pants is smooth affffff

  47. Contrition

    Contrition24 dias atrás

    Josh Beauchamp

  48. Helen Anne Mainolfi

    Helen Anne MainolfiMês atrás

    The first girl in the middle was honestly my favorite in this video. They were all amazing though!

  49. Tahllia

    TahlliaMês atrás

    I didn't particularly care for this song until I heard it paired with this choreo. Everyone KILLED this! Especially Jane, she made it seem like this choreo was designed for her. And I love how Sean puts his style into it. Amazing job Kyle!

  50. sammieleok

    sammieleokMês atrás


  51. Nicole Salinas

    Nicole SalinasMês atrás

    Having goosebumps while watching SEANNN LEW😍😍😍

  52. park SooYoung

    park SooYoungMês atrás


  53. Triple Bravo

    Triple BravoMês atrás


  54. jj Gemini

    jj GeminiMês atrás

    This song is offensive

  55. Raymond Zacchaeus Arias

    Raymond Zacchaeus AriasMês atrás

    I know that Sean is straight as a line, but I can't help it to have a crush on him even I am older and he is hetero. Sean's future wifey would be very lucky to have him. . . . =)

  56. Wolf6irl

    Wolf6irlMês atrás

    Kaycee MY GIRL!!!! You always perform God is a woman so well! And dang Sean!! I expected greatness of you but DANG you blew up the studio!

  57. Tabitha Williams

    Tabitha WilliamsMês atrás

    The first girl in the middle actually goes to every beat of the song flawlessly. And her confidence is awesome! Whats her name?

  58. Tabitha Williams

    Tabitha WilliamsMês atrás

    Okay guy at the end (Sean Lew) yes great! But hello who is the first girl in the middle with the afroish hair? Love her!

  59. Dawn Redfield

    Dawn RedfieldMês atrás

    Kaycee & Sean from WOD>❤️️ Amazing choreography & talented group of dancers. 👏🏻🎶👏🏻

  60. Gissele Juárez

    Gissele JuárezMês atrás

    What's the name of the girl in the middle in the first group? she's so good😍

  61. yj k

    yj kMês atrás

    In 3 group who is she with a white tee shirts?

  62. Contrition

    Contrition24 dias atrás

    Shannon Kelly

  63. Bia Cardoso

    Bia CardosoMês atrás

    I need a tutorial :(

  64. Shaheera Waseem

    Shaheera WaseemMês atrás

    The camera man moves more than the dancers 😂😂😂👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  65. Jujulzkiee Neneko

    Jujulzkiee NenekoMês atrás

    Wish there was a tutorial huhu

  66. Endorill

    EndorillMês atrás

    Limber lady in the Adidas shirt

  67. Shasta Smith

    Shasta SmithMês atrás

    After this song came out... people stopped saying "oh my god" and started saying "oh my woman".

  68. Noufa Mae Razo

    Noufa Mae RazoMês atrás

    kaycee the baddest female tho!!!!!!!

  69. Miss Bawss

    Miss BawssMês atrás

    One Day, This African Guy who was 14 years OLDER than my lil 8 years old couzin told her in FRONT of me and every body in the bus, that she was Sexy!! My baby was cute and do not sexualise her! The only reason he is still alive is because i'm weak and its been 6years since that happen and i'm still disguste!!!!!! Fucking Nigger!!!😡 Now my princess grow older and maybe a lil cutie of HER age can tell her some shimmy yeah Shimmy yahh if you guys know what i mean...😬

  70. sayen contreras

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  71. SavageTwins

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  72. germanottass

    germanottassMês atrás

    the last boy is phenomenal

  73. sre lakshmi Gaythri

    sre lakshmi GaythriMês atrás

    Josh 😍❤️❤️❤️

  74. patigiller

    patigillerMês atrás

    sean and kayce dating????

  75. Contrition

    Contrition24 dias atrás

    Hasn't been confirmed, maybe unofficially

  76. Zappa Baburu

    Zappa BaburuMês atrás

    My favorite were the first group. TO me, they just captured the mood of the song perfectly.

  77. Sarah grace

    Sarah graceMês atrás

    Kyle's choreography is always so fluid and Amazon's. It never fails to impress me

  78. Main Sail

    Main SailMês atrás


  79. Aiden Shelford

    Aiden ShelfordMês atrás

    yall need to work on your transitions

  80. Jasmin Cabrera

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  81. Jay Gomez

    Jay GomezMês atrás

    The last one danced so good wow

  82. ANKITA

    ANKITAMês atrás

    Been watchinn this on repeat n repeat n repeat ..... jus love the energy n the choreography 👌👏

  83. El Reno Venezolano

    El Reno VenezolanoMês atrás

    Para que porfa alguien me diga el nombre del chico que sale en la segunda demostración, es para una tarea, gracias JAJAJA

  84. ring around the roses

    ring around the rosesMês atrás

    I want to download it😭😭😭😭

  85. Deinard Wilson

    Deinard WilsonMês atrás


  86. Vee Bee

    Vee BeeMês atrás

    I wanna see morrrreeeee 😩 #sooogoood

  87. Mark Bains

    Mark BainsMês atrás

    Sorry Kay cee you are a real woman and you look 👀 perfect 🌈🌈🌈🌿🍃💃🌵🌸🌳👀🌴🌾🌻🌻🌻🍀🍀🍀🐾j

  88. Mark Bains

    Mark BainsMês atrás

    Kay cee rice you look 👀 like a real woman it’s very beautiful to see 🌿🌺🌹🍁💐👍🌹🌳🌴🍄🍄🌻👋j

  89. Anne Hua

    Anne HuaMês atrás

    OMFG at 3:45 Sean's right arm!!!!!! I watched this like 10 billions times and just noticed. DAMNNNNNN SEANNNNNNNNNNN

  90. Kerstin de Bruijn

    Kerstin de BruijnMês atrás

    wau ich liebe dies all . Schade nur das es nur die "dünnen" dort zu sehen gibt. Dennoch danke für dies all. I like tihis all

  91. DaRobloxGurl IsDaBest

    DaRobloxGurl IsDaBestMês atrás

    I actually on,y came here for Kacey Rice

  92. Daveý Maxwell

    Daveý MaxwellMês atrás

    I need tutorial on this Kyle Hanagami pls.. I need to learn this I love the choreography so much

  93. :Vテヒョンの妻

    :Vテヒョンの妻Mês atrás


  94. gin

    ginMês atrás


  95. Contrition

    Contrition24 dias atrás

    Sean Lew or Josh Beauchamp?

  96. Елена Сковронская

    Елена СковронскаяMês atrás

    What is the name of this kind of dance?

  97. Contrition

    Contrition24 dias atrás

    Neo Modern, contemporary

  98. Kayana

    KayanaMês atrás

    I love Marissa Heart and Joni Gomez but I definitely prefer Kyle’s choreography to this song over both of theirs. Jojo’s and Marissa’s are both way too sexual. Yeah, the song is clearly about sex, but there’s a difference between being sexy and being vulgar, and both of them have some outright vulgar moves (especially Marissa). But I do still love them and their choreography

  99. TheZionboi

    TheZionboiMês atrás

    I am now a fan!!! Sean! Where do I sign up?! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Awesome!!!

  100. Sónia Dutra

    Sónia DutraMês atrás

    How many choreos to this song can Kaycee memorize!? x'D

  101. Raymond Zacchaeus Arias

    Raymond Zacchaeus AriasMês atrás

    Here I am again, watching this. What on earth? My goodness. Sean Lew is such an element.

  102. Serenity Burr

    Serenity BurrMês atrás

    My favorite singer

  103. Pro Cro Bro

    Pro Cro BroMês atrás

    God is not a woman

  104. Cecilia M‘

    Cecilia M‘Mês atrás

    Neither a man. It’s just a song, she doesn’t mean that god is a woman but go off

  105. Jane Joe

    Jane JoeMês atrás

    Too fast and too much hiphop. Needed to slow down at certain parts. Still waiting for someone to do this song justice. The first group was good tho

  106. Hakim Hs

    Hakim HsMês atrás


  107. Archana Chhabra

    Archana ChhabraMês atrás

    Which dance form is this?

  108. Contrition

    Contrition24 dias atrás

    Neo Modern, contemporary

  109. Live Love Now

    Live Love NowMês atrás

    While I myself am an artist and admire the skills and talent displayed in this choreography I am sorely disappointed that our sacred gesture, the Sign of the Cross, is misused throughout. When Catholics and Christian make the sign of the cross we are invoking God's protection and power in our lives especially in times of need. It is not a symbol to say that women can provide all a man dreams of in bed. I wished they would have left our sacred symbol out.

  110. kinomoto chan

    kinomoto chanMês atrás

    I love Josh but that girl eat him alive, she got too much swag for the world to handle XD

  111. kllef itis

    kllef itisMês atrás

    i find myself always back to this video

  112. Lejla Kapur

    Lejla KapurMês atrás

    Oh my god

  113. okey dokey Yo

    okey dokey YoMês atrás

    kaycee 🤟🏽

  114. Xochitl Gantes

    Xochitl GantesMês atrás

    God damn Sean!!

  115. Mikey K

    Mikey KMês atrás

    Boy in second performance can get it