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Ariana Grande - Greedy (Audio Only)


  1. Ronnie Baggio

    Ronnie BaggioDia atrás

    Whenever I cook with big sis I listen to my fav song witch is this song I love arianna and im sorry for mac miller her ex

  2. Cllyde _Oh

    Cllyde _OhDia atrás

    "I'd like to keep it on please."

  3. Fly Away / Rupert

    Fly Away / RupertDia atrás

    This song was published on my birthday and I love it! 😍

  4. Anabella Abreu~Counsell

    Anabella Abreu~CounsellDia atrás

    I love this song! A Ar Ari Aria Arian Ariana Arian Aria Ari Ar A You are AMAZING!!!! I really want to meet you!!!

  5. Ru Colomeda

    Ru Colomeda2 dias atrás

    I'd like to keep it on please

  6. karima lebdiri

    karima lebdiri3 dias atrás



    BLΛƆKPIИK TWICE3 dias atrás



    BLΛƆKPIИK TWICE3 dias atrás

    Ariana queen slayyy ❤

  9. Persephone Rose

    Persephone Rose4 dias atrás

    While I do my history homework I’m listening and I need to look a notes so just ignore this: Cause of opposition was very limited cause the monarch was the ruler anything she said went. (Monarch was Elizabeth the l) They were mostly puritans Them maybe being persecuted

  10. Louise is a turtle

    Louise is a turtle4 dias atrás

    No recent comments? I guess everyone is forgetting this song 😔

  11. Baby Powder

    Baby Powder5 dias atrás

    What ever happened to the one she done with Nicki Minaj

  12. Pedro Montalvão

    Pedro Montalvão5 dias atrás


  13. Sharina

    Sharina5 dias atrás

    If only Valentina just smiled.

  14. Alkiviades Alkiviadous

    Alkiviades Alkiviadous6 dias atrás

    I would like to keep it on please

  15. Kitty _Onlinexox

    Kitty _Onlinexox6 dias atrás


  16. Antonella Mora

    Antonella Mora6 dias atrás

    I'd like to keep it on, please.

  17. Afro konnection

    Afro konnection6 dias atrás

    all the men and women in this society greedy for love

  18. Jordan Miles

    Jordan Miles7 dias atrás

    Try playing the song at 1.25 speed playback... sounds very weird at first, but if you give it a full listen it’s low key kinda lit

  19. NCTxBTS My life

    NCTxBTS My life7 dias atrás

    1:28 higher than my grades

  20. Vasco Vizela

    Vasco Vizela8 dias atrás

    *Valentina left the chat*

  21. Maddison Donnan

    Maddison Donnan8 dias atrás


  22. Fabio Colpani

    Fabio Colpani9 dias atrás

    i came here just because i love this fucking song

  23. Misirca Burian

    Misirca Burian9 dias atrás


  24. Ilana Ruth

    Ilana Ruth9 dias atrás

    I’d like to keep it on please.

  25. Jeon Jk

    Jeon Jk9 dias atrás

    Seulrene ❤

  26. Despacito 753

    Despacito 75310 dias atrás

    I blame villaintina

  27. Nigga Please

    Nigga Please10 dias atrás

    Am I the only 1 who gets 2015 Girls Generation vibes from this song?

  28. Despacito 753

    Despacito 75310 dias atrás

    Y'all can't say nothing now cos Valentina has redone it and has had her rudemption


    FAITH INHUMANITY11 dias atrás

    This comment section: 40% - Valentina. 30% - RuPaul's Drag Face 15% - Irene 10% - Would like to keep my pants up 4% - this song should be a single 1% - how Ari brutally trapped Mariah into a ditch of her own delusion. Mariah is delusional for thinking that she can be better than Queen Ari

  30. Lifeanella XX

    Lifeanella XX11 dias atrás

    OMG this song gives me nostalgia

  31. cassidy spiotti

    cassidy spiotti11 dias atrás

    *valentina has left the chat*

  32. SerieN Freak

    SerieN Freak12 dias atrás

    I'd like to keep it on please

  33. SerieN Freak

    SerieN Freak12 dias atrás

    Valentina: No fears Ariana Grande: Greedy Valentina: One fear

  34. Twin Games

    Twin Games14 dias atrás

    Love this song 2018? 😂😂😂

  35. YunA Station

    YunA Station14 dias atrás

    Im Here cause Red Velvet 😂

  36. Guilherme Pacifico

    Guilherme Pacifico15 dias atrás

    Nunca coloquem essa música como despertador. Obrigado!

  37. Kawaiie_Jichuu

    Kawaiie_Jichuu15 dias atrás

    I came here for *Ariana* 😍😍

  38. Allen Jann

    Allen Jann16 dias atrás

    take that thing off your face ariana...

  39. Claudia Mueckay

    Claudia Mueckay16 dias atrás

    can we get an *f in the chat* for Valentina’s lip sync

  40. HannaBrino I•love•animals

    HannaBrino I•love•animals16 dias atrás

    Ya me volví adicta

  41. jen

    jen19 dias atrás

    any one not here because of kpop or drag races?

  42. basia KH

    basia KH19 dias atrás

    people here are from: 1) vALENTINA YOUR SMILE IS BEAUTIFUL 2) gosh red velvet got us questioning our sexuality

  43. Amber Chloe

    Amber Chloe19 dias atrás

    *I'd like to keep it on please*

  44. :Vテヒョンの妻

    :Vテヒョンの妻19 dias atrás

    Irene bailando esto me vuelve lencha jsjs

  45. Swagingexo_osh

    Swagingexo_osh20 dias atrás

    I'm here because I like this song

  46. Maia Crowley

    Maia Crowley21 dia atrás

    I can't even listen to this song without thinking of Nina and Valentina's lip sync for your life 😂

  47. joshua lepretre

    joshua lepretre21 dia atrás

    Been in this state of mind greedy ooooh 😆

  48. joshua lepretre

    joshua lepretre21 dia atrás

    Girl you give me feelings I never felt before

  49. Tumblraesthics/Girl Tumblr

    Tumblraesthics/Girl Tumblr22 dias atrás


  50. We Need Sugar

    We Need Sugar22 dias atrás

    My Valentina

  51. You lower the IQ of the whole street

    You lower the IQ of the whole street22 dias atrás

    Who tf is seulgi and Irene I only know Valentina

  52. Break the ice

    Break the ice22 dias atrás

    it's sad that this sound is missing from her latest album

  53. BlonDae

    BlonDae22 dias atrás

    I knew about this song when it came out but only payed more attention to it after Seulgi. WHyyyyy

  54. Shooketh Tracy Martel

    Shooketh Tracy Martel22 dias atrás

    Audio only bc we dont like to see the legendary moment from s9 of drag race

  55. amanda augusto

    amanda augusto22 dias atrás

    seulgi & irene perform this music 💓💓💓💓💓

  56. Whooop Whooop

    Whooop Whooop23 dias atrás

    Anyone NOT come here from twice?

  57. Ur Naan

    Ur Naan23 dias atrás

    The valentina edition is when half of the lyrics are missing

  58. Edwin Reynoso

    Edwin Reynoso23 dias atrás

    Gredyyyyyyyyyyy ouuuuuuu i say this everyday lol

  59. Renaya Watson

    Renaya Watson23 dias atrás

    Good song😍😝💖

  60. lyrical

    lyrical24 dias atrás

    Valentinas favourite song😂😂😂. Fact: Valentína still doesn’t know lyrics.

  61. Jenifer Peiris - 2020

    Jenifer Peiris - 202024 dias atrás

    chaeriana grande

  62. peachy

    peachy25 dias atrás

    thank u heejin

  63. NussyBeth

    NussyBeth25 dias atrás

    Greedyyyyyyyyy. *Youknowthatimgreedyforcum*

  64. José Yáñez

    José Yáñez26 dias atrás


  65. Moonlight Grande xoxo

    Moonlight Grande xoxo27 dias atrás

    Hi, Nobody gives a shit if your came from twice or valantina or whatever her goddamn name is... Now let’s enjoy the bop we clicked on Thank you

  66. Any Ko Aniko

    Any Ko Aniko23 dias atrás

    Thank you

  67. Nani Msp

    Nani Msp27 dias atrás

    whos here in 2018?

  68. Bleh Idk

    Bleh Idk27 dias atrás

    *you know I'm greedy for food😉*

  69. Mishary Al-subaie

    Mishary Al-subaie27 dias atrás

    It feels like Halloween theme. Like entering a haunted house 😂😂🧟‍♀️

  70. Keane Harris

    Keane Harris27 dias atrás

    I’d like to keep it on please

  71. Dezzi da Vinci

    Dezzi da Vinci28 dias atrás

    So greedy~ cuz I'm so! GREEDY!!!!!!!

  72. Couldnt come up with name Dont JUDGE me

    Couldnt come up with name Dont JUDGE meMês atrás

    Been in this state of mind/right now im in a state of mind????

  73. Skinny Legend

    Skinny LegendMês atrás

    Valentina has left the chat

  74. Eva Andrea Cuba Balbuena

    Eva Andrea Cuba BalbuenaMês atrás

    Valentina :( I miss you everytime that i listen this music.

  75. Bianca Sarmiento_

    Bianca Sarmiento_Mês atrás

    I was dancing to this song in target lol

  76. mlp brony dreams

    mlp brony dreamsMês atrás

    3:04 moment is great

  77. Cameron Wolfe

    Cameron WolfeMês atrás

    'I'd like to keep it on please'

  78. ss happiness

    ss happinessMês atrás

    Nice song

  79. Cameron Reid

    Cameron ReidMês atrás

    "Take that thing off of your face"

  80. Dijana YT

    Dijana YTMês atrás


  81. Saiyara Salauddin

    Saiyara SalauddinMês atrás


  82. X. coco

    X. cocoMês atrás

    Dangerous Woman.. by far her best album!

  83. Stanisław Uroda

    Stanisław UrodaMês atrás


  84. Eugenia Iglesias

    Eugenia IglesiasMês atrás

    Best song Everrr

  85. Lina MSP

    Lina MSPMês atrás

    i think we're ALL greedy

  86. Ros Diana

    Ros DianaMês atrás


  87. Ros Diana

    Ros DianaMês atrás


  88. GVelvet

    GVelvetMês atrás

    Irene and Seulgi tho 😍😍

  89. Basim Bundhoo

    Basim BundhooMês atrás

    I have already this tone

  90. fish fish

    fish fishMês atrás

    my favorite song of the moment 😍😘❤💞

  91. Wah!Luigi Wah never changes :/

    Wah!Luigi Wah never changes :/Mês atrás

    The begginin sounds like 'God is a woman!'

  92. minriiku

    minriikuMês atrás

    *just imagine playing this song in front valentina, that gurl be triggered*

  93. gwyneth chloe gilana

    gwyneth chloe gilanaMês atrás

    The key change is my fave ah

  94. Dave Reyes

    Dave ReyesMês atrás

    I love the beat omaygosssshhhhhhh

  95. Jakie Correa

    Jakie CorreaMês atrás

    everyone here cuz vAleNtInA who tf is js a ariana Grande fan gurl cuz i am

  96. REDNAS

    REDNASMês atrás

    Green day, ooh

  97. Victor Manuel Muñoz

    Victor Manuel MuñozMês atrás

    Valentina ? Hahahah

  98. Uncool Cathy

    Uncool CathyMês atrás

    I'm probably the only one who came just to hear that "cause I'm so"

  99. Kieron O'Donnell

    Kieron O'DonnellMês atrás

    it’s a seven word chorus, girl

  100. Misirca Burian

    Misirca BurianMês atrás

    I am greedy for LOVE baby 😁😂😂😘😘😘😘💎💎💎👑👑👑👑 in 2018????

  101. Iosefina Chiorascu

    Iosefina ChiorascuMês atrás

    your voice is so amazing omg!!!!