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Ariana Grande - Moonlight (Lyrics)


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    DopeLyrics umm ya I thought it was moonlight form xxxtentacion definitely ima dislike

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    +Yuh your wedding congratulation

  5. Aysha Khatun

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    What does dopel mean

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    wow so nice

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    Ariana past: I love you Ariana now: BITCH HAHAHH

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    Its about Ricky Wrote some songs about Ricky

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    Expected a tribute to X. Very disappointed. please delete.

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    La única que habla español...

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    Came looking for x... rip

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    wouw 😶 masih kalah juga music perangkat nya

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    I thought this was a cover to xxxtentasion moonlight

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    We all love you Ariana grande! x

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    isla Broome no WE ALL STAN HER

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    We all like her!

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    this song is very nice

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    You are moonlight, moonlight

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    _ricky?? DeCeAsEd_

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    my fav song by her even after tun

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    Its 2019 and its my fav Ari song😚

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    Thx a bunch now I know da lyrics 2 sing in da shower 🧖🏻‍♀️

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    "wrote some songs about ricky, now i listen and laugh"

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    This song reminds me of Christmas time 💙

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    Who is reading comments while listening to the song

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    Spot light Yeah moonlight Yeah uh wait this is not that song xd

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    Love you

  31. XoxoPriceTag

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    this gives me christmas vibes

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    Wow, Ari, you truly outdid yourself on this song! Literally every time I Here this song I get chills! Her voice is so angelic and beautiful, it’s unbelievable💕💓

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    Addicted to this number. Beautiful voice n lyrics #arianagrande

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    2:50 jejejejejejeje la AMOOOO

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    Спулае мулаэ

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    The picture from ari is sooo cute! 😘❤️ #Arianator❤️❤️❤️

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    🐕💩 i love song

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    This song Is just so beautiful that it made me cry when I was listening and just listening to her voice in sooooo Fu*king BEAUTIFUL

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    Listening to her while walking home in 8pm is like..

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    I never knew I never knew I could love this music as much as I do so dood'n dood'n doo doo

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    Está más chida la de X

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    This reminds me of my best friend because I call her my moon 🌙

  46. joshua lepretre

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    Cause I never knew I never knew that I love these videos as so much as I do 😂👍

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    nice, love u ari u are so cute


    JESSE WALTONMês atrás

    Your my moonlight😚

  49. Trina Moore

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    Think I just broke my replay button she is beautifully flawless love u Ariana ur voice is truly special❤️

  50. DeadShadozer

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    Spotlight moonlight nigga why you trippin get your mood right shawty looking good in the moonlight all these pussy niggas so bad mind spotlight moonlight nigga why you trippin get your mood right shawty looking good in the moonlight all these pussy niggas so bad mind

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    She be listening and laughing right now😂✋

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    Someone's sitting somewhere now, laughing

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    He takes me here for the past 4 years Our first cookie Our first kiss Made🌙 moonlights feel sparkly ✨🎺💋❤️ You showed me how to hold moonlight

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    im here after break up with your boy f and seven rings

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    Her voice 🤩😍

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    amo esta cancion

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    I never knew, I never knew...that I couldn't sing something this high.😐

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    My only favourite ariana grande song

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    Han Skz same

  63. joshua lepretre

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    This a good song to I never knew I never knew that this music sound so good tell I got my new headphones today and now I hear the music like it was on surround sound

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    OMG this video came out exactly today last year 😮😮😮🙊🙊🙊

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    Why does this sound so good on my Chromebook?????!!!

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    *so nobody gonna comment on "with some James Dean in his eyes"??*

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    Moonlight 🌙🌑❤️

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    Hear this when u going to sleep💕

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    Write some songs about Ricky, Now I listen and Laugh Love ya,Ari😘

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    I love this song sooo much

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    I'm only here cuzz zodiac told me I would be interested, I guess I am.

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    Yaass ari!

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    This song would have fit beautifully in yours truly

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    Hey this was published feb,26,2018 im listening to it exactly a year later

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    This is the best song in the world.

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    I have so many songs on my private playlist of songs by DopeLyrics, so I just thought, "Hey, might as well subscribe for every song I love!" And here I am, subscribed to DopeLyrics and listening to all my favorite songs! I'd recommend this BRreporterr to everybody who listens to music here on BRreporter.

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    woah her voice goes nice and high

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    Valentines day and im here...

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    Ariana is just.. beautiful ❤️❤️

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    Ah memories of my childhood 😊

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    This is perfect for valentine's 💓🌌

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    If u like this comment, u are part of the I

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    her face on this is adorable

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    XXX did a better moonlight

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    Now my voice is gone . Greattt

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    Omg this is shit #xxxtentacion

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    I miss RICKIANA

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    You are soo pretty

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    Damn bathrooms are magical.

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    I love this angel..

  95. im shook

    im shook2 meses atrás

    Wrote some song bout ricky, now i listen and laugh

  96. federica clemente

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    i love Moonlight

  97. Riyanah Theng

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    When the song was sang it make my day so good...

  98. 김시연

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    The sun is setting 더 썬 이즈 세팅 And you're right here by my side 앤드 유얼 라잇 데얼 바이 마이 사이드 And the movie's playing 앤드 더 뮤비스 플레잉 But we won't be watching tonight 벗 위 워온트 비 왓칭 투나잇 Every look every touch 에브리 룩 에브리 터치 Makes me wanna give you my heart 메이크스 미 워너 기브 유 마이 헐트 I be crushin' on you baby 아이 비 크러싱 온 유 배이비 Stay the way you are 스테이 더 웨이 유 얼 Cause I never knew I never knew 커즈 아이 네버 노우 아이 네버 노우 You could hold moonlight in your hands 유 쿠드 홀드 문라잇 인 유얼 핸즈 'Til the night I held you 틸 더 나잇 아이 헬드 유 You are my moonlight 유 얼 마이 문라이트 Moonlight 문라이트 I kiss his fingertips 아이 키스 히스 핑거팁스 As I'm wishing he's all mine 에즈 아임 와싱 히스 올 마인 He's giving me Elvis 히스 기빙 미 엘비스 With some James Dean in his eyes 위드 썸 제임스 딘 인 히스 아이즈 Puts his lips on my neck 풋츠 히쓰 립스 온 마이 넥 Makes me want to give him my body 메이크스 미 왓 투 기브 힘 마이 바디 I be fallin' for you baby 아이 비 폴링 폴 유 베이비 And I just can't stop 엔드 아이 저스트 캔트 스탑 Cause I never knew I never knew 커즈 아이 네버 노우 아이 네버 노우 You could hold moonlight in your hands 유 쿠드 홀드 문라잇 인 유얼 핸즈 'Til the night I held you 틸 더 나잇 아이 헬드 유 You are my moonlight 유 얼 마이 문라이트 Moonlight 문라이트 He's so bossy 히즈 쏘 보씨 He makes me dance 히 메이크스 미 댄스 Tryna sit in the back of his whip 트리나 씻 인 더 백 오브 히스 윕 And just cancel my plans 앤드 저스트 캔슬 마이 플랜스 Sweet like candy 스윗 라이크 캔디 But he's such a man 벗 히즈 써취 어 맨 He knows just what it does 히 노우스 저스트 왓 잇 더즈 When he’s holding me tight 웬 히즈 홀딩 미 타이트 And he calls me "Moonlight" too 앤드 히 콜스 미 문라이트 투

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    When half these comments about the Thank u, next lyric -_-

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    yeah sooo annoying

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    Spot light moon light...jk I love you Ariana you are so cute girl💜😜

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    my cruch sent me this song ❤

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    I thought she was singing xxtentacion song lol

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    im pretty sure im 1 million of these views

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    WHATS TO LAUGH ABOUT THIS HEAVENLY SONG?? i just want to say thank you ricky lol

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    WOW, watered eyes completely