1. David M.

    David M.14 horas atrás

    2019 is a golden year for metal genre in general. So many great bands with new music 🤘

  2. David M.

    David M.14 horas atrás

    Metalcore rules 🤘🔥

  3. Junior Okayder

    Junior OkayderDia atrás

    Brazil é As I Lay Dying!

  4. chris kimmel

    chris kimmel2 dias atrás

    Metalcore kings are back to take back there throne. All other bands need to move back and get out the way! 🤘

  5. George Toka

    George Toka2 dias atrás

    i luv u

  6. abejep

    abejep2 dias atrás

    From our failures we are refined .. replacing frailty allowing us to be, be redefined ..

  7. Błażej Matysiewicz

    Błażej Matysiewicz2 dias atrás


  8. Ronald Smith

    Ronald Smith3 dias atrás

    September 12, Santiago de Chile. I`ve waited long 8 years to see them live again!

  9. Eko Yogi

    Eko Yogi3 dias atrás

    Hard to admit, this is mainstream r&b AF but metalcore,

  10. Rusty S

    Rusty S4 dias atrás

    Finally some good metal. We only had to wait 19 fucking years.

  11. Niklas, der mit Handicap.

    Niklas, der mit Handicap.4 dias atrás

    69k likes. if ya know what i mean (^^)

  12. Ryan Jones

    Ryan Jones4 dias atrás

    God couldn't have written this .... where has my life gone since 1999-2009 .. this is disgusting 😈

  13. Renan John Pineda

    Renan John Pineda4 dias atrás

    as i lay dying ft. alan walker

  14. Ian Kepple

    Ian Kepple5 dias atrás

    I’d like to give the 1.1K dislikes a Tim Lambesis air power punch!!!

  15. josh cantu

    josh cantu5 dias atrás

    Hell YES!!! 🤘🤘

  16. Octane Aurora

    Octane Aurora5 dias atrás

    Evolution at its finest. Redefined, indeed.

  17. Trav Ass

    Trav Ass5 dias atrás


  18. vinsanity982

    vinsanity9826 dias atrás

    @1:16 through @1:30, I swear Jordan Mancino is a 4th dimensional being and his drumming bleeds through the membrane of our 3 dimensional world. That sh** isn't f***ing possible!

  19. D Smith

    D Smith6 dias atrás

    The way I love my metal. This is forever! Brings back memories and not only that it takes me back to a better place. I will live there forever!

  20. matt baker

    matt baker6 dias atrás

    This song is so FUCKING good

  21. Juliano almeida

    Juliano almeida6 dias atrás

    They are back!

  22. Sal Nab

    Sal Nab6 dias atrás

    1:02 yea i thought it was Matt Tuck hahah.

  23. Epix Jackasaur

    Epix Jackasaur6 dias atrás

    I dream of pineapples

  24. Fishyman989 Is heer

    Fishyman989 Is heer7 dias atrás

    This is one of my favorite songs but do you guys here that little sound around 2:15

  25. LED66 JAMS

    LED66 JAMS7 dias atrás

    This was my first song I've ever heard from you guys. Im ABSOLUTELY blown away and cant believe I didn't discover you sooner. I cant wait for the new album. I fucking love the energy in your music so far. 🤘🤘

  26. Reza Pribadi

    Reza Pribadi8 dias atrás

    Josh's clean vocal just made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 9288Savior

    9288Savior8 dias atrás

    2:29 Reminds me of the beginning of *Bow Down* by *Born of Osiris* to a T , great stuff *{::>_

  28. Schüdi

    Schüdi8 dias atrás

    this song is just pure power and might

  29. Thanadol Jarujinda

    Thanadol Jarujinda8 dias atrás

    Ohhh Yeahhhh ...😀

  30. Precious Metal Head

    Precious Metal Head8 dias atrás

    Did Tim’s wife name the band?

  31. Tim Tim

    Tim Tim9 dias atrás

    That video speaks volumes its almost as if he was running from them then in the end they saved him with that mask cause we can be redifined just my interpretation maybe I'm wrong idk but either way Good job aild amazing song either way and super inspiring

  32. Alexander Sinco

    Alexander Sinco10 dias atrás

    This songs reminds me of the Head Like a Hole cover by Still Remains, very Metalcore and Industrial at the same time, great song.

  33. Hafiz Jumat

    Hafiz Jumat10 dias atrás

    Fucking Hellyeahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Jessé Levy Vieira

    Jessé Levy Vieira10 dias atrás

    very AILDy haha

  35. La Mantra Mori

    La Mantra Mori10 dias atrás

    Ive played 2:26 breakdown over and over. So gooood

  36. Sergei Korolchuk

    Sergei Korolchuk11 dias atrás

    Вот, что значит не бросить своего в биде..

  37. Guay Hare

    Guay Hare11 dias atrás

    Are they playing 7strings now, or did they just tune lower?

  38. Ritwij Richie

    Ritwij Richie11 dias atrás

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  39. Leandro Lima

    Leandro Lima11 dias atrás


  40. Its CrakZ

    Its CrakZ11 dias atrás

    Are they still Christians

  41. Aless

    Aless11 dias atrás

    AILD new album is coming. Tened calzoncillos y bragas de repuesto.

  42. Darkstar8473

    Darkstar847311 dias atrás

    Redefined > Fear Inoculum

  43. Peater Anthony Cardoso

    Peater Anthony Cardoso11 dias atrás

    Hail yea

  44. alex nioo

    alex nioo12 dias atrás

    “It’s happeniiiiiiing”

  45. Bigmike

    Bigmike12 dias atrás

    This song is helping me to fight cancer! " Agony today is tomorrow's strength!!!". Can't wait for this album to come out so i can rock it during my chemo infusions!!!


    NEIL SAEL12 dias atrás

    0:36 4:02 Listen closely to Jake's vocals in the background. Thank me later. :)

  47. unknowndeoxys00

    unknowndeoxys0012 dias atrás

    I always loved the fact that they didn't fuck around with generic breakdowns too much, like the other metalcore surrounding them at the time. Always straightforward, machine gun riffing and gorgeous choruses. Part of me regrets that I didn't follow their genius more closely as a dumb teenager, but their sound never fails in taking me back. Time to start up on full fucking albums.

  48. H

    H13 dias atrás


  49. Bruno Abrantes

    Bruno Abrantes13 dias atrás


  50. Tomás Tuñón H.

    Tomás Tuñón H.13 dias atrás

    I keep seeing the thumbnail, thinking is an ass 😂 i'm sick!

  51. AVandAS

    AVandAS12 dias atrás

    Tomás Tuñón H. How tf does that look like an ass xD

  52. Andrew Priest

    Andrew Priest14 dias atrás

    Seems highly underrated from the amount of views

  53. Rob Banks

    Rob Banks14 dias atrás

    No filters on those 3M respirators lol dope song though can't wait for the new album to drop

  54. Sniper2sword

    Sniper2sword14 dias atrás

    2:25 🔥🔥

  55. adam costello

    adam costello15 dias atrás

    I just found out Jake from August burns red is on this track.

  56. Mr Supreme Pizza

    Mr Supreme Pizza15 dias atrás

    One of Best fucking songs I’ve heard. Makes hip hop and alternative rock look weaker.

  57. Carly Lifestyle

    Carly Lifestyle15 dias atrás


  58. Mr Zky

    Mr Zky15 dias atrás

    this sing is AWESOME😈♥️

  59. No Name

    No Name16 dias atrás

    Looks like they really hired the right hitma....erm, producer.

  60. Within Sight

    Within Sight16 dias atrás

    Every morning I get to work: yes

  61. OPIe

    OPIe16 dias atrás

    And the new Album?

  62. Anthony Vogt

    Anthony Vogt16 dias atrás

    Goosebumps at :40

  63. Diego Oliveira

    Diego Oliveira16 dias atrás

    Algum BR aqui que curte As I lay dying ?

  64. Tony_ terrible666

    Tony_ terrible66616 dias atrás

    everyone has so much hate on tim ye swhat he did was wrong but i will forever be a fan of AILD!!!!!!

  65. Buttcheese Licker

    Buttcheese Licker17 dias atrás

    This song gets the yes hmm please more thank you

  66. Kristiadi Hartanto

    Kristiadi Hartanto17 dias atrás

    Never disappointing as always.

  67. Shannon Giasson

    Shannon Giasson18 dias atrás

    is there a new album coming or what? just a single and that's it?

  68. Ryan

    Ryan16 dias atrás

    Yeah they are releasing a new album in September called Shaped By Fire.

  69. Erica Liljeholm

    Erica Liljeholm18 dias atrás


  70. jutinapa poothongkaew

    jutinapa poothongkaew18 dias atrás

    มาล่ะ วงโปรดกรู

  71. JenovaSynthesis

    JenovaSynthesis19 dias atrás

    Getting some nice An Ocean Between Us vibes.

  72. Udin Kampungan

    Udin Kampungan19 dias atrás


  73. Norbert Janz

    Norbert Janz19 dias atrás

    0:40 Sounds like Axewound Cold(You can't kill me motherfucker part)

  74. POSM PintOfSam

    POSM PintOfSam20 dias atrás

    10/10 👾

  75. Sam Ward

    Sam Ward20 dias atrás

    Jake Luhrs is apparently in this song

  76. Jay DiNitto

    Jay DiNitto21 dia atrás

    If you hire this song to kill your wife, it'll get the job done.

  77. Gianluca Gasparri

    Gianluca Gasparri21 dia atrás

    metalcore has been redefined

  78. Mr Dee

    Mr Dee21 dia atrás

    Soon in Barcelona I will have the chance to hear them.

  79. Joe SquatALot

    Joe SquatALot21 dia atrás

    Fuck! :D

  80. phreak_riptide

    phreak_riptide21 dia atrás

    So glad they're back

  81. Shakina Frink

    Shakina Frink21 dia atrás


  82. Leandro Nunes Cavalcante

    Leandro Nunes Cavalcante22 dias atrás

    que beleza boa demais