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    Plz more asdf movies

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    I don’t laugh anymore... I’m too boring now

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    1:10 I don't get it,

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    Wher is jaiden

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    The hidden message in the first one is memenus ice-cream mamus

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    This came out near my birthday!

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    How do you rewind a video

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    This is Sara 👧🏼 👚🍦 👖she loves ice cream 1like = one ice cream

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    0:05 that crashed my mind... successfully... ._.

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    I love the 🍦 part


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    im feeling carsick BLUUAHHH

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    this sucks, not like the originals at all

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    happy 10th birthday! but... but... BUT...! this isn't what what I wanted. *women face turns into but an blows him to a pile of bones* lol

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    I miss when you did Eddsworld.

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    1:02 the meme lord Jacksfilms!

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    Ice creamious memeous

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    WHEN IS THERE GOING TO BE A TWEVETH ASDFMOIVE? ILLUIMNATI CONFIRMED ertyrthjrthnrthnethhasdg&sdnfbvjhbdfjhbvjhdbfvdsojdgncsgodvdciogwheiofgncoisgevdgkcjhisdjdhcoisedijcvoasjdocigaasddmicw

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    Do the flop guy should go to standing up shool

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    Was that the Odd1sout

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    1:04 gta 5 meme when u get pulled over

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    Make 12!!!

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    0:23 jaiden

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    I have to say this one STINKS! Pun entirely intended. HAHAHA! Okay, no, seriously, it kind of sucks.

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    James: I Sentence You To, Jazz! Girl: NOOOOOOO- Duuuuuu

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    Sub to me plz

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    I love nr im omprsgd

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    Who did Jaiden voice?

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    A giant b/🐝

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    Oh yeah, ur girlfriend, she's single?

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    “Hello I have been born”

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    0:03 try and reverse that it reveals a secret message And I ain't telling you! See for yourself!

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    The fart

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    Do the part 12

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    the youtuber cameos i spotted: 0:21 somethingelseyt 0:23 jaidenanimations 0:25 scarfdemon 0:30 theodd1sout 0:37 possibly jacksfilms 0:43 sammy 1:03 maybe Thelaserbearguy? 1:36 letmeexplainstudios 1:44 theodd1sout again comment if i missed anything or got something wrong

  46. NoobDaddy

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    little girl: *MEMEICUS ICECREAMICUS*

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    Jaden animations is in this video

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    So is there more coming?

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    I'm scared of the girl turning him into a ice-cream

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    hey you Know Who's gay? y - DEAD

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    0:24 Jaiden animation 0:30 Theodd1stout

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    Almost time for 12

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    10 years

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    HAH jaiden animations is in here and i wont tell which clip her voice was in

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    I'm afraid you have one year to live...

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    now we wait...

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    We want asdfmovie12

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    1:45 is that James for the odd ones out?

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    1:45 odd1sout

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    *sniff sniff. Do u smell JaidenAnimation?

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    Hehe funny

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    0:03 memicus ice creamicus = reversed message

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    omg the doctor of psychology sounds like TheOddsOneout

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    Just Illuminati because he voiced him and also the judge

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    so good, i would love to see another Eddsworld vid though...

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    This looks alike odd 1out made this like this if you agree

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    I just realized that this was uploaded on my birthday!

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    I think they’re running out of ideas

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    The first was funnier

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    Kid- I WANT AN ICE CREAM Me- What’s the magic word? 😄 Kid- krfekvreo3rfj3rfoijrf3ou3rjfuorf3jougr3jfo3rjforu3jufr3uojfr3orf3ouejfwuj Me- 🍦

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    I just noticed this came out exactly 10 years after the first one

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    This one feels way shorter then the rest

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    AH i'm addicted!

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    1:01 Jacksfilms 😂

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    1:00 thats jacksfilms!

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    Tomska do a baby with a gun but asdfmovie remake

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    the butt.

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    I bet there is going to be a song about butt

  84. Duwang Thang

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    This is probably the most unfunny asdfmovie you’ve made. It’s got too much stale humor, and like some of the other ones use recycles humor (like I like trains, an overused joke). The fart jokes aren’t funny either, it seems like you have devolved my friend

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    asdfmovie 12??

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    The Laser Collection called. They want their fart back.

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    0:43 legendary trans girl uses misandry and spite to speedrun her transition

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    now we need asdfmovie the movie.

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    Reverse the speech at 0:04 and it actually says “MEMICUS ICE CREAMICUS”

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    0:24 Is that JAIDEN ANIMATIONS?!! 1:45 is that THEODD1SOUT?!!

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    Please make asdfmovie12.

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    When a butt farts in your face... your face is melted

  94. Jon's World 2019

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    I’m watching this in 2019 the butt is so funny! Lol XD

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    Hallo! I hav beeeeen born!!!!!!! Plz pin me

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    This is basically the less violence Cyanide and Happiness.

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    /\_/\ (. • _•) / >🍦 Anyone want some ice cream?

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    0:44 chihiro fujisaki in a nutshell

  99. Stay Spinnin’

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    The beginning is a connection to Crash Zoom (Kate)

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    Oof I just noticed that jaiden was one of the voice animators.

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    I love these

  102. Michael Walters Elevators, Roblox, and More

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    The last vine is just brutal...

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