AURORA covers Massive Attack 'Teardrop' for Like A Version


  1. overmostheads

    overmostheadsHora atrás

    What a terrible and ugly haircut

  2. Bernd Nicht

    Bernd Nicht18 horas atrás

    Wonderfull after a joint...

  3. tbone6924

    tbone6924Dia atrás

    This song SUCKS...BUT...that being said it is clear that this girl has an AMAZING voice. Too bad she didn't pick better source material though.

  4. Eddy Grand

    Eddy GrandDia atrás

    2.7k deaf people...

  5. Denica Vader

    Denica VaderDia atrás

    I thought she was Yolandi Visser and Ninja's (Watkin Tudor Jones. Die Antwoord.) daughter. Aurora has an ethereal sound. Aurora is the personification of beauty and talent.

  6. Joshua Michau

    Joshua Michau2 dias atrás

    God, the European ethnicity is beautiful.

  7. Creamy Pasta

    Creamy Pasta2 dias atrás

    music starts at 1:01 you are welcome

  8. D. Oliver

    D. Oliver2 dias atrás

    Die Antwoord want their haircut back you theif.

  9. Bill Kerman

    Bill Kerman3 dias atrás


  10. Atomic Coal

    Atomic Coal3 dias atrás


  11. Chastity Renee

    Chastity Renee3 dias atrás

    mouth flung open....I stare at this in awe. Stunning.

  12. Jasmine Nelson

    Jasmine Nelson4 dias atrás

    It sounds prerecorded, thats how great of a job she did.

  13. NiNaCandY26

    NiNaCandY267 dias atrás

    Reminds me of Dark Crystal,

  14. Tiffany Franks

    Tiffany Franks7 dias atrás

    Damn , this is so amazing

  15. BroToPro

    BroToPro7 dias atrás

    i have honestly hears thousands of singers and she is probably the greatest voice ever and very close in skill to another singer called leah mcfall

  16. Bryson Funk

    Bryson Funk7 dias atrás

    Who could possibly dislike this??? Freaking amazing

  17. Jonathan Young

    Jonathan Young8 dias atrás

    Impossible!!! Cant be done massive attack teardrop is my goto song but this is the only cover i would consider just as good

  18. Stanislav G.

    Stanislav G.8 dias atrás

    So, you wanna say it's not lupus?

  19. Ranakade

    Ranakade9 dias atrás

    Aurora's voice when singing makes me feel so open and free. Love it.

  20. Gonzalo G

    Gonzalo G9 dias atrás

    i would like to listen this without the silly comments of the british dumbshit dude

  21. Konstantinos Mpismpiroulas

    Konstantinos Mpismpiroulas10 dias atrás

    That's the definition of control... congratulations

  22. Caesar Wong

    Caesar Wong10 dias atrás

    She started singing at 1:05. You're welcome.

  23. Fidel Joseph Abrera

    Fidel Joseph Abrera10 dias atrás

    I dont know how but from watching the scariest footage caught in security cam I have ended up here and I thank BRreporter's craziness for that.

  24. bassbeardiful

    bassbeardiful10 dias atrás

    Is this that lady from that weird band and the robot movie? ha

  25. Léon The Professional

    Léon The Professional9 dias atrás

    No. That's Die Antwood band. This is AURORA

  26. Nicolas Grangeon

    Nicolas Grangeon11 dias atrás

    Ohhhh myyyyy.....

  27. Anna H.

    Anna H.12 dias atrás


  28. Primitive In The Extreme

    Primitive In The Extreme12 dias atrás


  29. Liz Cruz

    Liz Cruz13 dias atrás

    Woaw... feeling shivers everywhere

  30. Ben

    Ben13 dias atrás

    her voice.... :0 its like sunrays melting icicles on a sunny winter day

  31. Steven Boniface

    Steven Boniface13 dias atrás

    GET ONE WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. graz ryan

    graz ryan14 dias atrás

    WOOOO🙀OOOW!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  33. B M. Montes

    B M. Montes14 dias atrás

    Whoa.... I hit me like.. right here.

  34. John Falcon

    John Falcon15 dias atrás

    how so very educational =3

  35. chris

    chris16 dias atrás


  36. NoLimits Lifestyle

    NoLimits Lifestyle16 dias atrás

    This chick lives under a tree stump covered in moss.

  37. Lucidrequiem

    Lucidrequiem16 dias atrás

    Gotta love a chick that cuts her hair by headbutting a fucking weed whacker.

  38. Zachariah Baldwin

    Zachariah Baldwin17 dias atrás

    I didn't think anyone could outdo the original. I was wrong.

  39. bigegg7170

    bigegg717017 dias atrás

    why cover a perfect song,

  40. Leo D

    Leo D13 dias atrás

    why not , when the cover is perfect ! Aproved by MA afterall

  41. Gary Abbott

    Gary Abbott17 dias atrás

    She looks like a little kid who got hold of some scissors and cut her own hair!!

  42. Borger Borgersen

    Borger Borgersen6 dias atrás

    She actually does cut her own hair.

  43. Gabriel Chamorro Chamorro Sosa

    Gabriel Chamorro Chamorro Sosa18 dias atrás

    simply great!

  44. Unidentified Specie

    Unidentified Specie18 dias atrás

    Billy Eilish videos lead me to this angelic little!!!!

  45. Tiffany Franks

    Tiffany Franks19 dias atrás

    Omg this is one of my favorite songs from the 90s

  46. Lucas Montoya

    Lucas Montoya19 dias atrás

    its okey if i cry ?

  47. pagansforbreakfast

    pagansforbreakfast19 dias atrás

    Ok, somebody please tell me what the doofus at the beginning is on about?

  48. Lost and found

    Lost and found20 dias atrás

    She looks so similar to that character from the Netflix show The AO

  49. SOL invectus

    SOL invectus20 dias atrás


  50. Peter Wrede

    Peter Wrede21 dia atrás

    Sonnenfinsternis, Spuren einer- learn das Buch Wűstenplanet von Peter Wrede, published in Feb. 2018 read

  51. Marky mark and the bunky funch

    Marky mark and the bunky funch21 dia atrás

    I wonder if she woke up one morning and thought to herself hmm i think today i will let a blind man with a broken arm give me a haircut.

  52. Vanessa a

    Vanessa a22 dias atrás

    Those 2.7 thumbs down are just jealous cause they can’t sing this song this amazingly

  53. Poolie

    Poolie19 dias atrás

    Neither can she!!!!Elisabeth Fraser kicks her arse!!!

  54. wmdtone

    wmdtone23 dias atrás

    Holy shit. This is just shockingly good. Better than the original.

  55. xPixiex xGothiskx

    xPixiex xGothiskx23 dias atrás

    Just alright nothing special. Elizabeth Fraser's voice is way more haunting and ethereal

  56. ‡Grim‡

    ‡Grim‡2 dias atrás

    We don't care we love Angelic voice not horror so shoo off child of devil.

  57. Gavin Macleod

    Gavin Macleod23 dias atrás

    Nice version but not enough love for the main riff. This song means so much to people it's difficult to cover without that piano pulsing through

  58. Adriano Costa

    Adriano Costa23 dias atrás

    Never heard of this girl FIRST THOUGHT: WTF is up with that hair???? and than I was like: "wooow... great singer!"

  59. Tri Utami Harun

    Tri Utami Harun24 dias atrás

    august 2019

  60. Jim Tarrant

    Jim Tarrant24 dias atrás

    Much as I very much like the original from Massive Attack, Aurora does it so much better.

  61. Mai Gerlero

    Mai Gerlero25 dias atrás

    That one guy was super annoying her with finding out who Banksy is.

  62. S97

    S9726 dias atrás

    What a voice, insanely good.

  63. Fingaz Mc

    Fingaz Mc26 dias atrás

    Triple J? The old happy hardcore outfit???

  64. Alien nation

    Alien nation26 dias atrás

    I thought this was die antwoord

  65. Candi Warren

    Candi Warren27 dias atrás

    Listen to Aurora singing David Bowie's "Life on Mars".... I first found out about Aurora from the Howard Stern show. But I wanted to listen to her version of Teardrop, because Liz Fraser wrote it in tribute to Jeff Buckley, RIP 💗