Azaghal - Of Beasts and Vultures - Full Album (2002)


  1. Darli metal

    Darli metal5 meses atrás


  2. Fabio Profico

    Fabio Profico10 meses atrás

    Wau! Osem osem osem wath a album!!!!!!! 👌👌👌 This is one of my faivred albums now!!! 🤟🖤🇮🇹🤟

  3. Loathe Life

    Loathe LifeAnos atrás

    The fucking man life is this nothing more.. pure fucking black metal! And I respect fucking that everyday I listen to this band!

  4. Jesse

    JesseAnos atrás

    thats a cute beast on that cover haha

  5. G Nava

    G NavaAnos atrás

    10:11 you guys should sue Amon Amarth (Call of Blackbirds) for copyright

  6. asd sees

    asd seesAnos atrás

    Azaghal also has taken lots of riffs from other bands.

  7. winterplaag

    winterplaagAnos atrás

    at 0.48 i've always tought it was a scratch on the lp i found and bougth out of the secondhand box in a smal vinylstore, glad it is not

  8. leonora ferreira da costa

    leonora ferreira da costa2 anos atrás


  9. Satanic Werewolf

    Satanic Werewolf2 anos atrás

    EXCELLENT ALBUM!! Hail Varjoherra lml

  10. mooseclappin11

    mooseclappin112 anos atrás

    Kickass cover of 13 Candles!

  11. Paul Rolen

    Paul Rolen2 anos atrás

    I think Finland could hold its own to Norway when it comes to kick ass black metal

  12. Blue Winter

    Blue WinterAnos atrás

    Aaand Greece also when its more different in it´s style, but Scandinavia has the best to offer when I had to decide

  13. · Voice · Ov · Evil ·

    · Voice · Ov · Evil ·2 anos atrás

    Don't forget about Canada, yet Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, & Poland love us.

  14. Alexzander

    Alexzander2 anos atrás

    dont forget sweden