BA Test Kitchen Solves 12 Common Cooking Mistakes | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit


  1. Angel S

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  2. MK _

    MK _Dia atrás

    Priya sounds like the most lacking in culinary knowledge out of the bunch

  3. Richard Barr

    Richard Barr2 dias atrás

    I feel like Brad is the Jim Halpert of the BA test kitchen

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  5. Angela Giroux

    Angela Giroux2 dias atrás

    Priya and Brad are not a good duo

  6. M H

    M H2 dias atrás

    I ship molly and ameil

  7. JustCallMeMeghan

    JustCallMeMeghan3 dias atrás

    Ok, which episode is it that Moracco burns the meringue? Lol.

  8. Nicole

    Nicole4 dias atrás

    If its white chocolate and oil can add oil ... Dont think it works on normal chocolate though. Never try melting chocolate chips. They're made to not melt.

  9. Gooblyful

    Gooblyful6 dias atrás

    1:51 Calling for Claire 🤣🤣

  10. Rebecca Maud

    Rebecca Maud8 dias atrás

    You put avocados in a brown paper bag with bananas to speed the avocado ripening process

  11. Kat R

    Kat R8 dias atrás

    Seized chocolate CAN be saved. I found this technique by accident.. I had a batch of badly seized chocolate that I couldn't save by re-heating. I added a tablespoon of coconut oil and it re-emulsified and turned glossy and smooth again almost by magic! I looked it up and it's apparently a legit technique to save seized chocolate, you can also use other kinds of vegetable oil.

  12. Bobby Vicious

    Bobby Vicious8 dias atrás

    Don't you, BA crew, think it's pretty rude to use unskippable ads?

  13. Ellie Ward

    Ellie Ward8 dias atrás

    Amiel and Molly look like the American Gothic painting for some reason 😂

  14. Jordan 1734

    Jordan 173410 dias atrás

    Over seasoned soup stock add potatoes

  15. OOF

    OOF11 dias atrás

    Wtf is a lumpy sauce

  16. Cali Tutkowski

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    I think it’s wholesome that brad thinks snowflake is a compliment

  17. I’m at the wrong party

    I’m at the wrong party12 dias atrás

    No such thing as too spicy

  18. desertrose0601

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    I don’t even know what a broken sauce is. 😂

  19. Katie-Rose Nunziato

    Katie-Rose Nunziato14 dias atrás

    I am sad that no one mentioned Italian BREAD SOUP THAT YOU MAKE WITH STALE BREAD, SO DELISH 😭🥖

  20. Quetzal 24

    Quetzal 2414 dias atrás

    Priya is so fine bruh wtf 😭

  21. Hannah G

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    I just got an ad for a dehydrator during this video. What do the advertisers think this is, Gourmet Makes??

  22. freddy04123

    freddy0412317 dias atrás

    I really liked this. I always make mistakes when I cook.

  23. I'm Elia

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    The comments are so annoying

  24. wan farah wahida

    wan farah wahida18 dias atrás

    Is it weird that i knew all the answers but i dont really cook that much? Pro tip; to fasten the ripening of fruit, submerge it in rice grain and let it hang out there until you want to eat it.

  25. Harold Henderson

    Harold Henderson19 dias atrás

    Saving burnt toast: Cover with Nutella or garlic butter (cover with a stronger flavor). Dry/ovetcooked turkey: 1) Use a sauce. 2) make into a noodle-based casserole. 3) Shred, put on tortillas. 4) Simmer in broth.

  26. Noah Hastings

    Noah Hastings21 dia atrás

    Question: "How do you save burnt toast?" Priya: "Save?"

  27. KMichelle Argus

    KMichelle Argus21 dia atrás

    Brad's brain. Baking? CLAIRE!!!!

  28. All Thumbs

    All Thumbs21 dia atrás

    You guys have just too much fun to consider this job as ‘working’!! 🥰

  29. Allison Regan

    Allison Regan22 dias atrás

    "aint no saving this. . Or croutons" - Brad when faced with day old bread

  30. Danielle Hollis

    Danielle Hollis22 dias atrás

    Amiel has zero sense of personal space. Every video I've ever seen him in, he's in someone's face.

  31. Vlad Fifty-Two

    Vlad Fifty-Two23 dias atrás

    5:49 The man stood up like “wtf are you saying... where’s Claire?” LOL

  32. Rachel Magowan

    Rachel Magowan23 dias atrás

    Sometimes adding a little coconut oil can fix seized chocolate if making a sauce

  33. Bread Dragon

    Bread Dragon24 dias atrás

    Re the chocolate - higher heat and whisking will not save seized chocolate. You can repurpose it, but if your aim is to get a nice, silky, melted mixture... it’s not gonna happen once that chocolate is seized up.

  34. Noemie Hautot

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    Brad is in love with Claire or anything???

  35. Teddyx

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    Brad should have added Pam to his cranberry sauce.

  36. Annonimoose Q

    Annonimoose Q26 dias atrás

    Question: can I... Brad: no Q: is it... B: no Q: what do I do if... B: cry

  37. Carlos Beiza

    Carlos Beiza28 dias atrás

    Will we ever see a full Claire and Brad adventure?

  38. cole200200

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    they should have one where they showcase the chefs' blooper scenes, that would be funny :)

  39. Colm Duffy

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    I dont like brad in these videos, he seems like such a spoilsport opposed to his usual fun persona in its alive

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  41. Jataro Kemuri

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    But char is carcinogenic

  42. The HolographicSweater

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    baked ziti?? that woman is a menace to society

  43. Ella Maack

    Ella MaackMês atrás

    Priya: we waste nothing in this house, everything can be fixed Brad: throw it out! not salvageable, start over.

  44. G S

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    Ok but, do why do i stan amiel and molly together so much?

  45. Bianca 2434

    Bianca 2434Mês atrás

    If you've overcooked your rice dump it in a pot with some ginger, stock and make Congee.

  46. sanbilge

    sanbilgeMês atrás

    If the oversalted dish allows for the taste (e.g. if it's a stew), add a potato in it. Potato sucks up liquid and salt together with it. This is a granny advice!

  47. sanbilge

    sanbilgeMês atrás

    For overcooked/gummy rice -- mash it, mix it up with eggs and sugar, bake like cookies and top off with sherbet. You have now made a middle-eastern dessert. Alternatively, mix it with a starch-flour-sugar mix and you have made yet another -milky- dessert. These can be done provided that your rice wasn't flavored much! A bıt of salt is just fine.

  48. ChirpNDerp

    ChirpNDerpMês atrás

    Add hot cream to seized chocolate and make a ganache. It works.

  49. Unicorn Dragon

    Unicorn DragonMês atrás

    Why is nobody talking about how cute Molly and Amiel are?😂

  50. kattitude130

    kattitude130Mês atrás

    here is the ameteur definitely-not-a-professional-chef-at-all way of fixing too salty or too spicy foods (aka my way): (this is about to be the whitest, most southern USA/Louisiana thing i will ever say) sometimes ppl in my family (not saying who but its my mom) will make rice and gravy way too salty, and i had the bright idea one day to pour just a little of my sweet iced tea into it and mix it in to dilute the salt. it worked of course and actually tasted kinda good?? i did it again when i was given food that was too hot (temperature-wise) and it still tasted good somehow. then one time i was served a jambalaya (rice and sausage dish) that was too spicy for my tastes (sorry to disappoint, priya) so i tried my little trick of pouring sweet iced tea and it tastes SO good, it is my favorite way to eat jambalaya now. it changes the texture a little bit so that its a little bit "creamier"? but i love it like that. all my friends think its gross but ya know its fine its fine i only use it for very specific kinds of food but i have no idea how to describe or explain it, like i wouldnt do it to a gumbo or soup-like dish cuz theres already so much liquid but if sometings on the dry side then like..pour a bit of your drink in there and see what happens i guess

  51. kattitude130

    kattitude130Mês atrás

    "if you rinse your rice" chris please theres no if to rinsing rice. the starch, chris. the starch

  52. N/A N/A

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    Stale bread is perfect for french toast

  53. Anggie Aveneina

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    I love Chris.. a whole energy.. next level sassy

  54. Kate Walker

    Kate WalkerMês atrás

    Do the low and slow method for turkey and you’ll never over cook a turkey again.

  55. dan

    danMês atrás

    On the spicy fix question, Priya basically told us not to be a baby and just endure the spiciness. Honestly same.

  56. Freq Frek

    Freq FrekMês atrás

    Gaby is underrated and she deserves all the love in the world

  57. LookingGlassAlice8

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    “Well you know what? You can handle more spice than you think you can.” Lmao, alright, I love Priya 😆

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  59. Lena Miah

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    "I would know Gaby... I would know" and his burnt pie - Chris is hilarious 😂😂

  60. CG Patriot

    CG PatriotMês atrás

    I'm surprised you guys don't know how to slow the ripening of fruit. :o

  61. Nerdzombiedisco

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    Universal fix: more booze; more butter