Backpack Kid Judges Fortnite "Floss" Dances


  1. Rockland 1273

    Rockland 12736 horas atrás

    like wtf is that haircut

  2. Lyra C

    Lyra C7 horas atrás

    So...he is judging people on a dance he didn't even make? 🤔

  3. will 1

    will 19 horas atrás

    Lmao 😂 you said season 3 it came out but really came out in season 2 battle pass tier 💯

  4. Arthur Bishop

    Arthur Bishop10 horas atrás

    -Omg he made this dance- sike no he didn’t

  5. Nobody Cares

    Nobody Cares12 horas atrás

    "It's pretty cool they put it in" he says as he sues them.

  6. Saturnin Sambor

    Saturnin Sambor13 horas atrás

    The guys from BTS did the floss way better than the "alleged inventor" himself

  7. Martim Correia

    Martim Correia13 horas atrás

    Season 3 haha

  8. Hannah Scott

    Hannah Scott14 horas atrás

    I can floss

  9. Tadiwa Mutsasa

    Tadiwa Mutsasa15 horas atrás

    💯 % savage 3:17

  10. Hadi Sood

    Hadi Sood18 horas atrás

    U mean season 2

  11. Play Store

    Play Store19 horas atrás

    More dislikes then likes 😂😂😂😂😂 WTF *bro* LOL


    BLACK PINKDia atrás

    WTH?! Jealous?!

  13. Thumper

    ThumperDia atrás

    The worst floss? You act like you created a great dance move. if you had floss in your hand it wouldn't even look like flossing. It would just hit the outside of your leg not slide between them like flossing should be.

  14. Ezzy Clips

    Ezzy ClipsDia atrás

    season 2 btw

  15. Shane Hinojosa

    Shane HinojosaDia atrás

    It’s actually season 2

  16. Dannie L

    Dannie LDia atrás

    We gave this boy clout for no reason and now he lookin high r a t

  17. CtMbillycandice

    CtMbillycandiceDia atrás

    Ok season two BUDDY

  18. Pokoh

    PokohDia atrás


  19. Noah Oconnor

    Noah OconnorDia atrás

    I will help you go to 3:37 and you will not die of cringe

  20. Liam Waltz

    Liam WaltzDia atrás

    why does this video have so many dislikes?

  21. Kombat Fox

    Kombat FoxDia atrás

    Fortnitw charaters do it better than you

  22. Soni103 -Jonathan James

    Soni103 -Jonathan JamesDia atrás

    He said season 3 floss was actually in the season 2 battle pass

  23. Yes minK

    Yes minKDia atrás

    bts deservess 10

  24. Omimic

    OmimicDia atrás

    че за уебок?

  25. FT Studio XD

    FT Studio XDDia atrás


  26. Celeste Mccoy

    Celeste MccoyDia atrás

    But then you sued epic games

  27. lego kid vlogs

    lego kid vlogs2 dias atrás

    He did not create the floss mashed potato man did

  28. Jezza

    Jezza2 dias atrás

    He didn’t make up this dance

  29. Meeloons Barnana

    Meeloons Barnana2 dias atrás


  30. Ayla Lindsey

    Ayla Lindsey2 dias atrás

    Judger Rat

  31. VuxVux Gamer girl

    VuxVux Gamer girl2 dias atrás

    I’ll post a video of me flossing




  33. hendrik h.

    hendrik h.2 dias atrás

    You are so ugly man Go home

  34. Maxwell Jessen

    Maxwell Jessen2 dias atrás

    aaaaaaand he sued fortnite

  35. Mr Goatastic

    Mr Goatastic2 dias atrás

    He didn’t invent the floss

  36. Don't Call me

    Don't Call me3 dias atrás

    It needs some work Says the one that says "I created the floss dance"

  37. DJwolfyshadowalkerquinn

    DJwolfyshadowalkerquinn3 dias atrás

    I died when he said that her arms were discombobulated

  38. CerzonAzure🚫

    CerzonAzure🚫3 dias atrás

    You sure u created it You swear it wasnt Max castillo

  39. X-toxic- Cash-X

    X-toxic- Cash-X3 dias atrás

    It was season 2 but ok

  40. Bill Battenberg

    Bill Battenberg3 dias atrás

    fortnite + backpack kid= guaranteed failure of a video

  41. Annabeth Chase

    Annabeth Chase3 dias atrás

    I'll give his a solid 2/10

  42. - Gacha Deer -

    - Gacha Deer -Dia atrás

    Nahh a 0

  43. Angelle Breton

    Angelle Breton3 dias atrás

    He be looking like a mosquito 🦟 🦟🦟🦟🦟

  44. TheAbele992

    TheAbele9923 dias atrás

    Looks like an alien and guitar pick hybrid.

  45. Aliyah O'Rourke

    Aliyah O'Rourke3 dias atrás

    When yu said blowing up on the game I that he was going to say blowing up on weed cause you sound like it

  46. Lillian Hølmo

    Lillian Hølmo3 dias atrás

    ITS season 2 IT comeback out

  47. Антон Сафонов

    Антон Сафонов3 dias atrás

    Easy dance!

  48. Remember When?

    Remember When?4 dias atrás

    *Wait a minute he is suing fortnite because they stole his dance so does that mean I can't dance like him???*

  49. Tilt Nearzz

    Tilt Nearzz4 dias atrás

    He said season 3

  50. Dustin Byers

    Dustin Byers4 dias atrás

    At 00:20he said season three but it came out in season two

  51. PP Naki

    PP Naki4 dias atrás

    Season 2

  52. kpop has ruined my life

    kpop has ruined my life4 dias atrás

    Ok I honestly hate fortnite but GOD HE DOESN'T OWN IT GIVE THE OWNER SOME CREDIT DUDE *tRiGgErEd*

  53. Xziyon Broadwater

    Xziyon Broadwater4 dias atrás

    The Santa one is how my sister does it

  54. Baby Bear

    Baby Bear4 dias atrás

    Why do you judge santa

  55. Хупањ Шкимбара

    Хупањ Шкимбара4 dias atrás

    serem ti se u frizuru picko mala

  56. Shadow Assasin

    Shadow Assasin4 dias atrás

    He doesnt even undrstand thay flossing is a meme


    SHINNY MOON PRO4 dias atrás


  58. Legend Plays

    Legend Plays4 dias atrás

    Was this before or after he sued fortnite

  59. Woobzy Woobzy

    Woobzy Woobzy4 dias atrás

    Fortnite is trash

  60. simo bennaji

    simo bennaji4 dias atrás


  61. David Boskovski

    David Boskovski5 dias atrás

    I can do the floos but I don't post any vids

  62. EliminatedAguaX

    EliminatedAguaX5 dias atrás

    Jstudios did it not this ugly prick

  63. Forgotten Ninja

    Forgotten Ninja5 dias atrás

    It was SEASON 2🤦‍♀️

  64. LetsBlowThis3DshortBusPopStand

    LetsBlowThis3DshortBusPopStand5 dias atrás

    It's sad that this freak gets credit for this dance that was created almost 10 years ago.

  65. Hakeem Magdy

    Hakeem Magdy5 dias atrás

    Y he say season 3 it’s season 2

  66. Swedish Fish

    Swedish Fish5 dias atrás

    Season 2 Fortnite

  67. Dizzy Beast

    Dizzy Beast5 dias atrás

    I fucking hate him

  68. Nathan Spears

    Nathan Spears5 dias atrás

    Looking like my nut sac when it’s cold out

  69. sonicfreak777- Speed the Hedgehog

    sonicfreak777- Speed the Hedgehog5 dias atrás

    That dance is on Destiny 2 as a year 1 season 1 emote. It's popular on there too.

  70. SLOTH

    SLOTH5 dias atrás

    He said season 3 it was season 2 it came in


    JEONGGUKIE6 dias atrás

    You givin BTS “a solid 4”? Ok, I’d love to see you try to do the full Fire choreo and sing the whole goddamn song in korean

  72. Gilbert

    Gilbert6 dias atrás

    He looks like my right nut

  73. BraidenTV

    BraidenTV6 dias atrás

    It’s pretty cool that they put it in Sues epic

  74. Corrupt XD

    Corrupt XD6 dias atrás

    Season 2 buddy 0:18

  75. El Ayuwoki

    El Ayuwoki6 dias atrás

    1:54 Really??? i see that video before this :v

  76. Tsuyu Asui

    Tsuyu Asui6 dias atrás

    😑 he was cool for like a few months then fortnite came around.

  77. Benjamin Velasquez

    Benjamin Velasquez6 dias atrás

    You lier someone made it in 2011 and it was popular then and you did it in 2015

  78. ydkb ↁ_ↁ

    ydkb ↁ_ↁ6 dias atrás

    Not your dance

  79. Haha Hog

    Haha Hog6 dias atrás

    3:22 you didn’t even make it so don’t judge how others are doing it cause maybe your way is incorrect

  80. Mutaz Almuhtaseb

    Mutaz Almuhtaseb6 dias atrás


  81. lavender town rocket commander

    lavender town rocket commander6 dias atrás

    Back ground music too niggery for me

  82. Mad Zac

    Mad Zac6 dias atrás

    season 3 fortntie i think u mean season 2 mate

  83. Mad Zac

    Mad Zac6 dias atrás

    no body own any dances by the way i own walking so u cant walk or il sew u

  84. FaZe Onslaught

    FaZe Onslaught6 dias atrás

    Its truly the gayest thing

  85. DarkEnetiic

    DarkEnetiic6 dias atrás

    3:19 I'm dead haha

  86. sendor 3000

    sendor 30006 dias atrás

    *by the pope*

  87. Mimi Official

    Mimi Official6 dias atrás

    Just because he made the dance dosent mean he can be rude about it u bet u ppl can do better than what he do but the floss Is the floss and tbh it's kinda lame

  88. Timothy Edwards

    Timothy Edwards7 dias atrás

    It doesn't matter because it's still cringey

  89. Duck Gawd

    Duck Gawd7 dias atrás

    Season 3 nah season 2

  90. Fbi Swat Agent 375

    Fbi Swat Agent 3757 dias atrás

    He’s not the owner He’s a stealing rat Edit: Holy shtako this is the most likes ive ever got!

  91. Fbi Swat Agent 375

    Fbi Swat Agent 3759 horas atrás

    Jesus Alvarez Much for me

  92. Jesus Alvarez

    Jesus Alvarez22 horas atrás

    Not even that much

  93. Sophia Juntunen

    Sophia JuntunenDia atrás

    Other way around bud.

  94. Tare

    Tare7 dias atrás

    Discombobulated 😂 really

  95. lovely hyunjin

    lovely hyunjin7 dias atrás

    bts did well.

  96. Gustav Melbo Torgersen

    Gustav Melbo Torgersen7 dias atrás

    Season 2

  97. Bitch lasagna Xiong

    Bitch lasagna Xiong7 dias atrás

    He’s a fuking idiot

  98. PeelyLikes ToBuggi

    PeelyLikes ToBuggi7 dias atrás

    Season 2 fortnite

  99. cristian rabelo

    cristian rabelo7 dias atrás

    season 2

  100. Muna Ahmed

    Muna Ahmed7 dias atrás

    Season 2 not season 3

  101. WolfLover2.0

    WolfLover2.08 dias atrás

    Yo you give my 7 boys a 4???? Dang something wrong with you (this is not supposed to be rude, I just think that he rated them to low)

  102. Wrath Gaming

    Wrath Gaming8 dias atrás


  103. B-Series

    B-Series6 dias atrás

    So true

  104. Asian Canadian

    Asian Canadian8 dias atrás

    Wait wait wait.. BTS got a 4/10 for flossing over Jimmy Fallon hilariously, but somebody's fingers got a 7/10? I am confusion. (Jk lol I don't mean anything plz don't attacc

  105. Raeniesha Waters

    Raeniesha Waters8 dias atrás

    I dont blame em