Backpack Kid Judges Fortnite "Floss" Dances


  1. BossMan1838 Oof

    BossMan1838 Oof24 minutos atrás

    He didnt make it

  2. Gustav Epparn

    Gustav EpparnHora atrás

    Seasen 2 it came not 3

  3. 07CPS

    07CPSHora atrás this is the real flos :D

  4. Trash Vic

    Trash VicHora atrás

    Its season 2

  5. Worldofgamers

    WorldofgamersHora atrás

    season 3 of fortnite 🤦‍♂️

  6. Shannon Smith

    Shannon Smith2 horas atrás

    He said season 3 Fortnite? Season 2 it was.....

  7. UltraDooD Footool

    UltraDooD Footool4 horas atrás

    0:18 in 2 season..

  8. Kraans

    Kraans4 horas atrás

    Its the mashed potato

  9. Cykä Blyät

    Cykä Blyät5 horas atrás

    Actually I know Ryan Mayall for doing THE DANCE

  10. Ghost artz

    Ghost artz5 horas atrás

    nobody really cares mate

  11. AleFerra 1103

    AleFerra 11038 horas atrás

    I fucking love you AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  12. Nicholas Sciberras

    Nicholas Sciberras9 horas atrás

    He’s bug eyed

  13. Olivia Karasch

    Olivia Karasch9 horas atrás

    Ughhh... Buzzfeed is to good for that. 🙄

  14. Aidan Brent

    Aidan Brent11 horas atrás


  15. XxSLRxX YT

    XxSLRxX YT12 horas atrás

    0:19 season 2 btw

  16. Robo101

    Robo10112 horas atrás

    You can't judge if you didn't invent it.

  17. Dylan Keegan

    Dylan Keegan15 horas atrás

    He judges a dance HE DIDNT MAKE

  18. Oof

    Oof15 horas atrás

    I be flossing

  19. Aqua Turtle

    Aqua Turtle16 horas atrás

    Says season 3 when it was season 2 smh 😔

  20. Gaming Republik

    Gaming Republik16 horas atrás


  21. Amy Crandell

    Amy Crandell16 horas atrás

    He has long arms

  22. Frxstyy rolex

    Frxstyy rolex16 horas atrás

    season 3 or season 2

  23. Mlg Clickbaitgod and MD

    Mlg Clickbaitgod and MD17 horas atrás

    1 month later (January 2019 present day) he sues fortnite for putting the floss in the game

  24. Vincent Cyr

    Vincent Cyr18 horas atrás

    He didn't even make the dance

  25. Nathan Varn

    Nathan Varn18 horas atrás

    The floss came out in season 2

  26. Diego Romerox

    Diego Romerox19 horas atrás

    Oh no no

  27. Clyde Records

    Clyde Records19 horas atrás

    He is such an unlikable brat. Reminds me of Joffrey from GoT.

  28. Matteo Bruni

    Matteo Bruni19 horas atrás

    Actually went in fortnite in season 2

  29. Kirby The Gamer

    Kirby The Gamer20 horas atrás

    *Looks at the Gayometer* THE GAY LEVELS ARE *OFF THE CHARTS!*

  30. TTHtoxmicshoe

    TTHtoxmicshoe20 horas atrás

    fortnite added the floss to the game in season 2

  31. stop flexing tryhard skins loser

    stop flexing tryhard skins loser20 horas atrás

    Look look he said it was cool about fortnite using it

  32. Rainbow Jake

    Rainbow Jake20 horas atrás


  33. Haitrieu Nguyen

    Haitrieu Nguyen21 hora atrás

    Man he might know how to do his dance floss but for his teeth he can’t floss

  34. SuperMario Delon

    SuperMario Delon22 horas atrás


  35. Sansuatle *

    Sansuatle *22 horas atrás


  36. Muryo_ ARMY

    Muryo_ ARMY23 horas atrás

    Really BTS got 4 out of 10 BOI YA GOOD🤨🧐

  37. Virus

    Virus23 horas atrás


  38. Cactus 6ix9nine

    Cactus 6ix9nine23 horas atrás

    0:25 why did you sue them then

  39. Kyle

    KyleDia atrás

    I sighed when he said when season 3 of frontier it came into the game It was SEASON 2 ACTUSLLY OMGISOS

  40. Black Chef

    Black ChefDia atrás

    I suggest you yourself BOY should kill yourself

  41. Cony Diaz

    Cony DiazDia atrás

    Like si hablas español y no entendiste nada 🙄😂

  42. Ben Shadow

    Ben ShadowDia atrás

    Mashed potato

  43. General Honor

    General HonorDia atrás

    This guys is not boy I thin he is gay

  44. Dominik Adamczyk

    Dominik AdamczykDia atrás

    The girl did that right

  45. Dominik Adamczyk

    Dominik AdamczykDia atrás


  46. whoisjoeyy

    whoisjoeyyDia atrás

    Grateful Fortnite blew up "his" dance but then sues them?!

  47. LuckyTim

    LuckyTimDia atrás

    FUCKING idiot you didnt create anythink


    JOHN SAMUEL SDia atrás

    Lol.....look at the dislikes

  49. CReeD_ FlashOggy

    CReeD_ FlashOggyDia atrás

    The floss came in in season 2 u idiot

  50. pepper _

    pepper _Dia atrás

    who actually created the floss dance?

  51. TheNoobFlutistTM Ear Rape Recorder

    TheNoobFlutistTM Ear Rape RecorderDia atrás

    He looks/sounds like a white blonde half aged woman pretending to be young

  52. ༺Flashify༻

    ༺Flashify༻Dia atrás

    *Category Gaming*

  53. ReapOCE

    ReapOCEDia atrás

    season 2 oh wait oh yeah yeah

  54. Jesse foster

    Jesse fosterDia atrás

    2:36 ohhh well now I know why Santa is always tired on Christmas Day 😂

  55. Jesse foster

    Jesse fosterDia atrás

    0:20 you mean season 2


    EVAN STEBURGDia atrás

    season 2 bud

  57. Hank Hill

    Hank HillDia atrás

    0:19 didn't it come out in season 2??

  58. Jada Noodle

    Jada NoodleDia atrás

    Omg im so sorry but that lisp needs help I couldn’t focus the whole video bc if it no offense but I just couldn’t

  59. SuperHdrt

    SuperHdrtDia atrás

    Yet he is still suing epic even though he said “Fortnite made it blow up”

  60. Brody Gaston

    Brody GastonDia atrás

    Grown man here to say - this backpack guy is the best floss dancer ever.

  61. Hi Name

    Hi NameDia atrás

    Proper buzzfeed content

  62. Theresa Vasquez

    Theresa VasquezDia atrás

    It got removed

  63. Lara AL-Zubaidi

    Lara AL-ZubaidiDia atrás

    uhh, u fake the floss is originally called the mashed potato man -_- u don't deserve ur fame

  64. Blaise Meekers

    Blaise MeekersDia atrás

    Season two Fortnite

  65. Candy Hustles

    Candy HustlesDia atrás

    You mean season two

  66. Bryce Zavitsky

    Bryce ZavitskyDia atrás

    3:06 why does he have a bandanna around his knee

  67. Bryce Zavitsky

    Bryce ZavitskyDia atrás

    NOOOO its season 2

  68. Zae Palmer

    Zae PalmerDia atrás

    @mash potato man (is the real creator)

  69. Shockzy GGamez

    Shockzy GGamezDia atrás

    3:18 man your nose hella big and you didn't create it PERIOD

  70. Al H

    Al HDia atrás

    u sued fortnite

  71. GhostKnight

    GhostKnightDia atrás

    I’m equal

  72. GhostKnight

    GhostKnightDia atrás

    Like you said it isn’t Tha hard

  73. Killa got game

    Killa got gameDia atrás

    You did not create the floss my dude

  74. DarthOliptius

    DarthOliptiusDia atrás

    He's watching these videos to get his lawsuits ready.

  75. Archie Norval

    Archie Norval2 dias atrás

    God I hate this guy HE DIDN’ T EVEN CREATE IT 🤬 This is him 💩

  76. Ongoing Blaze

    Ongoing Blaze2 dias atrás

    Season3 lel

  77. Isaac rivera

    Isaac rivera2 dias atrás

    Season 2

  78. Mohamed Ahmed

    Mohamed Ahmed2 dias atrás

    Season 3? Correction season 2

  79. Gracie Sparks

    Gracie Sparks2 dias atrás

    does homeboy have a banana on his leg?

  80. Kayronbeats

    Kayronbeats2 dias atrás

    I watched this video on the toilet and I induced diarrhea

  81. ShSh .

    ShSh .2 dias atrás

    It was season 2 not 3

  82. ella dem

    ella dem2 dias atrás

    s0lid 4

  83. ella dem

    ella dem2 dias atrás

    but why does bts floss better than him 😔

  84. Noahbeastfive Million

    Noahbeastfive Million2 dias atrás

    I'm only good at default hype/shoot flip and sexy floss take the L an elf also orange justice and lastly I the bet at infinite dab

  85. Jaylen Always Gaming

    Jaylen Always Gaming2 dias atrás

    I CAME OUT SEASON 2!!!! lol XD

  86. Defective Turret

    Defective Turret2 dias atrás

    not season 3 season 2

  87. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol2 dias atrás

    1:11 So no one is gonna talk about, he gave bts n Jimmy a SoLiD 4?

  88. Dipika Magar Magar

    Dipika Magar Magar2 dias atrás

    See because of your f***** attitude u got more unlike than likes!! Bts do more betteeeeeer than youuuu!!

  89. Palm Tv

    Palm Tv2 dias atrás

    Season 3 i think season 2

  90. Dipika Magar Magar

    Dipika Magar Magar2 dias atrás

    Solid 4 for bts?? You must go anywhere and hide ur face !!bro ur attitude is f****** sh** !! U know what you should shut ur f****** mouth Don't be so over!!!

  91. deaththekir4

    deaththekir42 dias atrás

    i be flooooooooooooooosiiiiiiiiing

  92. _Yixing's Wifeu_

    _Yixing's Wifeu_2 dias atrás

    The way he say "that was not bad" Bich cringe *alert* its alright that he just react to it, but judging it meennn stahp it.

  93. Flora Goh Zhau Wei

    Flora Goh Zhau Wei2 dias atrás

    soo hes saying he dance its the "greatest one"?! at least people tried they best :/

  94. Robert O’Grady

    Robert O’Grady2 dias atrás

    Season 2 it was is the game wow your own dance and you don’t know shame

  95. xn xmega

    xn xmega2 dias atrás

    Danielle Bregoli v2

  96. Joe isderpie

    Joe isderpie2 dias atrás

    He didn’t make the floss

  97. Squishy Dread

    Squishy Dread2 dias atrás

    Season 2 Not season 3

  98. Squishy Dread

    Squishy Dread2 dias atrás

    But he didn’t even make it 😂

  99. Kaushil Chand

    Kaushil Chand2 dias atrás

    not season 3 season 2

  100. Arnulfo Parra

    Arnulfo Parra2 dias atrás

    Did he say season 3 from fortnite wasn’t it from season 2?

  101. Xavier Corner

    Xavier Corner2 dias atrás

    Bro stfu