1. Yandi N

    Yandi N10 dias atrás

    You're so kind to locals people💓 love from bandung city,indonesia

  2. grace scarletta

    grace scarletta11 dias atrás

    where did you get your yellow fit you were wearing on the first day ? xx

  3. Mohamad maelu hadi santoso

    Mohamad maelu hadi santoso11 dias atrás

    Uayu ayu ....

  4. Elisa aa

    Elisa aa13 dias atrás

    What lipstick are you wearing in the beginning it looks stunning☺️

  5. Fatu Sallay

    Fatu Sallay14 dias atrás

    The second villa is perfection😍

  6. dajana buljan

    dajana buljan16 dias atrás

    Omg ,i saw deep club music video where were you Shani with girls and Jonathan(sorry for mentioned ).But i was so happy to see you in the video.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🥰🥰🥰

  7. Albert Hartje

    Albert Hartje19 dias atrás

    Gorgeous Young Ladies!! 🌹❤️🌹

  8. Loras Tyrell

    Loras Tyrell19 dias atrás

    That second villa is like celebrity mansion wtf I want to stay there so bad, dream house indeed 😍😍😍

  9. Amr Hobby

    Amr Hobby22 dias atrás

    Jos the video

  10. Rosie Walker

    Rosie Walker24 dias atrás

    Please do another skin routine because your skin has never looked so clear its beautiful !!!!!!!

  11. shaheer shujaat

    shaheer shujaat25 dias atrás

    Wow Shani you and your friends are looking very nice beautiful amazing Bali vlog well done 😊😊❤️❤️👍👍

  12. Sara Naylor

    Sara Naylor26 dias atrás

    I’d love to know your makeup look at the end of your video in your black bikinis please 🙏🏼 I ❤️ it! Xx

  13. BlackBerryTrees

    BlackBerryTrees26 dias atrás

    I would actually love to see more of your workday and how you organize a business trip, etc!

  14. Elsie Mollison

    Elsie Mollison27 dias atrás

    where are your sunnies (1:43) from? x

  15. SimplyMare

    SimplyMare28 dias atrás

    Love her accent!!!

  16. Love Island AU Tea

    Love Island AU Tea28 dias atrás

    omg your skin is so clear no lil bumps at all!! so beaut and ur hair ugh jel!! ilysm this was suchhh a good vlog!! dat quality content u feed us

  17. Liliana Gordon

    Liliana Gordon29 dias atrás

    ok lily is literally the third lily (including me) that I've met that has a gluten allergy. i swear it comes with the name lollll

  18. Shadman Kalam

    Shadman Kalam29 dias atrás

    Hi Shani you are absolutely beautiful gorgeous beautiful lady lots of love ❤️ for you beautiful

  19. Laniya P

    Laniya PMês atrás

    Hi shani clx

  20. Donna Lewis

    Donna LewisMês atrás

    Great vlog loving your channel and content ♥️♥️♥️

  21. Dena Rendall

    Dena RendallMês atrás

    What a fun trip! Lil and Em are my faves ever🤩 you all look so good, get it girls x

  22. anikanet

    anikanetMês atrás

    shani's side profile is just giant fish lips. i wish she would stop. the fat lips don't suit her face and she looked so much better with normal lips.

  23. Ginelle Hughes

    Ginelle HughesMês atrás

    Girl you’re glowing from the soul. You just seem so happy and content. And healthier, like in your mind and body. Don’t know if that’s weird but that’s what I thought while watching haha 💕

  24. Ali Jensen

    Ali JensenMês atrás

    Your makeup when you were wearing the black one piece was stunning could you do a makeup tutorial with a simple look like that? Stunning ❤️

  25. ftkathleen

    ftkathleenMês atrás

    Amazing house and omg that bubba boy was soooo cute!!! 🖤

  26. A C

    A CMês atrás

    Has Shani had her cheeks done recently?

  27. Jess Thomas

    Jess ThomasMês atrás

    this brings me backkkk girlll i miss the old vlogs bring the squad back xxxx

  28. bananahead31

    bananahead31Mês atrás

    lmao why are you and lily sniffing your armpits in the thumbnail

  29. Rikki Anne

    Rikki AnneMês atrás

    Can you please list all places you stayed 😊

  30. Caprice L

    Caprice LMês atrás

    This is such a wholesome video we stan business women❤️❤️

  31. irdina norazmir

    irdina norazmirMês atrás

    pleaaseeee come to malaysiaaaaa

  32. irdina norazmir

    irdina norazmirMês atrás


  33. Rachel Kromdijk

    Rachel KromdijkMês atrás

    Its look so Beautiful!

  34. Tanesha Halliday

    Tanesha HallidayMês atrás

    ummm that villa with the projector is literally a DREAM! is it villa saaachi? just checked out their IG and didn’t really see the exact room you’s were in! if you can remember I’d love to stay there next time in bali xxx💕 p.s skins literally glowing idk what ur doing but girl I needddd that 😂💝.

  35. Tanesha Halliday

    Tanesha HallidayMês atrás

    11:30 seconds in and realised you named the other one lmao, whats that first villa calleddd😭

  36. taleisha slater

    taleisha slaterMês atrás

    is the villa saaachi the one with the projector and gorgeous little plants everywhere?! really wanna check it out looked beautifullll 💕❤️

  37. Eleanna Pericleous

    Eleanna PericleousMês atrás

    You seem so much more happier & bubbly in this vlog I love it so much!!

  38. Erica Noelle Fontanilla

    Erica Noelle FontanillaMês atrás

    The content I’ve been waiting for .🙌🏼

  39. Tegan Vitnell

    Tegan VitnellMês atrás

    Does anyone know what happened with the girls and micheal ?

  40. Dani Gonzalez

    Dani GonzalezMês atrás

    You’re so hot sis!! You’re GLOWING

  41. xan adu

    xan aduMês atrás

    Wow that mega villa!!

  42. Em X

    Em XMês atrás

    lily has crack energy

  43. Nancy Baranowski

    Nancy BaranowskiMês atrás

    Shani those bags are not worth $35 HAHA i think i bargained as low as 5 each when I went x

  44. Brooke Summerfield

    Brooke Summerfield21 dia atrás

    Yeah but that $35 probably helped him out a lot so I think it’s okay!

  45. Luisa Ganko

    Luisa Ganko22 dias atrás

    Bargaining as low as possible isn't a good thing...those people need the money more than you. Paying their price is the least you could do even if it may be possible to get it cheaper

  46. Tin Bernas

    Tin BernasMês atrás

    Bali is so perfect!! I wish to be there..


    DREWYN DIDDSMês atrás

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  48. Jade Bennett

    Jade BennettMês atrás

    Very tempted to book Bali for my 21st in August eeeep x

  49. Chloe Rae

    Chloe RaeMês atrás

    What pill are you on?? Your skin is so clear

  50. Chloe Rae

    Chloe RaeMês atrás

    I got those bags for like $5 each omg

  51. Jessie Kali

    Jessie Kali29 dias atrás

    Same Hahahaha fk she got so ripped off

  52. amina halbouni

    amina halbouniMês atrás

    hey guys does anyone know what professional camera shani uses??

  53. Leticia Bellard

    Leticia BellardMês atrás

    Whats the name of the second villa you stayed at?

  54. Amanda Davies

    Amanda DaviesMês atrás

    Where’s the S necklace from? 🥰

  55. Kasey Cruz

    Kasey CruzMês atrás

    Love this content! Would love to see more travel for sylks, also like travel guides! Where to stay, food, what to do!? I’m traveling to Santorini soon And I was thinking these would be great! Love you!

  56. Travellers Influencers

    Travellers InfluencersMês atrás

    Loved this video! 😁

  57. victoriahorses100

    victoriahorses100Mês atrás

    Reaction to chloes pregnancy announcement?

  58. Jessie Kali

    Jessie Kali29 dias atrás

    Absolutely not her place to talk about it. They are not friends anymore.

  59. Keenan Carter

    Keenan Carter29 dias atrás

    victoriahorses100 THEYRE not friends

  60. yousef king

    yousef kingMês atrás


  61. Elin a

    Elin aMês atrás

    Are they still friends with Michael ??

  62. Boothang Xoxo

    Boothang Xoxo29 dias atrás

    Elin a yes they are

  63. Teagan Robertson

    Teagan RobertsonMês atrás

    I miss these Vlogs so much

  64. Emma Hutton

    Emma HuttonMês atrás

    Does anyone know what the bakery was called which uses the banana flour? 😅❤️ thank you x

  65. Maddi Penton

    Maddi PentonMês atrás

    How can I sell an SG The Label watch? I have never used it so it's still brand new in packaging

  66. Maddi Penton

    Maddi Penton3 dias atrás

    Eloise Kelly i’ve tried there! ):

  67. Eloise Kelly

    Eloise Kelly3 dias atrás

    Maddi Penton Marketplace

  68. Bernie Kennedy

    Bernie KennedyMês atrás

    Yaaaaasssss OVERDUE girl Looking amazing 🔥♥️

  69. Alannah Heap

    Alannah HeapMês atrás

    where's you 's' necklace from? its so cute!!