BAND-MAID / Thrill(スリル)


  1. David Gutierrez

    David Gutierrez16 horas atrás

    Hijo de la Chingada Rock my Soul

  2. Vice Isms

    Vice Isms18 horas atrás

    Awesome song. Hope they get help with translations in the future..."just breaking new gate".....huh? Did they mean ground? Breaking down walls? Barriers?

  3. Dorrance Gabbard

    Dorrance Gabbard22 horas atrás

    Have to say I’ve become a fan. Thought Love Bites or Mary’s blood were good but there is more Melody in Band Maids music. The Thrill song is just greatttt.

  4. Growmie Greenthumb

    Growmie GreenthumbDia atrás

    Whatever you do there's a young Asian who's better

  5. Pete Louis

    Pete LouisDia atrás

    Shred- tastic!!

  6. Steve C

    Steve CDia atrás

    This is still my fave rock tune 100%

  7. Torsten Görner

    Torsten Görner2 dias atrás

    Ich finde die Mädels sind süß und machen gute Musik. Zu Schade das ich hier in Deutschland sie nicht kennenlernen kann.

  8. Torsten Görner

    Torsten Görner19 horas atrás

    Wie geil ist das denn? Da muss ich mal gucken ob sie dieses Jahr wieder hierher kommen.

  9. Weser Joki

    Weser Joki19 horas atrás

    Kannst Du. Sie kommen jedes Jahr hierher...ein kleines Beispiel aus Hamburg vom letzten Juni

  10. Sampyy 95

    Sampyy 952 dias atrás

    Female version of Bon Jovi .

  11. Kenzu Sie

    Kenzu Sie2 dias atrás

    Es la primera vez que BRreporter me recomienda algo bueno!

  12. racrx7

    racrx73 dias atrás

    Holy freaking Tokyo stomping Godzilla!! You girls are amazing!! My new favorite band 😍😍. Love those outfits! 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  13. AF Luru

    AF Luru3 dias atrás da thunk...Japanese ladies putting the rock back into rock and roll. The States lost its rock soul starting in the 80's. These gals make you sit up and listen. Put aside the cute maid outfits (not complaining mind you), their music alone is worth the look see!

  14. Ryan Zeller

    Ryan Zeller3 dias atrás

    There will always be talented American bands keeping rock music alive, but it's awesome that there are bands like this in other countries. Rock is pretty much on life support at this point, but it will never least I strongly hope not :/ Seems like now days, the younger audience is more drawn to rap and hip hop...

  15. Mario Ramirez

    Mario Ramirez3 dias atrás

    Great Band, really rocks

  16. Joseph Su'a

    Joseph Su'a4 dias atrás

    J Rock is where it’s at now. They’re bands are awesome!

  17. Max Jacobi

    Max Jacobi5 dias atrás

    Scandinavian girls must be envious...

  18. Hullabaloser

    Hullabaloser5 dias atrás

    Lead singer -- just tell me who to kill in exchange for one date. Consider it done!

  19. MisterD90 Gaming

    MisterD90 Gaming5 dias atrás

    Chick on the right is really going for it :D love it

  20. MisterD90 Gaming

    MisterD90 Gaming4 dias atrás

    @*Jumping Peppers!* Awesome!

  21. *Jumping Peppers!*

    *Jumping Peppers!*4 dias atrás

    Kanami Tono AKA Kanamincho

  22. José Marcel Marcano

    José Marcel Marcano5 dias atrás

    Oooh That Riffff 😍

  23. Hullabaloser

    Hullabaloser6 dias atrás

    Eff me that was good.

  24. sa tanahashi

    sa tanahashi7 dias atrás


  25. pikappa86

    pikappa867 dias atrás

    I am 33 years old, listening punk-rock/heavy metal since 2002. Very very few times happened to me to fall in love so quickly for a band!! And they are GIRLS, from JAPAN!! Am I dreaming??

  26. Josue Ortega

    Josue Ortega3 dias atrás

    pikappa86 no, girls in japan are the best haha

  27. たまらんちんやすお

    たまらんちんやすお7 dias atrás

    彼女達にはほんっとに一曲で良いからパンクを演って欲しい crush風の情熱的なの 似合うと思うんよねぇ

  28. Ken Fixcar

    Ken Fixcar7 dias atrás

    USA- feminists arguing slapping men.- meanwhile in Japan------THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. paul paull

    paul paull7 dias atrás

    ...ALL Masters and Princesses will prepare to attend the {! BAND-MAID LIVE SERVING! at the !!BUDOKAN!! Feb. 2021}

  30. Dave Mustard Stain

    Dave Mustard Stain6 dias atrás

    I can't believe they're finally playing at Budokan! I hope to see them at Tokyo Dome someday.

  31. bnpascu

    bnpascu7 dias atrás

    Brilliant riffs!

  32. yui zaift

    yui zaift8 dias atrás

    New Blu-ray & DVD Live Concert Release 4.29.2020 If you live in Japan or will visit to Japan in 2020 and 2021 BAND-MAID 2020 ZEPP TOUR + NIPPON BUDOKAN confirmed! July 16th, 2020 (Thursday) ZEPP NAGOYA July 23rd, 2020 (Holiday Thursday) ZEPP OSAKA BAYSIDE July 24th, 2020 (Holiday Friday) ZEPP FUKUOKA August 9th, 2020 (Holiday Friday) ZEPP SAPPORO August 16th, 2020 (Sunday) ZEPP HANEDA Band-maid will be independently serving you in the NIPPON BUDOKAN! BAND-MAID Nippon Budoukan February 11th, 2021 (Holiday Thursday) National Foundation Day More info :

  33. yui zaift

    yui zaift7 dias atrás

    @*Jumping Peppers!* 👍

  34. *Jumping Peppers!*

    *Jumping Peppers!*7 dias atrás

    Pre-orders now available for live Blu-ray/DVD

  35. まさぴと

    まさぴと8 dias atrás

    カッコよすぎん?? 最高!

  36. Glen Jones

    Glen Jones8 dias atrás

    Amazing Bass makes this band stand out against all others.

  37. wtf bros

    wtf bros8 dias atrás

    Looking back at this, man Miku really come a long way..

  38. james cleveland

    james cleveland9 dias atrás

    It's about time. Rappers and Trashers.......your done. All hail these girls from Japan!

  39. Vladimir Bazante

    Vladimir Bazante9 dias atrás

    Saiky luce mas bella con ese disfraz un encanto 😈


    E-MINOR STUDIO10 dias atrás

    0:04 *Making you gay*

  41. Gian Carlos Flores

    Gian Carlos Flores4 dias atrás


  42. *Jumping Peppers!*

    *Jumping Peppers!*9 dias atrás

    0:04 Breaking New Gate

  43. scott meyers

    scott meyers10 dias atrás

    For eny of you tone deaf people getting ready to dislike this ... look at the 11M views.... look at the 107K likes .... look at the 288K subscriber's and then look for the exit .

  44. 武士道國家を復活しよう。日の丸、君が代を廢止

    武士道國家を復活しよう。日の丸、君が代を廢止10 dias atrás


  45. Sir sweet and sour chicken balls

    Sir sweet and sour chicken balls10 dias atrás

    im hurt and need a band maid

  46. Khristopher Tanase

    Khristopher Tanase10 dias atrás

    Can I get a "Hallelujah", people?!? I listen to these girls at least twice a day! The main riff in this song fucking SHREDS!!! This band is NOT mere eye-candy, holding instruments as props. This drummer is THUNDEROUS, and they are all a joy to watch. As a 54 year old Seattle alumn, I've become quite jaded towards music and Band Maid takes me straight back to my teenage years, when the anticipation of a new Van Halen or Rush album had my nose pressed against the record store window. This lead player literally rips my head off and MISA plays that 5 string bass with fierce abandon, yet with the precision of a hypersonic cruise-missle. MY NEW FAVORITE BAND!!!

  47. K Fan

    K Fan10 dias atrás


  48. Kirange

    Kirange11 dias atrás


  49. 26 teishin

    26 teishin8 dias atrás


  50. Wayne Altman Story Time

    Wayne Altman Story Time11 dias atrás

    More teeth than a chain saw... Something catchy about this if you don't watch the video.

  51. bendeko

    bendeko11 dias atrás

    This band has the kinda balls lacking in modern rock today,mind fucking Blown😲

  52. RJDCR

    RJDCR11 dias atrás

    kool , believable....Rock onnn a okay R J

  53. stillbreathing37

    stillbreathing3711 dias atrás

    And everyone of them are guys.

  54. OzHillBill

    OzHillBill8 dias atrás

    Then I must be gay.

  55. inappropriate propriate

    inappropriate propriate11 dias atrás

    I'm a straight girl yet I think the singer's voice is so hot

  56. Chris Morrison

    Chris Morrison12 dias atrás

    Absolutely kick ass! I love their singing! Great song. I'm so glad I am not playing in bands anymore. These ladies would eat other bands for breakfast. Phucking great rock n' roll.

  57. Q&A Sweet

    Q&A Sweet12 dias atrás


  58. M.C. Yeoh

    M.C. Yeoh13 dias atrás

    I grateful to youtube as for the recommendation bring me here.. I see the shadow of OOR behind this band, thank god I discovered them before I die.... J-rock the best !

  59. 武士道國家を復活しよう。日の丸、君が代を廢止

    武士道國家を復活しよう。日の丸、君が代を廢止13 dias atrás

    me ; only japanese know what ture heavy metal is. manowar : yes Death to all false metal (deathcore, metalcore)

  60. stimproid

    stimproid12 dias atrás

    Steel Panther: "Death to all but metal"

  61. lost-frequencies

    lost-frequencies13 dias atrás

    way better than Baby Metal.

  62. Sarcastic Barman

    Sarcastic Barman13 dias atrás

    well thank you YT recommend vids!!! this is awesome!!

  63. Jonetsu 0

    Jonetsu 013 dias atrás

    0:21 - 0:31 I love this part 😎


    SLIPKNOT PENTAGRAM66614 dias atrás

    Love Japanese girll

  65. Aleх G.

    Aleх G.14 dias atrás


  66. Mark Alcantara

    Mark Alcantara14 dias atrás

    Shit 2020 here am I too late!?

  67. exavolta

    exavolta14 dias atrás

    You are not that late because they still rock

  68. Manny Ramirez

    Manny Ramirez14 dias atrás

    Such talent, such beauty.

  69. luis almeida iza

    luis almeida iza14 dias atrás

    Bien pegajosa y muy buena 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  70. billy sabilla

    billy sabilla14 dias atrás

    She Slapp, I Accept...

  71. *Jumping Peppers!*

    *Jumping Peppers!*14 dias atrás

    Happy Birthday Saiki 🎉🎂🚄

  72. Octopod

    Octopod15 dias atrás

    Damn, they're actually really tasteful. I like it.

  73. vancant 12

    vancant 1215 dias atrás

    Kanami is freaking cool!

  74. Skoora

    Skoora15 dias atrás

    The bass player is just killing it. So nice to hear bass lines with such a killer tone in hard rock. I thought bass had just become a doubler for 7 strings or 6 strings tuned to Z and was soon to be replaced by a sine