[BANGTAN BOMB] Last day of 'Boy With Luv' stage @ 2019 슈퍼콘서트 - BTS (방탄소년단)


  1. mochi luni

    mochi luni8 horas atrás

    Miss you bts😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Septiana Nurlayla

    Septiana Nurlayla17 horas atrás

    goob bts sarangeo saya cinta kalian ,semuanya nama saya septi bts

  3. توته القرني

    توته القرنيDia atrás

    LOVE BTS 😍😍😍😍LOVE( V )❤❤❤

  4. Love Yourself

    Love YourselfDia atrás

    Why They're so Damn Handsome, I can't Control Myself 😣😭😚🤗💜

  5. Putri Dwi

    Putri Dwi2 dias atrás

    The way taehyung eat those food is the best part in this vid 💜💙💜💙


    ENDER DRAGON GRIL2 dias atrás

    I love you bts in indonesia plisssss

  7. Katy Webb

    Katy Webb2 dias atrás

    start of the video: me, 9am Monday morning end of video: me, 9pm Friday night

  8. Ely Mendoza

    Ely Mendoza2 dias atrás

    Jungkook: Super Mamá. ❤

  9. 金徽

    金徽3 dias atrás

    Jimin please take care of yourself.Don't get hurt.We love you so much!💜💜💜

  10. Nathália Nogueira

    Nathália Nogueira4 dias atrás

    Jimin looked so down at the beginning and it's remarkable that he was in pain :( but at the end of the video he seemed much happier and relieved. And he was sitting in a very comfortable place tho lmao I loved it

  11. Дада Абба

    Дада Абба5 dias atrás


  12. Gem Prototype

    Gem Prototype5 dias atrás

    como se llama lo que come tae en el minuto 2:23 ??

  13. Jin90 Suga

    Jin90 Suga5 dias atrás

    Почему Джин и Шуга такие лапочки

  14. karlation37

    karlation375 dias atrás

    The work so freaking hard. Let's love and support them always

  15. Rabia Djambulatova

    Rabia Djambulatova7 dias atrás

    Boy with luv♥♥♥

  16. krn

    krn7 dias atrás

    Namjoon's feet at 1:20 lol

  17. Rossana Gutierrez

    Rossana Gutierrez7 dias atrás

    Army forever



    Lo que más me gusta esque actúan con tanta naturalidad que derrite mi corazón

  19. Ranmarucutie54

    Ranmarucutie548 dias atrás

    Happy Bithday Jimin love you , hope you spend it with people who support you and care for you ^ ^ .

  20. nicole army

    nicole army9 dias atrás

    Last day of boy with luv But not today

  21. Lisa Tipping

    Lisa Tipping9 dias atrás

    00:04 - 00:09 is jimin ok ?

  22. Siti Atimah

    Siti Atimah9 dias atrás


  23. Arreihs Lej Solracalliv

    Arreihs Lej Solracalliv9 dias atrás

    Happy birthday jiminie💖💖💖

  24. An Nguyễn

    An Nguyễn10 dias atrás

    Love BTS BTS

  25. An Nguyễn

    An Nguyễn10 dias atrás


  26. An Nguyễn

    An Nguyễn10 dias atrás


  27. FioNico Santander

    FioNico Santander10 dias atrás

    #SUGA :'33333333 HERMOSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ^3^ 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💗💗💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💖💖 #SUGA

  28. Sherice Heath

    Sherice Heath10 dias atrás

    Binge watching all the bangtan bombs cause ya girl been missing out😅

  29. Kana Foxy

    Kana Foxy11 dias atrás

    4:30 Jungkook is staring at Jimin the whole time

  30. jamjamj j

    jamjamj j11 dias atrás


  31. danna gove521

    danna gove52111 dias atrás

    Ok, ¿porque no ponen traducciones al español?, no entiendo ni vergas bighit, esta bien que no nos quieras pero por lo menos disimula.

  32. FioNico Santander

    FioNico Santander10 dias atrás

    :'c CIERTO 😥

  33. fatima gattwinkel

    fatima gattwinkel11 dias atrás

    Thank uou bighit staff for this. Thank you veey much!

  34. Roberta Maria

    Roberta Maria12 dias atrás

    Ela faz de tudo pra ver ele E queria qui ele soubesse desse amor dela qui ela sente por ele

  35. Roberta Maria

    Roberta Maria12 dias atrás

    Nunca vi ela tão apaixonada assim por um homem maravilhoso qui nem park jimin

  36. Roberta Maria

    Roberta Maria12 dias atrás

    Minha irmã martha ela amar muito esses meninos ela Esta apaixonadamente por park jimin o mochi dela Ela tem foto vidios tudo deles e amar muito Nunca vi ela tão apaixonada assim por um idolo da terra tão tão distante tem qui dois oceanos meu Deus Coitado do coração dela Ela amo todos eles Eo sonho dela e i pra Coreia do Sul ver eles quo amor em ela tem por eles Ela e uma army muito corajosa


    TAMARA SMITH12 dias atrás

    My baby Jimin... I hope he is ok...he looked so tired and hurt

  38. جوان الشمري

    جوان الشمري13 dias atrás

    아요 사랑해

  39. Nakia The best

    Nakia The best13 dias atrás

    0:23 don’t you rember this

  40. Teeba_BTS_A.R.M.Y Dlo

    Teeba_BTS_A.R.M.Y Dlo13 dias atrás

    l love you bts ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  41. _iix_ Oof

    _iix_ Oof13 dias atrás

    omg imagine getting watch by that many people? 1:35 - 1:42

  42. tree

    tree14 dias atrás

    Jimin's legs are very painful. However, he did it with reference. My heart aches.

  43. Antonio Souza

    Antonio Souza14 dias atrás

    Dialetos portugueses sio de São Paulo sp

  44. Hazel Abatay

    Hazel Abatay14 dias atrás

    i like it

  45. DaRK StAr

    DaRK StAr14 dias atrás

    hobi hobi hobi

  46. Basria Khan BTS ARMY forever

    Basria Khan BTS ARMY forever14 dias atrás

    Jkok pink,s shirt kill me soo heart😚😚

  47. Sathi Saha

    Sathi Saha14 dias atrás

    Army look carefully Jimin's right leg is injured 😢😢

  48. Jungkook 97

    Jungkook 9714 dias atrás

    Armys latinas reportense..... Este comentario esta solito

  49. Sleepy Apple

    Sleepy Apple14 dias atrás

    Squid 🐙

  50. Princess Tirsa

    Princess Tirsa14 dias atrás

    En sus videos mándeme saludos y también los quiero ver mirando mis vídeos 🤩🤩😍😍🌹🤩🥰🏵️🥰😘

  51. Princess Tirsa

    Princess Tirsa14 dias atrás

    No sé preocupen por la yo voy a practicar coreano el 2020

  52. Silent Angel

    Silent Angel14 dias atrás

    I wish i can see them Iam from lebanon arabic girl with army heart

  53. Silent Angel

    Silent Angel14 dias atrás

    Is this is the real chanel ??love them so much, they are so lovely cute wish them the best ❤❤❤

  54. Adni leta

    Adni leta15 dias atrás

    L😘✌e y🥰u boys.. Hope to see u one day😪😄😁🤟

  55. Green Silk

    Green Silk15 dias atrás

    What's wrong with you Jaimie

  56. Green Silk

    Green Silk15 dias atrás

    Jimina are you okay

  57. Ti Ti

    Ti Ti15 dias atrás

    Jimin ដូចឈឺជើងហើយមិចសមាជិកទាំងអស់គ្នាអត់ដឹងចឹង😯😯

  58. 지민박

    지민박15 dias atrás

    AAAAAAAAAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........... I DON,T UNDERSTAN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  59. J-Anne L

    J-Anne L15 dias atrás

    Being a army is so precious. Some of Koreans fans. did not notice how bts give their effort for their fans . They always judge bts for what ever they do to there self. Like the issue of jungkook hair. He choose to grow his hair and it's not a issue for that. Infact he like his new hair and many fans love it. Some Koreans fans is to much obsessed with bts. They need to learn some privacy also that wants bts for their self. We need to understand that we don't have choice also to control there life. I'm being fans of bts I'm happy what they want to be. #FREE as want they want to be. 😊 We need to be proud and inspired for what they do for us. They are legend and many girls proud to be that #BTS give them inspiration love and hope everyday. #FREE #DOWHATEVERTHEYWANTTOBE 😍🤩 #PROUDBTS

  60. Kim Suga

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