Basically Everything You Need To Know Before Infinity War


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    Want to thank ThePivotsXXD for being apart of this video while also helping animate. He's a really dope dude so go show him some love and subscirbe!!

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    Wow cool make more vids

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    Vibrainium biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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    The beginning is literally me with anyone in my family with any series I watch on Netflix or anywhere else...

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    Great vid

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    When I found out one of my friends hadn't seen most of the marvel movies and had seen Infinite war, needless to say that she came over to my house and we watched them all.

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    I love marvel ❤️

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    i have seem all of the marvel movies 3 to 4 times best fucking movies ever

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    We in the current mcu, are actually in phase 1 section 5, after the next avengers movie (endgames not the last one) we will be in phase 2

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    Marvel movies I can name Spider man 2002 Spider man 2 2004 Spider man 3 2007 The amazing spider man The amazing spider man 2 Spider man homecoming Spider man far from home Avengers Avengers: age of ultron Avengers infinity war Avengers: Endgame Doctor strange Captain marvel Guardians of the galaxy Guardians of the galaxy vol.2 Iron man Iron man 2 Iron man 3 Captain America: the first avenger Captain America: the winter soldier Hulk The Incredible Hulk Thor Thor: the dark world Thor: ragnorok

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    end game is so cool

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    Frick you, Adam!! Hawkeye is my favorite avenger!! hahaha, why does everyone keep forgetting him,hahaha *crying in silence*

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    Marvel version of batman moon knight

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    Your excited b/c you're the REAL iron man. You look like you could impersonate Tony Stark.... Ok??? Adam???

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    I saw the infinty war movie

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    And not boring

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    Am I the only one who thought Thor was good?

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    You said they introduced Hawkeye and black widow in the Avengers. Actually, Hawkeye was in the. But.... For like two min and he does not use his normal bow, he uses a compact bow (I'm paying too much attention to bows aren't I?) You also forgot about the prison scene which is one of the most depressing scenes ever. And Hawkeye once again gives a pep talk which I think made tony really realize that he made a mistake and that caps side really are just trying to do good. (And I ranted again)

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    Do an endgame recap

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    6.9m views STOOPI

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    Boi Tom Holland is f****** awsome!

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    my friend is his friend but watching endgame

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    Benton lake copy that mean when I got God and anime on my side economy to Ethan. So ossining 4:34

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    I'm a nerd i LOVE marvel

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    Dude i watch dis movie 😉 lol

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    this was a year ago, wow

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    OH MY GOD. HE'S SO CUTE. ( 6:18 )

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    Whats y'all favourite super hero? Gosh I sounded so Canadian just then... Anyways mine is doctor strange

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    You in the begining are basically me talking to my friends 😂

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    0:53 Starter Marvel Watcher.: Cmon men! WHO CAREZ? Adam: Stan Lee cares. Stan Lee: DONT MAKE ME COME DOWM THERE YA PUNK! #R.I.PStanLee You will be always in me heart

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    This made marvels movies look so silly

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    17:43 Universe? Could you say SPIDER-VERSE?

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    I actually watched IW without a single clue who the fuck was on screen

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    Bucky, what the fucky

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    Age of Ultron was my first MCU movie I've ever saw

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    “I like how Adam says frick instead of fu- *ad plays*

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    7:20 Wait I thought he said That’s my secret cap I’m always ang- you know what forget it

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    Spider man is my favorite super hero Like if u agree

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    I watched most of the movies

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    *hears thors mom died* Yeah they do that =D

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    In end game tony stark die 😗

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    it looks like david dobrick..

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    What about x-men or Logan and or fantastic 4

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    This... this is not good. Bucky deserves better

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    11:52: 5th graders figuring out crushes

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    I restarted the missile one about 22 times to see if it was drawn hoping it was...…I was disappointed REEEEEEEEEEeEee

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    The Guardians couldnt have waited for Ronan to kill Thanos because he was going to kill everyone on Xandar first. 9:31


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    He's gi ANT man

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    "Let me weave you a tale." "I don't think I need a fursuit." Sides. Orbit.

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    Captain marvel is the second marvel becuase the first is captain marvel

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    I’m on iron mans side

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    adam: i swear we're almost done- *6 minutes left in the video*

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    When he was about to say fuck a condom commercial played 😂😂😂

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    I got a dc ad hahha

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    Barely has the hulk tho

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    Shrek 2

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    SomethingelseTV: I don’t remember what year it was when it was the world war 2 Me:ok first of all,IT WAS IN 1943 AND HE WAS IN A ICE CUBE FOR ALMOST 70 YEARS,aka 7 decades, man I know a lot of capitan america, and Hawkeye’s name is Clint Barton ;-; Man I know a lot ._. I think I know to much ._.

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    Who’s here after endgame?

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    Watched all of them up to and including endgame

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    Anybody watching post endgame?

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    I have a marmoset named Teago. He is basically a monkey version of Ari. my head rings with his screams..... it's so high pitched.

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    disny ownes fox

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    # all of end game

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    Im serious. I've never watched any marvel movie. Actually I've watched 1. Black Panther.

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    19:14 FU-

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    Ok so now I can watch both infinity war and end game!

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    Infinity War, best movie ever, 2019: End Game

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    I think homecoming spidy was based on the Peter Parker from the Ultimate universe, who was in high school. Miles takes over after something happens to Peter.

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    whos here after spiderman spiderverse

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    I only watched Black Panther

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    If vision is in Stark’s team why did he attack war machine who is also in starks team

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    I pick Starks side because... Spider-Man...

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    And then theres endgane

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    Mcu movies I've seen Iron man Iron man 3 Captain America the first avenger Hulk Thor Captain america the winter soldier Black panther Avengers Avengers Age of Ultron Thor Ragnorok Captain Marvel Spider Man Homecoming Ant Man Ant man and the wasp Guardians of the galaxy Guardians of the galaxy vol 2 Infinity war endgame

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    You stoooooooooped

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    “They meet up and start fighting to see who’s cooler and has a bigger peni-“

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    im like 2 and i wanna get into marvel so thanks dad

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    “The year was world war 2 times”😂

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    R.I.P Pietro. Avengers Infinity War WAS awesome(and terribly sad)!

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    Bucky was in captain America The first avengerj

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    You : says avengerj Me : LANGUAGE LANGUAGE

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    If anyone is watching this in 2019 then they know that end game is the best movie ever created in the history of movies. Unless they haven't seen that move then IDK what to say. Oh and you probably know that Stan Lee and Grumpy Cat also died.(Stan Lee is the creator of marval)

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    I like Thor has the power of lightning,himself, and anime

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    Rip Stan Lee

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    *Someone I know went to see endgame as their first movie 🤦🏽‍♀️*

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    footmommybagsOP everything channel idk but I’m still not talking to them

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    who's here after endgame.............................

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    Both people who play quick silver in avengers and x men were both in kickass together. In avengers its the guy who plays kickass and in x men it's one of his friends in kickass

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    I really love how adam uses friking instead of fuc-------ing press a like if you love seyt

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    11:51-11:55 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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