Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Nostalgia Critic


  1. Channel Awesome

    Channel AwesomeAnos atrás

    What's your favorite and least favorite Disney Live Action Remake? Make sure to check out and support this week's charity -

  2. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel6 dias atrás

    All original disney movies my favorite movie mulan and beauty and the beast

  3. Cecy Beltran

    Cecy Beltran11 dias atrás

    Favorite: None. Least favorite: every single one of them... they’re unecessary, the originals are good enough, I refuse to pay Disney for doing things that are already done.

  4. Nathan Harris

    Nathan Harris24 dias atrás

    Favorite: Non-existent Least Favorite: The Force Awakens

  5. Thomas Howard

    Thomas Howard27 dias atrás

    My least favorite live action Disney movie is Cinderella; and best remake I have seen is Jungle Book.

  6. Hb Lockyer

    Hb LockyerMês atrás

    My favourite is the jungle book and least favourite is dumbo

  7. Roberto Rivera

    Roberto Rivera8 horas atrás

    Leave "The Greatest Showman" alone. That is a great movie ya, waffle. >:I

  8. Indominus Rex

    Indominus Rex12 horas atrás

    0:06-1:15 Bassicly Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and NOW The lion king, let’s hope it doesn’t happen the same to Mulan and The little mermaid

  9. Valenzuelas Studios

    Valenzuelas Studios13 horas atrás

    Do one for the lion king remake. I already have a name you can use "Circle of Unoriginality"

  10. Joman Was here

    Joman Was here15 horas atrás

    I have one main question for this remake, why does gaston not look so stupidly strong? Really? Is there no good stupidly strong actors?

  11. Ruby Rose

    Ruby Rose17 horas atrás

    My freshman year of high school, we did the musical of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. While I wasn't in the production on stage, I worked backstage. A bunch of high schoolers in wigs and costumes, foam castle walls that I helped paint, all that jazz... and I feel like we did a better job than this dang movie.

  12. WorldWalker128

    WorldWalker12817 horas atrás

    I wonder how they'll remake The Great Mouse Detective. Probably with people in fursuits.- And I never watched any of the "Live Action" remakes, but WTF is Asgore from Undertale doing in a Disney movie?!

  13. Miranda TheGerm

    Miranda TheGermDia atrás

    It seems to take a bad remake for everyone to really see how good the original disney is so good

  14. James Smith

    James SmithDia atrás

    I don't care what you say, I loved it.

  15. Vivienne

    VivienneDia atrás

    I sorta like the voice of Gaston in this movie a bit more than the original......... I have fully prepared myself to be hated by the internet after saying this, so have at thee

  16. Master Whis

    Master WhisDia atrás

    Emma Thompson is a top actress and a wondrous talent. She wasn't right to play Ms Potts in my opinion but I do not disregard her talent.

  17. Bavishan Sritharan

    Bavishan Sritharan2 dias atrás

    5:55 me: goodbye harry potter

  18. Gorilla Titty

    Gorilla Titty2 dias atrás

    “Not sure where this is all going but I’ll wait it out to be disappointed.” Me during the last season of Game Of Thrones

  19. Siobhan Shanahan

    Siobhan Shanahan2 dias atrás

    I liked this movie

  20. PixelaGames2000

    PixelaGames20002 dias atrás

    Well that intro was one of the cringiest things I’ve ever seen

  21. GamerLjvesMatter [Make Gamerica Great Again]

    GamerLjvesMatter [Make Gamerica Great Again]3 dias atrás

    *Oddly enough, I've always had a crush on Tamara Hasn't Seen and felt Beauty and The Beast was the best Disney film growing up. ...I just hit puberty again seeing her in this.*

  22. Tara Isbell

    Tara Isbell3 dias atrás

    but she got the last note bitches 😂

  23. David Rosales

    David Rosales3 dias atrás


  24. Darth Daddy

    Darth Daddy3 dias atrás

    One thing that always irked me is how everyone goes nuts about historical accuracy and white-washing and all that when the film is set in any other country but a European one. It's so hypocritical.

  25. Noelia Tejeda

    Noelia Tejeda3 dias atrás

    Things that bugged me, Belle showing off her underwear all the time, the Gypsy Vamner in the movie belonged to Lefou and NOT Belle even it looked more like Fillipe then any other horse, Beasts musical number about hope and then immediately going into depression mode, Belles house being IN town and lack of cool inventions her father did, maestro not being EVIL and most of the singing. But thank you for pointing out the lack of interactions that would have actually warranted emotional attachments to some degree.

  26. giganator 489

    giganator 4893 dias atrás

    I have never seen any of the classic Disney films

  27. John Striker

    John Striker3 dias atrás

    YOU KNOW WHAT I WISH??? I wish Disney was turning the rest of the NARNIA books into films, instead of these pointless classic cartoon remakes!

  28. Laura Birdwell

    Laura Birdwell3 dias atrás

    These Live Action remakes seem like they're trying to respond to criticism, and in doing that, they miss the little things that make the originals so SMART. Cinderella crying out for her animal friends to help her being replaced with her being saved by luck, the integral role of the fairies in Sleeping Beauty being turned into them bickering like idiots in Maleficent, lines and actions from The Beast being given to other characters, or even straight up removed, etc. I could go on about the changes these films made to seem smarter, but they actually made them dumber, but that would take all day, and I'd lose the original point much like these movies. Even the plotholes of the original could easily be explained away. "Why were the servants of the castle cursed? They didn't do anything wrong!" Perhaps it was to teach The Beast a lesson that his actions affected others. "The Beast was eleven when he was cursed!" Maybe, but the curse could've also prevented him from aging. "Was every object in the castle once human?" Not necessarily. It's an enchanted castle, so the stuff in it is also enchanted. (Cite Lindsay Ellis for pointing that one out). "Belle wants adventure in the great wide somewhere, yet she settles for saying cooped up in The Beast's castle?" You mean to tell me the events of the movie AREN'T an adventure?! Really now! Not all of these things are confirmed, but they could be possible. However, the problem is that when you try to explain everything instead of just telling a story, that sucks out the fun and the magic. Isn't this the problem many have had with the Star Wars prequels?

  29. Teagun Linger

    Teagun Linger5 dias atrás

    I don’t know why, but at 18:58, I crack up at seeing the dumbfounded look on Doug’s face

  30. RedwoodTheElf

    RedwoodTheElf5 dias atrás

    This marked the end of the Disney Renaissance that began with the animated Little Mermaid. The soulless ghouls at Disneycorp murdered the magic and are feeding off of its rotting corpse.

  31. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel6 dias atrás

    The movie shit i love original beauty and the beast why disney mess up my childhood movies

  32. Matthew New

    Matthew New6 dias atrás


  33. alison P

    alison P6 dias atrás

    You have to admit In the original during the mob song, they only sent men out. But in this one they were inclusive and let women come. Gaston: come on men,let's go! Women: hey can we come Gaston:Sure Women:Yay During the fight like half of them die Gaston: okay you wonder why we don't allow women to come with us, next time we go kill an ass, we won't bring them!

  34. qwertyman459

    qwertyman4598 dias atrás

    an excuse to puck emma watson in a dress. she is hot.

  35. Drew Tube

    Drew Tube8 dias atrás

    Honestly the only good part of this movie is Gaston (The song) and The Mob Song.

  36. Thomas takes a toll for the dark

    Thomas takes a toll for the dark8 dias atrás

    You know. If I remember correctly in the Netherlands the movie was titled Belle and the trailers where more Horror like. Who thinks that would be a better film?

  37. Aaron Nicholson

    Aaron Nicholson8 dias atrás

    Cartoon Disney is better Real Disney movie

  38. Disgruntled Cashier

    Disgruntled Cashier8 dias atrás

    Someone actually tried to tell me Emma Watson had no autotune on her voice. I can literally hear the pitch bend on every note.

  39. giang nguyen

    giang nguyen9 dias atrás

    So... no one commented on Enchantress being evil?

  40. Marta Perlicka

    Marta Perlicka9 dias atrás

    Once this movie came out and I posted a comment online how much of a terrible and talentless actress Emma Watson is everybody ripped me a new one. I have never really liked her since the first Harry Potter movie, and I always thought that she has no talent. It sucks that she is practically rewarded for doing a terrible job.

  41. Mallard4468

    Mallard44689 dias atrás

    I felt more for Malcom dressed as Lumiere than I did actual Lumiere

  42. James Fisher Productions co.

    James Fisher Productions co.9 dias atrás

    Not sure why you decided to throw in a Batman ‘89 reference but your Detective Eckhardt impression was 👌🏻

  43. Luke Anderson

    Luke Anderson10 dias atrás

    "Pleasant weather then horrendous winter? I must be in Chicago!" As someone who lives in the Chicago area, this is 100% true.

  44. jackson moore the supreme cheeto

    jackson moore the supreme cheeto10 dias atrás

    The live action remake made a toilet out of the original

  45. Liam Devaun

    Liam Devaun11 dias atrás

    Tina's singing from bobs burgers actually sounds better than Emma Watson's auto tuned Ass. At least it's natural.

  46. Quincy Tory

    Quincy Tory11 dias atrás

    So you tell me the one guy that has cursed with a spell that states you have to fall in love with someone has a book bag and transported anywhere in the world and doesn't everything to use it

  47. Manic

    Manic11 dias atrás

    There were several magazines intended for women and children to read in Old France. The original Beauty and the Beast was even published in one of them.

  48. Kyoya Tategami X

    Kyoya Tategami X11 dias atrás

    I’m glad this video gave me a whole new existential crisis... *WHERE DOES THE SOUL OF A CANDLESTICK GO?!!*

  49. Patrick Oliver

    Patrick Oliver12 dias atrás

    Watson cannot act imo also it's nice to see Kevin Kline still gets work

  50. socialist from england

    socialist from england13 dias atrás

    Disney managed to add nothing except the worst bits

  51. 7gamex

    7gamex13 dias atrás

    Oh come on, this movie is amazing.

  52. Ray Shabaz

    Ray Shabaz14 dias atrás

    I wonder if the beast ever found out that he fell in love with the person who started this whole feminist culture

  53. A Ray826

    A Ray82614 dias atrás

    I have always been a fan of your work but you gave too much hate to Emma Watson. So fuck off. However I will agree the rest was of the movie was shitty. But don't hate on Emma!

  54. Joshua Adams-Leavitt

    Joshua Adams-Leavitt15 dias atrás

    I like how Tamara’s Belle has tattos

  55. Makoto Shimabukuro

    Makoto Shimabukuro15 dias atrás

    That part he said, oh they focus to much on one guy, the black guy, helping emma, well, they just focus on him, for diversity... because there no black people in the original. Or is it?