Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Nostalgia Critic


  1. Channel Awesome

    Channel AwesomeAnos atrás

    What's your favorite and least favorite Disney Live Action Remake? Make sure to check out and support this week's charity -

  2. Alex Casares

    Alex Casares16 dias atrás

    Favriote- Lion King Least- Beauty and the Beast. Yes, not Maleficent was bad compared to Beauty and the Beast.

  3. Piper's Spice of life

    Piper's Spice of lifeMês atrás

    The only 2 i've seen are Beauty And The Beast, and The Jungle Book. But, for me, this one is the best one.

  4. Hannah Hutter

    Hannah HutterMês atrás

    I dont really have a favorite remake, im not really holding out hope either. But my least favorite would probably be Maleficent

  5. Angie Pants

    Angie PantsMês atrás

    I don't care what you say this was an awesome remake (I've lost count of how many times I've seen it) I love the the original I know it off by heart I know the scripts to all the disney movies but I still love this and Emma watson does an awesome job and she is a good singer and he was just saying my daughter odd that's dumb why would he say his wife was. and the beast has been a beast for so long he has to remember how to be a prince again and be charming and she's tired because they're slowly becoming what they've been turning into which is an interesting take because they just kept running around in the original but it helped that, that was animated. And if you were turned into a super heavy wardrobe and piano (which the doorways aren't wide enough) coupled with the fact they're slowly loosing their human sides you'd have a hard time moving around too and you could bring up the same point with the original about why the wardrobe was upstairs she's a wardrobe who was previously human you just have to accept it. and the rose if you're life revolved around a magic flower you'd panic about someone touching it too and start yelling loudly and quickly and gaston clearly points out when he's asked "then why did you offer to help me if you don't believe me" "Because I want to marry you're daughter" that was his motivation in the original too gaston is just an egotistical jerk. and locking up belles father is still showing gaston's cruel nature, and the beasts song is awesome and heartfelt and you could point the same loophole out from the original saying the beast could have been like "Well since you're happy here and we're in love and it's a giant castle just bring your father to live here, you guys get a new home the curse is broken, you get away from the villages and gaston and for shits and giggles since I'm royal I can have the people who were mean to you executed" and the enchantress was a bitch in the original too because she cursed an 11 yr old (if you do the math) for being spoilt how else did you expect a child prince to behave who was all stranger danger go away you could have at least gone with candy over a rose, and punished the servants for a child's actions she's a psychopath in both stories.

  6. Justin Ornelas

    Justin OrnelasMês atrás

    Channel Awesome I was done with the movie after the library scene. In the good one, he was so excited to give her the library, he made her close her eyes and even worried about her this thing he’s a dick about it, and the library isn’t even impressive...and to hell with that ending, it would’ve been a little less awkward if her dad was in the room instead of the hobo enchantress. At least she knows her father

  7. thewittywhy gaming

    thewittywhy gaming3 horas atrás

    So... that witch who started all of this is getting burned at the stake, right? She stole everyone's memories, destroy lives, and deserves a horrible end for this shit.

  8. Gaming With Noah

    Gaming With NoahDia atrás

    3:59 Wow, black people in 18th century France. You're SO progressive, Disney! (sarcasm)

  9. Inilsue238

    Inilsue238Dia atrás

    Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie of all time and the fact that THIS ABOMINATION even shares the same name just disgusts me! i literally want to puke just seeing the posters and that this came from the SAME STUDIO AS THE ORIGINAL is just sad and pathetic. thank you Nostalgia Critic for showing the rushed blandness ur middle finger

  10. Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez

    Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez2 dias atrás

    Belle accepting her room at first night is giving me flashbacks to Cinderella accepting herself in the locked room

  11. Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez

    Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez2 dias atrás

    At least this mediocre film isn’t as bad as 4 of the 5 2019 remakes

  12. Awesomeo41

    Awesomeo412 dias atrás

    Doesn't gaston look like seth mcfarlane?

  13. cbolanz1

    cbolanz14 dias atrás

    I hope no one beat me to this joke. That moment when Taco Bell has more personality and less auto tuning than belle.

  14. viperblitz11

    viperblitz114 dias atrás

    Lefou should have been Danny DeVito.

  15. Sethan THe weirdo

    Sethan THe weirdo5 dias atrás

    Can we all agree that once upon a time’s version was pretty good

  16. Frozenplay

    Frozenplay5 dias atrás

    I love both of the movies

  17. TheHardMode

    TheHardMode6 dias atrás

    I don't think Doug has te right to make fun of auto-tuning when his singing of "Pink Floyd's The Wall" is far worst than Emma Watson's singing.

  18. Jamie Pritchard

    Jamie Pritchard12 dias atrás

    "Bland whining" That's not Belle, that's Emma Watson

  19. Felicia Larsen

    Felicia Larsen14 dias atrás

    The Beast in this movie felt like a pompus fuccboi the entire time, Belle was a boring mess, and us LGBTQ+ people are only used as comedy relief or as a side-plot to further the bad guy's character. They literally BOASTED about this before the movie was released, and them pretended they did good as "allies" after the movie was released. The animated movie is my absolute favourite movie of all times, but this abomination is my single most HATED movie of all times.

  20. Marqus Medina

    Marqus Medina16 dias atrás

    The lion king was worse but this one angered me more because I rewatched the original every Christmas till I was 12.

  21. dragonweyr44

    dragonweyr4416 dias atrás

    Why does Beast remind me so much of Bill Nighy?

  22. Alex Casares

    Alex Casares16 dias atrás

    25:19 Gimme my Oscar lyrics

  23. rich123480

    rich12348017 dias atrás

    It changed small useful plot points and cringed its way through a script, emma needs to suck more dick!

  24. rich123480

    rich12348017 dias atrás

    It charmed a turd into a movie!

  25. William McCollom

    William McCollom19 dias atrás

    Man that CGI is horrible. And their accents suck, Lumiere doesn't have a French accent and the others have bad English accents . Which is the only thing the remake and the cartoon have in common, they're in France but only 1 character actually had a French accent.

  26. Jonny Fraleigh

    Jonny Fraleigh20 dias atrás

    12:02 that change of weather was just as weird as sonic saying "green hills lookong a lot more like sand hill right now"

  27. Charlotte C

    Charlotte C24 dias atrás

    I always thought the magic transportation book gave an illusion of places in the world not actually brought them there. Either way its stupid

  28. Tom Holste

    Tom Holste24 dias atrás

    This is admittedly tangential to the larger discussion, but "Passion of the Christ" wasn't implying that Jesus invented tables. Tables had already existed for a long time before that. Jesus' earthly dad, Joseph, was a carpenter. He would have taught his son the family trade. The flashback shows Jesus having a warm family moment with Mary to help underscore the emotions of the later scene where she sees Him on the cross. Also, since sacrifices were put on a table, there's symbolism in Jesus sitting Himself on the table, symbolizing the sacrifice He's about to make for His people. "Beauty and the Beast," on the other hand? Yeah, they're totally saying Belle invented washing machines. And that's hilarious. :D

  29. Guillaume Parola

    Guillaume Parola27 dias atrás

    Nostalgia Critic, always here to help me combat boredom and depression :)

  30. Devon Anderson

    Devon Anderson27 dias atrás

    I just realized that the first sentence of him reviewing the movie is practically Disney's new business model for these remakes: formulaic slight changes that convince people that something old is something new. They change up tiny, inconsequential details that don't affect the plot so that somebody who loves the remake can argue that it's not the same. Yes, TECHNICALLY it's not the exact same movie but if none of the changes alter the plot, ESSENTIALLY it is the same movie.

  31. captain roonie

    captain roonie28 dias atrás

    No he's not a selfish prince he's a selfish prick

  32. sweetblackblood1

    sweetblackblood128 dias atrás

    let me tell you why this movie pissed me off. the animated version was straight and to the point. because it was a direct source from the fairy-tale which taught straight morals of good vs bad, black vs white. bad guy does something bad. bad guy gets punished. bad guy realizes why he was punished and learns from his punishment. therefore the bad guy becomes a good guy (the beast). the live action version wanted to shift the blame. something that goes against everything i stand for. in this version, the bad guy is bad because he was "influenced" by his parents. therefore the bad guy is the victim and the parents are the "real assholes" who we never see so it's not important so we don't know who to blame for the bad misdeeds. bad guy doesn't learn anything. the spell is broken and it appears that the old lady/sorceress is and was the real bad guy (again all her crime was that she wanted a shelter, while the real asshole who refused her proposal is the "victim" here). the morals are messed up so much i don't know who to hate and who to root for. disney should just stop it with the social justice/ feminism bullshit in their live remakes. it's disgusting.

  33. Jennifer A

    Jennifer A29 dias atrás

    I think the greatest showman musical numbers where soo good because it was based off a circus so you could fill all the frame with character.

  34. Sandman552

    Sandman552Mês atrás

    10:03 "The attention seems to be focused on him." I WONDER WHY.

  35. Kenneth Satria

    Kenneth SatriaMês atrás

    The gap in quality between the remake and original of this one's so damn huge

  36. Tiffany Silva

    Tiffany SilvaMês atrás

    Bro is anybody frustrated that Bella doesn't have a French accent but instead has a British accent

  37. Dan Fisher

    Dan FisherMês atrás

    Tamara is so hot.

  38. Parker Nuttall

    Parker NuttallMês atrás

    Are we going to ignore the horrendous singing at the beginning?

  39. Joe Jamros

    Joe JamrosMês atrás

    The movie is great, but not best because most parts have Similarities to the animated movie but they tried different things.

  40. An ARAG's tale

    An ARAG's taleMês atrás

    Tamera is a million times better live-action belle than Emma Watson. Her expressions, the smile, is all pretty spot on in my opinion. In fact, why wasn't she cast for the role in the movie? Damn Hollywood.

  41. YtE N0iSE

    YtE N0iSEMês atrás

    he said 30 is double the time of 7

  42. Gregory Bogosian

    Gregory BogosianMês atrás

    The enchantress caused more suffering than Gaston. She is the one who should fall to her death.

  43. Heather Sanders

    Heather SandersMês atrás

    No comments on Gaston’s self absorbed song or his and LeFou’s relationship??? Why not???

  44. Selina

    SelinaMês atrás

    Urgh, Emma Watson's acting. She's so bad at everything


    CULLTHEHERDMês atrás

    Seriously i cant understand why so many people argue with Doug. He has good points.

  46. Joshua Seagondollar

    Joshua SeagondollarMês atrás

    While I agree with everything you said about this remake, I disagree with you opinion about Greatest Showman. It wasn't perfect, and didn't accurately follow Barnum's history, but it was still an enjoyable movie for me.

  47. Thomas Carpenter

    Thomas CarpenterMês atrás

    more remakes 2019 4 never



    I am in the LARGE minority, but I really would love it if Disney made a prequel to Beauty and the Beast: STARRING the Beast. I know The Enchanted Christmas showed flashback, but a whole movie/series about that would be damn awesome. And since he was basically 11 years old, it would be odd but still interesting to see. A spoiled Disney Prince, who is also a child, residing over a Kingdom. It sounds like an idea that sounds stupid on paper but the execution would be amazing. We could also see what happened to his real parents, if he has any at all.

  49. Kyle Wolfe

    Kyle WolfeMês atrás

    I’ve seen a better yellow dress at WALMART than the movie That’s so sad

  50. The Infinity Block

    The Infinity BlockMês atrás


  51. the Cannon

    the CannonMês atrás

    Well at least it ain’t a exact copy The characters are shit

  52. the Cannon

    the CannonMês atrás

    I’m scared if nc reviews joker could he be the 1% that doesn’t like the movie

  53. Kelly Seastar

    Kelly SeastarMês atrás

    Belle is the most British sounding French girl I've ever seen.

  54. Wolverine Potter

    Wolverine PotterMês atrás

    Russel Crowe and Emma Watson should star in a musical together... ..oh wait...

  55. Jelly Bean

    Jelly BeanMês atrás

    Is no one gonna talk about that gorgeous remake of the beauty and the beast like dawm

  56. Jesse Allen

    Jesse AllenMês atrás

    Personally I really like the remake even with it's flaws and the songs my favourite and my favourite song in this movie is Gaston and I like the addition of the part where the lumear and the others turn into real ananimit objects as the last rose falls

  57. dragon_slayer2026

    dragon_slayer2026Mês atrás

    One thing to remember: In the original, The Beast became The Beast when he was literally 11 YEARS OLD! The last petal was to fall by his 21st birthday, and Lumier referenced being cursed for 10 years. Last time he was human, he was a kid. You can actually SEE it in The Beast's childish attitudes and body language at multiple points in the movie. I've never seen anyone else actually reference this. Kind of makes the Enchantress more of a dick, doesn't it?

  58. Евгения Михайловна

    Евгения МихайловнаMês atrás

    well fairies be like that, they like to mess up with people. still a nasty 11 y o can be a headache

  59. wdenegri

    wdenegriMês atrás

    tamara looks soo gorgeus on that belle's dress

  60. Chloe Redmund

    Chloe RedmundMês atrás

    Greatest Showman is better than live-action Beauty and the Beast. I'm right and I should say it.

  61. Kiana Max

    Kiana MaxMês atrás

    Lol nightmare utensils.

  62. Peter Clark

    Peter ClarkMês atrás

    Full of little PeOplE auto tune auto tune auto tune

  63. Meta Bro

    Meta BroMês atrás

    6:49 huh.. weird I I just realized I have a gun pointing at critic weird



    Me too..... Nah, just a coincidence.

  65. Darth Goldust gaming and vlogging

    Darth Goldust gaming and vloggingMês atrás

    How dare he insults greatest showman

  66. I'm a pigeon

    I'm a pigeonMês atrás


  67. Undead productions

    Undead productionsMês atrás

    The only reason why I like the new beast is because he look terrifying and like an actual monster Edit: by what I mean by “actual” I mean he just look “real”