Becoming Morgz for 24 Hours! (Real Game Master Found at Target)


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    Target challenge

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    Target challenge

  4. nasir ahmad

    nasir ahmad14 horas atrás

    I love your voice it sounds silly and it also sounds like morgz


    ELLIOTT PLAYZ17 horas atrás

    Morgz if you watch morgz then like

  6. Adriana Jimenez

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    Target chaleng

  7. Ãŕțìşţìć Øćéáñ

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    AGENT S IS BOLD!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Target challenge

  9. Tazeem Tahiryjkyjj

    Tazeem Tahiryjkyjj23 horas atrás

    Morgz boom easy From RT

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    target challenge

  11. Aleksandra Hat-Kosinska

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  12. A D G B

    A D G BDia atrás

    Because I don’t know why Matt is acting like that it’s very windy

  13. A D G B

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    If you like this video like my comment if you dislike this video then dislike this comment

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  17. Goblinetta New

    Goblinetta New3 dias atrás

    Matt:morgz 10000 dollars

  18. Goblinetta New

    Goblinetta New3 dias atrás

    Matt talks really funny in the beginning

  19. gisellehouston1

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    Target challenge

  20. Kelli Johnson

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    Target Challenge

  21. Tiffany Cottrell

    Tiffany Cottrell3 dias atrás

    There going to use RZ twin to say you work for the GMI

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    .target squad

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    target time

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    Morgz. Target challenge too💛

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    Target challenge

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  29. ALEXANDRA Cook

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    you are trying to be MORGZ

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    Yttyyykn gjumumum

  31. Alexdra Nguyen

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  32. Lidia Kim

    Lidia Kim5 dias atrás

    Daniel: Bald Martin (stepdad of morgan) Rebecca: Big Jill (mom of morgan) Matt: Morgan (Morgz)

  33. poop poop

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  34. Dude and Dudette

    Dude and Dudette7 dias atrás

    That is not the real game master that is the gmi's game master who was at the face reveal

  35. Dude and Dudette

    Dude and Dudette7 dias atrás

    Target challenge

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    Target challenge

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    Target challenge

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    Norris nuts

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    I saw rz twin in the background of the vid

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    Target challenge

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    Did any one see agent s had a hair cut

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  47. Thayane T.moorthi

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    The Gmi is hacking into your Video

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    Target challenge

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    You are doing Morgan

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    Your being Morgz and Morgz mum

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    Target challenge

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    Norris nuts

  53. sophie swankie

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    No Morgan jill and martin

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    I think it is familia diamond

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    Target challenge

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    Yomet channel

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    Uuuuu yes