Becoming Tana Paul.


  1. mks176

    mks1763 meses atrás

    Dude NEVER hire an editor. No one can edit as well as you can. This shit is absolutely fire

  2. Brittany Bonnie

    Brittany Bonnie10 dias atrás

    where? because she looks horrible

  3. Aminata Jalloh

    Aminata JallohMês atrás

    can i get a shut out

  4. MysteryMind

    MysteryMindMês atrás

    who the fuck said that

  5. Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller

    Jacob Harrington -CoCorKillerMês atrás

    U think she does all that? 🤨🤔😮😔 poor humans

  6. ImTrieco

    ImTrieco6 horas atrás

    *romantic music plays* "What were you thinking when you saw each other?" Jake: "Damn, I wanna smash."

  7. Emma Davis

    Emma Davis8 horas atrás

    congrats!! also ur so pretty without makeup so stfu abt u being ugly

  8. Shamya & Hailey Gaming

    Shamya & Hailey Gaming8 horas atrás

    This is CLICKBAIT

  9. Jamesthecoolone100 Evans

    Jamesthecoolone100 EvansDia atrás

    That was Logan Paul

  10. Matthew Graham

    Matthew GrahamDia atrás

    Someone really threw their drink at them I-

  11. Victoria Ramirez

    Victoria RamirezDia atrás

    Erica's better than you your trying to hard to be better than erica

  12. Victoria Ramirez

    Victoria RamirezDia atrás

    Jerkia is way better

  13. Jenna Rose. ley

    Jenna Rose. leyDia atrás

    Jake's at the lowest point of his highest

  14. Jenna Rose. ley

    Jenna Rose. ley2 dias atrás

    Why is this monetized Just me

  15. Caitlyn Vaughn

    Caitlyn Vaughn3 dias atrás

    Jake’s private jet

  16. ella rosealin

    ella rosealin3 dias atrás

    The children are something to do with Jake I think it's his friends children who he is very close with,both the mom and dad seem very respectable parents they probably bought headphones for the children cos what child goes on a plane without a tablet or phone to watch or play on? The child really gonna sit there for that long on a plane without nothing? Stop assuming shit unless you actually know. Fair enough if people were around those kids swearing 24/7 every single day and doing all that your complaining about but it's just one day?shut the fuck up you annoying loosers get a life you probably all beat your own kids anyway

  17. Space Bells

    Space Bells3 dias atrás

    What is that child doing in there dude?

  18. Megan Rodriguez

    Megan Rodriguez3 dias atrás

    I looooove how this is an hour long

  19. Yaa Boy

    Yaa Boy3 dias atrás

    0:04 that's logan🤣

  20. Alaina Barber

    Alaina Barber3 dias atrás

    Wait so where’s her girlfriend

  21. IMVUpr0ductions

    IMVUpr0ductions4 dias atrás

    i’m very convinced tana is a transgender . edit: Her voice and everything .... like even her features . so this all makes jake gay ?

  22. IMVUpr0ductions

    IMVUpr0ductions25 minutos atrás

    don’t waste time replying 6 year olds😂😂😂

  23. Strongbow Dark fruits

    Strongbow Dark fruits2 dias atrás

    IMVUpr0ductions the fuck u on about

  24. Jo & Cody

    Jo & Cody3 dias atrás

    IMVUpr0ductions you’re gross✌🏻

  25. Robert Fisk

    Robert Fisk4 dias atrás

    So the nutty beotch married a sociopath. Perfect!

  26. Julio Hernandez

    Julio Hernandez4 dias atrás


  27. Ryders World!

    Ryders World!4 dias atrás

    Ok but I didnt understand anything TRISHA SAID xD

  28. kayla devito

    kayla devito5 dias atrás

    17:57 is that erika?

  29. Agnes Wissing

    Agnes Wissing5 dias atrás

    u do ur eyebrows better yourself, then the people who id it for your wedding

  30. My Two Cents Einer Walter

    My Two Cents Einer Walter5 dias atrás

    Girl I do not like you and Erica is prettier than you

  31. ken calvin

    ken calvin5 dias atrás

    " really she gotta stop sucking D*** 😂😂" 6:44

  32. Shaylas Life

    Shaylas Life7 dias atrás

    This might be the trashiest thing I’ve ever watched!

  33. bella lenee

    bella leneeDia atrás

    @Jenna Rose. ley what other way would she have found out it was trashy unless she clicked the video to watch it 🤔

  34. mel

    melDia atrás

    Jenna Rose. ley doesn’t change anything

  35. Jenna Rose. ley

    Jenna Rose. leyDia atrás

    Well your the one that clicked on this

  36. Jaithan Camiling

    Jaithan Camiling7 dias atrás

    Dam Jake is lucky

  37. Marilyn Smalley

    Marilyn Smalley7 dias atrás

    I love how tana doesn’t even care if jake touches her butt or tits 😅🤣😅

  38. one more time

    one more time8 dias atrás

    I leave for a single month and your engaged to Jake Paul

  39. Chrysalis Camera

    Chrysalis Camera8 dias atrás


  40. Blox Edition

    Blox Edition8 dias atrás

    ok boomer

  41. nixkrblxx Roblox and stuff

    nixkrblxx Roblox and stuff8 dias atrás

    turbulence won’t kill u it will bring u up 1000 ft or down 1000 ft so yeah :)

  42. Shaiann Jones

    Shaiann Jones9 dias atrás

    Bro they had everyone at their wedding I loved in Vegas only like 45 minutes away and wasn’t invited #salty #cut a cake with a sword 🗡

  43. abhishek bodla

    abhishek bodla9 dias atrás

    No nail to the middle finger

  44. pompeii-pippii

    pompeii-pippii10 dias atrás

    Tana pls tell me why ur hair dresser used Pantene on ur already dead ass fuckin hair that shit is nasty and no professional should be using that shit An d MY ASS DROPPED OUTTA BEAUTY SCHOOL

  45. TechReviewYT

    TechReviewYT10 dias atrás

    Fuck u

  46. Ella Day

    Ella Day10 dias atrás

    Jake sung a song from my favourite film and they visited my two favourite twins in 1 video what more could I want

  47. Brittany Bonnie

    Brittany Bonnie10 dias atrás

    ooofff tana face fat af. she a mess and clearly needs a shower

  48. Ashley Chan

    Ashley Chan10 dias atrás

    I knew she had lip injections

  49. Rosea .K

    Rosea .K11 dias atrás

    I'll just throw up in my mouth🤢 The lack of chemistry and Realism is repulsive😂 Sorry not sorry SIS😏😘

  50. Tam's Place

    Tam's Place11 dias atrás

    Love his bandaid