Being a Homeless Teen Mom Didn't Hold Me Back


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    If you think thats hard i had to fight 2 angry shopkeepers at once with no items and 1 health left in spelunky

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    who gives a shit

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    Such a mean mom but dont worry you will always be ok there are always the people who like you like your friends

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    What a brave,mom,studenst


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    Who's the father? U should have sued him for child support.Everyone should deal with their consequences

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    At least he managed to control her problems but what's wrong with her mother ok maybe she has economic problems or she doesn't live anymore with his husband who knows really good story

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    Hola buenos días deceo ver todos los canales

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    Let a black man grow up in a harsh environment raise by a single mother and make a couple of mistakes and show some resilience...nobody congratulates him..he will have more opposition against him from everybody including his own...theres no shelter to house you...theres no guidance counselors ...theres noboby...its you against the world...sometime u pass the test but oftentimes you dont. But the fact of the matter if you do pass the test it is through your own will power not with the help of someone else.

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    Wow great story glad this is trending and I saw it inspirational

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    how old is your son now?

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    This is such a beautiful story!!!!!!!

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    Cool story, bro.

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    Weird flex but ok

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    *Bruh its simple just stop being homeless people these days are so dumb and ignorant*

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    who's the father?

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    Queens come in all sizes and shapes. Good job!

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    So soulful

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    Or....... don't have sex at 16, use protection, use birth control. Just don't be an all-round dumbass.


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    Where was your dad?

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    You are a patient Girl/mother/woman 👍

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    Dis video is rlly inspiring. I hope u and ur son had a great day!

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    That's a toxic parent. I know cause I had one. And she wasn't even my mom. I was adopted. You shouldn't have gotten your hopes up with your mom. Toxic parents always disappoint. She was never there for you when you needed her. SMH

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    Great video!!!!!

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    would be cool if u guys actually put effort into the animation it looks like a comic strip added a few more frames thats it simple stories with bad animations why.

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    How did she get pregnant? Who's the father?

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    Who is the dad?🤔

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    What a wonderful encouraging story! May God through Jesus continue to Bless and Strengthen YOU!

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    This is why humanity is cursed.

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    Who's your daddy?



    *Being homeless is awful. I have been homeless as a teen. I stayed at Convenant House in Times Square in New York in the early 1980s. However, yesrs later, I graduated from college, best friends with a famous person, who unfortunately died young. My BRreporter channel is a tribute to him. I can relate to this young woman story, very inspirational. Never give up, why make the critics happy?*

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    How did you pregnant ? Anh who is your husband ?

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    Are we gonna ignore the fact that there’s not a father? Did she go to a Sperm bank or some shit?🥴

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    Moral of the story... Always use protection!

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    Moral of the story, use protection...

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    *How Did she get Pregnant though? ._.*


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    So inspiring to do my best

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    I cried. Gosh..girl,you are so strong. Don't know who r u, but I respect you.

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    nice story

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    Her mom is a dick.

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    what’s valedictorian? I don’t live in America lol

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    Best chanell ever😁

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    Who's the father of your child?

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    I'm here balling my eyes out. This is so inspiring. You overcame all your difficulties with determination and hardwork. You completed your education and was there for your child. I wish you the best for future endeavors. 💕 And thank you to everyone who helped and supported her during difficult times. :)

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    I literally take a boat to school... Everyday!


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    Stay strong for yourself and your baby❤️

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    How did you get pregrrmant ?

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    The mother is obviously a life long thot up to no good.

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    Omg he totally jumped off the cliff 3:26

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    Wtf Is Wrong With Her Motha Fukin Mom? Btw.... #1_on_trending ....

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    that was beautiful!!😢

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    that was beautiful!!😢

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    You a real queen all that and still kept your shi.

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    Me has a tear *im nut cri*

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    How is this story inspiring and trending??? This is a garbage story. You don't deserve an award for being so stupid, to have a child at a very young when you're nowhere ready. That doesn't make you a "strong" woman. And where the fuck is her father, and the father of the baby??? This is the normality they're always trying to preach, especially to the black community. Teens pregnant is a call cancer to society, but the black community makes so normal. 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

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    1:03 the baby died beacuse the kid on the last the orange clothes he unplug the alive thingi

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    Wow your so lucky but Why did your Mom do that To You anyways your so blessed

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    Kids remember this, If you wanna do it use protection. Or maybe... DON’T DO IT AT ALL!

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    Did u get raped

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    your story is sooo long

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    How is this possible she had no boyfriend and got pregnant...

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