Belle Delphine Mailed Us A Shocking Package - H3 Podcast #127


  1. H3 Podcast

    H3 PodcastMês atrás

    Thank you to for helping us make this extra episode! Get 15% off Teddy Fresh with Honey installed for the next four days, appreciate ya!

  2. The Epitome

    The Epitome27 dias atrás

    How can I get that video?

  3. Christina Luv

    Christina LuvMês atrás

    Hila is a genius! Can't wait to see the development of Area 52! 🤣🤣🤣

  4. #PadCrew6 Family Vlog

    #PadCrew6 Family VlogMês atrás

    Lol 😂 I know this isn’t a family vloggers thing but if the bagel boy wants a boxing match I’m in I 🤔 I would feel bad beating down a little person 😂

  5. IsotropicThunder

    IsotropicThunderMês atrás

    Get your Bagels

  6. Dat boi Who goes ahoy!

    Dat boi Who goes ahoy!Mês atrás

    H3 could you have Sven or Joergen on the podcast next time?

  7. Nolan Fry’s workshop v.2

    Nolan Fry’s workshop v.210 horas atrás

    the guys from willow are called pecks

  8. Avser

    Avser11 horas atrás

    fuck, all they need is lil pesci over here to storm Area 51

  9. Vi von Zul lu

    Vi von Zul luDia atrás

    I would love to jerk off with Belle Delphine's spit but I would probably get a yeast infection or herpes

  10. Kuchi Kopi

    Kuchi KopiDia atrás

    That's the thing Ethan, if they have technology so advanced, it would seem impossible and incomprehensible to us. So of course we don't understand the physics of it. Earth might be like a zoo to them, maybe we're interesting to them and they want to study us, or we have something they want, like specific genes they can use for genetic engineering. The point is that we can't really understand their mindset because they are so different and advanced. I think there is a lot out there that we don't know. I'm glad you guys brought this up! :)

  11. Erä Jorma

    Erä JormaDia atrás

    Ethan explains that aliens are myth because he dosent understand them. Really smart. He is like turkey one day before the day his head will be snapped.

  12. Timothy Kopicko

    Timothy KopickoDia atrás

    Mhm, wow, that’s... 𝙎𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙗𝙜𝙚 𝙡𝙞𝙦𝙪𝙞𝙙

  13. Ancillary Sword

    Ancillary Sword2 dias atrás

    Ethan, hope you get it. Freeze the glass with BD's spit and let Joey Salads drink it in Charity Special 2019.

  14. Urworst Nightmare

    Urworst Nightmare2 dias atrás

    Sniffing salt is best salt

  15. .

    .4 dias atrás

    4:40 might be the world record egg from instagram

  16. Sarah Cellitti

    Sarah Cellitti4 dias atrás

    Ethan, so u questioning the statements made by bob motherfucking lazar? Ok ethan ok da fuck you know about interstellar travel thru the space time continuum and the mysticism that surrounds said topic OK fight me outside the wendys in my town bro

  17. tally 63

    tally 634 dias atrás

    Wanna sep outsoid

  18. GXP 12

    GXP 124 dias atrás

    She thiccc n all but shes fuking disgusting no disrespect. Her drooling in dat jar made me gag alot ffs

  19. Kolbie Rachar

    Kolbie Rachar4 dias atrás

    k, I'm just hungry for bagel now :/

  20. Brandon Westbrook

    Brandon Westbrook6 dias atrás

    Hila is sexy af. Love the accent. You’re a lucky man, dude!

  21. Mr F3n1x

    Mr F3n1x8 dias atrás

    1:18:13 u know he want some now

  22. Karynna Hill

    Karynna Hill9 dias atrás

    Ok, Belle Delphine is nothing but a meme to me. Ethan is praising this girl like she actually did something great....20fucking19, man....

  23. Corporal Clegg505

    Corporal Clegg5059 dias atrás

    That drinking part made me gag

  24. Corporal Clegg505

    Corporal Clegg5059 dias atrás

    Hell yeah! Congrats!

  25. Bullseye

    Bullseye9 dias atrás


  26. damien Flanagan

    damien Flanagan11 dias atrás

    Ethan: hey guys meet my new girlfriend: bella: hii

  27. dipset22554

    dipset2255411 dias atrás

    Who knew belle was a huge poet! She previewed the box contents with a lil dr Seuss type rhyme. Here it is “Hello h3h3, I hope you got my little box, No it’s not my dirty socks. Its a little weird I must admit, But I sent you a bottle of my own... *SPIT* !!! “

  28. Fishylad

    Fishylad11 dias atrás

    That *is* a shocking package. Ngl

  29. elwoje

    elwoje12 dias atrás

    whats going on with ethans hand?

  30. Justin Graves

    Justin Graves13 dias atrás

    53:30 Oh hi, Mark (The Room)

  31. Stephen Lanig

    Stephen Lanig14 dias atrás

    I don’t wanna pay for the jar, but I would totally use it if I had it

  32. Stuussy. J

    Stuussy. J15 dias atrás

    Holy shit thats chat

  33. Bmak2301

    Bmak230115 dias atrás

    I literally almost threw up when she drank her spit 🤢🤮🤮🤮

  34. Weeb Life

    Weeb Life16 dias atrás

    Ethan lowkey trying to hide the chub from Hila

  35. EtanDeBoi

    EtanDeBoi16 dias atrás

    I thought I had a drooling problem

  36. Carolanne Peters

    Carolanne Peters16 dias atrás

    Penis does not stretch vagina.. disgusting that you're spreading misinformation

  37. BlueShark Rides

    BlueShark Rides16 dias atrás

    Love the podcast. Listen to it at work now thinking it would be rough without seeing the videos you show but it's still super entertaining. Wow, Ethan! Great moves, keep it up, proud of you!

  38. greyfox mmu

    greyfox mmu17 dias atrás

    Ethan just wait until the final episodes of Neon genesis

  39. Workshop Wednesday, Karaoke Everyday

    Workshop Wednesday, Karaoke Everyday18 dias atrás

    russian bots lmfao

  40. gnei gnei

    gnei gnei18 dias atrás

    ethan : makes fun of the guy's height for 10 min straight also ethan : no way they were making fun of him for his height im not defending this jackass' (bagelbossguy) actions, but people haven't been kind with this guy about his height. This kind of frustration doesn't pop out of nowhere.

  41. Hipster07

    Hipster0718 dias atrás

    would love to see belle on the podcast

  42. DeathClaw13

    DeathClaw1318 dias atrás

    Ok whelp...that made me gag.

  43. Tyler Jackson

    Tyler Jackson19 dias atrás

    I would use her spit to jerk off 🤷‍♂️

  44. Jeffrey SmokeyBones O'Malley

    Jeffrey SmokeyBones O'Malley19 dias atrás

    At 116.07 dude that said "dude iblove this" about her drinking it legitimate do sound like the biggest homo just the way he said that lol. And I normally would not mean any disrespect to any of y'all's to be honest I think you're all good good people. So please keep up the good work and you can continue to say some weirdo things you're still a good dude LOL

  45. Vietnam Gamer

    Vietnam Gamer20 dias atrás

    I knew she was gonna spit in there... ew

  46. Ilusha ForGy

    Ilusha ForGy20 dias atrás

    the payday gang

  47. food shop

    food shop20 dias atrás

    Ngl when she drank the spit I actually gaged

  48. Connor Macdonald

    Connor Macdonald20 dias atrás

    Lmao awesome, thanks guys

  49. seitsuiki

    seitsuiki21 dia atrás

    "she drinked it" - h3h3 2k19

  50. Francois Cote

    Francois Cote21 dia atrás

    2 million good job .. just get ur sound working better when u show vids lol but u guys are awesome .. k lick dirty chowd lol

  51. Tickle Acronyms16

    Tickle Acronyms1621 dia atrás

    Who takes care of Theodore when you record?

  52. PERNZ ワうソ

    PERNZ ワうソ21 dia atrás

    Wait, that's the all-purpose antivenom for deadly snakes.

  53. Akiko Gomez

    Akiko Gomez22 dias atrás

    Three words. WHAT THE F**K

  54. FightFireWitFIre

    FightFireWitFIre22 dias atrás

    Ethan going on about the Mountain's penis killed me

  55. John Doe

    John Doe22 dias atrás

    i thought the feet thing was legit awesome, i would totally do that without shame

  56. Friendly Neigbourhood Sun Wheel

    Friendly Neigbourhood Sun Wheel22 dias atrás

    How much do you think an incel would pay for that?

  57. Scotty Peterson

    Scotty Peterson22 dias atrás

    i laughed very much times

  58. Shea Smith

    Shea Smith22 dias atrás


  59. Josh Doe

    Josh Doe23 dias atrás

    1:17:03 Ethan expresses true fear

  60. Known_Terrestrial

    Known_Terrestrial23 dias atrás

    Almost threw up @ Belle Delphine. If that’s what it takes to make millions, I don’t even want it!

  61. zny

    zny23 dias atrás

    Belle is genius but also a nastyass bitch...ugh I think that spit will change color and that's about it

  62. zny

    zny23 dias atrás

    I seriously doubt some woman told him to die for being 4 feet...what an exaggeration ew

  63. AutoClown

    AutoClown23 dias atrás

    Gee, a whole 'nother episode of Ethan pausing the video every 3 seconds to go on minutes-long tangents. Good grief, Ethan, just let the videos roll.

  64. F2shy

    F2shy23 dias atrás

    USB delivered from a stranger? I wouldn't really trust any usb like that.

  65. one tome plz

    one tome plz23 dias atrás

    If you don’t mind gay ppl but you don’t want something with them that not wrong that u not likening penis now that guy is just on cocain

  66. one tome plz

    one tome plz23 dias atrás

    Men over look looks more than woman cus that why woman cheat mo cus they mo picky it just thi social justice shut that like if u say something bad about them u a bad person but if u hate men good on u

  67. one tome plz

    one tome plz23 dias atrás

    H3: what are they going to do open fire Us Air Force: laughs is 3k rounds per minute

  68. Don Cheadle

    Don Cheadle23 dias atrás

    1:16:00 made me gag ew

  69. DanilegoPlays

    DanilegoPlays24 dias atrás

    Dude, come on, the person that was using their feet in the screen is a GENIUS. Y'all are just butthurt, but I'm using this strategy from now on! Just not on airplanes, I don't got the money to pay for such leg room lol

  70. Rg Cabriana

    Rg Cabriana24 dias atrás

    i just had to watch this before dinner

  71. Jakob Sajowitz

    Jakob Sajowitz24 dias atrás

    hila is hot=)

  72. David Genovese

    David Genovese24 dias atrás

    Okay so I didn’t knew about H3h3 but after watching this I came to realise most people in this world are pretty messed up if they waste their time watching this stuff and Paying and being a fan of a literally stupid Slut Wee Girl. And then talk about how it saves their lives. I mean no Hate but that’s actually pathetic if this kind of shit saves your lives. Is your life even worth anything then? Please do something better with your lives

  73. David Genovese

    David Genovese24 dias atrás

    And They literally have No emotions on their Faces

  74. Hermit

    Hermit24 dias atrás

    1:09:21 Dan got caught rippin' that juul lmao

  75. Keyb0ard

    Keyb0ard24 dias atrás

    YT led me here... had to switch away asap... what are these METHHEADS...

  76. Jakub Kasperek

    Jakub Kasperek24 dias atrás

    Father Ethan looks like an Armenian bodyguard when he sports the slick short hair. Keep it up Ethan, proud of you.

  77. Julian Miranda

    Julian Miranda24 dias atrás

    1:28:25 um what was that sir?..

  78. TheSerigal

    TheSerigal24 dias atrás

    Ethan, ppl dislike her, because she's just a common whore. If she was born 20 years earlier, she would be selling her ass on the street. Nobody should have even a tiniest bit of respect for her.

  79. search "Bamamaman" on YT and enjoy

    search "Bamamaman" on YT and enjoy24 dias atrás

    52:07 That guy's meltdown was really stupid, but Ethan is really being a jerk about it. Honestly find the constant short jokes distasteful

  80. Henry Widener

    Henry Widener25 dias atrás

    Man, busting some poor guy's balls for not being woke is real cheap laughs, though I guess this is what happens when everyday people's personalities become content for all of our consumption.

  81. Tycho Zephyrus

    Tycho Zephyrus25 dias atrás

    I legit threw up in my mouth a little bit during the spit examination section. I had to stop watching. Can't wait for this Belle phase to pass. She's so fake it's gross. Great Podcast other than that.

  82. Dave

    Dave25 dias atrás

    1:09:47 what the fuck is wrong with his hand

  83. Someone Special

    Someone Special25 dias atrás

    I hope they never divorce because whoever gets that next it will probably be like throwing a hot dog down a hall way.

  84. Zoie Flynn

    Zoie Flynn25 dias atrás

    Belle is honestly so gorgeous

  85. Spoder

    Spoder25 dias atrás

    1:10:37 i swear to god that looks like CUM

  86. Robert Hocker

    Robert Hocker25 dias atrás

    In the jar may have been something to seem like egg whites...