benny blanco, Tainy, Selena Gomez, J. Balvin - I Can't Get Enough (Official Music Video)


  1. Pablo Ramirez

    Pablo Ramirez2 horas atrás

    0:26 alguien quiere más ajaja

  2. Satyam Singh

    Satyam Singh6 horas atrás

    I can't enough . . . . . . Marks

  3. manish yadav

    manish yadav9 horas atrás

    who else love mm mm mm m the most

  4. Marco Antonio Crespo Espejo

    Marco Antonio Crespo Espejo17 horas atrás

    Benny Blanco ft Selena Gómez ft T. The perfect musical combination.

  5. Narella Farias

    Narella Farias19 horas atrás


  6. Gabriel Gutierrez

    Gabriel Gutierrez22 horas atrás

    SELENA - LIKE ❤️ TAYLOR - COMENTA ⭐ Soy un BRreporterr y Mando Saludos a los que apoyen, THANKS⭐

  7. Gabriel Gutierrez

    Gabriel Gutierrez22 horas atrás

    SELENA - LIKE ❤️ TAYLOR - COMENTA ⭐ Soy un BRreporterr y Mando Saludos a los que apoyen, THANKS⭐

  8. Natalia Majano

    Natalia MajanoDia atrás

    This is the kind of bed we Mexicans need when cousins come over


    NASTE MUSICDia atrás

    hoooooooooooooo this BED hahhahhhaah no more work my weekends hahahahahah

  10. stranger things netflix

    stranger things netflixDia atrás

    Se Me hace muy tierno ver a Selena saltando en la gran cama jajajajaja 😇😆

  11. harshita chawla

    harshita chawlaDia atrás

    Its the cutest music video ever♥️✨

  12. Edgal Rodriguez

    Edgal RodriguezDia atrás

    Songs a banger

  13. Someone

    Someone2 dias atrás

    I need this bed.

  14. Dini Rozen

    Dini Rozen2 dias atrás

    I love Selena ❤️❤️❤️

  15. moonlighted

    moonlighted2 dias atrás

    Director of this video: so benny how big of a bed do u want in this video? Benny blanco: yes

  16. Rohan Sharma

    Rohan Sharma2 dias atrás


  17. Marco Antonio Crespo Espejo

    Marco Antonio Crespo Espejo2 dias atrás

    The best of the sound Industry !!

  18. Aparna Tripathi

    Aparna Tripathi2 dias atrás

    Foreigners prefer to wear full clothes and see our bollywood actresses,especially disha paatni

  19. Lil Dürüm

    Lil Dürüm3 dias atrás

    And i can‘t enagou

  20. Lori Dule

    Lori Dule3 dias atrás

    J balvin LEGO

  21. Sakshi shreya

    Sakshi shreya3 dias atrás

    I want that bed 😉😉

  22. Simoné Xo

    Simoné Xo4 dias atrás


  23. Margie Barragan

    Margie Barragan4 dias atrás

    Love this song❤

  24. bushra Altawafsha

    bushra Altawafsha4 dias atrás

    Who is after Celine is rare 

  25. Андрей Зяблицкий

    Андрей Зяблицкий4 dias atrás


  26. Nicole Cameron

    Nicole Cameron4 dias atrás

    Love this song

  27. Hulan Hulan

    Hulan Hulan4 dias atrás


  28. Desencadenado

    Desencadenado5 dias atrás

    Like si vienes por Selena Gómez


    SOBAKA PES5 dias atrás

    Кто после Тайлера?

  30. Sebastián Tello

    Sebastián Tello5 dias atrás

    apesta aculo

  31. Ahmed elgenedy

    Ahmed elgenedy5 dias atrás


  32. tan A

    tan A5 dias atrás

    I cant bed enough

  33. Zahid Tagiyev

    Zahid Tagiyev5 dias atrás


  34. Inel d C

    Inel d C5 dias atrás


  35. Natalia Water-Fairy

    Natalia Water-Fairy6 dias atrás

    Imagine having a sleepover on this bed, you could invite your whole school

  36. Michael Lightsey

    Michael Lightsey6 dias atrás

    2k20 brought me here

  37. Amjad rv

    Amjad rv6 dias atrás


  38. Judy Luna

    Judy Luna7 dias atrás

    Stream Rare so she can be #1

  39. Lakshay gupta

    Lakshay gupta7 dias atrás

    I want that teddy bear costume

  40. Brahiam Jayron Alvites Arellano

    Brahiam Jayron Alvites Arellano7 dias atrás

    pónganle ganas a sus vídeos, hasta los de tik tok son mejores haciendo sus videos.

  41. Imogen L

    Imogen L8 dias atrás

    the greatest collab!

  42. Sasan Franko

    Sasan Franko8 dias atrás


  43. o DaaN IP

    o DaaN IP8 dias atrás

    2K20 ♡

  44. Alka Oraon

    Alka Oraon8 dias atrás

    Selena's voice is weirdly satisfying.

  45. Scarlett Cupcake

    Scarlett Cupcake8 dias atrás

    I love all Selena’s songs even rare but this is still my favorite one!! 💕💕💕

  46. Roberto Vásquez

    Roberto Vásquez8 dias atrás

    J Balvin latinos gang 🔥🔥🔥👏🔥❤️✌️

  47. Google Use

    Google Use9 dias atrás

    99.99999% of comments about the bed.

  48. 0657568208 Ouail Zoulikha

    0657568208 Ouail Zoulikha9 dias atrás

    It is good seelin alove

  49. K Sudhakar Chary

    K Sudhakar Chary9 dias atrás

    They just used small light

  50. Md Rabby

    Md Rabby9 dias atrás

    Nice song Selena Gomez I'm your big fan I love you so much

  51. Kaleysha Cruz

    Kaleysha Cruz9 dias atrás

    Glee did it first

  52. Perla Loreto

    Perla Loreto9 dias atrás

    Como le isieron

  53. hala a

    hala a10 dias atrás

    i'm sorry but the video is so cringy also damn j. balvin is so intimidating and scary! he looks like he's about to jump out of the screen and beat the crap out of me!!

  54. Rubi Mendoza

    Rubi Mendoza10 dias atrás

    A caso ese osito no es junkook :v XD

  55. Nadya Zalota

    Nadya Zalota10 dias atrás

    I Love you Selina 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

  56. arge torres

    arge torres10 dias atrás

    Adiós jbalvin te has puesto bajo las alas del manager de justin y sabemos que significa no mas colabs con Selena

  57. Ghina Duqmaq

    Ghina Duqmaq10 dias atrás


  58. me.3 2m

    me.3 2m10 dias atrás

    🌚i want it but i didn't got it

  59. JoJo Lee

    JoJo Lee10 dias atrás

    this video is the best thing ever lmaooo

  60. Prashant the atheist

    Prashant the atheist10 dias atrás

    0:46 i see what u did there