1. Diana Wilson

    Diana WilsonMês atrás

    Two faced isn’t cruelty free.

  2. Jennifer Kasch

    Jennifer Kasch2 meses atrás

    Omg i really hope im the third winner . that is the pallette i have wanted since it came out , just havent had the money to put out for it .

  3. chico rebel

    chico rebel2 meses atrás

    Wow… I love my new eye shadow palette and the best of all it is in-expense. Let me know if you have it.

  4. Soda Kim

    Soda Kim3 meses atrás

    I love eye shadows thanks gurl from sharin this holy smokes

  5. Keyerra Roberts

    Keyerra Roberts3 meses atrás

    Omg your pretty you look like Mariah Carey

  6. liyaah85

    liyaah854 meses atrás

    what do you think about the born to run palette? I'm thinking of buying it but I'm not sure

  7. Heaven's here

    Heaven's here5 meses atrás

    I love the Urban Decay Naked Heat, Happy New Year

  8. Kendall Hayes

    Kendall Hayes5 meses atrás

    I have just started playing with makeup again, and am following your suggestions to help me decide where to spend my money! I am really liking the Too Faved Chocolate Bar palette!

  9. Christine Gradilla

    Christine Gradilla5 meses atrás

    Anastasia sultry Cgradilla3

  10. Leonor Grulha

    Leonor Grulha5 meses atrás

    I love you and your videos but pleaseeeeee speak slowly 🤣❤️

  11. Madison McCain

    Madison McCain5 meses atrás

    Naked heat palette

  12. Arihanna Hughes

    Arihanna Hughes5 meses atrás

    Please me I want makeup please me

  13. Stella Rose

    Stella Rose6 meses atrás

    Your naked heat palette is fake 😍 love you

  14. Andréa Matillano

    Andréa Matillano5 meses atrás

    They actually sent it to me, so I don't think they would send a fake one! 💗💗

  15. Paula Hardesty

    Paula Hardesty6 meses atrás

    Your hair color is gorgeous!!!

  16. Katie Mould

    Katie Mould6 meses atrás

    New subscriber! I’ve just come across your videos! I love your videos, as you’re very likeable and real! X

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    I subscribed and put the noteification

  18. Ali Loves You

    Ali Loves You6 meses atrás

    I’m new to makeup and I really wanna try new looks but I can’t really afford all these pretty palettes.I followed you as a second entry to this giveaway and it’s spi.mi.se_ .Thank you

  19. Stars•dreamer•lover

    Stars•dreamer•lover7 meses atrás

    My favorite palette is ABH modern renaissance. IG mollypop_10

  20. Sara _makeupland

    Sara _makeupland7 meses atrás

    I love your hair! What color is it? 😍😍😍

  21. Lizzy’s World

    Lizzy’s World7 meses atrás

    Did anyone notice the glitching

  22. Erdnuss

    Erdnuss7 meses atrás

    My favorite palette is the colourpop she palette or the sol palette, cant decide lmao

  23. Joanie Considine

    Joanie Considine7 meses atrás

    My favorite eyeshadow pallet is urban decay naked 2 pallet!! I love your vids😘

  24. DivaGirl10

    DivaGirl107 meses atrás

    Chocolate gold is one of my favs

  25. Worthy You

    Worthy You7 meses atrás

    Aw man you're a sweetheart....I watch your videos but wasn't subscribed????!!! I am now!!! I'm a total Too Faced Junkie! And have been enjoying the gingerbread spice palette lately and wanted to enter because I never got the chocolate gold but would absolutely love it!!! Keep doing what your doing girl and thanks for thinking of us!

  26. Brandy Fielding

    Brandy Fielding7 meses atrás

    Love them all! Your so kind! Starting with make up, I love tartlette in bloom palette right now

  27. christian tubio

    christian tubio7 meses atrás

    and i like eyeshadow when it is more metallic..

  28. christian tubio

    christian tubio7 meses atrás

    my favorite eye shadow is naked heat eyeshadow

  29. Nicole Blood

    Nicole Blood7 meses atrás

    Laura Mercier artist’s palette is my favorite, love all the neutrals and the pops of purple. Looks great on my green eyes.

  30. Nunu makeupcorner

    Nunu makeupcorner7 meses atrás

    Im new to too faced makeup and ABH and i love their formula.😍

  31. mama rice

    mama rice7 meses atrás

    dupes 1. too faced chocolate gold - i heart revolution 24k gold 2. Naked heat palette - nyx ultimate palette warm neutrals 3. persona identity palette - barry m "the buff" 4. Anastasia Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette- new- trals vs neutrals makeup revolution 5- Too faced lifes a peach palette - makeup revolutions chocolate vice palette ( the packaging doesnt but the shades do) 6 - nyx multi finish palette isnt too expensive so i didnt look into it but if your interested look at makeup revolution or mua

  32. R J

    R J7 meses atrás

    I was never a palette person, but I am finally caving. I used to only buy Mac and Makeup Geek but I am getting sucked in. Great review. It is such a help when you are going to spend a lot of money, saves us a lot of disappointment.

  33. Rebecca Figueroa

    Rebecca Figueroa7 meses atrás

    I have so many things to say ahhhh. Okay first of all, I am SO glad Kathleen Lights recommended your channel to her subscribers bc that’s how I discovered your channel and I almost immediately subscribed because I’m obsessed with your videos! I can really tell that you put a lot of effort and thought into your videos which i love ❤️ And secondly, you have a heart of gold! You genuinely appreciate your subscribers and care about us. When you mentioned that you set aside a lot of things you receive in PR for us to show your gratitude, it warmed my heart so much. Thank you for creating such a loving and welcoming environment for your channel. Love you 💕 And my favorite eyeshadow palette at the moment is the ‘Aura’ palette by Bad Habit!

  34. Andréa Matillano

    Andréa Matillano7 meses atrás

    Rebecca thank you so much for leaving such a kind comment! That is honestly so sweet of you. I appreciate you taking the time to subscribe to my channel and watch my videos! It means so much!

  35. Maria Hernandez

    Maria Hernandez7 meses atrás

    Hi iced never commented before but your giveaway prize are very nice and to tell you the truth I don’t own any high end pallet so if I win any one will be my favorite like your videos and how you do your makeup good luck to all

  36. Jenny Lynn

    Jenny Lynn7 meses atrás

    Abh soft glam is the shit 👌♥️

  37. Amy Flores

    Amy Flores7 meses atrás

    And I’m following you on IG, my username is @amyflores5796 ! 💙

  38. Amy Flores

    Amy Flores7 meses atrás

    I’d love to win something from YOU! My favorite palette at the moment is the Milani Soft & Sultry, but I love love my Norvina palette as well! Those are my favs for now.

  39. Alex Sanchez

    Alex Sanchez7 meses atrás

    Jaclyn hill x morphe palette is the best! I always use it on me and on my clients! Can't travel without it ❤

  40. ilivace

    ilivace7 meses atrás

    Elixapearl for instagram

  41. ilivace

    ilivace7 meses atrás

    I love the naked 2 palette. I think it’s the one I use the most. Original naked is probly close second :)

  42. Ash Online

    Ash Online8 meses atrás

    My favorite palette is the Too Faced Natural Matte! Thanks for doing the giveaway :)


    CHERLOTTA1OF144THOUSANDS Costello8 meses atrás

    Im glad i came across ur video

  44. Beauty With Andie

    Beauty With Andie8 meses atrás

    Loved watching this video new subscriber

  45. Andréa Matillano

    Andréa Matillano8 meses atrás

    Thank you so much for watching! 💗

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    Urban decay naked heat

  47. Olivia-Brooke

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    Geez, I’m getting rainbow glitches 🤣

  48. Romantic Flor

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    Thanks for thinking on your followers. my favorite palette is the naked heat

  49. Sara Balding

    Sara Balding8 meses atrás

    When does the video start?

  50. katie Ann

    katie Ann8 meses atrás

    you’re so beautiful and you inspire me so much ! My favorite is the naked heat palette. I think warm colors look the best on me. I wish the best for you 💖💖

  51. Ivelisse R

    Ivelisse R8 meses atrás

    ABH Norvina, love it 💗

  52. Rebecca Markel

    Rebecca Markel8 meses atrás

    Your so sweet trying to start in makeup

  53. Victoria Sunderman

    Victoria Sunderman8 meses atrás

    I could just use soft glam every day and be happy, tbh. It’s got such a nice selection of colors and I love the formula!!

  54. chicken nugget

    chicken nugget8 meses atrás

    My favorite is the abh norvina pallete Omggg she liked itttt

  55. Josanne K

    Josanne K8 meses atrás

    I bought the Rainbow Palette🌈 from Violet Voss that I bought from Sephora for $30 and I’m loving it 😍

  56. evett lorraine

    evett lorraine8 meses atrás

    Urban decay naked palette is awesome

  57. Carrie St. Thomas

    Carrie St. Thomas8 meses atrás

    Love watching you!! Currently loving Jacqueline Hill’s Morphe Pallet

  58. Mayrel Ramos

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    love paletts!

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    I feel like all of those prizes are equals good

  60. B.larsen Larsen

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    I currently like urban decay nacked3 pallet! But would love to try some new brands ☺️

  61. Dion Lorah

    Dion Lorah9 meses atrás

    Due to fragrance sensitivities I'm not able to wear any Too Faced shadows. Love how they smell, but they irritate my sinuses. UGH! I wish they do palettes without the scents. Great video, I love how you were straight and to the point and not a lot of idle chatter.

  62. M •

    M •9 meses atrás

    Would you recommend Modern Renaissance for beginners?❤️

  63. María Estíbaliz Salaverri Espada

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    Huda dessert dusk!

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    I subscribed

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    As soon as you said cruelty free I subscribed!

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    Where did you get the vase behind you?

  68. Andrea Cortes

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    My favorite pallete is naked heat by urban decay! My instagram account is andreacortesg

  69. Shoe Diva

    Shoe Diva9 meses atrás

    You are always so beautiful and generous. I love your videos. My fave palette is Soft Glam.

  70. Pandoalafish

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    Love this video!!! I love eyeshadow so this was really satisfying

  71. Andréa Matillano

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    Thank you so much for watching! 💗

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    2 faced. Chocolate gold...sweeeeet....

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    Is the giveaway over?

  74. Red Rose

    Red Rose9 meses atrás

    Out of curiosity (since it hasn't appeared on your channel since your boxycharm video) how would you rate the alamar palette? And do you think it's worth it if you enjoy warm tones with pops of colour?

  75. Gigi Don't Play RV Life

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  76. Sarah LP

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    You’re one of my favourite BRreporterrs! I love how sweet you are and that you stay away from drama. Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette is my favourite and my instagram is @slprozak

  77. Jenni Schipper

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    And what eyeshadow do you have on your eyes right now is beautiful?

  78. Iris Buckingham

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    You are amazing! You are one of the first MUA I subscribed to on BRreporter. And your absolutely beautiful 🔥😍 My favourite palette atm is the NYX Ultimate Brights palette, I have been loving the bright colours lately, maybe summer had something to do with that! I am excited to get some new palettes for fall!

  79. Honnie Loife

    Honnie Loife9 meses atrás

    I like peachy colors. Whats a good eyeshadow pallet that has peachy colors?

  80. Robin Adkins

    Robin Adkins9 meses atrás

    But, the Carmine? Crushed bottles! Urban Decay contains Carmine...

  81. Ellie.mai. B

    Ellie.mai. B10 meses atrás

    The video starts at 4:18

  82. Brook Burgess

    Brook Burgess10 meses atrás

    I love the huda beauty coral obsession currently and aaaaalso drug store-wise the new L’Oréal enchanted paradise peach scented product

  83. Syahera Nordin

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    Im buying my first eyeshadow palette and this video is so useful hehehe

  84. Drea Power

    Drea Power10 meses atrás

    It's funny how so many beauty influencers say that the 'Modern Renaissance' palette is the "original" or the OG. Lime Crime, love them or hate them, were well before the curb on many beauty trends and their original 'Venus Palette' came out way before MR & is definitely the OG berry, warm, & neutral palette -- it's just that Venus was very popular with alternative & goth rocker types & ABH years later came out with MR & by this time this look was becoming more popular and mainstream. 🌙 👸🏻

  85. Jacajac

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    this was very helpful! thx girl

  86. leah Mackin

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    My favvvvvv palete is soft glam by anistasia and I hope I have a good chance to win

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  88. Tori Mickle

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    Hi! Thank you for the giveaway! My favorite palette is bh cosmetics zodiac! @mrsmic8

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    my favorite palette ever is Modern Renaissance of course!

  90. alice wellman

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    Great video, thank you so much for your thoughts and also for not making this a very long video. God bless

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    you know what she reminds me of a young version of arias mom off of pretty little liars !

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    ❤️ love your channel

  93. jesus reyes

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    I really like the naked pallet. I have 2 pallets from this brand and I like the way they look. But I also would love to get new and different pallet brands. I hope the giveaway is still on going

  94. Elyssa Villalpando

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    I would love to see the Best drugstore eyeshadows palettes

  95. Kaylee Villasana

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    How can I win a prize I'm so confused ? But I love makeup

  96. Brianna Sawyer

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    My favoriteeeee pallet is morphe’s hey girl hey and this video was so great it really helped me out

  97. Mbarka

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    If the third winner doesn't answer can I have the price? :)

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    Whose the 3rd place winner? ☺

  99. KarLeigh Allen

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    i’m having the hardest time trying to choose between the NAKED heat palette or the soft glam. Someone please help me!

  100. KarLeigh Allen

    KarLeigh Allen10 meses atrás

    Andréa Matillano Thanks so much! I ordered the NAKED and it came in today. I’m in love with it. Thanks so much. Love you💋

  101. Andréa Matillano

    Andréa Matillano10 meses atrás

    The Soft Glam is SO good! I would have to recommend that one. If you mainly wear red toned warm shadows though, the Naked Heat is going to be the one for you!

  102. Ava Olive Garden

    Ava Olive Garden10 meses atrás

    My favorite pallet would definitely be the peach pallet, I’ve always loved it but am very broke😂

  103. TheLannabee

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    My fave is the Sweet Peach palette. I reach for that one the most often.

  104. annasullivan55

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    One of my most favorite palettes right now is the Trolls Palette from PUR cosmetics! love your videos!

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