Best of 2018 - Guinness World Records


  1. Luke Sizemore

    Luke Sizemore17 horas atrás

    What is the song they use?

  2. Life Gamer

    Life Gamer2 dias atrás

    4:47 cubers be raging

  3. divya dinesh

    divya dinesh2 dias atrás


  4. anonymoose paksiw ni muning

    anonymoose paksiw ni muning3 dias atrás

    How about the samurai he cut the bullet of airgun

  5. Emskabab Gacha

    Emskabab Gacha3 dias atrás

    5:05 that looks fun

  6. Cozy Rose

    Cozy Rose3 dias atrás

    *most clap in a minute* I think I break that record ! I AM NOT KIDDING !seriously!

  7. zali 2270

    zali 22704 dias atrás

    Skill level: _Asian_

  8. Kacper głaz

    Kacper głaz5 dias atrás

    4 22

  9. Luke Sizemore

    Luke Sizemore5 dias atrás

    What song did they use????

  10. Luke Sizemore

    Luke Sizemore6 dias atrás

    Anyone know the songs they used!?

  11. Sunflower_Galaxy

    Sunflower_Galaxy7 dias atrás

    1:19 and I'm afraid of just riding the Ferris wheel

  12. levii.

    levii.7 dias atrás

    bruh those records are getting worse and worse, like bruh, most airplanes threw into watermelons? what the heck is wrong with you, i can literally throw airplanes into a sandwich and assume that its a record

  13. Precious MovieClips

    Precious MovieClips7 dias atrás

    How bout dude perfect?

  14. Lovable Carable Gaming

    Lovable Carable Gaming7 dias atrás


  15. Janusz Wtorek

    Janusz Wtorek8 dias atrás

    WGR: Most expensive milkshake is worth 100$ Africa: *I'm a joke to you?*

  16. Jayson Grige

    Jayson Grige9 dias atrás

    I wish I was a Guinness world record that can do the most Kung fu climbing an going down

  17. Cooper Stratemeyer

    Cooper Stratemeyer9 dias atrás

    10:43 Amazing truly amazing

  18. Angie’s YT

    Angie’s YT9 dias atrás

    y a lot with chinese ppl

  19. สิรภัทร เกษทองมา

    สิรภัทร เกษทองมา10 dias atrás


  20. Diamond Chloe And Diamond Steven Rocks

    Diamond Chloe And Diamond Steven Rocks11 dias atrás

    5:46 What Guinness world record holder say

  21. The_shadow

    The_shadow12 dias atrás


  22. You Tube れん

    You Tube れん13 dias atrás

    0:00~3:30までの曲なんという曲ですか すごく気に入ったのですが

  23. Victoria Shao

    Victoria Shao16 dias atrás

    Who’s here, 2021?

  24. D.T.Q vlog

    D.T.Q vlog16 dias atrás


  25. Siskofrolo !

    Siskofrolo !16 dias atrás

    5:10 weird... but awesomeness

  26. Irish Pascua

    Irish Pascua23 dias atrás

    10:15 ,okay i'm just gonna ask , where does this happened? I really want to know coz that place looks like hogwarts . I'm a Fan of Harry Potter i want to know where the heck that happen! What country!!!

  27. Juan pablo Vera

    Juan pablo Vera23 dias atrás

    Theme 0:15

  28. Gamer Tigerzs

    Gamer Tigerzs26 dias atrás

    I've broken a record spelling bedtime in 2 apple ipad minutes

  29. Shiva Chan

    Shiva Chan27 dias atrás

    11:04 phyco

  30. Tufan Kosun

    Tufan Kosun27 dias atrás

    Naim süleymanoğlu is strongest Man pleqae edit it

  31. vw passat b5 fl 2.3 V5

    vw passat b5 fl 2.3 V528 dias atrás

    5:03 XD THIS SOUND

  32. haviz apriliansyah

    haviz apriliansyahMês atrás

    Poco poco guiness world record ? 400.000, people ?? 2018 august

  33. Anish Gurung

    Anish GurungMês atrás

    Every Sunday evening and Saturday morning to evening

  34. Anish Gurung

    Anish GurungMês atrás

    All the free fire BRreporterrs to subscribe and hit the bell icon

  35. Fabio Guarino

    Fabio GuarinoMês atrás

    Quante stupidaggini!

  36. Brian Maupin

    Brian MaupinMês atrás

    What's the record for most pointless records?

  37. Daisy the Alaskan

    Daisy the AlaskanMês atrás

    3:09, by the time I’m 15 I’m going to have broken that record! IM SO DETERMINED!!!!!!! (I’m 12 at the moment)

  38. The Voic Of Munich.

    The Voic Of Munich.Mês atrás

    Why dont you call the video hi China

  39. Justine Widjaja

    Justine WidjajaMês atrás

    10:37 hisoka?

  40. Justine Widjaja

    Justine WidjajaMês atrás

    Drinkng ketchup? Hmmmm SAAAAAANS

  41. AMC-Music Channel

    AMC-Music ChannelMês atrás

    Name of the song?

  42. Random Hudson

    Random HudsonMês atrás

    Hit the like button if u subscribed to the channel play dates with me and oreo

  43. aĞla Cryla

    aĞla CrylaMês atrás

    Did they literally count the flowers at 8:40

  44. Matías Stevenazzi

    Matías StevenazziMês atrás

    When i eat a lot of sugar 5:03

  45. InkompetENTE 00ツ

    InkompetENTE 00ツMês atrás

    This guy: Matt Stonie:"Hold my Burritozilla"

  46. blackdvar gt

    blackdvar gtMês atrás

    Me : plays Minecraft 25hours a day am I a record holder?

  47. Mohamed Allokh

    Mohamed AllokhMês atrás

    Este es el mejor que wordink

  48. Mohamed Allokh

    Mohamed AllokhMês atrás

    The is english comment

  49. Jaylon lopez

    Jaylon lopezMês atrás

    1:37 your hear the heart beats

  50. Leonard Berger

    Leonard BergerMês atrás

    Hi sisters.

  51. ᏟᎠᏴ᭄ᎷᎯᏒᎢᎥᏁ•あ

    ᏟᎠᏴ᭄ᎷᎯᏒᎢᎥᏁ•あMês atrás

    Hola como estais

  52. isela martin

    isela martinMês atrás

    1:25 so close

  53. ᴡ ʜ ɪ ᴛ ᴇ ᴛ ᴇ ᴀ

    ᴡ ʜ ɪ ᴛ ᴇ ᴛ ᴇ ᴀMês atrás

    6:51 is the hardest

  54. YouTubeの登録者数がギネス世界記録を目指す

    YouTubeの登録者数がギネス世界記録を目指すMês atrás

    Over time I will also be here

  55. return AB

    return ABMês atrás

    4:04 Armenia❤️❤️

  56. Anouar Jaddou

    Anouar JaddouMês atrás

    The song plzz🔥🔥

  57. EZO Ilsboss

    EZO IlsbossMês atrás

    December 2019 ?

  58. Raul Arcas

    Raul ArcasMês atrás

    At 8:29 is 2014

  59. Wolfex Matt

    Wolfex MattMês atrás

    7:29 This is at Hong Kong

  60. suresh advocate

    suresh advocateMês atrás

    These videos are so inspiring thank you so much congrats